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  2. Where is the nerf of Warlocks and Demon Hunters?
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  4. Because the cubed weapon (Mojo - Ursua's Trodden Effigy) specifically amplifies that rune's ability (the damage affects the entire skill, but doubling the number of bears and sending them to the full extent of the screen is unique to the ZB rune, and makes them a trampling screen full of death, in combination with the other buffs triggered).
  5. Man, imagine being the guy that paid 3,500 $ for this XD
  6. Yesterday
  7. I agree, whenever you're not able to use mana dropping Evocation for Bombardment + Harmony is super strong, Typically, Evocation has some nice uses though, but it is a bit situational, realistically, these talent trees are designed to be altered and changed slightly based on what form of content you're playing, In the next coming update, I believe i'll be making the swap from Evocation to Bombardment and Harmony. Thanks so much!
  8. Many players seem to be having trouble getting their Feldrake mount Twitch rewards and are asking for help and asking what to do. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer or solution, unfortunately, but several players have offered a couple of potential workarounds that might work, so let's take a look. Again none of this is guaranteed, but considering responses to tickets are "we can't help you, but are looking into it", they may be worth a try. So first off, actually claiming the mount seems to be working, as in clicking the claim button on Twitch, however players aren't finding th
  9. He had always been a Shaman. I am doing the same with a Monk on the EU servers. Currently 1 level behind him.
  10. Thanks for letting me know; I'm fixing the issue 🙂.
  11. it seems like all the guides tell you to do it one way but the dreamgrove discord says the guides are cringe-worthy. I am just trying to find a talent tree that works for my current squishy af boomkin. I'm using the mythic+ talent tree but i dont do mythics i only do dungeons. I'm using convoke instead of incarnation because convoke is better for soloing. And specifically I am using the pulsar talent and others are telling me to use orbital strike... but all the videos ive been watching on youtube say not to use that talent 😕 I need help pleeeeeease
  12. RE: Dragonflight - do people really not use Berserker Rage? How are you breaking fears while tanking or dps'ing?
  13. Were they always a shaman, or did they re-roll from monk? For some reason I remember them as a monk, but I think that's just a false memory.
  14. This would've been a great prank if it was just a random waterfall with no cave 😂 34-slot is crazy - I still have this concept in my head that being decked out in 20-slot frostweave bags is kingly.
  15. Find out how to get a free 34-slot bag fast on live servers! Misty Satchel is looted from the Misty Treasure Chest object located behind the waterfall in Crumbling Life Archway (The Waking Shores). If you're using TomTom, here are the exact coordinates: /way The Waking Shores 58.71 53.13 Free 34-Slot Bag Jump down from the top of the waterfall and you will find a secret cave behind it. Inside the cave, you will find a chest, which contains the Misty Satchel bag. Thanks to Reddit user crispycrown for noticing.
  16. Neutral Pandaren Doubleagent has reached Level 65! Five levels are remaining until Doubleagent hits the Level 70 cap in Dragonflight. Every expansion, the player reaches max-level with Herbalism and Mining on the Wandering Isle. Placeholder for tweet 1598949810853187584
  17. I sat there took a ss but then was like hurry up im trying to get done this quest. Skippp
  18. Hey! the dual-wield spec has certainly gained a ton of popularity and I think is quite strong, I tried to leave two separate gearing paths open as frost is a competitive spec for overall damage and takes advantage of dual-wield so it just leaves a bit more room for people who are gearing on either path (2h or DW), if DW continues to be viable/strong going forward I will almost certainly do a write up on it for Ulduar.
  19. The first export string is invalid.
  20. its not even raid/m+ start most nerfs will come after that as always
  21. Good changes, but honestly the most oppressive specs remain untouched, or almost untouched, DH, SP and Locks (esp demo) will remain too powerful
  22. Blizzard have announced a huge slate of class tuning, going over 10 classes in PvE, as well as a big buff to tank threat, and also changing 9 classes in PvP. December 6 (Source) We’re working on a slate of tuning adjustments to classes in Dragonflight. The following changes are scheduled to be implemented with weekly maintenance, Tuesday, December 6 in this region. Tank Specializations Tank-specialized characters now generate 650% additional threat (was 550%). Developers’ notes: We’ve heard feedback that on-pull burst in dungeon content is ca
  23. You UI really hurts my head
  24. More Dragonflight hotfixes have arrived and it's another huge batch, with class, profession, dungeon, reputation fixes and much more. December 2 (Source) Classes Druid Fixed an issue where Tireless Pursuit was only granting 30% movement speed, not the correct 40% movement speed. Balance Fixed an issue where Sunfire applied to multiple targets would not correctly trigger the Mastery benefit. Evoker Fixed an issue where Eternity Surge could be casted while locked out of its spell school.
  25. Last week
  26. Thanks for the feedback! I fixed this issue (it was also affecting the New Moon/Fury of Elune node lower down the tree).
  27. Thanks for the feedback! I've asked Panthea to remake that tree, I'm hoping this will fix the issue in the list of talents.
  28. The Renewed Proto-Drake Customization Options section has the Snouts twice. The first under Snouts, and the second under Crest. Might want to fix that.
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