Zones Overview in Diablo 4

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This article goes over the information that is currently known about each zone in Diablo 4.



This page will be updated as more information becomes available throughout BlizzCon and beyond.


Styling of the World of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 will be the first fully open world game in the series and players will be able to travel through the 5 zones seamlessly, with no concrete progression path that must be followed.

There will be a total of 5 regions, each of which with their own distinct feel, weather patterns, and enemies to face.

The image above shows the highlighted area that contains the 5 regions that will be playable.



Scosglen is the homeland of the Druids and is very reminiscent of their class styling. Close to the coast and covered in forests, this land is ravaged by werewolves and one of the new monster types, the Drowned.

This zone was where the demo at BlizzCon was played in, but it only showed a minor part of it.


Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes are well described by one word: brutality. This is no place for the weak, with those that live here fighting to survive every second of their existence, being subjected to small inconveniences, such as bandits, as well as greater threats, such as the clans of cannibals that live here. To live here, once must either follow a life of ruthlessness or desperation.


Fractured Peaks

The Fractured Peaks are home to a sect of priests that sought the isolation and peace of the mountains, but while they may have found it on the surface, countless threats lurk in the caves of the mountains.



Hawezar is an infested swampland, home to countless threats of witchcraft and zealotry. Disease has spread throughout the region and is deep rooted in everything from the people to the land itself.

The witches that call this place home worship the snakes that have grown to grotesque sizes and, any who call this place home have come there to lose themselves in the swamplands and be forgotten.



Kehjistan is the desert region that holds Alcarnus and Caldeum and it is quickly falling into the hands of a group of cultists that have rapidly found great levels of power. As they pillage the ruins of the desert, their newfound power only helps to serve their ultimate goal of returning the Prime Evils to their former glory.



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