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  3. what is even weirder is when you do the quest with a group member and heignites the torches you cant to it till the quest disapear and reapear
  4. Greetings fellow heroes, We the Gordian Knot are still continuing our war in Shadowlands. Are you capable of falling and standing up even stronger? Are you not afraid of facing Death even if it means to face it over 100 times? Are you the one Hero we are looking for?` THEN WE WANT YOU!! RECRUITING FOR RAIDING: High Demand: Druid: Balance Priest: Holy&Discipline Medium Demand: Death Knight: Unholy Shaman: Elemental Warlock: All specs You need to bring to the table the following: -Good attitude -Positive to criticism -Able to follow simple commands -The will to make new friends and work in a team -The understanding that you are not the best and you are not superior in everything -The love towards raiding We also welcome social heroes so don’t be shy. Groups are also welcome! If you’re interested in joining Gordian Knot, please fill in our application form, located at gordian-knot.eu/apply/ , or join our discord discord.gg/FVR8HPB, alternatively please whisper one of our officers: On Bnet: Leleko - Leleko#2235 Narweena - Sephyra#2517 Tia - Tialha#2798 Snootdog - Demonic#2375 Kenney - Kenney#1124 Kholyo – KQ111#2177 On Discord: Leleko - Leleko#7934 Narweena - Narweena#7029 Tia – Tia#7280 Snootdog - Snoot#1840 Kenney - Kenney#3930 Kholyo - Kholyo#3254 Salutations!
  5. Hands down, during this challenging covid situation, the kyrians definietly follow the 1,5m distancing rule in the dungeons, when they move us between platforms.
  6. BC and WotLK, these two addons have been my highlights in whole WoW. BC was awesome, first expension and brought many new things. Finally tuning some classes (feral, balance, retri,...). Bossfights were very good with a nice difficulty. For healers, it was between pushing heals and mana-management (so many discussions between addheal and mp5 - while i was on mp5 side). We had very very cool looking sets. BC will always stay in my mind.
  7. I dont really have issues with any of these quests. All are still better than : A turtle made it into water! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ im amazed by the hate 😟
  8. 14 years ago, on January 16th 2007, the very first expansion to World of Warcraft arrived. It was a monumental day in the life of the MMO, and one which can never be repeated. The expansion itself was among WoW's best and brought a huge amount of new features, including flying mounts, the Dranei and Blood Elves, stat ratings (instead of fixed percentages), jewelcrafting and a lot more! The expansion was the fastest selling PC game of all time when it released, having moved 2.4 million copies in its first day. We're also most likely be seeing more of it very soon, as Burning Crusade Classic is a foregone conclusion at this point, and will almost certainly be announced at BlizzConline in February (and we already have rumors about the beta release date as well). On a personal note, the Burning Crusade is very special for me, as it was the height of my involvement in WoW, playing in Nihilum and racing for World Firsts. I will very much never forget all of its raids, Black Temple especially, where we managed to defeat Illidan before anyone else, and even my Flames of Azzinoth off-tanking couldn't stop us from defeating him. I also stopped hardcore raiding at the end of BC, so it will truly forever be a high-point of WoW for me, and I'm sure for many out there as well. And while the following trailer isn't the original and it's actually from last year, it still encapsulates the awesomeness of one of WoW's most famous raids very well (and my personal favorite, obviously): And here are the rest of the expansion's original cinematics: You can also head on over here to check out some more of the incredible concept art for the expansion, like the following few pieces: What were some of your experiences with the Burning Crusade and/or are you looking forward to it coming to Classic?
  9. the flower one is buggy af, it's actually garbage and it's stupid that the flowers can send you flying too far.
  10. My most hated quests are when in a MMORPG, it asks you to do a puzzle.......if i honestly wanted to do puzzles, i would be playing Tomb Raider.
  11. You're probably not avoiding the slimes on the road.
  12. This is very helpful for a player like myself, just getting back into Wow after 6 years away. Thank you!
  13. Will you please split the BIS charts up. Having the dungeon and raid all in one chart not only looks bad but also makes it very hard to read at a quick glance while items are up for a roll. Take a tip form the Prot Pally BIS charts and stop living up to the huntard name. Thank you.
  14. i'm so drunk i'm open to putting on a frisky skirt, guess it's bm monk for me, thanks flowchart!! hiccup
  15. 2 new covenants for the remaining 2 gateways in Oribos, one more broken than Night Fae and one more undervalued than Necrolord.
  16. I don't even get how that works. How are you changing an in-game setting on another person's computer with Mind Control?
  17. That's weird, I always do that one, never had an issue, guess it's the same as with others that did the flower one with no issues while it's completely non-functional for me.
  18. The Shadehounds Hunt, I believe and yes, they have fixed the issue. Do you have a least favorite World Quest that is actually working, though? Curious as to what chaps the hide of other players in regards to daily chores.
  19. Well, for me is the one in the maw's last zone where we have to kill an elite mob (i guess) , marked with symbol but it never actually shows up cuz it has been broken. It was a nightmare to get there on the foot as a priest and find out it was a waste of time. Another players were lingering at that area like a lost spirit going up and down searching for that target. Duno if it was fixed yet.
  20. never had a problem with those quest, mostly one shot them every time, maybe the flappy bird one is a little frustrating but not that bad, the worst WQ ever are the tortolla ones
  21. Yesterday
  22. nice spring gives us lots of time
  23. One funny image is definitely not a meme. Its not even a stub for a meme. WoW one-liners and beliefs (From players ofc) don't make this a meme. Its just funny image.
  24. The Flappy Bird on paragon difficulty EASILY takes the top spot for rage-inducing quests. Up and Away is a breeze: turn a bunch in the air, don't aim for the middle of the flowers, and bounce off the last one just to be safe to get credit. Patience, champion.
  25. Best one is the parasol. Worst... *everything* else. Wqs are so horribly bad this expansion and what makes them worse than usual is that they're so spread out(bastion LUL). In the past we had the whistle which made them less of a chore we don't now because reasons.
  26. Never tried strafe, but turning a few times while you're above the flower still seems to work.
  27. Thanks for the guide. Some parts of it are still out of date and contain old info, like the Spell Summary section which wrongly describes many talent abilities.
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