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Tornado Druid Endgame Build Guide for Diablo 4 (Season 3)

Become the tempest and storm the field with the Tornado Werewolf druid!




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RavensPoison CreeperWolvesGrizzly RageBlood HowlTornado

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Build Introduction

Embrace the tempest as the Tornado Werewolf Druid whirls through the battlefield, unleashing a storm of destruction upon the enemies of Sanctuary! Use Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage and Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s Aspect to become the Dire Werewolf. Equip your Tempest RoarTempest Roar to send out twisting and twirling TornadoTornado.

This guide covers everything necessary to get started on your TornadoTornado adventure, including Skill Tree points, Paragon, Gearing, and Seasonal updates. The guide will primarily cover Endgame pushing, but will also cover alternative options as well variant play-style setups.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Simple Gameplay
  • Easy Resource management
  • Heavily gear dependant
  • Tornado behavior can be inconsistent

To see how this build compares to the other builds on our site, you can check out our build tier lists.

Build Requirements

Required Uniques
Required Aspects (Non-codex)

The following Unique Items and Legendary Aspects are required for the Tornado Druid:

This build does not require, but recommends the following Unique Items and Legendary Aspects:

  • Tibault's WillTibault’s Will in combination with Aspect of Metamorphosis will be a significant source of Unstoppable, help with Resource issues, and give a large damage multiplier.

Build Variants

A build variant is a modified version of an existing build that changes some aspects of it, such as the damage type, specific skills or passives, and even certain items like different Unique Items or Legendary Aspects. Check out these play-style variants to the TornadoTornado Druid:

Non-Grizzly Rage Tornado

Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage is an excellent Ultimate ability, but so are others! Try out the PetrifyPetrify version of the Tornado Druid build below, included in this guide. The benefit is trading out several slots of Aspects for higher damage multipliers, but will be more Spirit Cost intensive.

Season of the Construct

Season 3 patch updates

The following list details the changes in the Season 3 Patch Updates that are specific to the Tornado Druid. For general Season 3 information, check out our Season 3 Hub.

TornadoTornado Druid is just as high performing as it has been the past two seasons, picking up quality of life additions like Aspect of Metamorphosis to help maintain Unstoppable and keep Spirit Resource Generation high.

Patch 1.3

Aspect of RetaliationAspect of Retaliation – Bonus damage reduced from 20–40% to 20–30%.

NewJuggernaut's AspectJuggernaut’s Aspect – Gain 0.75 –1.25 Armor, but your Evade has 100% increased Cooldown.

Ring of Starless SkiesRing of Starless Skies – New Effect: Spending resources reduces your resource costs and increases your damage by x10% for 3 seconds, up to 40%.

Spirit Boon: Avian Wrath – Critical Strike Damage bonus is now Multiplicative instead of Additive.

Patch 1.3.3

New – Aspect of Metamorphosis:

  • When you Evade you turn into a cloud of bats, becoming Unstoppable for 2.5 seconds. Enemies along your path take Physical Damage and are inflicted with Vampiric Curse.
  • Evade’s cooldown is increased by 5-10 seconds.


  • Passive damage increased by 30%.
  • Active damage increased by 45%.

Poison CreeperPoison Creeper

  • Passive damage increased by 30%.
  • Active damage increased by 40%.


  • Passive damage increased by 30%.
  • Active damage increased by 20%.

QuickshiftQuickshift – Damage bonus increased from 5/10/15% to 7/14/21%.

Ursine StrengthUrsine Strength – Damage and Overpower damage bonuses increased from 25% to 30%.

Ring of Starless SkiesRing of Starless Skies – Now shows a buff on the bar while active.

Seneschal Construct

The seasonal theme adds a Seneschal Construct companion to aid your character throughout their adventures in Sanctuary. The Construct’s playstyle and support is modified by Governing Stones that grant the construct abilities, with up to three Tuning Stones per Governing Stone to supplement that ability. Stones can be obtained through Vaults, Arcane Tremors, Journey rewards, or crafting.

The Uber Unique Seneschal Tuning Stones Evernight and Genesis are powerful Tuning Stones that drop from the new boss, Malphas. If obtained, they replace non-uber options.

  • Evernight: The supported Skill grants you +4 to all Skills when used for 2.0s.
  • Genesis: Increase the effectiveness of the supported Skill by 150%

For the Tornado Druid, use Flash of Adrenaline for a strong personal damage buff, and a Ranged Governing Stone for strong Damage Reduction and Spirit Generation.

Flash of Adrenaline

  • Duration Support
  • Tactical Support
  • Fortify Support (Replace with Genesis)


  • Safeguard Support
  • Resource Support
  • Swift Support (Replace with Evernight)

Skill Tree Points and Skill Bar

Skill Bar for Tornado Druid
Ravens Ravens Poison Creeper Poison Creeper Wolves Wolves Blood Howl Blood Howl Grizzly Rage Grizzly Rage Tornado Tornado
Priority SkillCluster
Wind ShearWind Shear, Enhanced Wind ShearEnhanced Wind ShearBasic SkillBasic Skill
TornadoTornado rank 5, Enhanced TornadoEnhanced Tornado, Raging TornadoRaging Tornado, Predatory InstinctPredatory Instinct rank 3, Digitigrade GaitDigitigrade Gait rank 3Core SkillCore Skill
Blood HowlBlood Howl, Enhanced Blood HowlEnhanced Blood Howl, Preserving Blood HowlPreserving Blood Howl, Ancestral FortitudeAncestral Fortitude rank 2, VigilanceVigilance rank 3Defensive SkillDefensive Skill
WolvesWolves rank 1, Enhanced Wolf PackEnhanced Wolf Pack, Ferocious Wolf PackFerocious Wolf Pack, Poison CreeperPoison Creeper rank 1, RavensRavens rank 1, Enhanced RavensEnhanced Ravens, Brutal RavensBrutal Ravens, Nature's ReachNature’s Reach rank 3Companion SkillCompanion Skill
NeurotoxinNeurotoxin rank 1, EnvenomEnvenom rank 3, Toxic ClawsToxic Claws rank 1, Elemental ExposureElemental Exposure rank 3, Charged AtmosphereCharged Atmosphere rank 1, Bad OmenBad Omen rank 3Wrath SkillWrath Skill
Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage, Prime Grizzly RagePrime Grizzly Rage, Supreme Grizzly RageSupreme Grizzly Rage, DefianceDefiance rank 3, Circle of LifeCircle of Life rank 3, ResonanceResonance rank 3Ultimate SkillUltimate Skill
Ursine StrengthUrsine StrengthKey Passive

Wild ImpulsesWild Impulses is not taken because it is bugged to be an additive increase rather than a multiplicative increase.

Ursine StrengthUrsine Strength benefits from the damage increase in any Form, so long as you are Healthy. Healthy mean to be above 80% Life.

Spirit Boons – The Druid Class Specialization

Druids unlock powerful Spirit Boon passives, giving offerings to the animal spirits to receive their Blessing. Once fully unlocked, activate the final Boon by Spirit Bonding with one of the four animal spirits to take two passives from that row.

Boon NameAnimalEffect
WarinessDeerTake 10% reduced damage from Elites.
Scythe TalonsEagleGain +5% increased Critical Strike Chance.
Avian WrathEagleGain 30%[x] Critical Strike Damage.
CalamityWolfExtend the duration of Ultimate Skills by 25%.
Calm Before The StormSnakeLucky Hit: Nature Magic Skills have up to a 10% chance to reduce the Cooldown of your Ultimate Skill by 2 seconds.

If Spirit Generation while leveling and gearing is not sufficient, replace the Eagle’s Scythe Talons with the Wolf’s Energize.

In hard hitting push content, change the Eagle’s Scythe Talons for the Eagle’s Iron Feather.


The Paragon Board is a progression system unlocked at Level 50, giving player power through Common stat Nodes, Magic affix Nodes, Rare leveled Glyphs, and Legendary board-exclusive Nodes. Below you will find the preferred Glyphs, Boards, and pathing recommended for making the most of the Tornado Druid. All Glyphs are placed as if they are max radius (Level 15+).

While leveling and gearing, prioritize the Spirit Generation Magic and Rare nodes from Ancestral GuidanceAncestral Guidance and the Lust for CarnageLust for Carnage Legendary Node.

OutmatchOutmatchGrants +25.0% bonus to all Rare nodes within range.
Bonus (25 Dexterity): You deal 16%[x] increased Physical damage to Non-Elites and Bosses.
Ancestral GuidanceAncestral GuidanceAfter spending 75 Spirit, you deal 30%[x] increased damage for 5 seconds.
Fang and ClawFang and ClawGrants +30.0% bonus to all Magic nodes within range.
Bonus (40 Willpower): While in Werewolf or Werebear form, Close enemies take 12%[x] increased damage from you.
ThunderstruckThunderstruckStorm Skills deal increased damage equal to 20%[x] of your Damage vs Close and Damage vs Distant bonuses.
UndauntedUndauntedFor every 5 Intelligence purchased within range, you deal + [7.7%] increased damage while Fortified.
Bonus (25 Intelligence): You gain up to 10% Damage Reduction the more Fortify you have.
Inner BeastInner BeastAfter Shapeshifting, your Spirit costs are reduced by 10% for 5 seconds, up to 30% (Legendary Node not taken.)
Earth and SkyEarth and SkyGrants +30.0% bonus to all Magic nodes within range.
Bonus (40 Willpower): Nature Magic Skills deal x10% increased damage to Crowd Controlled or Vulnerable enemies.
Heightened MaliceHeightened MaliceWhile there are 3 or more Poisoned enemies Nearby, you deal 45%[x] increased damage (Legendary Node not taken).
TerritorialTerritorialFor every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, you deal + [9.6%] increased damage to Close targets.
Bonus (25 Dexterity): You gain 15% Damage Reduction against Close Enemies.
Lust for CarnageLust for CarnageCritical Strikes with Werewolf Skills restore 2 Spirit.
WerewolfWerewolfFor every 5 Willpower purchased within range, you deal +1.32% increased damage while in Werewolf form.
Bonus (40 Willpower): You gain 10% Damage Reduction while in Werewolf form.

CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE PARAGON BOARD IN ITS ENTIRETY! Paragon Board images are courtesy of d4builds.gg.

Starting Board

D4 Druid Paragon Board

Ancestral Guidance

D4 Druid Paragon Board


D4 Druid Paragon Board

Inner Beast

D4 Druid Paragon Board

Heightened Malice

D4 Druid Paragon Board

Lust for Carnage

D4 Druid Paragon Board

Legendary Aspects and Gearing Affixes

Below are the recommended Legendary Aspects and Gear Affixes for each gear slot. Gear Affixes in Bold are the ideal Affixes, but alternatives are added.

2 Handed AxeShepherd's AspectShepherd’s AspectWillpower
All Stats
Damage to Close Enemies
Damage to Distant Enemies

Core Skill Damage
HelmTempest RoarTempest RoarUnique Item Required
ChestJuggernaut's AspectJuggernaut’s Aspect OR
Mad Wolf's GleeMad Wolf’s Glee
Max Life
Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
Damage Reduction while Fortified

Total Armor
GlovesAspect of the StampedeAspect of the StampedeRanks in TornadoTornado
Lucky Hit Chance
Critical Strike Chance
Attack Speed

PantsTibault's WillTibault’s WillDamage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
Damage Reduction from Close enemies
Damage Reduction while Injured
Total Armor

Max Life
BootsAspect of MetamorphosisInherent – Attacks Reduce Evade’s Cooldown by X Seconds
Movement Speed
Total Armor while in Werewolf Form

Spirit Cost Reduction
All Stats
AmuletDire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s AspectMovement Speed
Ranks in EnvenomEnvenom

Total Armor in Werewolf Form
Damage Reduction from Poisoned Enemies
Damage Reduction while Fortified
Total Armor
Ring 1Aspect of the Rampaging WerebeastAspect of the Rampaging WerebeastCritical Strike Chance
Max Life
Damage to Close Enemies
Damage to Distant Enemies

Lucky Hit Chance
Ring 2Stormchaser's AspectStormchaser’s AspectCritical Strike Chance
Max Life
Damage to Close Enemies
Damage to Distant Enemies

Lucky Hit Chance
  • Damage to Close Enemies and Damage to Distant Enemies is for the ThunderstruckThunderstruck node multiplier.
  • The Boot Inherent – Attacks Reduce Evade’s Cooldown by X Seconds, is for Aspect of Metamorphosis.

A note on Armor: Armor is capped at 85% Damage Reduction, scaled against enemy level. For example, The Armor Cap against a Tier 100 Level 154 enemy would be 13.3k, but a Tier 70 requires only around 11k. This cap can be reached with this build in a couple ways:

Once at that cap, no need to get further Armor Gear Affixes on gear!

Check our Legendary Aspect and Codex of Power Guide to see which slots can have which legendary powers. For example, Rings can have either Offensive or Resource powers, so there are interchangeable options listed above. Stormchaser's AspectStormchaser’s Aspect could be on Gloves or Ring, and there is still room for all the rest of the Legendary Aspects that complete the build.

Unique Items

The following Unique Items are recommended for the Tornado Druid.

  • Tempest RoarTempest Roar is required for the build to function, making TornadoTornado a Werewolf Skill.
  • Tibault's WillTibault’s Will is a heavy multiplier and source of Spirit. Unstoppable is activated from Evades with Aspect of Metamorphosis.

The following Unique Items are situational additions to the build.

  • Mad Wolf's GleeMad Wolf’s Glee is an excellent offensive Unique Item, giving movement speed and Skill Ranks to Werewolf Skills. However, this is not strong defensively, and a non-unique chest with Damage Reductions, Armor, or Max Life along with a Defensive Aspect can be the better choice in late Endgame Content. If used, replaces Juggernaut's AspectJuggernaut’s Aspect.
  • Ring of Starless SkiesRing of Starless Skies is an excellent Uber Unique for many builds, but since Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s Aspect is used, the Spirit Cost Reduction is unnecessary, and the Damage Multiplier is not better than the total damage offered by a well rolled non-unique ring with Damage to Close and Distant giving multiplier to ThunderstruckThunderstruck. However, if using the non-Grizzly Rage Variant playstyle, it is an excellent addition.

Mechanics and Playstyle

The Tornado Druid is a simple to play and effective build. Activate your Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage, maintain your buffs with Blood HowlBlood Howl, send out a storm of TornadoTornado, and speed through content.

Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s Aspect makes Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage into a Dire Werewolf Form. As a Dire Werewolf, only Werewolf Skills are accessible, and the rest of the Skills will be hidden from the Skill Bar for the duration. Tempest RoarTempest Roar makes all Storm Skills into Werewolf Skills, allowing access to TornadoTornado as a Dire Werewolf. Once activated, the Skill bar will only have TornadoTornado and Blood HowlBlood Howl.

Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage uptime is covered and extended by Aspect of the Rampaging WerebeastAspect of the Rampaging Werebeast and our Boon choices. Calamity extends the Duration, while Calm before the Storm gives Cooldown Reduction on our Ultimate Skills.

Blood HowlBlood Howl is a tool for Damage Reduction from VigilanceVigilance and an Attack Speed bonus from Preserving Blood HowlPreserving Blood Howl.

Companion wolves, ravens and creepers give a significant multiplier to TornadoTornado with Shepherd's AspectShepherd’s Aspect and Aspect of the StampedeAspect of the Stampede. The active abilities of our companion pets are generally unused, and not accessible while in Dire Werewolf form. Though not on the Skill Bar during Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage, we still benefit from the Shepherd's AspectShepherd’s Aspect multiplier.

Tibault's WillTibault’s Will gives a strong multiplier and Spirit when Unstoppable is triggered. Aspect of Metamorphosis provides the Unstoppable trigger on Evade.

Spirit Generation

The Tornado Druid does not use a Basic Attack Spirit generator; instead, it relies on several alternative sources for Spirit Generation and Spirit Cost Reduction:

  • Tempest RoarTempest Roar gives a Lucky Hit chance to Storm Skills like TornadoTornado to grant Spirit.
  • Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s Aspect on Amulet provides a significant Spirit Cost Reduction, up to 75%!
  • Lust for CarnageLust for Carnage legendary Node grants Spirit on Critical Strikes with Werewolf abilities, including TornadoTornado.
  • Paragon nodes for Spirit on Kill in the Ancestral GuidanceAncestral Guidance board.
  • Tibault's WillTibault’s Will, with Unstoppable sources Aspect of Metamorphosis.
  • Seasonal: The Resource Support Tuning Stone on the Seneschal Construct.

In the Endgame, these are sufficient sources for Spirit Cost needs. However, if the above are insufficient sources while leveling and gearing, consider using one or more of the following supplementary options:


  1. Activate Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage.
  2. Cast Blood HowlBlood Howl for Attack Speed and Damage Reduction from VigilanceVigilance.
  3. Keep Tibault's WillTibault’s Will multiplier active and Spirit topped off by using Evade with Aspect of Metamorphosis.
  4. Send out a storm of TornadoTornado!
  5. Speed to the next enemies once enough TornadoTornado are out.

Variant Playstyles

Non-Grizzly Rage Build

Running a non-Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage has a number of benefits:

The downside is that losing these bonuses are:

  • TornadoTornado is an expensive Skill, and losing the 75% Spirit Cost reduction means that Resource management becomes much more important
  • Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage is a solid Damage and Critical Strike Damage multiplier.
  • Lost movement speed from Dire Wolf's AspectDire Wolf’s Aspect.

A setup without Grizzly RageGrizzly Rage would change the following:

The Paragon Board will remain the same.


See below for the best Gems to socket into your gear for each category.

Elixirs, Incense and Health Potions

The Alchemist offers helpful consumables at the cost of foraged materials found throughout Sanctuary.

  • Craft the highest Assault ElixirAssault Elixir available for Attack Speed bonuses.
  • If mats are available, craft Chorus of WarChorus of War.
  • Upgrade your potion as you level, increasing the instant healing of the potion.


11 March, 2024: Guide created, fully replacing previous guide.

  • Ownership transferred.
  • Adjusted Gear, Skills, and Paragon sections to hit defensive stats targets and improve overall damage output.
  • Improved readability, explanations, and options.
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