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  2. Monk The Thrill Conquest

    Thanks for sharing how you did it!
  3. Meteor Wizard

    I know that there was a reported issue of it being broken for loads of people last year, but I thought it was fixed. I can't think of any reason it shouldn't display for you - are you running the exact setup we have?
  4. Aggro Paladin Deck List

    That's why I preferred the old system for marking decks as budget. Decks that were "cheap" compared to the full deck (such as control warrior at 6k dust compared to 10k dust full version - this deck would have been in this category as well) has Mid Budget tag, while decks that were really cheap but didn't qualify for the Cheap tag (such as ramp druid at 1.4k dust) has Low Budget tag. This way it was easier to find the decks based on your collection. Not sure why that system was abandoned. So yeah, I agree the current system is not the best one, as many of us are used to decks marked as budget to be sub-2k, but at the same time the decks really are budget versions.
  5. Barbarian The Thrill Conquest

    A great tip! Thanks for sharing it :D
  6. Alexstrasza Build Guide

    Am I the only one hoping this all turns out to be a Secret Wars type thing?
  7. Demon Hunter Leveling and Fresh 70

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, but glad you found the solution :)
  8. DMO Frozen Orb Wizard

    Passing to Deadset.
  9. Marauder Cluster Arrow Demon Hunter

    The tanky part was about UE, hence why it's a different sentence. UE is ultimate glass cannon. If it gets touched, it dies, similar to Rathma Necro. Marauder has to play closer due to Grenades playstyle, so it needs a more tanky setup, hence why it runs Wraps, Esoteric and Zoey's belt. It's also why it doesn't run Zei's. The leaderboard is crazy varied right now. At time of writing, it is: #1 - M6 Cluster Bomb (this build) #2 - Nat4/M6 #3 - Impale #4 - Multishot #5 - Nat4/M6 There's definitely a lot of variation and Marauder's is very strong this season. More so than UE/Impale.
  10. Natalya Rain of Vengeance Demon Hunter

    That's fine and if it works for you, go ahead. I was simply stating why Aquila is listed.
  11. Natalya Rain of Vengeance Demon Hunter

    I believe it's because you run Greenstone to stack FoK damage, so Lightning buffs that after you have grouped mobs.
  12. Sunwuko Wave of Light Monk

    The #1 ranked Monk on season is using Spirit Guards, a generator, F+R and Zei's. Same for #2. #3 is running Cindercoat, but is 3 GR levels below the #1 at 106 vs. 109.
  13. Avarice Conquest

    Ah, you're right! Seems like it was removed for this season.
  14. Today
  15. Support Monk

    I disagree with this. After a total of 50 GRs on my zNecro running this in the cube, I had it proc in every single rift. Some rifts had 3+ effects proc. I never had a single rift where I didn't have the proc and having only 1 was the exception, not the rule. Average was around 2.4 per rift. Maybe it's not a big enough testing area, but 50 GRs of constant shrines isn't bad.
  16. Heroes of the Storm Kharazim

    Yes, Echo of Heaven is fantastic! I love it. I hope the Icy Veins team add the Insight build to the list.
  17. PS4 players

    They're the same game, give or take a few minor port changes.
  18. How to question

    The same to you!
  19. I'm glad you solved it, but in the future, please create your own thread. Don't use someone elses to ask for help.

    I'm not sure why you think you should be doing 1m DPS - also, what fight? Was it ST or AoE? A log would be far more useful than what you have provided. See here:
  21. Lesser food suggestions

    Which spec are you asking for? Prot/Ret will be Haste, Holy will be crit for lesser.
  22. My Ret Pally's dps is just pitiful

    If we are talking PvP, which assuming the OP wants to play BGs we are, item level is king, since stats make no difference in PvP instances.
  23. Aggro Paladin Deck List

    I agree still the budget tag feels wrong :D
  24. Aggro Paladin Deck List

    We use Budget for decks that have had some of their more expensive cards replaced in order to lower the overall cost of the deck. It does not contain any legendary cards and the cost was reduced by 1200 dust, which is quite a lot for a new player. The cheapest aggro murloc decks do not work since Murloc Warleader nerf, as the hyper aggressive approach is more vulnerable to AoEs and trading. This results in pretty much all strong murloc aggro decks being somewhat expensive, 4k dust or more, limiting the budget options for the deck.
  25. WTF Moments Episode 95

    Hard to top that Hook!
  26. HotA Barbarian

    Yeah, I have wondered the same thing myself. I am doing a HOTA Barb exclusively this current season and when given the choice of crit chance or HOTA bonus on the helm I chose the skill bonus just for what you mentioned: there's already plenty of crit chance from multiple sources.
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