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  4. Situation...both sim close to the same, running a simulation multiple times, one can be higher than the other but they are always in the error of each other. Fact/Problem/Issue: Haste has always been over valued in sims...even with softcaps haste is still over valued. Neck #1: Mastery 82% , Crit 26%, Haste 15%, Versatility 3% Leech 6% Neck #2: Mastery 94% , Crit 24%, Haste 12%, Versatility 3% Leech 6% Note: end goal change versatility to haste but RNG is RNG and i added leech just to brag (BWAHAHAHAHAH) What would you wear and why?
  5. wow

    The errors made are hilarious though... "Pillars of Inmost Ligiht" Uther: "By the holy LIGIHT!"
  6. wow

    omg the puns XD some of these effects aren't too shabby though
  7. There is some hope yet, patch 7.2.5 has important changes for Frostscythe, although subject to revision, that could impact it's usage in future. It procs Rime. This is a massive change and likely to balance out as a dps increase on virtually any multi target scenario provided the player has the new legendary talent ring (and legendary item cap is increased to 3 *speculation*). The new legendary ring gives the wearer free Gathering Storm talent, which leaves the option of Frostscythe available to increase AoE abilities. The changes make zero difference to the accepted optimal single target rotation but nonetheless, Frostscythe is certainly not dead or going away any time soon.
  8. This week's 7.2.5 PTR Build added 27 new Legendary items to the game. Here's a list of all new Legendary items added in Build 24163. The second round of new items can be found here and for "Hellfire Amulets" don't forget to check out the first round. Death Knight Cold Heart Death Screamers Soulflayer's Corruption Demon Hunter Chaos Theory Oblivion's Embrace Druid Behemoth Headdress Fury of Nature Radiant Moonlight Hunter Celerity of the Windrunners Parsel's Tongue Unseen Predator's Cloak Mage Contained Infernal Core Mantle of the First Kirin Tor Shattered Fragments of Sindragosa Monk The Wind Blows Paladin Pillars of Inmost Light Scarlet Inquisitor's Expurgation Priest Heart of the Void Rogue The Curse of Restlessness The Empty Crown The First of the Dead Shaman Primal Ascendant's Stormcallers Smoldering Heart Warlock The Master Harvester Warrior Ararat's Bloodmirror The Great Storm's Eye Valarjar Berserkers
  9. hearthstone

    I can't stand 95% of all the "funny" comedians, sitcoms (I never managed to watch How I met your mother e.g. for longer then 5 minutes) and shit like that. I wouldn't claim the second vid was funny as hell, but it was decent. I found it amusing. Way more then I expected from Blizzard to be honest.
  10. wow

    A very short list today, with just 1 item on the agenda: the Concordance changes. Unfortunately we didn't get any more detailed info on the exact proc rate increase, but we did get some insight into the overall changes from the devs. May 24 (source) Artifacts Concordance of the Legionfall Chance to activate slightly increased. Now grants 4,000 Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Versatility at rank 1 (was 2,000). Additional ranks now increase this value by 300 per rank (was 200). Effects are now reduced by 50% in PvP situations. Developers’ Note: While additional ranks of Concordance of Legionfall are intended to have a low impact, the trait was overall weaker than it needed to be. With these changes, it provides a stronger up-front benefit, and very slightly more value for Artifact Power spent past the first rank. These changes also result in an overall nerf in PvP, where we are continuing to monitor its performance. Previous hotfixes (May 22nd).
  11. Looking primarily for DPS for ToS.
  12. With the current tier piece procing rime of obliterates quite frequently and most people stacking HB relics + mastery gear, howling blast and remorless winter buildup with gathering storm just does so much aoe dmg spamming frostscythe just can't compete with it. And as far as i know machinegun build was never about froscythe?
  13. Sindragosa's fury doesn't scale of haste anyways so timing it with lust makes very little sense. Just pop it like 10 seconds into the fight when you have popped your pillar and is about to use breath and got the 5x razorice stacks rolling. With regards to PoF it shouldn't be too hard just to press it once every minute, meaning every other is ready with breath. In order to get good logs you need to get HB relics (a HB relic is still better at like 25-30 ilvls lower than amberdextity ones) and need the convergence of fate to make every breath reliably good with HRWs. Also you can't read too much into heroic logs - most of the top logs are in a WAY better grp, meaning the boss dies super faast, they can chese dmg on adds, heck they can even pull trash with boss and it still counts on logs. To add to this they have optimal gear setup - thats mean legendary ring + wrist/belt , proper trinkets depending on the fights - a good set of stats, a good estimate is 20% haste, 25% crit and dumb the rest to mastery.
  14. heroes

    I've found TLV can actually do a significant amount of damage and can beat certain assassins, the problem is you WILL lose at least one (likely two) of them in the process, basically forcing you to take Play Again, which ironically hurts TLVs teamfighting damage potential. As for current builds, I will say that Nordic Attack Squad is a bit undervalued as it gives a bonus 1% damage PER VIKING and greatly enhances their attacking ability in the late game (where XP and split soak is less important), especially against certain tanks. But you have to give up Jump to take it, which is a VERY hard sell. What I'd do if I were the devs would be to see if I could implement certain skills that gives the TLV boosts when multiple Vikings are within close proximity, with the idea those talents could be useful in late game situations. But if not careful, this could easily end up with overpowered late game TLV, which is NOT what you want them to be.
  15. wow

    The character sheet should always, always, be representative of any and all stat boosts, including potions, flasks, trinket procs, and concordance of the legionfall. Perhaps it went live on US right away and EU later, or they disabled the hotfix for a little while because it caused some issues? (Such as PVP actually functioning as PVE)
  16. hearthstone

    You are not alone. I have enjoyed them as well, though I agree with the other posters that the second one was better. Uther looks like Will Forte. He used to be an SNL cast member, and I've always found him funny. Personally, I look forward to episode 3. At least Blizzard's comedy is heading in the right direction from that miserable Hearthstone commercial released a little while back.
  17. Main needs below but will always consider all outstanding players. Mage Fury Warrior
  18. I've recently gotten back into wow after a short-ish break. Is Frostscythe officially dead now? It looks like even machinegun builds use obliterate.
  19. SELLLSWWWOOOORRRDDDSSSSS!!!!! 10/10M still recruiting :D Rogues & ranged pls!
  20. heroes

    I must be getting really lucky! I've gotten around 7 legendaries, either out of about 30 rare, epic and normal loot chests. Had a normal one recently that had 2 legendaries in it, along with an epic. Anyone else having this kinda luck?
  21. Yesterday
  22. I'm similarly capped around 55 - was able to snake a 57 with, literally, seconds left on the clock. Mostly I think it is because I can't seem to snag the quiver/belt. Well, I've got the belt but with an 11% paper doll reduction in damage - which doesn't make me want to switch. I've spent a couple grand in shards, and several hundred in death's breath trying to get one the quiver. Edit: got the quiver. It showed a 20% drop in dmg but I tried it anyway and yeah, now up in the upper sixties. So for those working their way up, the quiver is that important. I also no have stopped running Gunes.
  23. wow

    So I was checking out the change I noticed that when the concordance procs my total agi seen in character screen only still goes up by 2000 and not 4000. Is it actually increasing my total agi by 4000 and just a bug and not seeing it added to total? Anyone else having same issues?
  24. hearthstone

    Cancer in its purest form
  25. Bump, Recruiting 2 healers and 3 DPS for main team ranged preferable.
  26. hearthstone

    So I am the only one who enjoyed those? I love Uther's acting, the jokes make me chuckle, and the videos were just the right length. To each his own I guess.
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