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  2. Here you go! Esc>Options>Gameplay>Elective Mode With Elective mode you can assign any skill to any slot!
  3. wow

    Meh, as a warrior I'm really underwhelmed with this class mount. A proto-drake, why? Did we go back in time to WoTLK? They could have at least made it that awesome Stormheim drake with the blue outline jaw.
  4. You're right, seems logical explained this way :-). If some are interested : I've got bracers and trinket. Thus I simmed my char with a few different specs. According to tonight's version of simcraft : Ebon fever is better in Mono situation Necrosis is better than infected claws So even with the bracers it's no longer a good idea not using ebon fever and necrosis. Anybody can confirm this ? Thanks !
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  6. Quote from guide: For users of the meme build, the 4-piece set bonus is generally not very desirable because your Trueshots are usually spend spamming Multi-Shot and Marked Shot, which is Focus positive (negating the effects of the 4-piece bonus entirely). If you have 2 better, non-tier items, you can and should replace the worst 2 tier items you have with those simply for the stats. If you are playing the meme build on a pure single-target fight, you should still use the 4pc.
  7. I lul'd. +ten internets just for this part. So many people forget this is in fact a game and I applaud people who are going to play what they want and tell the haters to......go somewhere......and do unpleasant things...........
  8. wow

    i was absolutely in love with this mount the second we saw the release trailer, however, looking at its run animation........ kinda killed it for me. its literally proto drake skin as you said. I mean gally was too but he was just so spikey and evil looking I was okay with it. This falls into the category of worgens for me, look really cool standing still but them run animations just........ just no
  9. wow

    the heart wrenching part is the translation was allegedly incorrect and it was supposed to be 8000, doesn't have the same ring to it. and bolvar as lich king is no where near as powerful as arthas was, the key to his power was all the souls trapped in froustmourne, hence us reforging it we are no where near as strong as arthas was. so to keep things in perspective, us getting our own lich king jr throne would be equivalent of us learning kaio-ken, not going super saiyan :)
  10. You're welcome.
  11. hearthstone

    That's what I was thinking at first as well, but then comments started popping up, saying that you get max 2 golen (or 1 in case of legendary) and max 2 normal (again, max 1 when legendary), totalling 4 (or 2 legendary) cards.
  12. wow

    heavily inspired? they ARE the t6 sets in high resolution
  13. You need to run forests if you want to run Ironroot Treefolk. And also increase the amount of cards in your deck to 60. And play a completely different game :P Jokes aside, what card did you mean by this? Ironbark Protector? Mana inefficient. I recommend you not to run the card. Blocks draws if you get bad legendaries, such as Nat Pagle. Also the meta is not slow enough to take advantage of the 5 extra cards in your deck.
  14. After a bigger break I'm back in the game again. I got my 3rd Leggo yesterday and I'm trying to decide what to do, i know there are several discussions about this topic and about statweigts etc. I have Shackles and Service. Then Lana ring dropped. That said I know the general rates of leggos and the two i have equiped are considered BIS. The thing about Shackles i don't like is the itemization on the stats they are generally crap. I know i had a fit about stats a few months ago with crit vs. Vers but I have to surrender to Vers against Crit and mastery still not as great. So the Lana ring have amazing stats and a decent bonus. and the uptime on the bonus is pretty high (DnD is up 10 secs with 15 secs cd so basically 66% uptime). The shackles give you a "free" DS every 7th attack if my maths correct. There is no way I'll part from my belt, i love the bonus to much and it's a noticable bonus. It's time for my first upgrade on my legendarys and I need more then just these are best swallow it to decide what leggo to upgrade first and what to use.
  15. You do get an additional effect even if you take 10 mana potion, so not sure what you mean. Additionally, the other effect is much more powerful. 3 mana is not that good for this deck, as you will have played the small proactive minions the the early game, and a lot of cards that cost 3 mana or less are situational/clear, such as Doomsayer or Demonwrath. If you have a Kingsblood potion in hand, you just don't tap as much. Simple as that. Besides, I already said Kingsblood shouldn't be taken if you dug too deep. You can win against reno mage even without Infernals. What I noticed is that control warriors play Grommash Hellscream much less that they used to and go for anti-aggro tools instead. This means you should not be afraid of Death's Bite + Grommash Hellscream that much, and should probably go for a value or removal tool, such as Mystic Wool, just like you said, or Felbloom. If you are able to get one of these, you usually win even without Lord Jaraxxus. If you have armor and play Lord Jaraxxus, you lose all the armor.
  16. wow

    Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm is rewarded once the Warrior completes The Trial of Rage quest. The tint changes depending on your specialization: Arms > Red, Fury > Gray, Protection > Purple. All classes in 7.2 will get a class mount when account-wide Legion flying is unlocked - Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two. The mount makes heavy use of existing Proto-drake mounts, such as Reins of Galakras or other Wrath Proto-drakes like Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. The Warrior in this video is wearing Normal difficulty Tier 20 Set that will drop in the Tomb of Sargeras. All Tier 20 Sets are heavily inspired by existing Tier 6 models (except for Death Knights, Demon Hunters & Monks).
  17. Isn't hidden satyr damage increased by agonizing poison?
  18. I don't how you simed these result, however, replacing my 870 Jaws relic with a 885 furious Swipe relic I have in bag results in a 5k DPS loss in mono target fight. I agree with Banard and Luthixx on this. Don't go for anything else than Jaws/Leader of the pack unless... unless... 7.2 changes relics ;-) 5K is a lot... on a 6 minutes long raid fight it's 1.800.000 damage. With tyrannical affixe it does make a difference too.
  19. He will get nerfed in a future balance update.
  20. Hi there. I ran a normal NH last night with my guild and some pugs. I am Flassh in the logs below. This is an alt that I am considering switching too as we are short of healers atm. Based on the fact that I dont have optimal gear for this toon and my AP is not at 35 yet, currently at 34 points, are there some simple steps I can make to get better? I have done a fair bit of healing in LFR in this expansion and in WOD and like to think I have a good grasp on the class but not to the level of a main spec healer. Gear wise, I have the DMT promises and will add it once I get enough blood to upgrade it fully. This should help mana management as I was sucking on fumes a good bit last night, which might be due to using too many FH and not enough PoM. Any advice would be apprectiated as it will help me decide if its worth switching mains at this time. Thanks in advance for reading. Log
  21. Hey, I used to be proud of my parses, doing 85-90%+ parses at ilvl 878 or so. Since then I've geared up and feel like my stats are in the right place (though mastery could be a bit higher). Now I'm parsing at 52-65% even though I don't think I'm doing anything majorly different with my rotation, and I even have the 2pc t19... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, please take a look if you have some time. Warcraft logs (star augus). I'm "Monkeygin": 878 (12 days ago): 888 (5 days ago): 889 (yesterday): (I held my meta burst for bloodlust to try it out... didn't work out so well it seems.) Armory: Thanks
  22. It's Target Nameplate Indicator. If the arrow isn't there go to the addon folder find Core.lua, look for local TEXTURE_PATH = “Interface\\AddOns\\TargetNameplateIndicator\\Reticule” Change the Reticule into NeonRedArrow so it looks like this: local TEXTURE_PATH = “Interface\\AddOns\\TargetNameplateIndicator\\NeonRedArrow” Hit save and you're done.
  23. Good morning folks, Still need tank and healers. We dont need you to be geared rady for NH straight off the bat we can help with gear. Just need people who want to play these rolls.
  24. wow

    But that would make us unstoppable. :O
  25. 1) Yeah you definitly want to get 4 AC for Burn Phase. Just take Charged Up Talent and you are good to go. 2) With Overpowered you want to play Arcane Blast on single target, however with 2 or more targets you want to play with Arcane Explosion since the dmg is way higher. 3)The 4 Set Bonus is pretty damn nice since you can get you evo back on a long fight like Gul'dan or Elisand, with more evoes you can run out of Mana and instant regenerate it. 4)Arcane does fine in PVE don't know about frost but should be viable right now woth all the changes. I hope it helped you! If you have any questions dont hesitate and pm me.
  26. wow

    Am I the only one finding these not exactly nice - with an weirdly unnaturally upwards bended neck? Have to see it ingame I guess.
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