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Balance druid tips/help (logs)

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Hi everyone,


I play a balance druid for a few weeks now and I wanted to ask if someone could take a look at my logs and tell if I have any big mistakes or some things I could do better.


Since we don't have another balance druid in our raid, I also don't have a good comparison where I should be in terms of dmg with my current. I know it's hard to say, but can you roughly estimate if my numbers are ok in generell?





Would be glad to get some helpful answers :)


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In the log linked, it looks like you use Incarnation after pull instead of before. Doing it before saves you a GCD during combat and is a generous DPS increase for the opener. There was a drop in both Sunfire and Starfire right when the raid casted Bloodlust. 59 casts between Starsurge and Starfall seems pretty strong. In all, you are performing well. From what I can see, it comes down to a good understanding of how your spells interact with one another and how to situate yourself intelligently in the raid, since you are taking very little damage and have a stable output with no significant dips from having to move.

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Since I didn't find a special topic for this, and I personally think there should be one sticky with "My DeePeeZ is low, HELP!" for balance and feral, I'll post here :>


Another fat chicken, forced out of his usual seat (mistweaver) into the harsh world of DPSing, wondering what he's doing wrong on the Butcher, dps seems... low sad.png Some advice, please (aside from opener, got that part while browsing and not having a Copeland).





Thanks in advance.

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Other than the fact you got bitch-slapped by the boss there, not seeing anything wrong. Your gear is extremely well itemized for Balance, you've got a lot of gold into expensive enchants, and you pulled 30K on a single target fight. Dot management was flawless. I did notice that you didn't do anything while moving; the initial damage of Moonfire/Sunfire isn't amazing, but it's better than nothing, and maybe you can Starsurge if the timing works out.

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