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  3. Another fury in need of help.

    Hello, Please tell me what I`m doing wrong. I feel like my aoe is decent but my single target dps feels low. Thank you for your time.
  4. [Draenor][H] <Gordian Knot> (6/11M)

    Currently 6/11MWe still need dps (mages, rogues and some more) A little Shammy to literarly shower us with his/her healing :D Also hunter and warrior spots are now open Contact us NOW! On Bnet:Jenquai - Athlios#2283Leleko - Leleko#2235Narweena - Sephyra#2517Messenii - Georgina#2806Bullkhatos - Noghri#2439On discordAthlios#0153Leleko#7934Narweena#7029Georgina#7575Bullkhatos#3105
  5. The Lich King

    Finally got around to beating The Lich King with another class- Paladin I first built a murloc deck, but after 3 or 4 attempts, I wasn't feeling it. I decided to scrap it and build a Silver Hand Paladin. Using my dudes, I defeated Lich King with just one attempt... The Flaming Claws adaptation from Lightfused Stegodon in combination with the buff from Competitive Spirit provided enough face damage for a turn 6 knockout. A turn 1 Lost in the Jungle, followed by hero power on turn 2 and Muster for Battle on turn 3 allowed me to achieve maximum benefit from Stegodon on turn 4. I didn't have an opportunity to see how the rest of the deck would play out, but I don't have much desire to repeat Lich King encounters unnecessarily... Perhaps I just got lucky, but I felt this to be a strong build for this fight. If anyone desires my decklist, I'll be happy to share.
  6. Update: we have merged with a sister guild on the server to pursue our progression dreams. Currently 4/11(M) and full on main raid slots. We're still actively recruiting all classes/specs for general purpose (heroic raids/mythic+/pvp/etc). Contact Info: Battle Tag-Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader) Battle Tag-Berd#11168 (Guild Officer) Battle Tag-Khrispy#1471 (Guild Officer) Battle Tag-Papawoot#1446 (Veteran Raider) Discord Contact-Papawoot#6518 Discord:
  7. Two New Echo Cards Revealed In Hearthside Chat

    You misunderstand. You play 2 or 3, shadow step one, then later on in the game play a bunch more of them. That is some disgusting value. Can do something similar with Sonya if any stick around. Although I do agree, meta probably won't be slow enough. Man can dream though.
  8. Depends on the map. Azmodan isn't as good a solo laner as Zag either. I wouldn't run Az on 2-lane maps. I'd rather replace an assassin, though I'd even rather not run either at all in such a comp for the reason I underlined earlier.
  9. I havent played D3 since like season 5 and got bored so reinstalled. I proly made a mistake on my first character going Crusader cause the starter set is Thorns and it doesnt seem very fast. Can someone give me advice for a warp speed T13 or decent GRift farming build?
  10. Medivh & Sonya Rework Meta Tier List (March 2018)

    In a typical bruiser/offlaner + double assassin comp, should they replace the offlaner, or one of the DPS's (likely the mage as MrPumpson said)?
  11. They're strong splitpushers that can supplement reasonable damage as needed. I wouldn't run them in double tank/double healer compositions however, as you'll lack late game sustained damage.
  12. Icy Veins Podcast Episode #12

    Thank you for getting back to me. :)
  13. Azerite Traits in Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26231

    The RNG element of the Netherlight crucible gave that. Some talents were better, as there always will be when the number crunchers get their hands on them. Some were pretty worthless from most standpoints, as there generally - but not always - seems to always be. But the next relic you get could be 'the same relic', and still have different traits. Perhaps the 2nd tier was trash with good last tier, where the new relic has a decent second and a decent third tier choice. Which you have to watch your pathing on. There's a choice. Just because it's not necessarily the choice you want doesn't mean there isnt one.
  14. Fairly new, need deck help

    I'm really excited for the expansion! Once I have a competitive deck, I'm sure I'm going to be really good. I think right now my biggest problem is that I'm facing people who have better decks than me... But I'm winning 70% of my matches after making a new mage deck even with an inferior deck... It's quite promising :-)
  15. First Aid Removal in Battle for Azeroth Confirmed

    I honestly don't understand why we ever needed the profession to begin with lol, every class has some form of self heal and party heal, I have been playing this game since Wrath of the Lich King and I don't think I have EVER used First aid for ANYTHING other then getting the related achievements. It's as redundant as rolling a Dranei Priest for there racial lol why do you need a race with a 3 min heal spell when your already a heal class with tons of instant ones?
  16. Two New Echo Cards Revealed In Hearthside Chat

    So lets recap a sec, First Rogues were OP as hell with the Quest Card, now there Invincible with the renewable Kingsbane weapon, and next expansion they will be even MORE OP with a infinite card that summons Legendary cards? yeah I am starting to think the game should be called Rogues Gambit instead of Hearthstone because the last 3 to 4 expansions they have been the dominate force in the ranked mode. As much as I love this game I kind of think they need to balance it more before constantly releasing all these brokenly OP cards to make it even more of a nightmare to go through ranked play, I have never gone higher then rank 15 EVER because every time I think I have a deck that can make it they add all kinds of new shit that makes my deck look like garbage and I will win 1 out a 20 matches if i'm lucky.
  17. Dean Ayala on The Witchwood And Other Topics

    No, I am sure you echoed 2 of them :)
  18. Yeah but I think I am a tad more terrible than you if I mess up 4+2 :P
  19. You only get the discount the first time you play it. Does mean you could potentially play 4 in one turn, but not convinced that you’d want to often. Unless the meta is very slow anyway.
  20. updated openings - still looking for a few more people~
  21. Fairly new, need deck help

    I think we would answer anyway but some feedback, especially positive, can't hurt :) And good luck for your games in Hurtstone, Hardstone? Heartstone? Hörtstone? Curvestone? Spellstone?
  22. It may be busted but i dont think that is what carries his winrate. There was only one choice to make before rework to deal dmg with Medivh which was Masters Touch. Now becoming baseline quest. The lvl 7 tier gives a few options that buffs hes dmg even more and on top of that there is another upgrade to his dmg on lvl 16 which is Arcane Charge. I think it has to do with the fact that whenever you pick a second support you always sacrificing a place where an assassin would be with a lot of dmg but now Medivh can deal a lot of dmg himself making him much less of a setback then he was before. There is also Raven Familiar which can be abused to blow up someone similary as with Arcane Explosion. Imo, right now, Force of Magic is even more busted thenArcane Explosion, combined with Arcane Charge you get some really busted burst dmg on a 1s cd. Some math: Arcane Rift baseline: 170 + 75 flat dmg Arcane Rift + Force of Magic 1 stack: 204 + 90 flat dmg Arcane Rift + Force of Magic 2 stacks: 238 + 105 flat dmg Arcane Rift + Force of Magic 2 stacks + Arcane Charge: 273,7 + 120,75 flat dmg Yeah thats pretty much a Storm Bow on a 1s cooldown and able to hit multiple enemies. With buffed Force of Magic duration im sure people will soon discover how busted the talent is. So he has now multiple dmg options on 3 tiers which makes him much more viable in teamfights. Also Winds of Celerity at lvl 1 without the need to sacrifice another great talent is also a good reason why he is much better of then before. He may be more accesible but right now hes even harder to play then pre-rework.
  23. Dean Ayala on The Witchwood And Other Topics

    If you read this, you want to marry me, I am sure :D
  24. I am just really bad at maths :P
  25. First Aid Removal in Battle for Azeroth Confirmed

    It kind of is a waste, seriously, when was the last time you heard of anyone using bandages to heal back up, when food does the same thing?
  26. Finally we're getting Paladin Rams, and they look fantastic.
  27. Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26287 Highlights

    Ok, Dark Iron Dwarves got the best racial mounts.
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