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  2. Blizzard provided some details about how Valor and Conquest will work in Shadowlands Season 4. Valor will be reset when Season 4 starts and have no caps. Conquest will be reset too and have a higher weekly cap compared to previous seasons and go to being fully uncapped a few weeks into the new season. (Source) Valor will be reset, but won’t have any caps for the season’s duration. Conquest will be reset, with a higher weekly cap than previous seasons, then go to being fully uncapped a number of weeks into the season.
  3. No guys allowed in general. Powerful whamen only.
  4. The Game for the Malignantly Wealthy. I’ve seen a few interviews with the Lead Dev on this… scary guy… obviously a sociopath… but in a nicecway, of course. (/s)
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  6. Amount of censorship it's going to have to look good after all this drama... No red shirt guys allowed.
  7. I can see Grimrail depot being avoided like the plague on certain affix weeks.
  8. It seems Blizzard are planning on bringing back BlizzCon next year, after an almost 3 year absence, as Blizzard President Mike Ybarra mentioned while talking to the Los Angeles Times. While talking broadly about the new culture at Blizzard, Ybarra talked about plans for a 2023 BlizzCon, saying that the company is commited to bringing it back: We previously announced we’re taking a pause on BlizzCon while we reimagine it for the future but do want to return to a live event that enables us to celebrate the community. We recently hired a new leader of BlizzCon,
  9. whats so laughable about my personal opinion and why felt the urge to write lol instead of using the reaction button? we can argue about everything if you write more then 3 letters.i look forward to your opinion on this topic and your solution attempts. my opinion is not set in stone.
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    Leveling Overview

    Hi! The Quest "Searching for the missing person" which gives 2 class engraving chests is not listed on the article https://imgur.com/gallery/p6iay2I
  11. In before someone starts whining about this info..
  12. More hotfixes arrive, as both retail and the WoW Companion app get improvements. June 26 (Source) Creatures and NPCs The Guardian of the Dawn NPC outside Dawn’s Blossom will no longer generate an error message when warning strangers not to cause troubles in town. Items and Rewards The Earpieces of Tranquil Focus toy now correctly tunes out the death yell of a player transformed by the Transmorpher Beacon toy. WoW Companion App Fixed an issue where some characters were not displaying mission icons and/or enemy portraits on receiving a new
  13. Blizzard have added some clarification and detailed recent changes to the Season 4 Fated system, from the reduction in boss kills per quest, to a catch-up mechanic later in the season, as well as confirming new portals to the S4 M+ dungeons for +20 keys, and stating the endboss mount drop rates for the Sepulcher and Sanctum will actually remain until Dragonflight launches! Season 4 (Source) Hey folks! Just a quick update - with Season 4’s release date finally announced, I wanted to circle back to this thread and talk about how some of these experiments will be tuned/update
  14. well, that probably leads to competition between bots or hardcore 24/7 dudes with (mechanical) multi boxxing. prices will drop down since no one will be able to reset prices and while amor and weapons arent included, craftable stuff that requires material that you can buy cheap now since the AH will be flooded with it, will drop next in price. so in the long run, casuals wont be able to generate as much gold as they do now, even people who use AH semi proffession wont keep up and people have to buy more wow tokens in general. smart move by blizzard. but thats just my personal opinion. the
  15. Renowned composer Alex Moukala has released a highly anticipated fan project featuring 1,400 fans of the MMO. Alex Moukala is a Youtube content creator as well as music producer for Hollywood blockbusters such as Avengers: Endgame. On Youtube, he is well known for releasing funky remixes of video game soundtracks and reacting to various compositions. Back in February, two months after the release of Endwalker shook players to their core, Moukala made an earnest request to the FFXIV community. He wanted players to help him recreate the emotional song featured in the final zone of End
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  17. Sad i been playing this game since 2008 kept my subscription active for 14 years lol, and yet i have never been invited to BETA testing. Guess you got to be a influencer or streamer to deserve such privileged, Please Blizzard hear me out 🙂
  18. The first Diablo Immortal update has arrived. It includes the Season 2 Battle Pass, a new Helliquary raid boss, and the Hungering Moon event. Blizzard also highlighted class changes that will go live in the next content update. (Source) Since taking their first steps in Diablo Immortal, adventurers have vanquished countless demons, loosened the hold of the Burning Hells over Sanctuary, and tracked down fragments of the shattered Worldstone. Today, we’re excited to share details on our first new content drop since launch and provide a preview of our next batch of new con
  19. Loving that Kul'Tiran So simple, yet so perfect
  20. I dont mind being wrong, Wotlk classic coming earlier is better in my book
  21. Here's a huge batch of the best transmogs from Reddit submitted by the community! We have another round of carefully curated transmogs for you! We're including a list of items for each set to make it easier for you to mimic the desired appearance. Let us know which transmog is your favorite in the comments down below. Arcane Wanderer (Cloth) Transmog Exotic Pet Collector Transmog The Wulfen King Transmog Piercing Quarz (White Druid Leather Transmog) Celestial Knight Transmog Titanforged Paladin Plate Transmog
  22. This will be the best thing to ever happen to botters and RMTraders, the worst for casuals and hobby traders. Be prepared for prices to increase exponentially across the board. This will go down as the dumbest idea since LFG, maybe even worse than flight.
  23. This probably applies to the rest of their "classic" team.
  24. I did and so many others, so it's hard to believe you didn't. One barbarian was able to whirlwind through a group of players, everyone was getting one shotted, just an example. Did you just register to defend this game? 🤦‍♂️ Progression for F2P is total garbage, so I don't know how anyone can defend it. Have in mind that this is only about to get worse due to power creep in future updates. In Lost Ark a F2P player can have steady progression, here it's impossible due to very low drops. Item drops are *filtered* without legendary crests. F2P players will be way behind whales, and by the ti
  25. Here's an old but still very weird one, as a player recently remembered an old and somewhat obscure Warlords of Draenor incident. Haji-me remembered having "Darren's Bombing Run of Awesomeness" developer/GM-only quest shared to them and wondering what exactly was going on, as hundreds of siege cannons started floating around as the quest asked them to slay dudes. But that's not the weirdest thing, as the player is actually invulnerable while it's all happening! Luckily XYAYUSDYDZCXS in the comments had the answer as to what was happening, as this quest somehow reached play
  26. Most people who do nothing but Farm for Gold are RMT traders. This is fanfuckingtastic for normal players.. Job Well Done Blizzard.
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