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Nemesis Bracers: Drop / Farming / Explanations

Last updated on Aug 20, 2016 at 15:24 by Deadset

Table of Contents

1. What are Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers?

Nemesis Bracers

  • Wrists
  • Legendary Bracers
  • 63–75

  • Armor


  • Shrines and Pylons will spawn an enemy champion.

  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
    • +85–108 Dexterity

    • +85–108 Strength

    • +85–108 Intelligence

  • +4 Random Magic Properties
  • Required Level: 31
  • Account Bound
Unique Equipped
Wear these armguards at your own risk. Only for the heartiest of adventurers.

Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers spawn one complete Rare (yellow) monster pack, consisting of an elite monster and its minions, upon using a Shrine or a Pylon. This effect is applicable in every game mode and content — Campaign, Bounties, Normal and Greater Rifts. The spawned pack will behave under every applicable rule for the game mode, dropping the loot, materials and progression orbs associated with the standard randomly generated Rare packs. Note that the pack will spawn right next to the Shrine or Pylon, and as a consequence — right on top of you.

2. How to farm Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers?

Like most Diablo 3 items, Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers cannot be targeted from specific enemies or events; it is found by random chance as you farm normally: killing monsters and looting chests, corpses and other containers. Nevertheless, you can vastly improve your chances of finding Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers with the following steps:

Increase difficulty Farm in a party Farm rifts Spend shards at Kadala Upgrade rares Gamble at low level

3. Where and when to use Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers?

Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers are generally considered a speed farming item; a legendary that occupies the wrist slot when you do not feel the need for additional protection or DPS. In practice, this means they are the dominant choice for Normal Rifts, are also taken during low-to-mid Greater Rifts, and are decent for Bounties (mostly ones concerning killing a large number of enemies in open maps). Note that during Normal Rifts and Bounties you can also carry Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers in your inventory and quickly swap in and out of them when taking a Shrine; Greater Rifts however lock in your gear setup, and you cannot use the same tactic.

While its speed farming reputation is well deserved, note that Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers can also be taken for Greater Rift pushing builds; they are a universally useful item to fall back to whenever the particular build does not require a specific bracer. This is due to the fact that they cut the time spent searching for packs, diversify the elites you get on the map (chance for a spawn with less threatening affixes), and their use generally results in more time for the Rift Guardian fight. Still, do not neglect the item mechanics (spawning elites right on top of you), and carefully consider your options on squishier builds.

4. What are the related/synergistic items for Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers, if any?

In-Geom Bane of the Powerful Bane of the Stricken The Furnace Stone of Jordan Unity

5. Builds That Use Nemesis Bracers

To find out the list of builds on Icy Veins that use Nemesis Bracers Nemesis Bracers, please consult our Salvage Guide.

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