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  2. Patch 7.3.2 Build 25079: Tier 21 Set Tuning

    The warlock is backwards now its Agony and corruption.
  3. In the initial build of Patch 7.3.2, many Tier 21 set bonuses have been updated. Tier 21 Set Bonuses Death Knight Item - Death Knight T21 Frost 4P Bonus - Frost Damage Flashy Proc - When you deal Frost damage, you have a chance to release a barrage of icy spikes at your target dealing [ 3.000 * 280 0% of weapon damage ] Frost damage. Druid Item - Druid T21 Feral 2P Bonus - Rip Chance to Double Tick - When Rip deals damage, there is a 10 20% chance for it to deal damage again. Item - Druid T21 Feral 4P Bonus - Rip Ticks Proc Free Ferocious Bite - When Rip deals damage, you have a 4% chance to cause your next Ferocious Bite to consume no Combo Points be free and count as if you spent the maximum amount of Energy. Mage Item - Mage T21 Fire 4P Bonus - Combustion Increases Crit Damage - Combustion also increases your critical strike damage by 12 50% for 14 sec. Item - Mage T21 Frost 4P Bonus - Brain Freeze Buffs Frostbolt - When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt or Ice Lance is increased by 75%. Monk Item - Monk T21 Mistweaver 2P Bonus - Gust of Mists Applies HoT - When Gust of Mists heals a target, they have a 100 101% chance to gain Tranquil Mist which heals them for [ 4 + 320% of Spell Power ] health over 8 sec. Rogue Item - Rogue T21 Subtlety 2P Bonus - Combo Points Spent Buffs Backstab - Each Combo Point spent reduces the cooldown of Symbols of Death by 0.2 sec. Backstab damage increased by 30%. Shaman Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 2P Bonus - Lava Burst Buffs Maelstrom Spenders - Each cast of Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Earth Shock or Earthquake by 20% 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Item - Shaman T21 Elemental 4P Bonus - Earth Shock Overload - Earth Shock and Frost Shock have has a 15 30% chance to cause an Elemental Overload. Warlock Item - Warlock T21 Affliction 2P Bonus - Drain Soul Increases UA Duration - When Drain Soul Agony deals damage, there is a 2 15% chance to increase the duration of Unstable Affliction on the target by 1.0 sec. Item - Warlock T21 Affliction 4P Bonus - Corruption Causes Drain Soul Tick Faster - When you cast Unstable Affliction, all targets within 60 yards suffering from your Agony immediately take 1 Shadow damage. When Corruption deals damage, you have a 2% chance to increase the speed at which Drain Soul deals damage by 100% for the next 10 sec. Warrior Item - Warrior T21 Fury 4P Bonus - Recklessness Buffs Rampage - When you activate Battle Cry, the damage of your next Rampage is increased by 75 150% for 8 sec.
  4. Jade Druid Deck List

    It is still viable, but it obviously isn't as strong as pre-nerf. As far as I know, there will not be any updates to pro player decks (a disclaimer warning about that will be added, though). Updates to Ultimate Jade Druid and Budget Jade Druid will be made later this week, hopefully during today and tomorrow. Most players kept Innervate in their deck. Some changed them for Doomsayers or adding non-tech cards that they had 1-off.
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  6. Jade Druid Deck List

    Is Jade Druid still viable since the nerf? Is there any update to Always Lucky's deck list? What we should run instead of Innervate?
  7. Antorus Raid Trinkets with Interesting Procs

    Tank one almost looks like a trap. No static stats aside from Strength, and the procs are rng; super powerful when the antorus one goes off, but for a prot paladin at least it feels like this one could fool your healers into a false sense of security.
  8. 932 MM looking for advice

    I could take a look at it, but the advice will be the same nonetheless. In single target you need to cast as few Marked Shots as possible. You only use it for opening Vulnerable, and you obviously don't need it if you have WIndburst to open it instead. So you should end up casting almost 3 times more Aimed Shots than Marked Shots. The thing with how many Aimed Shots you can fit will depend on a lot of factors. Good use of Trueshot, how much Haste you have and appropriate focus management are the main ones, but RNG will sometimes let you throw a ton of extra Aimed Shots if Lock and Load procs a lot, since it gives instant cast Aimed Shots with no focus cost. However, all that is secondary to perfecting the Vulnerable rotation. Every single Aimed Shot has to land with Vulnerable on. A non-vulnerable Aimed Shot is weak shot that wastes a lot of time and focus, so it's extremely punishing to your dps. And my impression is that there is a systematic mistake in your rotation, so it's not like you only missed it once.
  9. Pretty much. They will be useless. Awoken Titan Essence is the new black.
  10. Yeah it looks like a stab from Sargeras. Might awaken some good sleeping Old Gods.
  11. Spriest trinkets?

    i would use Terror from Below and Tarnished Sentine Medallion. you can write a macro with the medallion and your mindbender Charm is to unpredictable which most of the debuffs from Bosses and the stick a little bit low. and naraxas generally isnt good for spriest. overall try to get a bit more haste and less mastery ... especially when you don´t have Mangazas Madness and/or Sephuz Secret, which gave you 1k haste imaginary haste =)
  12. Maiden of Vigilance

    In the bottom of the mythic section of the guide
  13. Lord Marrowgar

    Why are you running MajorDomo Executus? If you were running the Priest Quest or Alexstraza as well then maybe I would understand but when your hero becomes Ragnaros, you HP becomes 8. Max HP is 8. Only way to change that is to Alexstraza yourself or play Amara - the set your HP to 40. If you want to throw in a Miracle OTK then you may want to put in a Deathlord or Humongous Razorleaf. Since they both start with 8 HP, Double divine makes that 32 + Inner Fire for the 32/32 which can OTK a LOT of people. Exceptions are high armor Warrior, Secret Mage (Unless you play the Secret Stealer / Eater), or Priest who uses quest as well and pulls out his Set HP to 40 before you get miracle 32/32. If you are intentionally trying to become Ragnaros then why run Mindbreaker? That blocks both peoples Hero Power. Why not switch him out for Saboteur? Sabotuer is 3 mana as well, a 4/3 drop, and makes the enemy Hero power cost +5 mana. The Loatheb of Hero powers. The rest of the deck seems fine. Unfortunately, I do not see that deck making it past rank 17, especially since you are playing Wild Format. In wild I have been seeing an increase in OTK druids who use the Quest to make all their C'thun cards free + Brann Bronzebeard for a Super C'thun buff + his battlecry activates twice.
  14. 929 MM dps and gear Question

    So i have done alot of research on my rotation and talents choices depending on fight type. But for some reason my dps always seems low. I start off strong but as the fight goes on my dps drops alot. I tried comparing on warcraft logs but i cant find out what i am doing wrong as it seems i am doing exactly was others are. Please any help is appreciated. I also have the belt and boots for aoe and then i switch to boots and gloves for ST. Also Raidbots tells me to only use T20 2 set when i have the 4 set. Are stats better then the bonus the 4 set gives? Heroic Mythic Armory
  15. Patch 7.3.2: The Fate of Azeroth (Major Spoilers)

    Looks more like the Eye of Sauron... LOTRO/WOW crossover expac inc... Legit though it does look more like stab wound, interested to see how this plays out.
  16. It looks more like a stab wound from Sargeras, probably a final act of rage right before he gets imprisoned.
  17. FiLTHY Team is progressing Mistress Sassz'ine Mythic right now, lowest was 9% so we are expecting to kill it tonight. Looking for: All classes (No Melee) Apply on the website: AND/OR message me. Battletag: MrRoboto#2229
  18. Maiden of Vigilance

    There's something broken in the last paragraph of this guide.
  19. Patch 7.3.2: The Fate of Azeroth (Major Spoilers)

    Well what I meant is: The Wound looks like C'Thun's Eye.
  20. Kitting Flame Orb on Kil'jaeden

    Hey. Use blink to kite it into the rift. /se
  21. Interesting to see the next expansion unfolding. Can't wait till Blizzcon.
  22. Wizard Leveling and Fresh 70

    Obviously everyone uses different key binds. The point is that the visual charts use icons for the left mouse button and the right mouse button and then move on to 1, 2, 3, and 4, while the verbal descriptions of the Skills just below the chart use 1-6. Confusing, at least for a newer player.
  23. Antorus Raid Trinkets with Interesting Procs

    Well, it seems that Golganneth's Vitality + Nightblooming Frond = Slice and Dice masterrace.
  24. Patch 7.3.2: Upgrading Legendary Items to 1,000

    Not a weekly run gives essences. Only the weekly chest on wednesday.
  25. Antorus Raid Trinkets with Interesting Procs

    The tank trinket is still pretty underwheming. Just an armor proc, not interesting, and +2M hp is nice, but it's not like i'm going to be dying to get it. BUT HEY THAT 5K HASTE PROC MAKES MY BDK D**K HARD MATE.
  26. Single Target Prio-List Error ?

    7.3.2 is still month+ out, they should atlest update the guide to reflect the new build with Obliteration. Right now I use it when I have atleast 50 runic power and with pillar just so I dont starve myself during Obliteration.
  27. Patch 7.3.2: Primal Sargerite Vendor

    Yeah, finally mastery gems prices will be cut too in AH.
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