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  2. Was wondering which legendary gems you should be actively leveling first IE. Trapped, Enforcer or Striken/Powerful? (still low GR35-40ish range). I also see from Arkpit that bane of the powerful is recommended over Striken for low GR so should i put time in leveling that whilst also leveling striken? Another thing is with the Ring of Royal Granduers in the cube, why use both compass rose AND travelers amulet when you technically only need one for the set piece? Besides the Furnace is there any other recommended cube weapon or is the furnace best all round?
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  4. Denial got cut to 0.2, but idk enough about sub to make a guess. It wouldn't surprise me to see sin move to boots/ring (deeper strat second talent) and 3x envenom
  5. Maybe this will allow us to run some t19 2p + t20 4p gear. I suppose bis in sin and sub will be boots and wrists?
  6. Does the rule "always pick up a higher ilvl relic" still apply? I have one slot with 900 faith's thirst relic and 905 with blade dancer relic and I am pretty sure 900 relic is better,right? cuz blade dancer is basically worth nothing.
  7. No, ish. You only cast 2 if you are spec'd into MG, while you have UA on a target you never stop casting MG unless you're about to let Agony drop. You do this because it is the best trade between time up on UA with cross over of time up on MG. If you are not spec'd into MG, don't care about it. UA all you want.
  8. I believe "Zarya should never be the only Warrior in your team. If none of your teammates drafted a Warrior, we do not recommend picking Zarya." is clear enough.
  9. Yes, that is correct.
  10. Yes, we recently became aware of them. Once other important issues are taken care of, this issue will be worked on as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Added a few more roles ^_^
  12. We found a rogue we liked!
  13. I am looking for advice on how to improve my performance and numbers in raid. I have linked armory and logs form normal TOS below. Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated.
  14. It most certainly is not. Even pre nerf, the Rathma mages build was killing the Inarius build in terms of damage. And if the pre nerf Inarius build was OP, WTF about the Trag'Oul corpse lance build? Both Rathma and Trag'Oul builds easily kill the Inarius build, even pre nerf. I stand by my original comment - Blizzard has no idea on how to balance this game. an example - I was levelling up my DH in s11, was around lvl 50 when a friend joined with a lvl 1 character. We did a few rifts together, he was playing with skeleton pets. By the time he got to lvl 10, he was killing things faster than my better equipped lvl 50, how's that balance for you?
  15. wow

    I was so happy when I read the first bit. Why oh why did you have to ruin it? Single target is the weakness. AoE fights is where we shine. Why do you have to take that tiny bit of "yeah, actually, let's bring an elemental shaman" away from us?
  16. It's entirely based on your own character. Generic sims mean nothing. I'm currently running 45% crit, 21% haste and 55% mastery, yet I have no issues with my dps. I also run Sephuz & Roar (sidenote, Sephuz is amazing when you can get the proc off, absolutely beautiful in M+!)
  17. Guys, again with what Blainie said; keep the discussions civil. To the OP, Engine is much the same as Entwined Elemental Foci was - it's a feast or famine trinket, if you get good procs and pickup all four orbs it's good, but if you're unlucky and get 1-2 procs on a 3-4 minute fight it's trash. For BM, generally stat sticks will perform better. Or items that have a consistent proc rate / usage, e.g. BTI or Tome of Unraveling Sanity.
  18. Going to agree with Blainie on this one. This entire thread is pretty much useless, we all know BM isn't the strongest class in the game but if played right it can still do fantastic dps on the right fights. If you're struggling to perform well with a BM hunter you need to look at your own character not just the spec, the only time I've found myself seriously behind the other classes is on fights like Desolate Host or Demonic Inquisition, where there are some classes that just perform far higher than others and you honestly can't expect to catch up. ToS isn't designed for a cookie cutter group composition and for one spec with the same gear and talents. I've got no chance of catching up to our affliction warlocks on DI but I can do a lot more on fights like Maiden where my mobility and on-demand burst is a huge asset. In terms of pure ST, BM is not an awful spec, we're just better designed for different fights.
  19. ill add ya uknable#1764
  20. I played at the launch of legion for a good month or two, but i've recently come back. I picked up unholy and I really like it but I like to have some alts so i'm looking for another option. Now, to clarify my question. What I mean when I ask for complexity is perhaps not everyones definition. When I play my UDK, I understand the basics. Put on wounds, pop wounds=Damage. Obviously it's a lot deeper than that in terms of our kit but thats the general gist. When I play UDK, I feel as if I play it more i'll get better. There's some RNG, and lots of varying situations as to what button I need to press next to squeeze out the most dps. That's the kind of thing I crave. And i'm curious what other classes have this type of playstyle in the same or varying degrees. I know for a fact feral is in this camp, and if i'd guess i'd say it's the most complex class in legion at the moment. The problem is I don't really like Feral's flavor. I tried Arms warrior but my problem with it was i'd colossus smash...and then just hit the guy. It never really seemed to change and that got on my nerves a little, despite me loving the flavor. To summarize, what classes do you guys thing have the deepest pool of choices, the most you can wring out of them by practice and mastery of them. Whether that be through best rotation or maybe even a legendary or two that mix it up for them. Thanks in advance!
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  22. I assume someone knows the there are gazillions of Duplicate Listing here?
  23. Scythe of the Cycle certainly does work with blood mages. Each cast reduces bone armor's duration and the damage boost is immense.
  24. my understanding is we only cast 2 so that we can finish casting our channeled spell with the 2nd and refresh agony before it falls off, but i too would like to know if there is more to it than that.
  25. They just keep on juggling with these numbers for EQ and ES. I mentioned this in the other thread as well a month or two back. They just can't get it done.
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