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  2. I understand what you are want to say, but there are some math issues, mainly in the multiplicative/additive department. Skill damage on the voo's is a roll, not an unique affix, thus Adding together with your other skill bonuses ideally 45% already, to 105% increased damage. This rounds out to a 41, 38% increase in damage output. And set bonuses are multiplicative with each other, so are unique affixes (orange text) legendaries and so on. My best bet is to sim both gear sets on d3planner, and take a look at the numbers.
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  4. We are now recruiting for DPS classes, Mage - fire Boomkin we will allays consider applications from other classes! \for more information or to apply visit discord.gg/jynxguild
  5. Aughild vs Captains? i'm somehwat confused why some builds heavily rely on one or the other. (sure if some critical gear piece blocking the specific slot). ok, so this is what top ladder plays, and sylentwulf mentioned it briefly but i still wonder: voo's juicer instead of sacred harvester and in addition aughilds (shoulder + bracer) and witching hour instead of instead of captains (legs + belt) and lakumbas voo's gives 60% dmg increase if worn in hand compared to only 15% (diluted) from sacred harvester, so roughly 45% more dmg... overall, when following this guide: captain+sacred+Lakumba aughild+voo+WH +dmg% 55%+15%=70% 30%(60 elite)+60%+15~20%=110(140)% dmg reduction 33%+60% => 73,6 less dmg 15(45)% armor +100% +50% other less slots, but convenient cdc (how usefull is it rly? and rcr?) free slots not used for cdr, rcr for more damage or regen my theorycrafting results: overall double the dps, but only 1/3rd toughness if we would exchange these. in to mitigate this, we could use defense legendary gems instead of trapped and stricken or switch some normal gems too. i myself like being more tough, but i wonder, why isnt this build run like this, i thought ppl would prefere the higher dps by far! and in theory it seems not that different and kinda viable (and alos we use voo's instead of the overused sacred harvester). so what are your thoughts? am i missing something? is this somehwhat viable? why isnt it played at all (asuming from looking at the ladder). in contrast, the zuni build favors aughilds (but would in the same way profit/lose from the dmg/def like this build if exchanging). peace
  6. Dredwing mounts are bat-like creatures that are probably native to Revendreth given that the whole zone has a vampire vibe to it. Check out our preview of the mounts for more details. The mount comes in four colors: green, purple, red, and stone. Silvertip Dredwing PH Purple Dredwing Horrid Brood Dredwing Harika the Horrid terrorized the denizens of the Forest Ward yet with her demise her broodlings under proper direction can now take this horror to denizens farther afield. PH White Dredwing
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    LoD Poison Nova Necromancer

    Instead of Bone Spikes, would Corpse Lance (Shredding Splinters) be a viable alternative? You are already creating a lot of corpses and it is considered poison skill as well.
  8. The Corruption Effects Vendor switches twice weekly with Assault resets, and so MOTHER is now selling different wares (Preserved Contaminants) for Echoes of Ny'alotha, including Rank 3 Severe and Infinite Stars! Assaults reset every twice a week along with Corruption effects sold by MOTHER. The next reset will occur on June 5. List of Corrupted Items Currently on Sale Through June 5 Twisted Appendage (Rank 1 // 10 Corruption) for 3,000 Echoes. Your attacks have a chance to spawn a tentacle which Mind Flays your target for Shadow damage every second for 10 seconds. Echoing Void (Rank 2 // 35 Corruption) for 7,875 Echoes. Your damaging abilities build the Echoing Void. Each time it builds, Echoing Void has a chance to collapse, dealing 0.60% of your Health as Shadow damage to all nearby enemies every 1 second until no stacks remain. Severe (Rank 3 // 20 Corruption) for 5,000 Echoes. Increases the amount of Critical Strike you gain from all sources by 12%. Expedient (Rank 1 // 10 Corruption) for 3,000 Echoes. Increases the amount of Haste you gain from all sources by 6%. Racing Pulse (Rank 2 // 20 Corruption) for 5,000 Echoes. Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Haste by 728 for 4 seconds. Infinite Stars (Rank 3 // 75 Corruption) for 15,000 Echoes. Your spells and abilities have a chance to strike a nearby enemy with an Infinite Star, dealing Arcane damage and increasing their damage taken from your Infinite Stars by 25%, stacking up to 10 times. Check out our Corrupted Items guide for more details about the system!
  9. Hell I'm just surprise that Blizzard hasn't released an easier version of acquiring TR yet since we are at the end of BFA.... instead of weeks worth of saving from doing just keystones. Let people get their gear, let people play around with off specs, let people have some fun before we all start again on ground zero when Shadowlands is released.
  10. All corruptions, all the time. Can we just embrace the cheese era of BfA and get on with it?
  11. 1. The human race IRL =/= "would have tired of the constant bloodshed" (i.e. Certain Orc clans certainly thrive on battles/brawls/bloodshed) 2. There were times when they sued for peace and were close to it too (I.e. "The Siege of Undercity" in WotLK; Isle of Thunder in MoP (Both led to true truces for example)) 3. Just because you can't stand each other doesn't mean you're at constant war with one another. There were a whole slew of encounters that weren't war towards each other. (Legion start, Draenor start, Cataclysm end to name a few) Crises evolve very quickly in the WoW lore so things change much more often unlike IRL. You don't suddenly get a new race joining your alliance or Death Knights you have to sign deals with or Demon Hunters coming back. Rapid change causes friction and new leadership happens often on both sides and they're both being put under extreme duress from outside sources. You can't compare this to real life "rational nations".
  12. Even then it would be behind the curve, considering UE5 is on the horizon, probably the first games will be those that come with the next gen consoles.
  13. Under the Easy mode section, it states to get Ascension and Hit Combo, yet in the rotation you want to use Fist of the White Tiger and Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger. Can't exactly use either ability in the rotation if Ascension is being grabbed over Fist of the White Tiger, and Hit Combo over Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger.
  14. i need a pl on xbox plz
  15. Me: "Some taktic i should know?" Leader: "Nope...just NUKE IT!" 😄
  16. Update: The second theory has been debunked, as it's predicted items did not show up in today's list! We have some possibly good news for all the people still chasing their perfect Corruption setup (which would be most players everywhere), as two separate theories have come up predicting which Corruptions will appear at what time in MOTHER's shop. Both theories are based on the Corruptions that we've seen so far, so neither has the full info for all Corruptions yet and both predict entries in different time frames, so their predictions don't conflict with each other. First off we have Dorovon, from Big Dumb Guild, who has actually datamined some hotfix data and come up with a possible pattern there, with cycles of linked Corruptions repeating. Now, this data might not actually be linked to the vendor at all, but we can't know that yet. From that base, Shiftmage created this spreadsheet which tracks all the upcoming Corruptions, but its first prediction comes on July 16th, as that's when the supposed "cycle" will start repeating. An additional problem here is that even if the data is linked to the vendor, it might simply randomize the order once it comes to the cycle reset point. We won't know whether any of this is reliable until June 16th, when the first prediction will either come true or not. You can check out the spreadsheet here for more details, and read a more detailed analysis of the datamining itself here. *The below theory has been proved to be incorrect* The second theory is much simpler and we'll find out whether it's correct a whole lot sooner - tomorrow on the next reset, in fact! Limit's Imfiredup has created a much more direct prediction, potentially figuring out the pattern for (only) the stat-based Corruptions. We simply keep in mind we're now on cycle 4, which would indicate the next reset, coming tomorrow, should have Expedient 1 and Versatile 2, so it won't take long to see if this is correct. Just so it's easier to keep track, cycle 5 would be (US) Tuesday's reset, aka 02.06, 6 would be Friday 05.06, 7 would be Tuesday 09.06 and cycle 8 would be Friday 12.06. You can check out how Imfiredup came to these number in the clip below: Now, obviously both of these have a lot going against them, and it's all very speculative at this point, but it'll be pretty exciting to see if either of them managed to get it right. Perhaps Blizzard will even see the interest players have in actually knowing when which Corruption will appear and share the correct schedule themselves? Source 1, source 2. Header image source.
  17. PTR testing is coming along, come join in with us and check out the (hopefully) upcoming PTR patch to see if they fix the new sets
  18. We're back to tiny batches (probably due to the Ineffable Truth fix being cancelled), as we only get 1 fix today, with a MoP NPC quest giver returning! June 1 (source) Quests Bowmistress Li should once again be available on Serpent's Spine to offer the quests "Falling Down " and "Nope ".
  19. Touch of Chaos is a better wand slot than Skul's Ghastly Touch as listed as of current classic patch.
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  21. WE ARE RECRUITING! Darkness Of Azeroth - Nordrassil/ Bronze Dragonflight - EU. Darkness Of Azeroth has been around since June 2018. We are a bunch of friendly Horde players who are looking to for more people to join our guild family. We encourage others to work as a team, be sociable and welcome all classes. We are flexible and understand that personal life always comes first, but if you would like to run a guild challenges with us, then great! Challenges start at 8pm Server time on: Tuesdays & Wednesday = Keystones & Dungeons. Tuesdays Thursday = Raids. Sundays = Achievements & Fun days (Such as quiz nights, Achievement runs, T-mog competitions, guild PVP wars, treasure hunts as well as a range of other fun things to do). Uldir - 8/8N 7/8HC 5/8M Battle of Dazar'alor - 9/9N 9/9HC 1/9M Crucible of Storms 2/2N The Eternal Palace 8/8N 8/8HC Ny'alotha 12/12N 12/12HC Everyone is welcome to join our guild. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then contact Erehina for a guild invite! We're looking forward to wowing with you 😄
  22. Those are two different independent cases i considered. (1) Yes, if we remove all racials and leave everything else as it is, the chances are high that even hardcore players who doesnt care about races anyways will lean to play blood elves. (2) The reason why i mentioned their racial, well of course i cant answer for all, but its obvious that their racial is very strong for ''certain" type of content (Mythic+) and this type of content is very popular nowadays. And i assume some part of players choose them exactly because of that racial, i might be wrong, maybe majority in fact doesnt care and choose them and do mythic+ just because they like playing blood elves and thats it. But there is still a high possibility that their racial could play a major role. Therefore, such possibility should be used for other races. if you read my first post - i didnt mention only buff of the racials. There are also other aspects that have to be improved. Not only racials. And again even after changes of their racials "The vast majority who dont care about racials" will still remain on their elves, but the minority of players who currently main elves will finally reroll and try new races with fresh changes.
  23. Funniest names I have seen in my 11+ years playing the game was a female orc named "Orcasm with the fishing tournament title "Salty" that read as "Salty Orcasm" and a Mage who understood his worth in life named simply "FoodnWater" lol. I am also a big Ratchet and Clank fan so I made a rouge engineer Vulpera named Ratchet with a wrench spanner weapon and have a Lil' XT deconstructor pet named Clank just for fun 😄
  24. You're not making any sense. First you said that if we completely remove racials, then the amount of elves on both factions will increase. Now you're saying the opposite; that the reason people play elves is because they have OP racials. And you're saying that the vast majority of players don't care about racials, while also saying that in order to make the other races more popular, we should buff the racials of the less-played races. By your own logic, your plan wouldn't work.
  25. If you ever wanted to see what some wow WoW's most iconic weapons would look like in a newer engine, we have twp cool mods to show off today! Monster Hunter: World, it's focus on huge weapons, makes Sulfuras a natural fit, and FragStriker on Nexus Mods made it happen, and also went one step further and added Varian's swords, Shalla'tor and Ellemayne, in there! The weapons have effects on them as well, which apparently isn't too common in MHW modding, as noted by redditor Prince_Nipples, who also supplied these ingame screenshots: And here are the official shots: Here's the official blurb for the mod: You can check out the Sulfuras mod here, and the dual blades here. Source.
  26. Have you read my message, please, read it carefully. I'm not forcing people to play other races, as i already mentioned majority of WoW playerbase are casual players, they dont care about racials abilities at all, the highest content they visit are LFRs. The impact from racials is almost negligible in casual content, only the smallest minority - hardcore highskilled players really takes them into account. However, Blood elves still have OP racial which is very useful for mythic keys. So why would they have OP racials if they are already insanely popular? Just add some good racials for other races as well. It wont force general players to play other races, they would still stick to their elves because they simply dont care about racials, but rather other hardcore players who doesnt care about the look of their characters will play other races because of good and interesting traits and it will fianlly cause at least some variety in the Horde. If 80% of the Horde are elves it means something is wrong and must be changed. Blizzard should share some love to other races - make them interesting and more "appealing". And it wouldnt mean they are forcing players to do something, it would mean that they are providing a chance to try out other races as well and make them relevant.
  27. Gargan are Venthyr - the backdrop in the above image is Necrolords. ^^
  28. Avarice band - Multishot Marauder Demon Hunter (BiS) Should be retired/outdated The Ess of Johan - Multishot Marauder Demon Hunter (BiS) Should be retired/outdated Stone of Jordan - Shadow/Marauder FoK Demon Hunter (BiS) / Multishot Marauder Demon Hunter (BiS) Should be Retired/Outdated Lord Greenstone's Fan - Shadow/Marauder FoK Demon Hunter (BiS) Should be retired/outdated
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