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Diablo 4 – Necromancer Passive Skills Guide (Season 4)

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Necromancer Talents

The Necromancer has access to 34 different talents (passive skills) in Diablo 4.

As more points are allocated into the skill tree, additional talent choices become available. Unlike skills, however, talents are passive. This means that you do not have to actively equip them in order to use them.

Each talent can be given up to 3 skill points, except for the powerful Capstone talents, which can only be given one skill point.

For a detailed list of Necromancer skills, refer to our Necromancer Skills page.

Necromancer Skills

For more general information about the class, refer to our Necromancer Guide.

Necromancer Overview

Core Talents

The Core talents of the Necromancer are fairly quick to unlock, requiring only 2 skill points to be allocated in the skill tree.

Unliving EnergyUnliving EnergyYour maximum Essence is increased by {#}.
Imperfectly BalancedImperfectly BalancedYour Core Skills cost {#}% more Essence, but deal x{#}% increased damage.
Hewed FleshHewed FleshLucky Hit: Your damage has up to a {#}% chance to create a corpse at the target’s location. This chance is doubled against bosses.

Corpse and Macabre Talents

Necromancer Macabre talents are unlocked after allocating 6 skill points in the skill tree.

Spiked ArmorSpiked ArmorGain {#} Thorns and {#}% additional Armor.
Grim HarvestGrim HarvestConsuming a Corpse generates {#} Essence.
Fueled by DeathFueled by DeathYou deal x{#}% increased damage for 6 seconds after consuming a Corpse.
Skeletal Warrior MasterySkeletal Warrior MasteryIncrease the damage and Life of your Skeletal Warriors by {#}%.

Curse Talents

Necromancer Corruption talents are unlocked after 11 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree.

Skeletal Mage MasterySkeletal Mage MasteryIncrease the damage and Life of your Skeletal Mages by {#}%.
Amplify DamageAmplify DamageYou deal x{#}% increased damage to Cursed enemies.
Death's EmbraceDeath’s EmbraceClose enemies take x{#}% more damage from you and deal {#}% less damage to you.
Death's ApproachDeath’s ApproachGain {#}% Movement Speed.

Corpse and Macabre Talents

To unlock the Necromancers Corpse & Macabre talents, 16 skill points must first be allocated in the skill tree.

Reaper's PursuitReaper’s PursuitDamaging enemies with Darkness Skills increases your Movement Speed by {#}% for 3 seconds.
GloomGloomWhen you damage enemies with Darkness Skills, they take x{#}% increased Shadow Damage from you and your Minions for 2 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.
TerrorTerrorShadow damage deals {x}% bonus damage to enemies who are Slowed or Chilled, and {x}% bonus damage to enemies who are Stunned, Immobilized, or Frozen. These bonuses stack and apply to Shadow Damage dealt by your Minions.
Crippling DarknessCrippling DarknessLucky Hit: Darkness Skills have up to a 15% chance to Stun enemies for {#} seconds and deal {#} Shadow damage to them.
Gruesome MendingGruesome MendingReceive {x}%+ more Healing from all sources.
Coalesced BloodCoalesced BloodWhile Healthy your Blood Skills deal {#} increased damage.
TransfusionTransfusionLucky Hit: Blood Skills have up to a {#}% chance on hit to spawn a Blood Orb at the targets location. This can only occur once every 4 seconds. This chance is doubled against bosses.
Tides of BloodTides of BloodYour Blood Skills deal x{#}% increased Overpower damage. This bonus is doubled while you are Healthy.
Drain VitalityDrain VitalityLucky Hit: Hitting enemies with Blood Skills has up to a 30% chance to Fortify you for {#}% Maximum Life.
SerrationSerrationYour Bone Skills have a {#}% increased Critical Strike Chance for each 10 Essence you have upon cast.
Rapid OssificationRapid OssificationEvery 100 Essence you spend reduces the cooldowns of your Bone Skills by {#} seconds.
EvulsionEvulsionYour Bone Skills deal x{#}% increased Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable enemies.
Compound FractureCompound FractureAfter Critically Striking 10 times with Bone Skills, your Bone Skills deal x{#}% increased damage for 5 seconds.
Necrotic CarapaceNecrotic CarapaceWhen a Corpse is formed from your Skills or your Minions, Fortify for {#}% Base Life.

Ultimate Talents

To unlock the Ultimate talents of the Necromancer, a total of 23 skill points must be allocated in the skill tree.

Bonded in EssenceBonded in EssenceEvery 8 seconds, your Skeletal Priest’s Healing will Heal your skeletons for {#}% of their Maximum Life.
Death's DefenseDeath’s DefenseYour Minions gain +{#}% Armor and {#}% Resistance to All Elements.
Hellbent CommanderHellbent CommanderYour Minions deal x{#}% increased damage while you are Close to them.
Inspiring LeaderInspiring LeaderWhile you are Healthy, you gain {#}% increased critical chance and your Minions gain {#}% increased Critical Strike Chance.
Stand AloneStand AloneIncreases Damage Reduction by {#}% when you have no minions. Each active minion reduces this bonus by 2%.
Memento MoriMemento MoriSacrificing both Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages increases their Sacrifice bonuses by {#}%.
Golem MasteryGolem MasteryIncrease the damage and Life of your Golem by x{#}%.

Capstone Talents

Necromancer Capstone talents are unlocked after 33 skill points have been allocated in the skill tree. Unlike most other talents, however, Capstone talents are mutually exclusive. This means that only one of them may be selected, so make sure you choose wisely.

Ossified EssenceOssified EssenceYour Bone Skills deal x0.5% increased damage for each point of Essence you have above 50 upon cast.
ShadowblightShadowblightShadow damage infects enemies with Shadowblight for 2 seconds. Every 10th time an enemy receives Shadow damage from you or your Minions while they are affected by Shadowblight, they take an additional 22% Shadow damage. Shadowblight’s damage is increased by 100%[x] of your Shadow Damage over Time bonus.
Rathma's VigorRathma’s VigorAfter being Healthy for 12 seconds, your next Blood Skill Overpowers. This timer is reduced by 2 seconds each time Blood Orbs Heal or Overheal you for an amount greater than or equal to your base Life.
Kalan's EdictKalan’s EdictYour Minions gain 3% Attack Speed for each active Minion.
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