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  3. Hi Arch, Sorry for the late response Blizzard has decided to shake up the key difficulty big time, right now i'd say anything below 10 is considered a low key, average keys are getting to 13 ish. Anything above 15 is considered above-average and above 16 is already high. Hope that helps, Petko
  4. unless you play the game while casting from your spellbook at the same time, this isnt an issue at all
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  6. I like the change. Going from beta to live is almost uncomfortable now, mostly because the new design puts the bulk of your spells right in front of you where the old version on live forces paging. But, you can't please everybody so of course, people will complain.
  7. I like the design in general but i dont get it how basic window options arent implemented to this very day. No resizing? No drag and drop option? Even Windows 95 had those... They redesigned so much about this game...and yeah thats really nice....but a basic function as this is still missing.
  8. you shouldnt be looking at your spell book in any compromise situation, as PVP or even questing
  9. I like the new design. You're opening it to set your buttons so there's no real reason to see beyond the spellbook. If anything, maybe make an option to set it to the old style.
  10. Personally, I actually like it. Makes it an actual book rather than a notebook and, like you said, why do you need to see your character when you open your spellbook? Odds are that if you open your spellbook you're either looking for an ability to put on your bar or reading what a spell or passive does, no real need to see your character in either situation.
  11. Blizz doesn't worry/care about this, cause someone will create an addon to make the window transparent like the talents.😅
  12. Looks fine to me. I don't understand the need to see your character...the spell book makes no visible changes to it.
  13. The spellbook has been redesigned in the War Within update, but not everyone likes the new UI. Here’s why. Starting with the War Within pre-patch on July 23, this is what the spellbook in World of Warcraft will look like. With no resize option implemented for the spellbook, the main complaint is that the new design takes up the entire screen. There’s only one button to resize it, and even then, the single tab still dominates the screen. If only the background were translucent, so you could see what's happening with your character. What do you think of the new d
  14. Really helpful insight like always. Keep it up!
  15. Been a druid for almost 20 years, with my beginning of being a Warlock as main during vanilla - but still having my druid tight after. So, I will stick to Mamabear ^^
  16. For Raiding: Unholy Deathknight or Frost Mage Keys: Demonhunter and possibly Devastation Evoker
  17. Hunter. My real life has too much going on so I need something easy to play, where I don't need to think too much :)
  18. Demo lock. I've mained a prot pally for a long time, but have been running a demo lock and a beast hunter as seconds. Prot pally is fun enough to play, and it's damn hard to die with one, but tanking has lost its luster the last few years. Beast hunter is super easy to play, but it is also boring as can be, in PvE at least. Demo is not necessarily a challenge or even unique, it's just a lot of fun to play for me and going back to dps is a nice change from the stress that is tanking these days.
  19. Last week
  20. I'm an arms warrior. It's too dang hard for my one track slug brain to learn a class and get all the macros and keybinds and mousebinds set up for it. It's a freakin' enormous endeavor and time investment for me. I can't just up and choose a different main. It doesn't work like that. So, yeah, I'll remain a warrior and hope to adjust easily to whatever class/spec changes they've made.
  21. Hunter Truly, warlock is my first love I would like nothing more than to be a warlock main again some day, but until they decide to stop double and tripling down on ****ing Malefic Rapture, that's not likely.
  22. I know it's not the whole of the playerbase but I'm honestly surprised at the number of people planning to main rogue given how almost every rogue change, ie the hero talents, have been almost universally lampooned by players. As for myself, I'm thinking of maining monk because I've always loved the WW playstyle of never pressing the same button twice in a row but their scaling has always been terrible due to having so much of their damage tied to touch of death. Hopefully the rework they got is as good as the beta videos make it seem.
  23. Find out what others are planning to main in the War Within expansion! With just 40 days until the War Within early access launch, players have been sharing their main class choices on Reddit, generating over 900 responses! We've taken the data and created a bar chart illustrating the number of comments for each class (or spec) mentioned in the Reddit discussion and here are the results! Most Popular Classes: Hunters: 121 replies Paladins: 103 replies Druids: 101 replies Mages: 96 comments Shamans: 58 replies Warriors: 49 com
  24. Demon Hunters received a few changes in the latest TWW Beta build. Mainly, Thrill of the Fight and Reaver's Mark have been nerfed. Demon Hunter Thrill of the Fight - After consuming both enhancements, gain Thrill of the Fight, increasing your attack speed by 15% for 20 sec and your damage and healing by 30% 20% for 10 sec. Wounded Quarry - While Reaver's Mark is on your target, melee attacks strike with an additional glaive slash for [ 10% of Attack Power ] Physical damage and have a chance to shatter a soul. Reaver's Mark - When enhanced by Reaver's Glaive, Shear appl
  25. It's now official! Blizzard said they plan to add more Warband screens to the game in the future. As datamining suggested, we will, in fact, get more Warband screens in the future. The official Warband preview mentions this and while we are not certain how they will be obtained, it's nice to know we won't be stuck with just 1 screen for the rest of the expansion! (Source) You can assign four characters to one scene, with more scenes planned for you to collect in the future. In addition, to make it a little easier to see who's who in your Warband at any given moment, there’
  26. IDK if ya'll know it or not but Classic is rekt up one side and down the other with people learning like 5 professions, getting skill ups while using spells like consecration, learning languages they're not supposed to know like Gutterspeak learned by Trolls etc etc etc
  27. Hurricane is back with an epic short showing what World of Warcraft would look like if it was about racing! In the YouTube description, Hurricane mentioned that this project has been his personal endeavor for the past 7 months. He and his team have worked on it to enhance their 3D skills and test various 3D pipeline tools and scripts for WoW machinima creation. The project features 23 individual shots, each crafted in Cinema4D and rendered using OctaneRender on two RTX4090 cards. For those interested, Hurricane also released a making-of video of World of Racetrack.
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