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Diablo 4 – Druid Passive Skills Guide (Season 4)

Complete overview of all Druid passives and skill points requirements.




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Druid Talents

The Druid has access to 40 different talents (passive skills), or simply passives, in Diablo 4.

Like skills, additional passive choices are unlocked as more skill points are allocated into the skill tree. Unlike skills, however, passives do not need to be equipped to enable their effects; they always function as long as a point has been allocated into them. Up to 3 skill points may be allocated to any individual passive, except for the powerful and mutually exclusive Capstone Skills, in which a single skill point can be allocated.

This section provides a brief overview of the Druid passive skills and their requirements.

For a detailed list of Druid skills, refer to our Druid Skills page.

Druid Skills

For more general information about the class, refer to our Druid Guide.

Druid Leveling Guide

Druid Spirit Passive Skills

Druid Spirit passives are unlocked after 2 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

Heart of the WildHeart of the WildMaximum Spirit is increased by {#}.
Wild ImpulsesWild ImpulsesYour Core skills cost x{#}% more Spirit but deal x{#}% increased damage.
AbundanceAbundanceBasic skills generate {#}% more Spirit.
Predatory InstinctPredatory InstinctCritical Strike Chance against Close enemies is increased by {#}%.
Iron FurIron FurWhile in Werebear form, damage reduction is increased by {#}%. This bonus persists for 3 seconds after leaving Werebear form.
Digitigrade GaitDigitigrade GaitWhile in Werewolf form, your Movement Speed is increased by {#}%. This bonus persists for 3 seconds after leaving Werewolf form.

Druid Defensive Passive Skills

Druid Defensive passives are unlocked after 6 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

Ancestral FortitudeAncestral FortitudeYou gain {#}% Resistance to All Elements.
VigilanceVigilanceYou take {#}% reduced damage for 6 seconds after using a Defensive skill.

Druid Companion Passive Skills

Druid Companion passives are unlocked after 11 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

ClarityClarityAfter casting a Companion Skill, your next Core or Wrath Skill’s damage and Critical Strike Chance are increased by {#}%, up to {#}%.
Nature's ReachNature’s ReachDeal x{#}% increased damage to Distant enemies. Double this bonus if they are also Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Back.
Call of the WildCall of the WildYour Companion Skills deal {#}% bonus damage.

Druid Wrath Passive Skills

Druid Wrath passives are unlocked after 16 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

Elemental ExposureElemental ExposureLucky Hit: Your Storm skills have up to a 11% chance to make enemies Vulnerable for {#} seconds.
Endless TempestEndless TempestIncrease the duration of Hurricane and Cataclysm by {#}%.
Charged AtmosphereCharged AtmosphereEvery {#} seconds, a Lightning Strike hits a Nearby enemy dealing 45% damage.
Bad OmenBad OmenLucky Hit: Up to a {#}% chance when dealing damage to a Vulnerable, Immobilized, or Stunned enemy that a Lightning Strike also hits dealing 55% damage.
Electric ShockElectric ShockLucky Hit: Dealing Lightning damage to enemies has a {#}% chance to Immobilize them for 3 seconds. If the target is already Immobilized, the Lightning damage dealt to them is increased by x{#}% instead.
Crushing EarthCrushing EarthEarth skills deal x{#}% increased damage to Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Back enemies.
Stone GuardStone GuardWhile Fortified over 50% of your Maximum Life, your Earth skills deal x{#}% increased damage.
SafeguardSafeguardCritical Strikes with Earth skills Fortify you for {#}% Maximum Life.
MendingMendingWhile in Werebear form, you receive {#}% additional healing from all sources.
ProvocationProvocationWhen you remain in Werebear form for at least {#} seconds, your next non-Defensive Skill will Overpower.
Toxic ClawsToxic ClawsCritical strikes with Werewolf skills deal {#}% of their base damage as Poison damage over 4 seconds.
NeurotoxinNeurotoxinPoisoned enemies are slowed by {#}%.
EnvenomEnvenomPoisoned enemies take x{#}% additional Critical Strike Damage.

Druid Ultimate Passive Skills

Druid Ultimate passives are unlocked after 23 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

DefianceDefianceNature Magic skills deal x{#}% increased damage to Elites.
Circle of LifeCircle of LifeNature Magic skills that consume Spirit restore {#}% of your Maximum Life.
Natural DisasterNatural DisasterNature Magic skills deal x{#}% increased damage. Triple this bonus if an Earth skill is the next skill cast after a Storm skill, or a Storm skill is the next skill cast after an Earth skill.
ResonanceResonanceYour Earth skills deal x{#}% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. Your Storm skills deal x{#}% increased damage to enemies that are Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Back.
Defensive PostureDefensive PostureIncreases the amount of Fortify you gain from all sources by {#}%.
Thick HideThick HideWhenever you are Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked Down, Fortify for {#}% Maximum Life.
Nature's ResolveNature’s Resolve{#}% chance when struck to Fortify for 4% Maximum Life.
UnrestrainedUnrestrainedReduce the duration of control impairing effects by {#}%. Double this effect while you are Fortified for over 50% of your Maximum Life.
QuickshiftQuickshiftWhen a Shapeshifting skill transforms you into a different form, it deals x{#} increased damage. When Shapeshifting into a new animal form, you deal {#} increased damage for 3 seconds, up to {#}.
Heightened SensesHeightened SensesShapeshifting into a Werebear grants {#}% Damage Reduction, and Shapeshifting into a Werewolf grants {#}% Movement Speed, each for 6 seconds. Bonuses are doubled while both are active.
Natural FortitudeNatural FortitudeShapeshifting Fortifies you for {#}% Maximum Life.

Druid Capstone Skills

Druid Capstone Skills are unlocked after 33 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree. Unlike other passives, Capstone Skills are mutually exclusive; only one of them may be selected, so choose wisely.

Ursine StrengthUrsine StrengthGain x20% additional Maximum Life while in Werebear form and 3 seconds after leaving Werebear form. While Healthy, deal x25% increased damage, and x30% increased Overpower damage.
Bestial RampageBestial RampageAfter being a Werewolf for 2 seconds, gain +30% Attack Speed for 15 seconds. After being a Werebear for 2 seconds, deal x50% increased damage for 15 seconds.
Lupine FerocityLupine FerocityEvery 6th Werewolf skill hit Critically Strikes and deals x70% increased damage. Increased to x140% damage against Injured enemies.
Earthen MightEarthen MightLucky Hit: Damaging enemies with Earth Skills has up to a 5% chance to:
– Restore all of sour Spirit
– Cause your attacks to be guaranteed Critical Strikes for 5 seconds.
This chance is increased by:
– 10% for Critical Strikes
– 10% if the target is Stunned, Immobilized, or Knocked back.
Nature's FuryNature’s FuryCasting an Earth Skill has a 30% chance to trigger a free Storm Skill of the same category, and vice versa. These free Skills count as both Earth and Storm Skills.
Perfect StormPerfect StormYour Storm skills grant 1 Spirit and deal x20% increased damage when damaging a Vulnerable, Immobilized, or Slowed enemy.
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