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Diablo 4 – Sorceress Passive Skills Guide (Season 4)

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Sorceress Talents

The Sorcerer class has access to 37 different talents (passive skills) in Diablo 4.

As more points are allocated into the skill tree, additional talent choices become available. Unlike skills, however, talents are passive. This means that you do not have to actively equip them in order to use them.

Each talent can be given up to 3 skill points, except for the powerful Capstone talents, which can only be given one skill point.

For a detailed list of Sorceress skills, refer to our skills page.

Sorcerer Skills

For more general information about the class, refer to our Sorceress guide.

Sorcerer Overview

Sorceress Core Talents

The Core talents of the Sorcerer are fairly quick to unlock, requiring only 2 skill points to be allocated in the skill tree.

DevastationDevastationYour maximum Mana is increased by {#}.
Elemental DominanceElemental DominanceYour Core and Mastery Skills deal {#}% increased damage when cast above 50 Mana.
Potent WardingPotent WardingAfter casting a Non-Basic Skill, you gain {#}% Resistance to all elements and +{#}% Maximum Resistance to that Skills element for 9 seconds.

Sorceress Defensive Talents

Sorcerer Defensive talents are unlocked after allocating 6 skill points in the skill tree.

Elemental AttunementElemental AttunementLucky Hit: Critical Strikes have a {#}% chance to reset the Cooldown of one of your Defensive Skills. Can only happen once every 10 seconds.
Glass CannonGlass CannonYou deal x{#}% increased damage, but take {#}% more damage.

Sorceress Conjuration Talents

Sorcerer Conjuration talents are unlocked after 11 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

Conjuration MasteryConjuration MasteryYou gain {#}% increased damage, {#}% Movement Speed, and {#}% Mana Generation for each active Conjuration.
Precision MagicPrecision MagicYour Lucky Hit Chance is increased by {#}%.
Align the ElementsAlign the ElementsYou gain {#}% Damage Reduction against Elites for each second you have not taken damage from one, up to 40%. This bonus persists for 2 seconds after taking damage.
Mana ShieldMana ShieldEvery time you spend 100 Mana, you gain {#}% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds.
ProtectionProtectionUsing a cooldown grants {#}% of your Maximum Life as a Barrier for 3 seconds.

Sorceress Mastery Talents

To unlock the Sorcerer Mastery Talents, 16 skill points must first be allocated in the skill tree.
(Regarding Skills: Mastery Skills are also considered Core Skills.)

Inner FlamesInner FlamesYour Pyromancy Skills deal x{#}% increased damage while you are Healthy.
Devouring BlazeDevouring BlazeYou deal x{#}% increased Critical Strike Damage against Burning enemies. If they are also Crowd-Controlled, this bonus is increased to {#}%.
Crippling FlamesCrippling FlamesLucky hit: Your Pyromancy Skills have up to a {#}% chance to Immobilize enemies for 2 seconds. This chance is doubled while you are Healthy.
Static DischargeStatic DischargeLucky Hit: Critical Strikes with Shock Skills have up to a {#}% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
Invigorating ConduitInvigorating ConduitUpon absorbing Crackling Energy, you gain {#} Mana.
Shocking ImpactShocking ImpactEvery time you Stun an enemy, you deal {#}% Lightning Damage to them.
Icy VeilIcy VeilYour Barriers have a {#}% increased duration.
Snap FreezeSnap FreezeLucky hit: Frost Skills have a {#}% chance to instantly Freeze.
Cold FrontCold FrontWhile you have a Barrier active, you apply {#}% more Chill.

Sorceress Ultimate Talents

To unlock the Ultimate talents of the Sorcerer, a total of 23 skill points must be allocated in the skill tree.

PermafrostPermafrostFrost Skills deal {#}% increased damage to Elites.
HoarfrostHoarfrostYou deal {#}% increased damage to Chilled enemies, and {#}% increased damage to Frozen enemies.
Icy TouchIcy TouchYou deal {#}% increased Cold Damage to Vulnerable enemies.
Frigid BreezeFrigid BreezeLucky Hit: Cold Damage against Vulnerable enemies has a 20% chance to generate {#} Mana.
Coursing CurrentsCoursing CurrentsHitting enemies with Shock Skills increases your Critical Strike Chance by {#}%. Resets upon getting a Critical Strike.
ElectrocutionElectrocutionEnemies deal {#}% less damage for 5 seconds after being Critically Struck by your Shock Skills.
ConvulsionsConvulsionsLucky Hit: Shock Skills have up to a {#}% chance to Stun enemies for 3 seconds.
ConductionConductionCritical Strikes with Shock Skills increase your Movement Speed by +{#}% for 3 seconds.
Fiery SurgeFiery SurgeKilling a Burning enemy increases your Mana Regeneration by {#}% for 3 seconds.
SoulfireSoulfireYour Pyromancy Skills cost {#}% less Mana and deal {#}% increased damage. Double these bonuses after standing still for 2 seconds.
Endless PyreEndless PyreYou deal increased Burning damage to enemies for each second they remain Burning, up to {#}% after 5 seconds.
WarmthWarmthEvery 1 second, you Heal for {#}% of your Maximum Life for each Nearby Burning enemy. Healing increased to {#}% from Bosses.

Sorceress Capstone Talents

Last but not least, the Sorcerer Capstone talents are unlocked after 33 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree. Unlike most other talents, however, Capstone talents are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of them may be selected, so make sure you choose wisely.

AvalancheAvalancheLucky Hit: Your Frost Skills have up to a 10% chance to make your next Ice ShardsIce Shards, Frozen OrbFrozen Orb, or BlizzardBlizzard consume no Mana and deal x45% more damage. Chance is doubled against Vulnerable enemies.
ShatterShatterAfter Freeze expires, enemies explode for 25% of the damage you dealt to them while Frozen.
CombustionCombustionYour Burning effects deal x20% increased damage, and an additional x2% per unique source of Burning you have applied to the enemy.
Esu's FerocityEsu’s FerocityYour Fire Critical Strike Damage is increased by x25% against enemies above 50% Life. Your Fire Critical Strike Chance is increased by +5% against enemies below 50% Life. Critical Strikes that kill enemies or hit a Boss grant both bonuses against all enemies for 3 seconds. Both bonuses are also granted for 3 seconds when hitting a Boss with a Critical Strike.
Overflowing EnergyOverflowing EnergyCrackling Energy hits 1 additional enemy. Each time Crackling Energy hits an enemy, your Shock Skill cooldowns are reduced by 0.1 seconds, increased to 0.25 seconds against Elites.
Vyr's MasteryVyr’s MasteryClose enemies take x15% increased damage from your Shock Skills and deal 20% less damage to you. Critical Strikes increase these bounces by 25% for 3 seconds.
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