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  2. This Week's Tavern Brawl: Cloneball!

    Why what happens to was "opponent turn 1 Barnes into Fordring, me concede. Me turn one Barnes into Barnes, opponent turn one Barnes into Dragonlord Deathwing, me concede" xd
  3. Overwatch Anniversary Event Buyers Guide

    Cultist Zen was the first skin I looked, as I am a Zen enthusiast. It is 3000, not 1000 unfortunately. Just a heads up. All McCree event legendary skins are 3000 unfortunately. Wonder why? I would like to have Van Helsing and Lifeguard. Venom Soldier:76 is another good skin.
  4. Play with the Blues returns Thursday, May 24 at 3:00 p.m. PDT on Battle for Azeroth Beta with Alliance Warfronts available for playtesting for the first time! How to Participate Create an Alliance character on Anduin and find the War Table in Stormwind to queue up for the Warfront. If you don't have Beta access there's still enough time to enter our Beta key giveaway. Don't forget to check out our preview of the Battle of Stromgarde Horde Warfront. Blizzard (Source) Greetings friends, This Thursday (May 24 PDT), we'll have a Play with the Blues event focusing on Alliance Warfronts. Members of the Blizzard WoW Development and WoW QA teams will be fighting alongside you all on the Anduin beta realm. Be on the lookout for characters in the <Blizzard Alliance> guild. Start Time: 3:00 p.m. PDT End Time: 5:00 p.m. PDT Realm: Anduin How to queue for Warfronts: 1. Head to the Trade District in Stormwind. 2. Look for the War Table located outside of Trias' Cheese shop. 3. Interact with the table to queue up! Reminder: There are no level restrictions or prerequisite quests for Warfronts in the beta. If you'd like to participate, but only have a Horde character on Anduin (or no characters at all ... yet), all you need to do is create a fresh Alliance character, and you'll be good to go.
  5. With hundreds of items available for purchase during the Overwatch anniversary event, your hard-earned credits will thank you for reading this buyers guide before going shopping. With hundreds of skins, emotes, and highlight intros available for purchase during Overwatch's anniversary event, your hard-earned credits will thank you for reading this buyers guide before spending 3000 credits on the first skin which catches your eye. For the first time in Overwatch history, every skin, emote, and highlight intro from previous events is available for purchase with in-game currency. With each of the game's 27 characters boasting event-based items for purchase, spending your credits wisely is no easy task. Don't be a dummy and blow your money on the first 3000 credit skin which catches your eye! Take a few minutes to peruse this buyers guide for some high-quality Overwatch shopping tips first, and I guarantee your Hero Gallery will thank you. If you're anything like me, acquiring new skins for your favorite Overwatch characters is a huge motivator, which is a huge problem because half of Overwatch's cast is my "favorite character", and the number of items available during this event far exceeds the amount of credits in my bank. There are number of things which can be done to maximize the amount of loot boxes you acquire during the event (maximizing your chances of pulling one of the new 3000 credit skins), in addition to a number of low-cost items which come at a much better value. Quick Tips Grind Loot Boxes In The Arcade Three wins in the Arcade rewards you with a loot box, which can be repeated 3 times per week. This means you can collect 6 loot boxes during the anniversary event from Arcade wins. In addition to the loot boxes which can be claimed from Arcade wins, you can also collect one loot box per PvE event in the Arcade. The flashback PvE events are a welcome break from the PvP carnage of Competitive mode, and are the fastest way to acquire a loot box so long as your team actually beats the event on the first try. Avoid 3000 Credit Skins (To Start) There are quite a few 3000 credit skins tied to this anniversary event, and I'll be very sad if I don't acquire a handful of them before the event is over. However, with some luck, these skins can be opened in loot boxes earned throughout the event. If you absolutely must have one of the new 3000 credit skins, I recommend waiting until the last day of the event to purchase it. The Hottest Skins At The Lowest Prices There are number of 250, 750, and 1000 credit skins which look better than their 3000 credit alternatives. If you're a more casual Overwatch fan who isn't looking to grind loot boxes, these skins are the best budget options for your favorite characters: Ghoul Ana - 250 Credits Corsair is my favorite Ana skin, but the 2750 credit difference between Corsair and Ghoul makes this one the smarter purchase. Demon Hanzo - 250 Credits For my money, Demon Hanzo is better than any of his default skins. Though Scion gets my nod for the best Hanzo skin, Demon Hanzo is a much better value. American McCree - 250 Credits I've played with many proud Americans who refuse sport any McCree skin but this one. McCree has some of the coolest skins in the game, but you a real patriot if you can't drop a measly 250 credits on an American flag skin? This skin also serves a stand-in for all of the other flag-based skins available right now for 250 credits, including France, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, and Korea. Frostbite Pharah - 250 Credits I find Pharah's event skins to be largely uninspiring. Of her event skins, Frostbite does the best job of enabling you stick out on the map like a sore thumb, which will no doubt appeal to attention seekers among you. Though my personal favorite has always been the default Raindancer, Frostbite's particle effects make it a safe investment. Shiver Reaper - 250 Credits If you're not into Reaper's campy aesthetic, Shiver is one of his tamest skins. I rock Shiver whenever I play Reaper in competitive mode, though his Pumpkin skin (which costs 1000 credits and is mentioned below) is another solid alternative. Coldhardt - 250 Credits Most of my favorite Reinhardt skins are default and can be purchased at any time, but who wants to basic? If you're not a default kinda person, Coldhart makes a statement with its frosty particle effects which none of the default skins have. There are certainly worse ways to spend 250 credits. Palanquin D.VA - 1000 Credits I'll admit that I'm biased about this skin, as I was living in Busan, South Korea when it was initially released and was totally immersed in Korean culture at the time. If you're a fan of K-pop, kim-chi, or Korea in general, Palanquin is a far better nod to the #1 gaming culture in the world than Taegeuki will ever be. Sentai Genji - 1000 Credits Who doesn't like Power Rangers? If you didn't grab the Oni skin while that was still available, Sentai Genji is best Genji. Dr. Junkenstien - 1000 Credits Junkrat is another character with a wealth of awesome skin options available to him, but Dr. Junkenstien is the best of his 1000 credit options. If you don't want to shell out for the new Buccaneer skin, Dr. Junkenstien would be one of the first skins I'd purchase if I were sitting on a pile of credits. Jazzy Lucio - 1000 Credits I'm not a huge fan of Lucio's skins in general, but he's a fun character and deserves to his look his best. Jazzy might be his best skin overall, and is a much better value than his 3000 credit Equalizer skin. Chang'e/Luna Mei - 1000 Credits If you're proud Mei golden gun owner like I am, I recommend Chang'e as nice compliment to her sparkly ice pistol. Mei's default skins are lame, so I'd highly recommend shelling out for one of these two skins if you're a fan of the character. Witch Mercy - 1000 Credits Mercy has three skins which are far cooler than the rest, and this is one of them. If you didn't spend 15 dollars to purchase the Pink skin and you don't have 3000 credits to drop on Winged Victory, Witch is the best option for Mercy mains. Pumpkin Reaper - 1000 Credits There's no way that Dracula is 2000 credits cooler Pumpkin. If you don't like Shiver, then Pumpkin is your best Reaper option. Junkenstien's Monster/Bajie Roadhog - 1000 Credits Roadhog's event skins are notably cooler than his defaults. If you're a fan of Roadhog, be sure to get one of these two awesome skins before the event is over. Graffiti Tracer - 1000 Credits For being Overwatch's flagship character, I find the majority of Tracer's skins to be uninspiring at best. Grafitti is her best skin and I don't think second place is particularly close. Yeti Winston - 1000 Credits Yeti gets my vote for "best overall Winston skin", and it's only 1000 credits! Cyberian Zarya - 1000 Credits We all know that Totally 80's is the undisputed Zarya skin to own, but that costs 3000 credits. As Zarya's default skins are all boring, Cyberian is the best option for Zarya fans on a budget. Cultist Zenyatta - 1000 Credits Zenyatta has passable default skins and a couple of other nice event skins, but Cultist is widely regarded as the fan-favorite Zen skin. You Don't Main _______ If You Don't Have These Emotes and Highlight Intros Ana's Candy - 250 Credits If you're an Ana main who doesn't sprinkle candy on people after you sleep dart them, I don't even know what to say to you. Brigitte's Dance - 250 Credits The newest character in the game, most of Brigitte's emotes are still fairly vanilla. Her dance emote is the most colorful of the lot, and a must-buy for any Brigitte main. D.Va's Selfie - 250 Credits At least she isn't dabbing. Hanzo's Fisherman Dance - 250 Credits If the true purpose of emotes is to induce salt in your enemies, no Hanzo emote is saltier than his Fisherman dance. Running Rat - 250 Credits Junkrat has some of the better emotes in the game, but this one stands out as the cleanest option for taunting your opponents during competitive matches. Lucio's Juggle - 250 Credits I wish I could juggle soccer balls on roller blades half as well as Lucio can. McCree's Spark - 750 Credits Cool guys don't look at explosions. What does that say about you if you don't purchase this highlight intro? Mei's Snowman - 250 Credits This emote would be awesome if built a Snowman which immediately went away, but the Snowman actually persists on the map for a short time after it is built, allowing it to be used for some impromptu target practice. Snowman is a must-buy if Mei is bae. Orisa's Puppy - 3000 Credits Shut up and take my credits! In this emote, Orisa pulls a puppy out of a present and plays with it. What more needs to be said? Pharah's Rocket Guitar - 250 Credits This is the best Pharah emote, and I refuse to accept any statements to the contrary. Roadhog's Secret Friend - 750 Credits Roadhog pulls out a squeaky toy, gives it a squeeze, giggles, and checks over his shoulder to see if anyone noticed. A+. Roadhog's Feast - 250 Credits Roadhog has some of the meanest and nastiest highlight intros in the game, but this is the only Roadhog intro one which is kind of cute. Sombra's Dance - 250 This girl can shuffle! One of the better Dance emotes in the game. Symmetra's Ribbon - 250 Credits Who knew that Symmetra was a pro at rhythmic gymnastics? With a Symm rework coming soon, nabbing this emote while you can is the best way to prove you were a Symm main all along. Tracer's Charleston - 250 Credits I don't mean to alert you Tracer, but you've got some serious boogie on you. Her default emotes are great, but her Charleston emote is only the appropriate emote for in-game dance parties. Winston's Shadow Puppets - 250 Credits If you play Winston in competitive mode and have been struggling to climb MMR, not having this emote could very well be the biggest thing holding you back. Zarya's Mystery Gift - 3000 Credits Zarya's Mystery Gift and Orisa's Puppy Emote are the most intricate and detailed emotes in the game. If Zarya is your main squeeze and you only have 3000 credits, I'd have a hard time choosing between this and her equally priced Totally 80's skin. Zenyatta's Perspective - 250 Credits For my money, Zenyatta is the character with the widest variety of equip-able emotes and highlight intros. His Dance emote is also worth a purchase during the event, but his Perspective highlight intro is one you simply can't afford to miss.
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  7. Vivid Velen: An In-Depth Guide

    So I've been playing it almost none stop now and I really at a stale mate lol. Paladins, warlock and shamans are no problem at all, priests and druids usually turn out pretty great too. I think the most problems I have is witch aggro secret mage, odd hunter and odd rogue. To summarise: slow decks, low health minion decks = easy aggro spell decks = rough
  8. Reunion Digital Comic Focusing on Jaina out Now!

    I dont think previous goodness counts as a 'pass' for physically binding someone, and enforcing our will upon them.
  9. This Week's Tavern Brawl: Cloneball!

    I remember the last time: turn 1 offensive play, coin, Loatheb. Turn 2, Loatheb. Turn 3, Loatheb. Turn 4, opponent concede. XD
  10. Reunion Digital Comic Focusing on Jaina out Now!

    It was a terribly written cutscene with very little consistency that I am loathe to accept as canon. Everyone in that room owed their lives to the Naaru in general, let alone their leader. At no point up until then had we seen Light aligned Naaru acting out of anything except of compassion, sympathy and forgiveness of potential allies and retribution against enemies who'd sworn themselves against the Light and all other creation. The fact she wasted all that time and effort on Illidan's sorry morally flipflopping ass when Tyrande would have made much more sense. They could have stuck with Illidan but made their point a lot more eloquently without creating so many gaping plot holes and general disappointment after so many beautifully done - or at least reasonable - cutscenes and subplots this expansion.
  11. New Earth Elemental Models in Battle for Azeroth

    Checked it out on beta and the head size seems roughly about the same it's just the rest of the body makes it look smaller in comparison.
  12. Heroes of the Storm Deckard

    You are correct. I noticed it as soon as I started playing him. I tried your build and it worked pretty good. I do like the shielding talent though as well (instead of Ruby) as it seemed like most of the healing that was dropped never got picked up (depends on the map). I also tried the super potions talent later, but it felt like most people picked them up too fast to get much benefit out of that. I am a noob with him, and even then I was getting spell power from the level 1 talent a lot. It wasn't hard to land it. But, what all does the spell power effect? Does it make the potions have more heal?
  13. Heroes of the Storm Diablo

    This was also my conclusion. I touch very briefly on that in the talents section of the guide.
  14. Reunion Digital Comic Focusing on Jaina out Now!

    Amen. Like the Alleria questline showed, the 'light' sees one truth as absolute, while the void sees them all as absolute. Extremes each, and neither inherently 'wrong,' but neither correct an worthy of zealous following either. Exactly. It wasnt like Xe'ra was passionately pleading with illidan to embrace a lightforged future, he physically chained him, and forced the 'destiny' upon him.
  15. Heroes of the Storm Diablo

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Before when Diabolical Momentum provided 1.5 sec CDR per attack it was amazing. Now, not so much.
  16. Heroes of the Storm Diablo

    I tried this build before, it's......meh. You need to deliver a lot of basic attacks to get decent value, which rarely happens because you should focus on stunning heroes more than basic attack. It can be good against melee-heavy teams, but the Fire Stomp build would have even more value.
  17. Fury DPS and Rotation

    Hello! After a while away from forums, I'm back! And this time, as a person looking for help. I started playing as a Warrior and would like your help to figure out what I can improve on my gameplay. Here are the logs of a full Antorus run. Note that I managed to get some gear during it (and still lack leggo legs) and am not enchanted and gemmed. I've been fiddling on a link Milka left on other thread, and I feel my rotation has improved a bit, but is there something in my rotation I can do better? Logs Thank you!
  18. If you're not a fan of playing huge Legendary minions every turn, then you may need to rethink your approach to Hearthstone. The Hearthstone team is on a roll with Tavern Brawls! After Top 2, one of the most well-received Tavern Brawls in recent memory, this week's Tavern Brawl is titled "Cloneball!". Each player's deck is filled with four copies of random Legendary minions, including minions from the Wild format. Players will also receive a number of copies of "Offensive Play", a card which reduces the cost of your next Legendary minion by 3 Mana, as well as all other copies of that same Legendary in your hand: Though it's difficult to game plan for a specific strategy as the Legendary minions you receive appear to be random, I thought it was pretty sweet to play Loatheb into Onyxia into Onyxia into Onyxia. Slamming huge Legendary minions onto the battlefield is one of the most fun things to do in all of Hearthstone, and you'll get to do it again and again in this week's brawl! As is true with most brawls where the class cards aren't incredibly important, Warlock is strong by virtue of Life Tap. However, Paladin has some of the strongest Legendary minions in the history of the Hearthstone, so you could also try to high-roll a deck full of Tirion Fordrings and Wickerflame Burnbristles.
  19. Newbie questions

    If you refer to set-boni or something like that you are correct. But you can roll +15% Damage to X on several pieces of armor (like +elemental damage on the amulet e.g.) - and those are additive if I am not totally mistaken. Meaning 2 x 15% increase your damage by 30% - at least that is what is shown on your characterscreen: "Disintigrate +30% damage" But maybe the actual mechanic works basedamage * 1,15 * 1,15 instead of basedamage * (1,15+1,15). Then the charactersheet info would be wrong, but that could quite well be the case.
  20. Battle for Azeroth Beta Key Giveaway!

    thank you for this contest !
  21. Heroes of the Storm Diablo

    I think we need a new Diablo build guide FeelsBadMan
  22. Reunion Digital Comic Focusing on Jaina out Now!

    When I read that I immediately remembered the direction the new Star Wars trilogy is taking, with that whole Grey Jedi and stuff.
  23. It's a decent compromise and I do respect them for sticking to their guns on the mage tower appearance (I'm 32/36 complete myself, the uncompleted the healing specs except resto druid because I loath healing and forcing myself to do it once was bad enough) because honestly if you can't do it with the gear you can get these days you're never going to be able. The only real issue I see is the druid ones because those are forms not just transmog, and the tank one is so unique compared to the other options, so I feel sorry for people who weren't around during Legion, either old players or new ones. I hope they add something similar that people can get, but just not exactly the same so there is still some prestige in the older ones.
  24. New Earth Elemental Models in Battle for Azeroth

    I'm glad shaman is getting an earth elemental model update. Their current one looks like a sand potato
  25. [Sargeras] [A] <Praetorian Guards> (11/11M)

    woooooo! Congrats on the kill everyone! Argus down, time to prepare for battle against the Horde! FOR THE ALLIANCE!
  26. This makes sense since the skin locked behind the M+ 15 achievement is just a re-color. It was a little silly, imo, that they were going to lock a single color of a skin most people unlocked.
  27. Blizzard decided not to remove the Keystone Master Artifact appearance in Battle for Azeroth. In order to unlock the Artifact appearance from Keystone Master, you must complete a Level 15 or higher Mythic dungeon within the time limit. Initially, they wanted to remove the achievement come BfA, but decided to keep it. If you finish a Level 15+ or higher within the time limit at level 120 in Battle for Azeroth, you will automatically unlock your Legion's Artifact appearance. The only achievement that will be unobtainable with Battle for Azeroth is A Challenging Look (Mage Tower base appearance). Blizzard (Source) As testing continues in the Battle for Azeroth Beta, and we specifically consider the transition from Legion to BFA, we’ve decided to make the existing Keystone Master, achievement permanent. There will not be a new achievement for completing a Mythic 15 or higher dungeon in the new expansion. The artifact appearance associated with Keystone Master, will still be available in Battle For Azeroth. Players can earn the achievement in Legion through August 13, or players can complete a Mythic 15 BFA dungeon at level 120, once Mythic Keystone difficulty opens a few weeks after the launch of Battle For Azeroth. This means that the only artifact appearance that will become unobtainable with Battle For Azeroth is the Mage Tower base appearance. As always, thank you for your feedback!
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