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  2. I use the same build on my druid for WQs. Crazy how fast you can clear the invasion quests by just grouping everything and bursting it down. It's way better than doing it as Resto, for sure :p
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  4. Does this deck value board control or face pressure?
  5. Opening slots for melee DPS for ToS. Still a strong need for a shaman and/or hunter.
  6. Your Aimed Shot to Marked Shot ratio is horrible, almost 1 to 1, when it should be at least 3 to 1. You need to cast at least two Aimed Shot in every Vulnerable window (more than 2 with Trueshot and/or Bloodlust), and you don't need to cast Marked shot when you get Vulnerable from Windburst. The only reason for an extra Marked Shot is if you had to move and it fucked your aimed shot, but that doesn't happen that often and you can usually move in advance to avoid that (try moving during Arcane Shot / Marked Shot / Lock and Load). You should probably raise your Haste, you're at 1%. I may be wrong, but I believe you can't fit the regular rotation with such a low haste, which may be why you have so few Aimed Shots. I believe you need at least around 10% for the rotation to work smoothly.
  7. The only issue there is that if I'm running a low level key then we tend pull packs of 10 - 20 mobs at a time unless it's bolstering or necrotic, so there are usually no "lower health creatures" that are not worth cleaving (I don't pug much, mostly guild runs). Also, the difference in single target dps between Blink Strikes and Bestial Fury is actually pretty small (my sims drop from ~875k to ~845k, a mere 30k difference), while the difference in cleave from Blink Strikes can be huge (depending on the size of the pack, of course).
  8. heroes

    He has 1.2 million twitch followers. For reference, the official steam for all Heroes content (like the HGC) only has about 200,000. He's not going to make or break, but that much "free" publicity is well worth it. *note* followers were not given genji, only subscribers. Even if that's .1% of his followers that's a CRAZY number of free genji.
  9. Recruiting again! This time we're pretty flexible as far as what we need, just looking to add some more excellent players to our Mythic roster! If you're interested, drop an app @!
  10. heroes

    I genuinely never heard of this Dyrus. Is he influential?
  11. We saw the early build secrets for the support heroes yesterday, including Lucio's timestop ult, and today it's time for the tanks and defense heroes to share their dirty laundry! Bastion has had the most ults in the game during development, including a mobile mine that he could trigger, which was apparently one of the worst and most hated ults in the game - so Bastion wasn't exactly popular back then either! It seems defense heroes (other than perhaps Junkrat) are generally the most disliked when used against you, with Mei and Hanzo probably standing at the top of that particular list, so definitely check out the stores about their early versions. And then there's the tanks, with D.Va being the most buggy and problematic whenever anything changes in the game and Reinhardt having been a mech piloted by a little girl, which obviously later led to Orisa. And in case you missed yesterday's support video, here it is as well:
  12. Once you got all the talents in Ambush, is there any point of opening with Garrote? If you need CC, Cheap Shot is better... I don't like the idea of having a skill that I never use...
  13. bnet

    exactly what i meant!
  14. It definitely can be a bit powerful.
  15. hearthstone

    This shows how screwed up the game is right now. I've been watching Hoej for some time now. He is really good at most decks, and mostly precise with his decisions, doesn't make many misplays. But to be successful, he needs a bunch of aggro decks which can end the game in 6-8 turns. This is why I think Kolento is basically a genius, not a single aggro deck (Midrange Pala, Jade Druid, Taunt Warrior and Cancer... , I mean Quest Rogue), he still took out Rdu and his aggro lineup, with his Taunt Warrior banned. Then, there was this CN vs EU thing, where two players with fastest decks made to finals. There were times when control decks were more dominant in tournament, now it is similar to meta. In MSoG, I've played several open tournaments, with non-aggro lineup, and one of them I even reached to QF. All of them included Jade Druid, Dragon Priest, Miracle Rogue, Mid Shaman and Renolock. I wanted to give it another try recently, with a midrange oriented lineup. First round, lost to a lineup of Aggro Paladin, a really faat Mid Hunter, Quest Rogue and and perhaps pirate warrior (I banned warrior) We always say that this meta is slower than MSoG meta, and maybe it is correct. Though there is a problem, control decks are worse right now. Freeze Mage and Control Mage made a breakthrough at the beginning, then they lost their place to a tempo oriented Secret Mage. Taunt Warrior seems like the best control deck, though it sees much less play than pirate warrior. Jade Druid didn't lose much with the standard rotation, while Aggro Druid gained so much, 80% of druid I've seen are outright aggro. Midrange Paladin was overall the best deck, though recent lists are faster. Midrange Hunter is basically a face deck with a bunch of 6-drops, I remember how it was in Old Gods meta. Now, I am not saying every deck should beat every deck, long live control decks, aggro decks is one of the 7 deadly sins. What I am saying is, game is becoming more and more unbalanced (archetype-wise), and it seems like things will stay the same for a long time. Also, Hoej looks like a really cool guy.
  16. This is by far the worst build for Azmodan. Have you ever seen anyone play him in tournaments? Or even high level ranked mode? Laser talents are for handicapping yourself so your opponent has a chance to win. They do absolutely nothing. You can't team fight with them, they don't give waveclear, and they don't let Azmodan win 1v1s against any characters he wouldn't win against anyway. When I see people take these talents I report them.
  17. Its possible in ES:Legends, so I've experienced it a bit. It makes the battlecry effect too powerful sometimes.
  18. Well it is a budget deck - meaning there is a more powerful (but way more expensive) version of it. Obviously a budget version will struggle to reach legend or something like that.
  19. lol that would be interesting
  20. I was gonna call it Vanilla but i didn't know if that was the original (I beta-tested for the 1st patch when I was 8 XD)m I'm 17 now so....yea. lol
  21. As stated above, Twitch client is the fastest way to keep your addons up to date. Saves a lot hassle.
  22. bnet

    It's Blizzard news and thus it's on this site, you know, because they do Blizzard related stuff. I know, I'm surprised too.
  23. heroes

    Yeah, Nova too for sure
  24. I kinda disagree about Boneslicer. It's true that You Want Axe? is generally the best talent to pick, but against heroes like Samuro, TLV, Nova, or simply a ranged-heavy comp Boneslicer will perform better. The main reason is it's harder to complete quest against them. Whenever there are 3 or more ranged heroes I tend to go Boneslicer over YWA, Sam is a definite 'No' to YWA as well, Nova and Raynor having 6.6 range also somewhat nulify the reward. The one exception I know is playing vs Murky, you can complete quest super fast and stack dmg bonus so high whenever he's around, so whenever I see that pesky murloc YWA is an instant pick regardless of comp.
  25. The Europe Spring Playoffs and Championship took place over the weekend of May 20-21, which decided not only the new Europe Champion, but also the four players who would represent Europe at the Global Spring Championship in Shanghai next month. After seven rounds of Swiss, the top eight players cut to a knockout phase. The results of which were as follows: Hoej beat FibEli3 Neirea beat INER Rdu beat Casie Kolento beat StanCifka This means that Hoej, Neirea, Rdu, and Kolento will represent Europe in the Global Championship. The top eight being so strong is a sign that the metagame is in a healthy place. All of the players were already known to be among the best in Europe, and despite their lineups differing substantially, they were still able to make it through. Hoej went on to take the title, beating Kolento 3-0 in the final. Hoej has been touted as one of the best players in Europe for some time, but traditionally has brought Control decks to major events. This time around, he brought a very aggressive lineup, and was rewarded for his willingness to adapt his style to the meta. The deck archetypes that each player brought to the event are listed below: Hoej: Aggro Druid, Secret Mage, Murloc Paladin, Pirate Warrior Kolento: Jade Druid, Midrange Paladin, Quest Rogue, Quest Warrior Neirea: Jade Druid, Discover Mage, Quest Rogue, Quest Warrior Rdu: Aggro Druid, Face Hunter, Aggro Shaman, Pirate Warrior The next four players to qualify for the Global Championship will be decided next week, with the Americas Spring Championships.
  26. I had fun playing this deck. Not sure it's very strong on Ladder though.
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