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The Druid has access to 25 different skills in Diablo 4. Most skills also have an “enhanced” version as well as two mutually exclusive upgrades that improve them in various ways.

This section provides a brief overview of the Druid skills as well as their enhancements and upgrades.

For a detailed list of Druid talents, refer to our Druid Passive Talents page.

Druid Passive Talents

For more general information about the Druid class, refer to our Druid Leveling Guide.

Druid Leveling Guide

Druid Basic Skills

Basic Skills are spammable skills whose primary purpose is to generate Spirit for skills of the Spirit category. By virtue of being free and having no cooldown, they are also used to fill dead time while waiting for other, more powerful skills to be available.

Earth Spike

Spirit Generation8
Lucky Hit Chance35%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionSunder the earth, impaling the first enemy hit for 16% damage.
Enhanced Earth SpikeEnhanced Earth SpikeEarth Spike has a 10% chance to Stun for 2.5 seconds.
Wild Earth SpikeWild Earth SpikeSummon a second Earth Spike when hitting an Immobilized or Stunned enemy.
Fierce Earth SpikeFierce Earth SpikeFortify for 4% of your Base Life (Max(1,0.04)) whenever Earth Spike damages enemies who are Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Back.


Spirit Generation10
Lucky Hit Chance50%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werewolf and claw at an enemy for 20% damage.
Enhanced ClawEnhanced ClawClaw’s Attack Speed is increased by +10%.
Wild ClawWild ClawClaw has a 10% chance to attack twice.
Fierce ClawFierce ClawClaw applies 10.02% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds.

Storm Strike

Spirit Generation14
Lucky Hit Chance25%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionElectricity gathers around your weapon, dealing 20% damage to your target and chaining to up to 3 surrounding enemies, dealing [0.2 *100|%|] less damage each time it chains. You gain 25% Damage Reduction for 3 seconds after dealing damage with Storm Strike .
Enhanced Storm StrikeEnhanced Storm StrikeStorm Strike has a 15% chance to Immobilize all enemies hit for 2.5 seconds.
Wild Storm StrikeWild Storm StrikeStorm Strike chains to [2] additional targets.
Fierce Storm StrikeFierce Storm StrikeStorm Strike has a [0.5 * 100|%|] chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.


Spirit Generation14
Lucky Hit Chance30%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werebear and maul enemies in front of you, dealing 20% damage.
Enhanced MaulEnhanced MaulIf an enemy is hit by Maul, then Fortify for 2% of your Base Life (Max(1,0.02)).
Wild MaulWild MaulMaul has a 20% chance to Knock Down enemies for 1.5 seconds.
Fierce MaulFierce MaulIncreases the range and radius of Maul by [0.25 *100|%|].

Wind Shear

Spirit Generation12
Lucky Hit Chance20%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionConjure a piercing blade of wind, dealing 17% damage.
Enhanced Wind ShearEnhanced Wind ShearWind Shear has a 20% chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 4 seconds.
Wild Wind ShearWild Wind ShearWind Shear grants 3 additional Spirit for each enemy hit beyond the first.
Fierce Wind ShearFierce Wind ShearEach enemy hit by Wind Shear increases your Movement Speed by [0.05 * 100|%+|] for 5 seconds, up to [0.05 * 4 * 100|%+|].

Druid Spirit Skills

Spirit Skills are the main sources of damage of the Druid. Although they have no cooldown, the main limiting factor of Spirit Skills is their Spirit cost.


Spirit Cost35
Lucky Hit Chance33%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werebear and slam the ground, dealing 50% damage to surrounding enemies.
Enhanced PulverizeEnhanced PulverizeYour next Pulverize will Overpower every 12 seconds while you remain Healthy.
Primal PulverizePrimal PulverizeEnemies hit with Pulverize deal 20% reduced damage for 4 seconds.
Raging PulverizeRaging PulverizeEnemies Overpowered by Pulverize are Stunned for 2 seconds.


Spirit Cost30
Lucky Hit Chance20%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionCrush enemies between 2 pillars of earth, dealing up to 75% damage.
Enhanced LandslideEnhanced LandslideAfter Landslide damages enemies 4 times, the next hit will Immobilize enemies for 3 seconds.
Primal LandslidePrimal LandslideWhen you Immobilize or Stun an enemy, you gain a Terramote. Each enemy hit by Landslide consumes a Terramote causing a guaranteed Critical Strike with [0.4 * 100|%x|] Critical Strike Damage. Bosses always have up to a [0.1 * 100|%|] chance to grant a Terramote when hit.
Raging LandslideRaging LandslideWhen you strike an Immobilized or Stunned enemy with Landslide, an additional pillar of earth is formed.


Spirit Cost40
Lucky Hit Chance8%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionConjure a swirling tornado that deals 35% damage.
Enhanced TornadoEnhanced TornadoEach time you cast Tornado, you have a 20% chance to spawn an additional Tornado.
Primal TornadoPrimal TornadoEnemies damaged by Tornado are Slowed by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 0.085100%.
Raging TornadoRaging TornadoEnemies hit with Tornado have a 10% chance to become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Lightning Storm

Spirit Cost15 per strike
Lucky Hit Chance15%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionConjure a growing lightning storm that deals 32% damage per strike. The number of strikes increase the longer the storm is channeled up to a maximum of [4+1] at once.
Enhanced Lightning StormEnhanced Lightning StormThe size of your Lightning Storm is preserved for 4 seconds after channeling.
Primal Lightning StormPrimal Lightning StormLightning Storm has a 8% chance to Immobilize enemies hit for 3 seconds.
Raging Lightning StormRaging Lightning StormLightning Storm gains 1 additional lightning strike.


Spirit Cost35
Lucky Hit Chance20%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werewolf and dash at the target, performing a trio of combo attacks:
1st Attack: Dash towards the target and deal 25% damage.
2nd Attack: Deal 35% damage.
3rd Attack: Perform a larger finishing move dealing 60% damage.
Enhanced ShredEnhanced ShredShred gains +30% Attack Speed and Heals for 1% of your Maximum Life ([PlayerHealthMax() * 0.01]) if an enemy is struck.
Primal ShredPrimal ShredShred’s second and third attacks also perform a dash. In addition, Shred’s Critical Strike Damage is increased by x20%.
Raging ShredRaging ShredShred’s third combo attack is larger and applies an additional 51% Poisoning damage over 5 seconds.

Druid Defensive Skills

Defensive Skills revolve around protecting the Druid by reducing or healing damage taken or otherwise debilitating enemies. Although Defensive Skills generally have a fairly long cooldown.

Cyclone Armor

Cooldown18 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance25%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionPassive: Powerful winds surround you, granting 10% Non-Physical Damage Reduction.

Active: The winds rapidly expand, Knocking Back enemies and dealing 30% damage.
Enhanced Cyclone ArmorEnhanced Cyclone ArmorEnemies who are Knocked Back by Cyclone Armor are also Slowed by 70% for 2 seconds.
Innate Cyclone ArmorInnate Cyclone ArmorEvery 10 seconds, Cyclone Armor intensifies, causing incoming damage to grant you 30% Damage Reduction for 2 seconds.
Preserving Cyclone ArmorPreserving Cyclone ArmorEnemies Knocked Back by Cyclone Armor become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Earthen Bulwark

Cooldown16 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance30%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionRocks surround you for 3 seconds, granting a Barrier that absorbs 45% of your Base Life in damage.
Enhanced Earthen BulwarkEnhanced Earthen BulwarkEarthen Bulwark makes you Unstoppable while active.
Innate Earthen BulwarkInnate Earthen BulwarkRock shrapnel flies outward when Earthen Bulwark is destroyed or expires, dealing 30% to surrounding enemies. This damage is increased by Barrier bonuses.
Preserving Earthen BulwarkPreserving Earthen BulwarkCasting Earthen Bulwark grants 18% Base Life (Max(1,0.18)) as Fortify.

Debilitating Roar

Cooldown22 seconds
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werebear and bellow a mighty roar, reducing Nearby enemies’ damage dealt by [0.7 * 100|%|] for 4 seconds.
Enhanced Debilitating RoarEnhanced Debilitating RoarDebilitating Roar also Fortifies you for 22% Base Life (Max(1,0.22)).
Innate Debilitating RoarInnate Debilitating RoarDebilitating Roar also Slows enemies by 65% for its duration.
Preserving Debilitating RoarPreserving Debilitating RoarDebilitating Roar also Heals you for 4% of your Maximum Life ([PlayerHealthMax() * 0.04]) each second for its duration.

Blood Howl

Spirit Generation20
Cooldown15 seconds
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werewolf and howl furiously, Healing you for [0.2 * 100|1%|] of your Maximum Life ([PlayerHealthMax() * 0.2]).
Enhanced Blood HowlEnhanced Blood HowlKills reduce the Cooldown of Blood Howl by 1 second.
Innate Blood HowlInnate Blood HowlBlood Howl also generates 20 Spirit.
Preserving Blood HowlPreserving Blood HowlBlood Howl also increases your Attack Speed by +15% for 4 seconds.

Druid Companion Skills

Companion Skills passively summon permanent creatures that automatically attack the enemies of the Druid. These skills also have an active component, which “orders” the summoned creatures to perform a special offensive action.

Poison Creeper

Cooldown20 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance28%
Damage TypePoison
DescriptionPassive: A poison creeper periodically emerges from the ground every 7 seconds and applies 36% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds to an enemy in the area.

Active: Vines strangle all surrounding enemies, Immobilizing them for 2 seconds and Poisoning them for 90% damage over 2 seconds.
Enhanced Poison CreeperEnhanced Poison CreeperPoison Creeper’s Immobilize duration is increased by 1 second.
Ferocious Poison CreeperFerocious Poison CreeperPoison Creeper’s active Poisoning duration is increased by 3 seconds.
Brutal Poison CreeperBrutal Poison CreeperYour Critical Strike Chance is increased by +20% against enemies strangled by Poison Creeper.


Cooldown14 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance50%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionPassive: Summon 2 wolf companions that bite enemies for 7.8% damage.

Active: Direct your wolves to focus an enemy, leaping to them and striking for 1.1*100% damage.
Enhanced Wolf PackEnhanced Wolf PackWolves deal x20% increased damage to Immobilized, Stunned, Slowed, or Poisoned enemies.
Ferocious Wolf PackFerocious Wolf PackLucky Hit: Your Wolves’ attacks have up to a 10% chance to Fortify you for 5% Base Life (Max(1,0.05)).
Brutal Wolf PackBrutal Wolf PackWhen you Critically Strike, your Wolves gain +20% Attack Speed for 3 seconds.


Cooldown15 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance45%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionPassive: 1 Raven flies above you and periodically attacks your enemies for 13% damage every 5 seconds.

Active: The target area is swarmed with ravens, dealing 1.6*100% damage over 6 seconds.
Enhanced RavensEnhanced RavensYou have +5% increased Critical Strike Chance against enemies for 6 seconds after they are hit by Ravens .
Ferocious RavensFerocious RavensEnemies inside the swarm of Ravens when it is activated become Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
Brutal RavensBrutal Ravens2 additional Ravens periodically attack enemies.

Druid Wrath Skills

Wrath Skills are supplementary skills that provide various useful effects, usually crowd control or damage. Although they do not cost Spirit to cast, they generally have a fairly long cooldown.


Cooldown20 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance22%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionForm a hurricane around you that deals 97.5% damage to surrounding enemies over 8.4 seconds.
Enhanced HurricaneEnhanced HurricaneEnemies who are damaged by Hurricane are Slowed by 25% for 2 seconds.
Natural HurricaneNatural HurricaneHurricane has a [0.15 * 100|%|] chance to make enemies Vulnerable for 3 seconds.
Savage HurricaneSavage HurricaneEnemies affected by Hurricane deal 20% less damage.


Spirit Generation20
Cooldown14 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance33%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werebear, become Unstoppable, and charge forward, dealing 75% damage and Knocking Back enemies. Enemies who are Knocked Back into terrain take an additional 45% damage and are Stunned for 3 seconds.
Enhanced TrampleEnhanced TrampleTrample deals [1.5 * 100|%x|] bonus damage. This bonus is reduced by [0.5 * 100|%x|] for each enemy hit after the first.
Natural TrampleNatural TrampleCasting Trample grants 20% Base Life (Max(1,0.2)) as Fortify.
Savage TrampleSavage TrampleCasting Trample grants 20 Spirit.


Cooldown10 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance4%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionUnearth a large rolling boulder that repeatedly Knocks Back enemies, dealing 33% damage with each hit.
Enhanced BoulderEnhanced BoulderWhen Boulder reaches the end of its path, enemies hit are Slowed by 30% for 3 seconds. If Boulder Overpowered, enemies are Stunned for 4 seconds instead.
Natural BoulderNatural BoulderWhile you have any Fortify, Boulder has +20% increased Critical Strike Chance.
Savage BoulderSavage BoulderBoulder’s Critical Strike Chance is increased by [0.03 * 100|%+|] each time it deals damage.


Cooldown12 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance50%
Damage TypePoison
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werewolf and perform an infectious bite on the target dealing 28% damage, and applying an additional 52.98% Poisoning damage over 6 seconds. Infected enemies spread Rabies to other surrounding targets.
Enhanced RabiesEnhanced RabiesRabies’ Poisoning damage also increases over the lifetime of the disease, dealing x30% bonus damage at max duration.
Natural RabiesNatural RabiesRabies spreads 1*100% faster.
Savage RabiesSavage RabiesRabies deals its total Poisoning damage in [4] seconds instead of [6].

Druid Ultimate Skills

Ultimate Skills are extremely powerful skills with a cooldown to match. Their use is typically reserved for dispatching powerful enemies or clawing your way out of desperate situations. Sometimes literally.


Cooldown60 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance64%
Damage TypeLightning
DescriptionA massive storm follows you for 8.4 seconds. Twisters Knock Back enemies, and lightning strikes wildly dealing 52% damage.
Prime CataclysmPrime CataclysmCataclysm’s duration is increased by 2 seconds.
Supreme CataclysmSupreme CataclysmLightning strikes from Cataclysm make enemies Vulnerable for 2 seconds.


Cooldown50 seconds
DescriptionEncase all Nearby enemies in stone, Stunning them for 3 seconds. You deal x25% increased Critical Strike Damage to enemies affected by Petrify. Against Bosses, the Critical Strike Damage bonus is increased to x50% and its duration is increased to 6 seconds.
Prime PetrifyPrime PetrifyPetrify’s effect durations are increased by 1 second.
Supreme PetrifySupreme PetrifyKilling an enemy affected by Petrify grants 25 Spirit.

Grizzly Rage

Cooldown50 seconds
DescriptionShapeshift into a Dire Werebear for 10 seconds gaining x20% bonus damage and 20% Damage Reduction. Damage bonus is increased by 3% each second while in this form. Kills extend the duration by 1 second up to 10 additional seconds. Casting Grizzly Rage causes enemies in the area to take 50% damage and be Slowed by 50% for 6 seconds.
Prime Grizzly RagePrime Grizzly RageYou are Unstoppable while Grizzly Rage is active.
Supreme Grizzly RageSupreme Grizzly RageGain 8% Base Life (Max(1,0.08)) as Fortify per second while Grizzly Rage is active.


Cooldown45 seconds
Lucky Hit Chance7%
Damage TypePhysical
DescriptionShapeshift into a Werewolf, become Immune, and quickly dash 10 times between enemies in the area dealing up to 4*100% damage.
Prime LaceratePrime LacerateEach time Lacerate deals a Critical Strike, Heal for 3% Maximum Life ([PlayerHealthMax() * 0.03]).
Supreme LacerateSupreme LacerateLacerate’s initial strike is guaranteed to Critically Strike and deals x1.5*100% increased damage.

Druid Dismount Skill

While mounted, the Druid has access to a unique Dismount Skill which causes the Druid to jump off their mount, shapeshift into a Werebear while in mid-air, and slam the ground, dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

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