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  2. Sombra

    Upcoming Balance Changes for Support Heroes

    Mercy is just so ez to play,you cant make a mistake by missing a shot like ana) as long as she has her rezz, she will be meta moira is fine, she is the only realy hard team healer, that can top up hard aoe dmg ana just needs a new ult, scrap that nano, as long as mercy has dmg boost, nano will be hard under powered maybe give her some aoe dmg reduction for a few sec ? So you can counter grav,dragon bullshit lucio is cool, brig is cool, zens discord, could be nerfed eventually but its fine
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  4. ThreeStripesX

    <GRID> is Recruiting All player For All Seasons

    Still Space
  5. Azortharion

    Beast Mastery Hunter 8.0.1

    Beast Mastery has Multi-Shot. ^^
  6. Carrn

    8.0 sin rogue - subterfuge

    The only time I would recast Garrote is when multi-dotting. Otherwise just use it to keep the debuff applied
  7. Guest

    Fire Mage 8.0.1

    Thank you! 🙂
  8. Carrn

    Question on Outlaw in 8.0

    I believe so. I haven't played Outlaw much right yet as I'm on vacation and my playtime is limited, so I would say yes use it ST but don't let anything bad happen when you do. That means make sure you won't cap on energy, don't let procs expire, don't let RtB drop... That kind of thing. My assumption is that it would be better to use BtE or RT if you're full on CP, but if you have 3CP and won't cap Energy in the next few seconds you're probably fine
  9. Fiber

    Beast Mastery Hunter 8.0.1

    Hi ! First of all, thanks Azortharion and all the people here, but specially Azortharion for all the great work here... Just a minor caveat about the guide, in the Multiple Target Rotation you talk about " When fighting 2-4 targets, you should keep up Beast Cleave by casting Multi-Shot roughly once every 4 seconds"... But Multi-Shot is for markmanship, isn't it? Keep up with this as much as you can, it's great help for people like me with not a lot of idea in combat situations. Thanks !
  10. ddkil

    Subtlety Rogue 8.0.1

    Definitely not a big fan of the new subtlety.They turned one of the most satisfying specs in the game into something ordinary,spammy and not very rewarding to play.It was a pleasure managing dfa rotation and now its just spam shadowstrike all the time.Not good. I haven't researched much about BFA yet,so it might change in the future with the new traits and abilities but It is very unlikely.
  11. riptor7364

    Duncan Jones: Warcraft Movie Sequel Unlikely

    The biggest issue with the movie by far was the pacing. The film jumps around too quickly, too often for you to really settle in and engage with the world and it's characters. Lord of The Rings for example.. they dedicate the first 8 minutes of the film just to it's introduction of the world. The next 15 minutes is dedicated to getting you familiar with the Hobbits and their culture. It's not until around 25 minutes in do they begin to really move the story forward. In Warcraft, they cram all of the world and character introduction into the first 3 minutes before rushing the story along. Next thing you know they're in Ironforge.. 1 minute later they're in Stormwind.. 1 minute later they're in the Tavern.. 1 minute later they're with the Orcs.. 1 minute later they're in Kharazan.. Then they're in Stormwind again.. then Elwyn again.. They bounce between like 10 different locations before hitting the 25 minute mark, where as in Lord of The Rings you're still in the shire learning about the main characters. If anything ruined this movie, it was the pacing, because it's not a bad movie.. The world, characters, acting were all there.. The whole thing just felt rushed, leaving people who don't know anything about Warcraft not really understanding or caring about who anyone is or why they're doing what they're doing. I would even say the most disconnected part of the film by far was Lothar's son. They drag him in for like 1 scene, with 1 line of dialog before they're basically killing him off in a scene that I guess was supposed to mean something to the audience? Most if not all of the issues with the film could have been fixed if it was a 3 hour movie. That, and possibly a more meaningful ending that focused on the conflict between the orcs and the humans. I don't think anyone really gave 2 shits about the Medivh ending, who's a fairly bland and boring character to begin with. They should have focused more on the Orc and Human drama.
  12. Here's a roundup of all Midgame Moves for Hearthstone that have been published last week. The series is aimed at educating players and covers a variety of topics. Table of Contents Part One: Do I Have Lethal? Part Two: Am I Dead? Part Three: Reading Your Opponent Part Four: When the Plan Falls Apart Part Five: Playing to Your Outs Part One: Do I Have Lethal? [Return to Top] Blizzard (Source) Welcome to Midgame Week! Previously, during Opening Moves Week, we looked at how Hearthstone pros navigate the first phase of the game—everything from choosing your win condition and building a deck to how to mulligan or play your first turns. In Midgame Week, we dissect the sequence of decisions a pro player makes each turn as they look to advance to the late game—and victory. The first question you should ask yourself every turn in the midgame is one that will come as no surprise to Hearthstone aficionados—can I win right now? Do I have lethal? To dig into that, we asked Raymond “rayC” Cipoletti of Panda Global for advice. “Frequently, even at the highest levels of play, we see players missing lethal,” rayC says. “Whether it’s an easy lethal or the most complex puzzle in Hearthstone, there are steps you should take every turn to ensure nothing is missed.” The first step? Take a deep breath. “You need to slow down,” rayC says. “The most common reason for missing lethal is simply playing too fast. Take your time to analyze the board state.” Once you’ve done this, run through your choices. “Think about every single option at your disposal—especially if your opponent is low on Health,” rayC says. “Go through every scenario with the cards you have in hand. You have until the rope starts to burn to make your actions, so make use of that time!” Accounting for your outs is important, too. “When I play any given turn, I treat it like a math problem,” rayC says. “Remember order of operations from math class? Sequencing applies to every turn of Hearthstone.” Sequencing is a skill players must work at constantly, but rayC suggests doing things like drawing cards once you’ve established you don’t already have lethal before taking any other actions. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, check your work. “When you finally spot lethal, re-count it,” rayC says. “Make sure the math adds up. You never want to commit to a play only to realize you were off, and potentially lose because of it.” Part Two: Am I Dead? [Return to Top] Blizzard (Source) To figure out whether your opponent is about to end the game is tricky. You have to evaluate the current board state, your opponent’s hand, what (if anything) you can do to prevent them from winning, and how that will impact your own game plan. For such a challenge, we asked the inimitable Edwin “HotMEOWTH” Cook—winner of the 2016 Americas Summer Championship—for help. Evaluating these variables is difficult, but sometimes your opponent will give you information. “It’s important to know when your opponent is showing signs of aggression or making riskier plays that might be setting up lethal,” HotMEOWTH says. “In a scenario where you are suspicious of your opponent setting up lethal the following turn, it’s important to track the cards they have left in their hand, cards left in their deck, and how much mana they will have available to figure out how much damage they can possibly do.” “One trick to find out if your opponent can kill you next turn is to track their hand and see if there are cards they have held for more than a few turns,” HotMEOWTH says. “If so, they might be holding onto dangerous burn spells or combo pieces.” (Hand-tracking is a skill unto itself, and the focus of tomorrow’s Midgame Week entry—so check back for that!) Mana considerations are hugely important as well. “Oftentimes, your opponent could have more than enough damage to win the game, but not enough mana to utilize all of those cards. Keep in mind whether you have to make the safest play—even if your opponent has held a few cards for a long time,” HotMEOWTH says. That’s especially great advice for facing off against aggressive decks. “If your opponent isn’t holding any specific cards, it’s still important to keep track of what’s left in their deck,” HotMEOWTH says. “What are the odds of them drawing a card that would allow them to win? Ask yourself whether you can afford to play safe and prevent it or not.” (We’ll also talk more about the strategy of playing to your outs later in Midgame Week.) Finally, your own Health is a crucial consideration. “When you’re facing opponents that are playing decks that can burst you down from a high Health total, it’s important to count the maximum damage they can do with their combos,” HotMEOWTH says. “For example, Druids can unleash large chunks of damage using Savage Roar with just a few minions on the board." If facing off against such a deck, he suggests playing minions with Taunt and making trades accordingly. Part Three: Reading Your Opponent [Return to Top] Blizzard (Source) While you’ve been navigating the game—thinking every turn about whether you have lethal or if you can survive your opponent’s next turn—you also should be monitoring the state of your opponent’s hand and deck. Matthijs “Theo” Lieftink, a two-time representative of The Netherlands in the Hearthstone Global Games (HGG), has strong advice for anyone looking to improve their hand-reading skills, including how to bluff your opponent’s reads. “Hand-reading is an important part of pro-level play, and you can get an edge if you are doing it better than your opponent,” Theo says. His advice? “Keep track of how many cards your opponent keeps in the mulligan.” If they’re still holding one of those cards into the midgame, it’s probably a critical tech card or a high-value element of their strategy. Of course, “It depends on what your opponent is playing,” Theo adds. To learn hand-reading, he suggests thinking about what the absolute best play could have been every turn. If your opponent didn’t make the optimal play—for example, playing a Flamestrike on turn seven to clear your board of four-Health minions—that tells you that they probably didn’t have the tools to do so. Countering your opponent’s hand-reading is the next level of difficulty. “Bluffing that you do or don’t have a certain card can be done in several ways,” Theo says. He suggests making plays that suggest a specific follow-up for your next turn is in-hand, whether you’re holding it or not. “The same thing can be done the other way around—making worse plays to pretend you don’t have a certain card in hand.” He’s quick to point out, however, that this can be risky—your opponent might play around the card you’re hiding anyway. “It’s important to know when you can afford to bluff,” he says. “Making ‘worse’ plays to set something up can always backfire.” A special thanks to Theo for his continued provision of expert advice! Hand-reading is an enormously difficult skill to learn, and it’s one that even the best players continue to work at every day. Part Four: When the Plan Falls Apart [Return to Top] Blizzard (Source) You had a grand plan. It was perfect. A flawless combination all but set up, waiting for that last crucial card—and then you realize that your opponent will win, unless you expend one of your key cards to stay in the game. Fear not! All is not necessarily lost, and Esteban “AKAWonder” Serrano of SK Gaming—a fixture of the European pro Hearthstone scene—will help you understand how to navigate what’s left when your deck’s win condition is scattered to the wind. Regardless of your deck style, AKAWonder says you must look for a new strategy if your original one has been derailed. “When you lose your win condition, you need to find an alternative plan to win the game," he says. "Most likely, your chances to win are lower than they were.” But so long as they aren't zero, you have a chance. He suggests looking for every point of win percentage you can, by any means possible. “In order to find an alternative plan, I think about different situations—denying my opponent their win condition, going to fatigue, or just creating pressure using minions,” AKAWonder says. He adds that certain cards can offer new outs all their own, like The Lich King. It’s not always easy, but practice helps. He says, “You need to find a new way to win—and the more you play a deck, the more alternative game plans you will discover for different matchups.” If you’re newer to Hearthstone, he says this is actually a valuable lesson to learn: “Your win condition is important, but not if you lose with it in your hand. Go for an alternative plan if the situation forces you to!” Sounds like AKAWonder recommends a whole string of keywords: you need to Discover new ways to play and Adapt to the situation! Every game is different, so playing with that in mind just makes sense. Part Five: Playing to Your Outs [Return to Top] Blizzard (Source) There’s a surprisingly wide gulf between winning and not losing yet. A very kind Jace “DrJikininki” Garthright, best known for his 2017 Americas Winter Playoffs victory, lends us his guidance today to distinguish between the two, helping you to “play to your outs”—making sure you’re still working towards a game-winning play. “It’s important to ask yourself every turn—how can I win this game?” DrJikininki says. “Some games, you may have a very slim chance to win, but recognizing when you are in that situation and adapting is a very important skill.” He cautions against what may seem instinctual, which is to make the "safe" play each turn. “All players have a tendency to make plays that would be considered safer,” he says. “Plays as simple as trading into minions on the board to live for an extra turn.” But the concept of playing to live isn’t how you should play. “Use critical thinking about the potential reach in your opponent’s deck,” DrJikininki says. “Taking slim percentage chances is what you have to do sometimes!” His advice makes sense—evaluating how a given line of play sets you up to win later is incredibly important. Getting there takes time, so DrJikininki echoes what others have said: practice. “Next time you play a game and are in a losing position, ask yourself—what hands can you beat? What play with your hand leads to you winning the most often? This will help you out more than just playing a large number of games.” He notes that understanding the variables—your deck’s reach, your opponent’s deck’s reach, whether or not either deck can afford to play a value game, and more—all factor into those questions. That’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series of educational snippets from pro players across the competitive Hearthstone landscape, and that Midgame Week inspires you to take your game to the next level. Which of this week’s skills do you think is most important? What advice would you offer other players looking to learn more about how to level up their play? Offer up your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for even more pro player insight right here on
  13. Tyrayus

    Retribution Paladin 8.0.1

    Hi Superb work , again 🙂 Thank you !
  14. Darksickness

    [Sargeras] [A] <Two Strike Policy> (11/11M) LF DPS and Heal

    LF Strong Healers and Ranged DPS for reclears and BFA! Apply now at
  15. Torty

    Restoration Druid 8.0.1

    The guide is for current content, not for Beta. When BfA launches, it will get updated.
  16. Vayde

    Live Developer Q&A Roundup: Jul 19

    The obvious answer to why they didn't get to locks idle animations is the fact that they did their soulwell and summoning closet updates instead. None of the other classes they worked on got cool stuff like that so instead of giving warlocks everything and giving another class nothing they chose to give everyone something.
  17. positiv2

    Build Updates

    If you mean builds by deadset, they are updated when meta changes, either due to discovering a more powerful option in gear or skills, or when a balance patch lands.
  18. Furty

    Affliction Warlock 8.0.1

    Can you explain your math for Nightfall, Drain Soul, or Siphon Life being the best choice for any Antorus fight?
  19. Guest

    Affliction Warlock 8.0.1

    The suggestion for talents is incorrect currently on live. Tier one should be either Nightfall or Drain Soul. Tier 2 is Siphon Life. Tier 4 is Phantom Singularity. If you do the math damage divided by time (this is what is dps) you will see I am correct.
  20. Guest

    Mistweaver Monk 8.0.1

    Good guide but it is almost completely missing dungeon and Mythic+ content. Its basically a pure raid guide which is not what I'm looking for. In my opinion, viability of Mistweaver in M+ is not a reason to leave it out if that happens to be it.
  21. Furty

    Destruction Warlock 8.0.1

    I'll add them back to the guides soon. I removed them with the pre-patch as it wasn't entirely clear how some of the changes would play at level 100.
  22. Furty

    Affliction Warlock 8.0.1

    I'll add them back to the guides soon. I removed them with the pre-patch as it wasn't entirely clear how some of the changes would play at level 100.
  23. Guest

    Fury Warrior 8.0.1

    With Bladestorm having a reduced CD from Legion and more concentrated burst, is Storm's Eye viable as a top tier legendary? Or is the Charger just too strong to replace?
  24. Bora

    Balance Druid 8.0.1

    I apologize if you find the guide unhelpful but i will try to elaborate further here. Sephuz is a strong legendary because it takes our top 2 stats (Haste>>Crit) and gives them to us over budget. When I say over budget I am referring to the 2% haste passive that comes with Sephuz. I believe you can proc sephuz on IFE is not as good as Sephuz because we generate a good portion less Astral Power than we used to, it has a dead stat on it (Mastery), and our cooldowns were severely nerfed (loss of Moon and Stars artifact + weaker base cooldown). IFE can be good if the fight times allow it though. Promises of Elune became the best pure single target legendary with the shift of power from Starsurge to Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath. In Legion, much of our damage came from the actual casting of Starsurge as opposed to the casts following Starsurge thanks to Mastery scaling and Artifact traits. Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath are now much more impactful spells in the rotation and make up a larger portion of your damage. Thus a legendary that directly buffs two already strong spells becomes strong on pure ST. The math has been done and is in fact still being done to this minute (some possible changes coming soontm) as people continue to work tirelessly and redo old APLs (action priority lists) and look for new ways to min-max the class. I will be working on a simulations page come BFA to put your mind at ease when taking my word.
  25. Zickaa

    Restoration Druid 8.0.1

    It's going to be haste / crit not mastery ... with 3 pieces "Autumn Leaves" trait Tranqui 2min, ToL and Flourish.
  26. Blainie

    Unholy Death Knight 8.0.1

    After further discussion with Abyssal, there are sections where he holds back on detail in talent comparisons, like the ones I mentioned above. When there is just a straight DPS loss by taking another talent, he chooses to keep it simple by saying a talent is simply worse. In the past, having additional detail that linked to sims discussing it, breakdowns of damage dealt, etc. has ended up confusing people to achieve the same goal of saying: it does less damage, it's worse. He is adding a few extra descriptions, but as it stands, some of them just can't be elaborated on without linking massive lists of sims comparing talents with different setups, showing percentage differences, etc. Hope this helps understand why it is like this, whereas for other classes, they can need a bit more explanation to describe why talents are worse/better. Another guide that does this is Marksmanship Hunter, for example, where there is little to be said for some talents - just that they are worse.
  27. Blainie

    Arms Warrior 8.0.1

    From Archi: Hope this helps.
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