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Diablo 4 – Sorceress Skills Guide (Season 4)

Complete overview of all Sorceress Skills, Enhancements, and Upgrades.




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The Sorceress class in Diablo 4 has access to 24 different skills in six categories. Additionally, most abilities also have an “enhanced” version, as well as two upgrades that improve the skills in a variety of ways.

For a detailed list of Sorceress passives, refer to our Passive Talents page.

Sorceress Passive Talents

For more general information about the class, refer to our Sorceress Guide.

Sorceress Overview

Sorceress Basic Skills

Basic Skills are abilities that can be repeatedly used, at no Mana cost, and with relatively low power. They are good to finish off small enemies or as a filler while waiting for more powerful Skills to be available.

Frost Bolt

Lucky Hit Chance40%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionThrow a bolt of frost at an enemy, dealing {#}% damage and Chilling them for 15%.
Enchantment EffectDirect damage from Skills applies up to {#}% Chill.
Enhanced Frost BoltEnhanced Frost BoltFrost BoltFrost Bolt has a 15% chance to explode on Chilled targets, hitting surrounding enemies. Chance increased to 100% against Frozen targets.
Glinting Frost BoltGlinting Frost BoltFrost BoltFrost Bolt generates Mana when hitting Chilled or Frozen enemies.
Flickering Frost BoltFlickering Frost BoltFrost BoltFrost Bolt makes Frozen enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Fire Bolt

Lucky Hit Chance35%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionHurl a flaming bolt, dealing {#}% damage and Burning for {#}% over 8 seconds.
Enchantment EffectDirect damage from Skills applies up to an additional {#}% Burning damage over 8 seconds.
Enhanced Fire BoltEnhanced Fire BoltFire BoltFire Bolt pierces Burning enemies.
Glinting Fire BoltGlinting Fire BoltFire BoltFire Bolt increases the Burning damage you deal to the enemy by 25% for 3 seconds.
Flickering Fire BoltFlickering Fire BoltFire BoltFire Bolt generates 2 Mana when hitting a Burning enemy.

Arc Lash

Lucky Hit Chance14%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionUnleash arcing lightning that shocks enemies in front of you for {#}% damage. Every 10 times Arc Lash swipes, it Stuns all enemies hit for 2 seconds.
Enchantment EffectWhen you use a Cooldown, enemies around you are Stunned for {#} seconds.
Enhanced Arc LashEnhanced Arc LashIf Arc LashArc Lash‘s initial swipe Critically Strikes, it swipes an additional time.
Glinting Arc LashGlinting Arc LashHitting a Stunned enemy with Arc LashArc Lash reduces your cooldowns by 0.15 seconds.
Flickering Arc LashFlickering Arc LashGain +6% Movement Speed for 5 seconds per enemy hit with Arc LashArc Lash, up to 18%.


Lucky Hit Chance9%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionLaunch a bolt of lightning that shocks an enemy 4 times, dealing {#}% damage each hit.
Enchantment EffectKilling an enemy has a {#}% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
Enhanced SparkEnhanced SparkEach time SparkSpark hits its primary target, it has a 40% chance to hit up to 3 additional enemies, dealing 7% damage. If there are no other enemies to hit, Spark instead deals x20% increased damage to its primary target.
Glinting SparkGlinting SparkSparkSpark grants 2% increased Critical Strike Chance per cast for 5 seconds, up to 8%.
Flickering SparkFlickering SparkEach time SparkSpark hits an enemy it has a 4% chance to spawn a Crackling Energy.

Sorceress Core Skills

These are some of the most recognizable Sorcerer skills in any build. However, while Core Skills have no cooldown, their biggest drawback is their Mana cost.

Frozen Orb

Mana Cost40
Lucky Hit Chance4%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionUnleash an orb that Chills for 34% and expels piercing shards, dealing a total of {#}% damage. Upon expiration, Frozen Orb explodes, dealing {#}% damage and Chilling enemies for 9%.
Enchantment EffectWhenever you cast a Non-Basic Skill, you have a 30% chance to launch a Frozen OrbFrozen Orb at a nearby enemy.
Enhanced Frozen OrbEnhanced Frozen OrbWhile Healthy, the explosion of Frozen OrbFrozen Orb deals x45% increased damage.
Destructive Frozen OrbDestructive Frozen OrbFrozen OrbFrozen Orb‘s explosion restores 5 Mana when hitting a Frozen enemy.
Greater Frozen OrbGreater Frozen OrbFrozen OrbFrozen Orb‘s explosion has a 40% chance to make all enemies hit Vulnerable for 3 seconds. Frozen Orb always makes Frozen enemies Vulnerable.

Ice Shards

Mana Cost30
Lucky Hit Chance16%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionLaunch 5 shards that deal {#}% damage each. Deals x25% increased damage to Frozen enemies.
Enchantment EffectIce ShardsIce Shards automatically conjure and fly towards Frozen enemies.
Enhanced Ice ShardsEnhanced Ice ShardsIce ShardsIce Shards have a 50% chance to ricochet to another enemy. Ice Shards always ricochet off of Frozen enemies.
Destructive Ice ShardsDestructive Ice ShardsHitting an enemy with 5 Ice ShardsIce Shards in a single cast makes them Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
Greater Ice ShardsGreater Ice ShardsWhile you have a Barrier active, Ice ShardsIce Shards treats enemies as if they were Frozen.


Mana Cost35
Lucky Hit Chance33%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionHurl an exploding ball of fire, dealing {#}% damage to surrounding enemies.
Enchantment EffectWhen you kill an enemy, they explode in a FireballFireball for 50% of its damage.
Enhanced FireballEnhanced FireballFireballFireball‘s radius is increased based on distance traveled, up to 50%.
Destructive FireballDestructive FireballFireballFireball‘s explosion’s Critical Strike Damage is increased by +20%. Increased to +30% when hitting at least 3 enemies.
Greater FireballGreater FireballFireballFireball deals 10% of the Burning damage you have applied to enemies as additional direct damage.


Mana Cost25 per second
Lucky Hit Chance8.35%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionChannel a beam of fire, Burning enemies for {#}% damage per second. Damage per second increases over 2 seconds, up to {#}. You gain 15% Damage Reduction while channeling.
Enchantment EffectEvery 14 seconds, a serpent spawns and Incinerates enemies for 8 seconds.
Enhanced IncinerateEnhanced IncinerateWhile Channeling IncinerateIncinerate, you Burn enemies around you for 25% of the damage per second.
Destructive IncinerateDestructive IncinerateEnemies deal 30% less damage while Burning from IncinerateIncinerate.
Greater IncinerateGreater IncinerateEvery 3 seconds an enemy has been hit by IncinerateIncinerate, they are Immobilized for 1.5 second.

Charged Bolts

Mana Cost30
Lucky Hit Chance20%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionRelease 5 bolts of lightning that course along the ground in an erratic pattern, dealing {#}% damage each.
Enchantment EffectWhen you Stun an enemy, there is a 40% chance to release 3 Charged BoltsCharged Bolts from them.
Enhanced Charged BoltsEnhanced Charged BoltsHitting an enemy at least 3 times with the same cast of Charged BoltsCharged Bolts releases a lightning nova, dealing 30% damage to enemies around them.
Destructive Charged BoltsDestructive Charged BoltsHitting an enemy with Charged BoltsCharged Bolts reduces their damage dealt by 25% for 3 seconds.
Greater Charged BoltsGreater Charged BoltsCharged BoltsCharged Bolts deals x35% increased damage to Stunned enemies.

Chain Lightning

Mana Cost35
Lucky Hit Chance25%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionUnleash a stream of lightning that deals {#}% damage and chains between Nearby enemies and you up to 5 times, prioritizing enemies.
Enchantment EffectChain LightningChain Lightning forms automatically after spending 100 Mana.
Enhanced Chain LightningEnhanced Chain LightningChain LightningChain Lightning gains a 3% increased Critical Strike Chance per bounce.
Destructive Chain LightningDestructive Chain LightningWhen Chain LightningChain Lightning Critically Strikes, it has a 30% chance to form a Crackling Energy.
Greater Chain LightningGreater Chain LightningEach time Chain LightningChain Lightning bounces, it deals x5% increased damage for its duration.

Sorceress Defensive Skills

Defensive Skills help to boost the defensive capabilities of the Sorcerer, whether with a Barrier, through Crowd Control, or to escape incoming melee attacks as fast as possible.

Flame Shield

Cooldown20 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance35%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionEngulf yourself in flames for {#} seconds, Burning surrounding enemies for {#}% damage per second. While Flame Shield is active, you are Immune.
Enchantment EffectFlame ShieldFlame Shield automatically activates after cumulatively losing 100% Maximum Life. Can only happen once every 30 seconds.
Enhanced Flame ShieldEnhanced Flame ShieldFlame ShieldFlame Shield has a 50% larger burn radius.
Mystical Flame ShieldMystical Flame ShieldAfter Flame ShieldFlame Shield ends, surrounding enemies are Stunned for 3 seconds and your next Skill is a guaranteed Critical Strike.
Shimmering Flame ShieldShimmering Flame ShieldFlame ShieldFlame Shield Heals you for 50% of your missing Life.

Ice Armor

Cooldown20 seconds
DescriptionA Barrier of ice forms around you for 6 seconds, absorbing {#}% of your Base Life in damage. While Ice Armor is active, 5% of your Cold Damage dealt is added to its Barrier.
Enchantment EffectUpon getting hit, you have a 5% chance to apply Ice ArmorIce Armor.
Enhanced Ice ArmorEnhanced Ice ArmorWhile Ice ArmorIce Armor is active, your Mana Regeneration is increased by x30%.
Mystical Ice ArmorMystical Ice ArmorWhile Ice ArmorIce Armor is active, you periodically Chill Close Enemies for 20% and deal 15% increased damage to Frozen enemies.
Shimmering Ice ArmorShimmering Ice ArmorWhile Ice ArmorIce Armor is active, you reduce its Cooldown by 1 second for every 50 Mana you spend.

Frost Nova

Cooldown24 seconds
DescriptionUnleash a torrent of frost, Freezing enemies around you for {#} seconds.
Enchantment EffectLucky Hit: Your Conjuration Skills have a {#}% chance to unleash a Frost NovaFrost Nova when hitting enemies.
Enhanced Frost NovaEnhanced Frost NovaKilling enemies Frozen by Frost NovaFrost Nova reduces its Cooldown by {#} seconds, up to {#} seconds per cast.
Mystical Frost NovaMystical Frost NovaFrost NovaFrost Nova makes enemies Vulnerable for {#} seconds, increased to {#} seconds against Bosses.
Shimmering Frost NovaShimmering Frost NovaFrost NovaFrost Nova grants {#}% Dodge Chance per enemy hit, up to {#}%. Hitting a Boss gives the maximum amount. For the next {#} seconds, you keep this effect, and successful Dodges generate {#} Mana.


Cooldown11 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance65%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionTransform into lightning, becoming Unstoppable and surging to the target location, dealing {#}% damage around you upon arrival.
Enchantment EffectEvade is replaced with a short range TeleportTeleport on a {#} second cooldown.
Enhanced TeleportEnhanced TeleportYou gain 30% Movement Speed for 3 seconds after Teleporting.
Mystical TeleportMystical TeleportTeleportTeleport deals 500% increased damage. It also forms a Crackling Energy for each enemy it hits, up to 3.
Shimmering TeleportShimmering TeleportAfter using TeleportTeleport, you gain 30% Damage Reduction for 3 seconds.

Sorceress Conjuration Skills

Conjuration Skills include the summoning skills of the Sorcerer. Summoned minions only last for a short time and do not move. However, they will still help with dealing damage while casting other spells or on the move.


Mana Cost20
Lucky Hit Chance53%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionSummon a 3-headed hydras for 10 seconds. Each head spits fire at a Nearby enemy, dealing {#}% damage. You can summon a total of 2 active Hydras at a time.
Enchantment EffectAfter spending 200 Mana, a 5-headed Hydra spawns for 5 seconds.
Enhanced HydraEnhanced HydraWhile Healthy, your casts of HydraHydra gain 1 additional head.
Invoked HydraInvoked HydraAfter you Critically Strike, your HydraHydra gain 30% Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds.
Summoned HydraSummoned HydraHydraHydra also Burns enemies for an additional 60% of its Base damage dealt over 6 seconds.

Ice Blades

Cooldown16 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance15%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionConjure Ice Blades for 6 seconds that rapidly slash enemies for {#}% damage and have a 40% chance to make them Vulnerable for 2 seconds.
Enchantment EffectFor every 40 seconds in Cooldowns you spend, you spawn an Ice BladesIce Blades on a random enemy.
Enhanced Ice BladesEnhanced Ice BladesIce BladesIce Blades‘s Cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds each time it hits a Vulnerable enemy.
Invoked Ice BladesInvoked Ice BladesYour Ice BladesIce Blades gain +10% increased Attack Speed per active Ice BladesIce Blades.
Summoned Ice BladesSummoned Ice Blades20% of Enhanced Ice BladesEnhanced Ice Blades Cooldown reduction is applied to your other Skills.

Lightning Spear

Cooldown20 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance5%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionConjure a crackling spear of lightning that seeks out enemies for 6 seconds, dealing {#}% damage per hit. Critical Strikes apply Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
Enchantment EffectAbsorbing Crackling Energy has a 10% chance to conjure a Lightning SpearLightning Spear.
Enhanced Lightning SpearEnhanced Lightning SpearAfter Critically Striking, Lightning SpearLightning Spear gains a 5% increased stacking Critical Strike Chance for its duration.
Invoked Lightning SpearInvoked Lightning SpearLightning SpearLightning Spear Stuns enemies for 2 seconds when Critically Striking.
Summoned Lightning SpearSummoned Lightning SpearCollecting Crackling Energy increases the damage of your next Lightning SpearLightning Spear cast by 20%, up to 160%.

Sorceress Mastery Skills

With these skills, the Sorcerer becomes a master of the elements, dealing wide and massive area of effect damage. Note: Since Season 4, Mastery Skills are also considered Core Skills.


Mana Cost40
Lucky Hit Chance40%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionSummon a meteor that strikes the target location, dealing {#}% damage and Burning the ground for {#}% damage over 3 seconds.
Enchantment EffectLucky Hit: Up to an 8% chance for a MeteorMeteor to fall on enemies.
Enhanced MeteorEnhanced MeteorIf a cast of MeteorMeteor hits 3 or more enemies, there is a 30% chance an additional Meteor falls on the same location.
Mage's MeteorMage’s MeteorMeteorMeteor falls 30% faster.
Wizard's MeteorWizard’s MeteorMeteorMeteor’s impact Immobilizes enemies for 2 seconds.


Mana Cost30
Lucky Hit Chance30%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionCreate a wall of flames that Burns enemies for {#}% damage over 8 seconds.
Enchantment EffectLucky Hit: Up to 25% chance when dealing Burning damage to spawn 2 FirewallFirewall for 3 seconds.
Enhanced FirewallEnhanced FirewallEnemies take 25% increased Burning damage from you while standing in FirewallFirewall.
Mage's FirewallMage’s FirewallEnemies continue Burning for 3 seconds after leaving FirewallFirewall.
Wizard's FirewallWizard’s FirewallYou gain 5% increased Mana Regeneration per active FirewallFirewall, up to 35%.


Mana Cost40
Lucky Hit Chance33%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionSummon a frigid blizzard that deals {#}% damage and continuously Chills enemies for 18% over 8 seconds.
Enchantment EffectEvery 15 seconds, a BlizzardBlizzard forms over you and follows you for 6 seconds.
Enhanced BlizzardEnhanced BlizzardBlizzardBlizzard deals x25% increased damage to Frozen enemies.
Mage's BlizzardMage’s BlizzardBlizzardBlizzard‘s duration is increased by 4 seconds.
Wizard's BlizzardWizard’s BlizzardWhile you have an active BlizzardBlizzard, your Core Skills cost 20% less Mana.

Ball Lightning

Mana Cost50
Lucky Hit Chance5%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionDischarge a ball of lightning that slowly moves forward, continually zapping enemies for {#}% damage.
Enchantment EffectLucky Hit: Critical Strikes have up to a 25% chance to spawn a static Ball LightningBall Lightning.
Enhanced Ball LightningEnhanced Ball LightningBall LightningBall Lightning‘s attack rate is increased by your Attack Speed Bonus, up to 25%.
Mage's Ball LightningMage’s Ball LightningAfter hitting Close enemies 50 times with Ball LightningBall Lightning, your next cast of it Stuns enemies hit for 1 second.
Wizard's Ball LightningWizard’s Ball LightningIf an enemy is hit at least 4 times by a cast of Ball LightningBall Lightning, a Crackling Energy is formed. Can happen up to two times per cast.

Sorceress Ultimate Skills

Ultimate Skills are powerful skills that have a particularly long cooldown. Ultimate Skills must be built around in order to be effective, and only one Ultimate Skill can be equipped at a time.


Cooldown45 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance10%
Damage TypeFire
DescriptionSummon a fiery serpent that continually constricts the target area, Burning enemies for 295% damage over 8 seconds.
Prime InfernoPrime InfernoInfernoInferno repeatedly Pulls enemies to its center.
Supreme InfernoSupreme InfernoWhile InfernoInferno is active, your Pyromancy Skills cost no Mana.

Deep Freeze

Cooldown60 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance2%
Damage TypeCold
DescriptionEncase yourself in ice, becoming Immune for 4 seconds, continually dealing 25% damage, and Chilling enemies for 14%. When Deep FreezeDeep Freeze expires, it deals an additional 100% damage. Casting Deep FreezeDeep Freeze again ends the effect early.
Prime Deep FreezePrime Deep FreezeWhen Deep FreezeDeep Freeze ends, gain 10% of your Base Life as Barrier for 6 seconds for each enemy you Froze while it was active.
Supreme Deep FreezeSupreme Deep FreezeWhen Deep FreezeDeep Freeze ends, surrounding enemies are made Vulnerable for 5 seconds and your non-Ultimate Cooldowns instantly reset.

Unstable Currents

Cooldown70 seconds
DescriptionLightning surges within you for 10 seconds. Whenever you cast a Shock Skill, another random Core, Conjuration, or Mastery Shock Skill is also cast.
Prime Unstable CurrentsPrime Unstable CurrentsUnstable CurrentsUnstable Currents increases Attack Speed by +25% while active.
Supreme Unstable CurrentsSupreme Unstable CurrentsWhile Unstable CurrentsUnstable Currents is active, Crackling Energy continually pulses and consumes no charges. Crackling Energy also pulses 25% faster while Unstable Currents is active.

Sorceress Dismount Skill

While mounted, the Sorcerer has access to a unique Dismount Ability which causes them to turn into an ice storm that Freezes enemies in their path. Players that are struck by an enemy are automatically dismounted and are unable to use their Dismount Ability until they mount back.

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