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  2. I saw this mount in Halfhill last week and asked about it. The person told me via Mercenaries (I had d/l'ed it and tried to play, but got so confused, I deleted the game earlier). This person proceeded to explain, how to play the game and gave a bunch of tips to get the mount. Being an easy led individual, I re-installed the game and played accordingly to my notes from them. GOT IT! And found it out it is actually pretty easy to play. Which is strange as I found Hearthstone to be extremely hard to figure out. So, thank you to the staff who posted this. Now to figure out how to beat thos
  3. Dovah the Explorer created a video titled "The Exploration Museum". It's a collection of peculiar and extremely rare maps from WoW's early Alpha (0.5.3) to Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1). Some of the zones were scrapped and never released. Source: Reddit
  4. Starym, I will look for it and visit this link. 감사 해요 (thank you)
  5. Mastering set dungeons is only needed for cosmetic rewards (completing a set dungeon unlocks a new drawing on your banner, all set dungeons for a class unlokcs something else i think, completing all set dungeons for all classes unlocks a set of wings). Mastering at least one set dungeon is also necessary once per season to finish the season journey. There is absolutely no reason to farm a set dungeon post-mastery.
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  7. ive explained myself and clarified that this term is used in another way in my country. if you had read the other replies you would have known that. you actually started it again cause you didnt read.
  8. Hello, Each resistance aura (fire, frost, lightning) provide a hidden, passive bonus to its related maximum resistances (1% per 2 points). Salvation does not provide this bonus.
  9. Blizzard : "we dont want 10 mans cause people will not make class combinations" Hardcore guilds class stacking druids etc : "well yeah but actually no"
  10. The Final Verdict is een Nederlandstalige casual mythic guild, ontstaan tijdens The Burning Crusade. We hebben een hechte core, een ambitieus officerteam en een roster vol leuke, fanatieke individuen. Wij zijn altijd opzoek naar enthousiaste gamers die met ons keys willen pushen, raiden of social events willen doen! Wij zijn actief op het gebied van raiding, mythic + en sociale activiteiten (zowel ingame als real life). We hebben een actief discordkanaal en een rijke guildbank die goed wordt onderhouden door onze quartermasters. Wij hanteren heldere regels en een helder beleid.
  11. I'm still a noob at this so sorry if this is a stupid question. If trap laying is based on as only, why do we need the fcr? Is it only because of the Teleport from Enigma?
  12. Sorry if this is a silly question, why the 1-1-1 points in the separate resistance auras? Wouldn't it be better to just put those in Salvation? (I know that with a lot of +skill the individual res's will beat out Salvation but imho by not that much)
  13. Mission table needs lots of attention and time but reward wise is pretty good when you do it on multiple alts My only problem with this xp item is 10k anima is so much for so little
  14. Abide


    It helps reduce the chance of getting gray vendor items and let's you fish in higher areas. It also reduces the chance your fish escapes which helps in higher areas. If you don't have issues with that where you fish then you won't need it, it's mostly for the high level fishing areas in the game such as skettis.
  15. Yeah wait will you have both to replace them and it's worth.
  16. Hirumaredx is back with another great video focusing on WoW's history, this time covering the life and death of 10-man competitive/maximum difficulty raiding and the lower player-count raid version in general. With the most difficult raiding being 20-man for quite a while now and Blizzard being pretty receptive to feedback, the topic of 10-man maximum difficulty raiding is a very interesting one to bring up, so let's take a look. The main point coming across from the video is the fact that 10-man raiding for the hardest difficulty was much more popular than 25-man, as the video goes into
  17. Hey - sorry for the late reply. For now, the WoW Classic forums aren't very active, so further diluting them with a different forum for Fresh is probably not a good idea. If there's real volume of posts about Fresh in the WoW Classic forums, we're more than happy to create a separate forum for them. Thanks!
  18. Ah yes, that must have been a vestige of an older iteration of the tea. Given the general lack of Venthyr Brewmasters, it doesn't surprise me that it has taken this long for someone to find an error there. I'll be sure to correct it immediately. Thank you for finding this!
  19. Thank you so much for mentioning this, i was wondering what the heck was going on lol, TY!
  20. Would be nice if new companions just worked like the troops: their level is an average of the highest x ones you already have.
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  22. Cartman .... We just need to log in and stay in the forest, killing boars. Kyle ... Dude, boars are only worth two experience points apiece. Do you know how many we would have to kill to get up 30 levels? Cartman ... Yes. Sixty-five million three hundred and forty thousand two hundred and eighty five. Which should take us seven weeks five days thirteen hours and twenty minutes, giving ourselves three hours a night to sleep.
  23. 10,000 anima for 5000 xp. Just another example of how tight blizzard are and how poor the rewards are in wow for the time investment. I wonder when we are lying on our death beds if we will regret all the time spent on wow for a few cookie crumbs ?
  24. Easier said than done. Internal issues could be far more than what it appears. With a good amount of well known people leaving or getting canned we don't what staffing looks like at the current moment for WoW. I'm sure all of us have seen the "WoW is hiring people for great career opportunities" that's on the actual app. Can't necessarily push out content when you got no staff to push out content with. Which is probably why 9.1.5 is taking so long to be pushed out.
  25. Exactly! I don't care about someone's hate crusade against all the perceived wrongs of a company. I want what I pay for, and part of what I pay for in an expansion is additional content to be added. They need to find a way to fix their stupid internal bs and still get a product out the door.
  26. Looking to be recruited on EU! Add me on Battle.net tag to PM: Fallen#23445 Hi, I'm willing to create a new account and start leveling new characters. What I'm looking for is someone to play with, possibly leveling together and enjoying the 50% XP when we are both online and possibly someone that can do mythic+ or raiding with me. A nice guild would be a plus. Since this RAF system is in place the rewards are pretty big, 2 mounts, lots of gametime and other stuff and even after 12 months the rewards keep going. I'm looking to start playing again with a new friend a
  27. Between the gold missions and the trade goods bags, you can make a decent amount tbh.
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