Barbarian Class Talents in Diablo 4

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This page goes over the currently know talents that are available to Barbarians in Diablo 4.


There are 2 trees for Barbarians to follow for talents: the Golden/Orange and the Red trees.


Golden Tree

  • Swiftness — Movement speed is increased.
  • Endless Fury — Fury generation is increased.
  • Defy Pain — When you evade, you gain damage reduction for 1 second.
  • Fierce Brawler — Attack speed is increased by 2% while using one-handed weapons. Critical strike damage is increased while using two-handed weapons.
  • Blood Thirst — Enemies bleed for a percentage of your critical strike damage over 5 seconds.
  • Quick Impulses — While moving, your damage reduction is increased.
  • Slaying Strike — Damage is increased against enemies below 30% life.
  • Battle Frenzy — Using a Brawling skill grants Berserk for 1 second.
  • Cut to the Bone — Stunning an enemy increases bleeding on them for 3 seconds.
  • Momentum — Hit Effect: Grants a chance to generate Fury.
  • Gushing Wounds — Bleeding effects deal more damage.
  • Unstoppable Force — Berserking grants Unstoppable and increases your damage done.

Note that you can not use Gushing Wounds and Unstoppable Force at the same time. You must pick one.


Red Tree

  • Martial Vigor — Damage reduction is increased.
  • Endurance — While out of combat, gain Life per second.
  • Booming Voice — Shout durations are increased.
  • Master of Arms — After using your Weapon Mastery skill, your next Fury skill is free and deals increased damage.
  • Concussion — Enemies struck by your Brawling skills are slowed for 5 seconds.
  • Slam — Hit Effect: Chance to knock down enemies.
  • Guttural Yell — Your Shouts cause enemies to deal less damage for 5 seconds.
  • Combat Prowess — Damage increased against immobilized, stunned, or slowed enemies.
  • Close Quarters Combatant — You deal increased damage to enemies within melee range, but take increased damage from enemies outside melee range.
  • Walking Arsenal — Using a different weapon increases your damage for 8 seconds, up to 32%.
  • Unbridled Rage — Fury skills deal increased damage, but cost more.

Note that you can not use Walking Arsenal and Unbridled Rage at the same time. You must pick one.



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