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  2. Evincare

    Wrath of the Lich King's 10th Anniversary

    WotLK is what really got me hooked into WoW. I had Vanilla and TBC lying around somewhere then, but played mostly other stuff - some Warcraft 3 online and Dark Age of Camelot. Then they brought this expansion and I had to powerlevel a char (read: hunter) to 55 just to be able to create a DK. A cow, specced Blood for the OP DPS ofc 🙂 good times Granted Balance was way off at times, I really liked the expansion, content and all. Maybe because it somewhat continued the story of WC3. Will always remember walking into ICC for the first time or Grizzly Hills, one of the most beautiful zones in WoW IMO, or the entire intro for the DKs. I mean come on - you log in and first thing you see is Arthas himself 🙂
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  4. DeathXIII

    BlizzCon Q&A Additional WoW Questions

    I am a fan of titanforging to be honest. I don't mind the azertite armor, but I am glad there are going to be improvements for sure! The legos in legion were cool, but getting the one you wanted was so random.
  5. Ragingwolf

    BlizzCon Q&A Additional WoW Questions

    Other words, "we are aware of the issue but we don't care and still going to charge you more gold each time you switch out Azerite traits. But you will have 1 freebie when 8.1 launches."
  6. Can we get more brawls like this? Or a game mode thats not AI thats PvE like this it would be more fun with difficulty settings
  7. tkioz

    Celebrate WoW's 14th Anniversary

    I get that it is the 14th and next yeah might see something better, but they couldn't have thrown in something more than a single toy on the vendor? Something? Anything?
  8. ruwon

    [H - Mal'Ganis] <CAE> 5/8M LF Ranged DPS & Rogue

    updated progression
  9. Lehiya

    War Mode Faction Balance Hotfix

    We must be sharded differently because I main Horde and Alliance outnumbers us most of the time. I am on Defias Brotherhood/Scarshield/Ravenholdt/VentureCo (EU-realms) and it has always been pretty balanced but with the sharding we are generally outnumbered. Several Horde I knew have gone Alliance (I just moved one of mine to Alliance to Argent Dawn too BTW). So I guess the switch is happening both ways and the balance stays more or less the same. And besides, I haven't noticed a difference in waiting time for Bgs whether I am Alliance side or Horde side.
  10. Old school control priest was one of the few decks that ran Justicar Trueheart, healing 4 is very strong and provides an insane amount of value with a lot of high health minions, Ysera comes to mind, that more traditional control decks favor (traditional as in old school). Team 5 has stated that they want to reduce the overall power level of standard, which could signal a return to the more traditional control decks after rotation, based more on incremental advantages and resource exhaustion, rather then the current trend of big burst combos (Or just combo finishers in general but guldan + doomguards etc), infinite value engines (Think a lot of the death knights like Rexar or Jaina), or just absolutely bonkers value cards (Remember the how many N'zoth's or Kazakus potions you could make meta). While I don't think it is likely, the deck building restrictions are very harsh and priest has a lot of staple even cards, I do think it is a possibility, especially after rotation, and just something that is worth keeping in mind.
  11. Resnar

    BlizzCon Q&A Additional WoW Questions

    "It’s no coincidence that the best-geared players in the game are, almost without exception, Mythic raiders who also do other types of endgame content" It's also as you said in the past, people who do Mythic + are a majority of mythic raider because you rarely see people doing M+ only. so dodging Titanforged question by saying "yeah but look what the top gear guy's do" is fucking stupid, if you take 10 min to look deeper you would see a lot of them get their stuff from m+, personally I'm 377 with my "main" and at least half of my current gear is m10 proc into titanforged, I have literally 2 piece of Mythic after multiple weeks of using seal on the first 4 boss. Thanks blizzard to not learn from blizzcon
  12. Being apart of a large guild has many perks. It means that there is always something to do and always someone to play with. It also means that there are other guild hosted events other than raiding and pvping. Join our discord to see everything that our community has to offer!
  13. thurk

    Explosive Affix and Mythrax Nerfs

    Does this mean more Mythrax MC orbs for ranged? As one of my raid's 4 ranged dps, I don't want to spend the entire fight stuck in orbs.
  14. During the World of Warcraft Q&A panel at BlizzCon 2018, eight attendees didn't have the time to ask their questions. The developers have just answered these questions in a dedicated blog post. The questions and their answers are quite interesting with topics ranging from the Mobile App and pet battles all the way to plans on removing warforging/titanforging (the answer is no by the way) and reforge costs for Azerite gear. Blizzard Entertainment On November 3 at the World of Warcraft Q&A at BlizzCon 2018, players questioned panelists Alex Afrasiabi, Ion Hazzikostas, John Hight, and Chris Robinson. Many of the questions deserved a bit more time to fully answer than we originally anticipated, and in the end, eight attendees were left without the chance to ask their questions. Here are the questions that didn’t make it in time, along with our answers to each: Over the course of the last 14 years, we've killed many Warcraft villains. What is your strategy for introducing new characters and threats to this universe? While many of the iconic villains in WoW over the years were first established in the RTS games (Illidan, Arthas, etc.), WoW has been introducing new characters and threats since its earliest days (such as Onyxia or the Defias). We’re keenly aware of the need to begin building up future threats even as we confront existing ones. A major villain shouldn’t come out of nowhere and be a surprise. We plan our expansions out far in advance, so that we can begin foreshadowing and weaving narrative threads to connect them. Garrosh Hellscream is an example of a character born within WoW and built up to eventually become a major villain and then a catalyst that led directly to Azeroth’s confrontation with the Burning Legion. If you look carefully, there are seeds that have been planted and clues that point to who central foes might be in the future. When will the WoW Mobile App ever be complete? If you mean “complete” in the sense of integrating the social features currently missing from the app, like guild/community chat and the calendar, that’s actively being worked on and we’re aiming to get that functionality added in the coming months. Due to some tech infrastructure changes in Battle for Azeroth, we had to basically rebuild the existing Companion App from the ground up, but we’ll end up with a more robust foundation as a result. Do you have plans to make more reputation rewards account-wide? We feel that it’s important for characters to retain a certain element of distinct progression. Part of making an alt can be having a fresh set of goals and rewards to pursue once you’re starting to run out of accessible goals on your main, so we don’t make reputation globally account-wide. But some players feel compelled to re-earn reputations in a way that’s frustrating and we want to do what we can to help alleviate their specific concerns. We’re addressing some of that in Tides of Vengeance: Transmog appearances that have rep requirements will be unlocked account-wide once earned. You won’t need to re-earn a specific reputation on an alt if you want to use their tabard as part of your outfit. The achievements that require a certain number of Exalted reputations will now aggregate progress across your entire account. For Champions of Azeroth rep, access to the item level upgrades for the Heart of Azeroth will be account-wide. If you have at least one Revered character, any other fresh 120 alts can go visit Magni and collect all 45 item levels’ worth of upgrades right away. What can you tell us about your future plans for pet battles? Pet battles continue to be a fun system layered on top of the core WoW experience. As we introduce new zones and content, there will be new pets to tame or earn as reward. For players who are looking for a new challenge to overcome, we’re adding a new Gnomeregan pet battle dungeon in Tides of Vengeance. Beyond that, in the long-term, we’d like to take a fresh look at “PvP” pet battles to see if we can add a more structure to that system and elevate it beyond what is currently a niche pursuit. Will gear ever return to the way it used to be with no warforging and titanforging? That’s unlikely. Gear used to be only available from a handful of activities, such as raiding or rated PvP. Obtaining a specific piece of gear could be a months-long pursuit. As the quantity and variety of sources of gear increased over the years, increasingly the pacing of rewards wasn’t matching the pacing of the activity itself. By Mists of Pandaria, a guild progressing through a raid zone over the course of a couple of months could reach a point where they were fully equipped with gear from that tier, before having finished the zone. Lacking individual motivation or excitement about rewards when raiding, even if the encounters themselves were still fun, meant a lack of continued progression for the group. If you were stuck on Sha of Fear, there was no real expectation that your group would get any stronger week over week to help you overcome that hurdle. That gave rise to Thunderforging as a system in Patch 5.2, which evolved into the system we know today. We like that Warforging preserves a sense of possibility to most encounters, and it allows a group’s overall item level to continue to increase steadily. It also creates moments of surprise and excitement across all types of players and activities. Of course, we understand that when an exceptionally lucky player gets a perfect Titanforged item from a Raid Finder boss, that can feel like it undermines Mythic content, but ultimately, that’s just a single piece of gear. Overall, the Mythic raider will be better-geared than the Normal or Heroic raider, even if the latter gets lucky once. We restrict the ability of pieces like weapons or Azerite armor to Titanforge, and we’ve reduced the chance of extreme Titanforging in BfA. We used to see players who felt obligated to run content they’d outgeared just for a chance at lucky upgrades, and we now see far less of this behavior. Players will always want to use the best traits on Azerite gear for every situation. Why punish the player with a big gold cost to reforge? We draw a distinction between items and character attributes like spec or talents. Usually you can’t change the former at all, or there’s a destructive process involved like replacing a gem or enchantment, or Artifact Relic in Legion. A healer trinket is a healer trinket, and can’t be morphed into a tank trinket if you want to switch from Holy to Prot. If you want to perform at a given level in both specs, you need separate trinkets of similar quality for each. However, we’re mindful of feedback we’d gotten regarding spec flexibility. We want Azerite armor to be flexible, so that you could switch from Fire to Frost if you want to, or you could switch from Arms to Protection for a week if your raid’s tank was absent. Without some friction, the system would just turn into a secondary (and awkward) set of talents, and a mere cooldown could create situations where you switched from one trait to another, and then couldn’t go back at all without having to wait. We ultimately settled on a respec cost that started out very low (5 gold) and increased and decayed rapidly, such that periodic respecs would be essentially free, but swapping back and forth routinely would be unsustainable. Nonetheless, mistaken choices or experimentation can quickly spiral out of control and leave even occasional respecs feeling overly costly. In Tides of Vengeance, we’ll be doubling the rate at which the respec cost decays, so it will go down by 50% every 24 hours. Additionally, given the changes to several Azerite traits and the new ones coming with the update, we’ll provide a one-time reset of all respec costs when the update goes live. How will you motivate Mythic Raiders to raid, when Mythic Keystone gear can titanforge to such high item levels? Aside from prestigious titles and cosmetic rewards, Mythic raiding remains one of the most reliable sources of high-end gear in the game, with more ability to target specific pieces via bonus rolls and trading. It’s no coincidence that the best-geared players in the game are, almost without exception, Mythic raiders who also do other types of endgame content. Historically, raiding was the only way to get the best gear in the game, but our goal today is to provide parallel endgame item progression paths for different playstyles (raiding, dungeons, competitive PvP) to reward skill, dedication, and organization in various forms. Ideally, each of those paths also offers some unique benefits that set it apart from the others. How do you plan to accommodate new players who are overwhelmed by the size of the content? On one hand, the breadth and depth of World of Warcraft is one of the game’s strengths. A new player entering Azeroth gets access to fourteen years of content, with entire worlds to explore and stories to unravel. But that same content can also be a daunting. Including a character boost with our recent expansions is one way of making sure that players can always leap directly into the latest and greatest content, but that’s far from a complete solution. We’re taking a fresh look at our new player experience, with the goal of making it better reflect the quality and scope of the modern game. That’s a long-term project, but it’s an essential one as many brand-new players try out WoW for the first time every way, and we want to make sure we’re welcoming them into Azeroth and really showing off everything that is awesome about World of Warcraft. Thank you all very much for taking the time to participate in the Q&A. It was amazing to see so many players come to the Darkmoon Faire and submit questions (and sometimes, comments) for the development team. We read every single one of them, and we really enjoyed talking with everyone we could in Anaheim. (source)
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  16. Draketh

    Celebrate WoW's 14th Anniversary

    Great list! Just missing Eskhandar's Left Claw from Azuregos, as far as I can tell.
  17. Khaeli

    [Area 52][H] Ascension in <Eternal Kingdom> - 3/8M

    Zek'voz down! And getting close with Vectis! Come join the fun!
  18. Urthearso

    Retribution Paladin 8.0.1

    Thousands of simulations prove that this is the best way to to deal with it with current balancing. In real fights if you are not in range for Blade of Justice when you pull, yes then you would start with Judgement, and then Blade of Justice once you are closer. Off-setting Judgement by one gcd and possibly loosing out one cast in the fight is by far not as important as losing out 2 Holy Power from Blade of Justice.
  19. Chronos69

    Weekly Brawl - Escape from Braxis: November 16th

    The roster in the new is wrong.
  20. albabe

    Unhallowed Essence Multishot Demon Hunter

    My posts above say "hidden." What does that mean? Did I mess-up?
  21. Stan

    Heroic Deals: November 20th

    Tyrael and Sgt. Hammer will be on sale next week along with the 360-Day Boost through November 27! If you haven't bought the Boost yet you still have one week to do so. Mounts available next week include Big Top Ringmaster’s Pride and Platinum Tyrael’s Charger. Blizzard (Source) Every Tuesday, we place a number of Heroes on sale, and swap a fresh set of cosmetics into the featured item rotation. Check out this week’s items and then head in-game to pick up anything that catches your eye. Heroic Deals: November 20 – November 27, 2018 Our next set of Heroic Deals started on Tuesday, November 13! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below. Upcoming Hero Sales Tyrael— Sale Price: 250 gems Sgt. Hammer — Sale Price: 312 Gems The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end: Upcoming Featured Skins Demonic Tyrael War World Sgt. Hammer Balespider Gul’dan Violet Flying Monkey Brightwing Twilight Archangel Diablo Ghost Illidan Upcoming Featured Mounts Big Top Ringmaster’s Pride Platinum Tyrael’s Charger
  22. Rowiin

    [Sargeras][A] <Business Class 6/8 Mythic LF MORE!

    not just raid loggers! come join us today
  23. This one is boring. The heroic one is challenging and fun to progress on with friends.
  24. Bnetmyke

    Overwatch Free Trial: Nov 20-26

    Will we be able to still earn the sprays if our account is currently suspended?
  25. This brawl is a snoozefest.
  26. Ylothrian

    Celebrate WoW's 14th Anniversary

    Didn't know there is a quest mb
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