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  2. Thanks a lot!!! You are right when you say that I could use the CHC on another item so I don’t need to sacrifice the amulet. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  3. The very originally named WoWthing site offers a pretty simple and yet very handy tool to manage all your alts (because let's face it, we all have too many)! There's a pretty good overview of all your alts and what they've done this reset, as well as all the gear, currencies and more. And if there's a feature that's not there but you'd like/need? Well, the site is being upgraded all the time via feedback from players, so that shouldn't be a problem for too long. Here's the basic overview with everything enabled (you can customize what to show): A lot of this data is acquir
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  5. Kind of curious here. Is this lore related or is it something like a PR gig?
  6. Yes! I think I have a line to that effect in the gear section of the guide; Crit Chance is way less important in S24 due to the Buriza power, and Crit Damage takes precedence. I think you can safely roll off 1-2 slots off Crit Chance at a minimum, starting with item slots that have lower roll ceilings - helm and bracers. I don’t have a hard rule for it, but dropping Crit Chance one piece at a time and “feeling” the build out in practice will probably yield your answer how far down you can go on Crit Chance. I guess the question here is if you have Buriza equipped, which would lower the
  7. Yep, it would be sensible to have Mortick’s worn and Bracers of the First Men cubed for the vast majority of situations, since. the Cube will maximize the B1M unique damage buff. I will correct this in a future version of the guide.
  8. Hey! Yes, this is correct; when using the recommended Ethereal for S24, you should alter Heavenly Strength to Fervor. Apologies for the confusion.
  9. What Bubble said above is correct, sadly the Litany/Wailing Host combo will not work; only Cain and Sage are the only sets allowed on followers so far. Wyrdward can provide limited usefulness if you’re looking for extra CC, while Leoric’s or Hellfire Ring can be used for extra XP during Paragon farming. I’d still bet on Oculus to be honest, as a lucky proc can be clutch in dealing an (even bigger) chunk of damage in certain fights, though I certainly understand your frustration with that recommendation for your chosen build.
  10. We have another first in the "insane things players do" category, as Verysmallman has been grinding away at a LOT of reputations and just managed to hit the one hundred and sixty exalted/maximum rank mark! Also, in case you were wondering how there even are so many reps - the "friendship" ones from the many different NPC mini-factions also count (like the many Ember Court NPCs). You'd think this was a sort of one-time-ting, one player having a very specific goal and going for it just for fun, but you'd be wrong as there are actually quite a few racing for those reputations! We have three
  11. If you dont hit any enemies your hatred will decrease.. this build needs modification for low GRs and bounties use this one -->> https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/god-hungering-arrow-speed-farming-demon-hunter-build is better for farming
  12. Oh, I don't disagree about that! She should have been fired.
  13. Hey guys! Follow some questions i hope you can help me. i recently changed the build from Bane of the Stricken to Bane of the Trapped and changed my CDC (10%) to CDR (8%) on my neck to achieve 37% total CDR and 100% up-time on Vengeance. Although, d3planner shows that my Effective DPS and DPH reduced drastically from DPS -> 54MM and DPH -> 33MM to DPS -> 33MM and DPH -> 20MM. Is that worth it ? To change CDC to CDR in order to have 100% up-time of vengeance??? Also, D3planner show that Bane of the Stricken has a considerable more damage than Bane of t
  14. Nooo, i mean, i do not want gear or weapons or anything i equip to be all powerful for an expansion and then useless the next. I think i would prefer the stuff we get via dungeons, raids and so on are unique to each player, so everyone gets something each run, but i think the gear you use should be upgradeable. Think of it like the Heirlooms, except you get the upgrade items via completing quest-chains, dungeons, raids and so on, the harder the content, the better the upgrade item you can get. This way, if you do alot of higher tier raids, mythics and so on, you will get better
  15. I like WoW. I hope they keep making WoW.
  16. I'm really disappointed by that, it was honestly super convenient and made leveling 50 - 60 interesting. It's not like it was broken or anything, you still have to unlock everything at max level... It gave me the motivation to level up my alts now I'll just let them at 50.
  17. While some very corrupt people might think lying is part of a job like this...defending a company by trying to deny sexual assault/harrassment/etc happened or trying to play it down as old or out of context or such makes her a BIG part of the problem. She is one of the ones the employee groups wants gone, and with good reason. It's very obvious that her position "As the Executive Sponsor of the ABK Employee Women’s Network and our Chief Compliance Officer" should be taken away.
  18. This thread is for comments about our Questline Druid Deck guide.
  19. I cant agree with the trinket choices at all. No way that Soulletting Ruby is higher then a B, let alone S. Changeling is obviously a S rank And why isnt Scrawled Word of Recall even mentioned; in combination with verdant infusion it is by far one of the best trinkets avaliable right now.
  20. I would like to play Classic, honestly, but I remember classic wow from day 1 and how I got to lvl 60 and the most gold I had was 100g. That was it. Now some 14 years later, I got 49 toons on 4 servers. not very much gold (I think on on each server it is about 400,000 each server) and honestly, if I could transfer for free all my toons and gold to classic I would. And as each xpac is brought out, I would stop before Cata. To me, prior Cata was the best. Sorry, not sure what this has for this particular post, probably nothing. Hmmm, it would be nice if every position was filled with f
  21. 😞 I did one dungeon at 50 and hit 51.20 lol Kinda saw this coming.
  22. Not without a paradigm shift back to bring the player not the class and disregarding the constant player feedback about homogenization being the devil. What made MoP class design great was that we all had many tools and then we were faced with complex encounters that required all those tools. And of course, casting while moving to come back for multiple specs.
  23. ...Shriekwing at One Direction concert?
  24. Honestly i wish they would’ve left the xp gains as is, because im someone who hates leveling alts (or in general), and the xp gains from timewalking made this way easier. I was wanting to finish leveling my other two alts and this would’ve took less than two hours. Oh well, i guess.
  25. Dammit I stopped at 56 yesterday... hoping to finish tomorrow. Ah well...
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