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  3. On reflection, I suppose it wasn't as obvious a connection as I thought. 😆 You said we don't have difficult choices. And I thought, boy, isn't that because it's always those guy's fault? Is BFA's faction conflict the fault of A) Sylvanas, B) N'zoth, or C) the Jailor? Trick question! It's D), Sargeras! Definitely not us! In fairness, BFA made a decent stab at bringing some responsibility into it through Saurfang and Anduin. MoP did too. I don't think it's the fact they don't try. I think it's more the fact we unite to defeat [villain], and the consequences are forgotten. Then it'
  4. Yeah...by this point, I would expect the developers have a special DBM addon for Rextroy reports. 😜
  5. Not sure what more is about to come for the dragon aspects. The leaders all lost their powers at the end of cataclysm to power up the dragonsoul. And even if we ignored that. Most of their story was already told in wow. So aslong as their is no weird timetravel thingy with chromie where we experience the past i dont know what they will fill it with. Even with Azeroth is waking up what have dragons todo with that? Well now i remember the chromie deaths event from legion. Wasnt that the future she showed us? Well maybe there a tiny little bit of possibility. But still. Would probably be lam
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  7. If that Elder Rafiq does not carry a staff with fruits tied to it and does not smear the juice and dust on lion cubs (hi, Anduin) in a shamanistic fashion, I'll be dissapointed.
  8. Issue is... what IS there to add, even if they tried? And by that I mean, look at Demon Hunters. Blizzard barely had enough of class identity to put two specs together, and even then multiple DH abilities were either copied or outright stolen from existing classses. Anything else that came out of players' minds over the years - Wardens, Tinkers, Runemages, Bards, etc. - would fill one spec at best, and we'll be lucky if that won't be at the expense of other classses. Other issue - every new class introduced so far is melee-only, with a tank spec - plus one healer - wearing leather an
  9. I stumbled onto a site which had several hundred reviews of Shadowlands early after its release. I've forgotten what site it was, but the people leaving reviews were obviously people who'd just bought it as another game, much less invested in it as a franchise or experience than anybody here, or on wowhead or mmo-champ, what have you. What surprised me was the number of negative reviews complaining it had no new classes or races. At that point I would have said I wasn't too sure about the story, or some of the systems, but... I hadn't even noticed the lack. I think for the casual pla
  10. Seems like pretty decent catch-up gear for those of us who aren't doing mythic+ or raiding.
  11. Indeed, either it has to be a new class or race as a huge selling point. By race I mean a full new race, without reused model or animations like allied races. I assume it's hard to make a new class stand out from others, it's easy to make them play similar to existing ones, which could either make some of existing classes redundant or new class wouldn't be as desired if others can do what it does but better. Plus, there are always issues with balance. Perhaps they don't want additional workload on balancing (it would've been a bit easier to balance if they stopped messing with those borrowed p
  12. It's interesting to see "emerald" there, as we already have emerald drakes. This one could be a different model though or it's just a spell effect on it. Emerald Dream or rumored Dragon Isles? Perhaps both? Although it feels like we already had enough of dragons, we get some of them in almost every expansions, be it friendly or hostile dragons.
  13. It's not so much that I think there should be a new class but more that there kinda HAS to be one for the 10.0 milestone and the hype. It's been a long time since a new class arrived, it's one of the biggest additions to the game in general and brings more gameplay to most players than any other system and keeps the game fresh.
  14. Well there's a very small chance that they did it on purpose and are misdirecting everyone. VERY small.
  15. Zereth Mortis comes with a catch-up gear vendor that sells gear. Unfortunately, you can't send it over to alts. In this post, we look at the gear costs and vendor location. The gear has Item Level 246. You can purchase the items from Elder Rafiq located in Pilgrim's Grace in Zereth Mortis. You can fly there from Haven. The gear pieces are bought directly and they don't come in the form of tokens that can be sent over to alts, unlike Korthia catch-up gear. The gear can be purchased with Sandworn Relics. These can be farmed from Zereth Mortis rares and opening chests.
  16. While the dragon isles concept sounds good I hope that more changes are coming to the game, not just the usual expansion to expansion stuff: - we need to get rid of work-like grind systems - make old content relevant OR introduce something like legendaries/trophies/housing or whatever that will be still relevant in next expansions - resign from introducing beta suggested QoL changes in the last patch of expansion - do not time gate features, 1-2 weeks is still fine, but definetely not months
  17. I hope that they include an industrial sized bottle of lube to get us through the next expansion, atleast it will be better than getting raw rammed by them.
  18. Greetings fellow heroes, We the Gordian Knot (9/10 Mythic) are continuing the war in Shadowlands and therefore we are still looking for some skilled man and woman to join us in our fights!!! RECRUITING FOR MYTHIC RAIDING: HIGH: Mage: all specs Warlock: all specs Death Knight: all specs Demon Hunter: all specs Shaman: Elemental Monk: Brewmaster We also welcome social heroes so don’t be shy. Groups are also welcome! If you’re interested in joining Gordian Knot, please fill in our application form, located at https://gordian-knot.eu/apply/ , or join our discord:
  19. imagine if they kept this stuff off the patch updates... kills the hype.... if there is any left for the game anymore before blizz do the big reveal
  20. Blizzard has no issues and would not have if they added a new class. Players however, they do. Let Mage Tower be an example, it's possible to complete all challenges but there are people who say it's overtuned. All specs are viable but not every player.
  21. Folks over at MMO-Champion discovered some interesting encrypted files that could be potentially intended for the Deluxe Edition rewards of World of Warcraft's upcoming expansion. We're talking about a mount, battle pet, and cosmetics. This post contains spoilers! Intro The following post is based on speculation and draws analogies from the previous expansion, where Blizzard added the Shadowlands Collector's Edition rewards (mount, pet, and items) in Patch 8.2.5, similar to how these are bundled together. Deluxe Edition rewards are usually themed after the new expansion. How Doe
  22. Not sure why you think that there will definitely be a new class. I personally would not be surprised if we never see a new class...Blizz has enough issues dealing with the current ones.
  23. The 11th week of Patch 9.1.5 is ending soon, so we looked at the current class tier list for Mythic+. Disclaimer In this post, we're looking at the tier list for Mythic+ based on the data gathered by Benched.me. The site plots all runs available from the Blizzard API (excluding the Chinese region) on a single ridge plot, so the data is different from our Shadowlands Mythic+ Rankings maintained by Petko. How the Data is Calculated To rank all specializations, Benched.me uses something called Meta Ratio Score. The "ratio" is between the specialization's representation in the
  24. I like the Dragon Isles One and hope that is it. I am looking forward to the next x-pac, whatever it may be but I hope they move away from the chores and the awkward borrowed power systems. I am not confident though, time will tell.
  25. This looks more like Protoss Dragoon from Starcraft than a spider. Spiders have eight legs!
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