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  2. i wish they unexpand races, and remove vulpera entirely
  3. We are only showing talents which are regularly taken in Talents page atm, but you can find it on the Spells page if you want to know our opinion about it. There's just not much need for extra Haste in Shaman rotation in general, especially now that Tidebringer and Spiritwalker's Tidal Totem can give you plenty of cast time reduction when you need it most 🙂
  4. By Dumbo were you referring to Trunks ?
  5. I was able to just walk in and get the chest, sure I had to deal with the knockback every couple of seconds but it wasn't that bad. The worst part was opening a chest and being interrupted by the knockback, still managed to open it after a minute though.
  6. Those enhancement shaman 2 and 4pc changes are massive. Now if ele could get equal treatment, our 4 pc is *filtered* and def needs work along with our class tree and spec tree.
  7. There’s still some bugs in the vaults, I opened every room and chest but one it’s the room with the wind vortex. There’s no way to stop the wind to open the chest, I have gotten every buff in the vaults and used every cauldron and vial and still can’t go in the room cause it bounces me back every 2 sec. I’am guessing the room I need to open those chest didn’t spawn with my vault.
  8. Nice, no stress then. I assume you can get additional keys and go back and open stuff
  9. This is possibly the most useless enchantment guide I've ever seen, Learn how to make guides Noob.
  10. Guest

    Restoration Shaman PvE

    Where is Flash Flood on gthe Tier 1-4 on the talents page? Is it that bad?
  11. We have the first solidly big batch of hotfixes in a while, as the initial patch 10.0.7 improvements bring class, dungeon, quest, mob and Zskera Vault fixes, including the big Warlock issue that was causing them go go pretty nuts with their DPS. March 22 (Source) Classes Paladin Retribution Fixed an issue that caused Aura of Reckoning to not function with the Crusading Strikes talent. Warlock Fixed an issue where Demonic Inspiration’s pet bonus would be applied to the Warlock instead. Fixed an issu
  12. This thread is for comments on our Crafting Specialist guide for FFXIV.
  13. Hopefully this means that the tiger might be coming back someday too. I previously had a ZG tiger on the Chinese server during my college days. Then I moved to Taiwan and opened a new account. I miss my tiger... T.T
  14. Yesterday
  15. We have this week's 10.1 PTR notes, featuring more class tuning focusing on tier set changes and some big Shadow modifications, as well as as new scenario, quest and PvP improvements and more. PTR March 22 (Source) Greetings! The 10.1 PTR has been updated with the following: DRAGONFLIGHT SEASON 2 MYTHIC+ Neltharus Warlord Sargha Fixed the damage tuning on items found during the encounter. Fixed an issue that gave players inconsistent item levels in Freehold, The Under
  16. Hallo Diablo 4-Spielerinnen und Spieler, Wir sind Inconnu - eine neue Gilde, die sich auf das gemeinsame Spielen und Erforschen der Welt von Diablo 4 konzentriert. Wir suchen nach gleichgesinnten Spielerinnen und Spielern, die eine Leidenschaft für das Spiel teilen und gerne Teil einer aktiven und freundlichen Community sein möchten. Unser Ziel ist es, eine positive und unterstützende Umgebung zu schaffen, in der wir gemeinsam spielen, Strategien entwickeln, unsere Charaktere verbessern und uns gegenseitig helfen können. Wir glauben, dass Diablo 4 eine Welt voller Möglichkeiten und H
  17. current patch unplayable due to constant disconnect. no addons. followed all the suggested steps and can only stay connected 20 seconds tops.
  18. The tree changed a bit so it's broke.
  19. This thread is for comments on our Blood Surge Necromancer Leveling guide for Diablo 4.
  20. This thread is for comments on our Summoner Necromancer leveling build for Diablo 4.
  21. Hi, Thanks for your report. There currently seems to be an issue with the calculator and I have reached out to the devs to look into it. Thanks!
  22. You do not get serrated shots at level 10
  23. Guest

    Affliction Warlock PvP

    Just a quick question regarding 10.0.5 update... Taken Soul link, Grimoire of synergy but also taken grim of sac? These seem counter intuitive together?
  24. I don't like possessed ebyssian. Bring back Ebonhorn please :(
  25. Guest

    Guardian Druid PvE

    something wrong with the druid talent tree?
  26. Heroic Aberrus raid testing continues this week on the 10.1 PTR with the Forgotten Experiments, Magmorax, and Echo of Neltharion. (Source) Friday, March 24 Heroic The Forgotten Experiments – 13:00 PDT (16:00 EDT, 22:00 CEST) Magmorax – 14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST) Echo of Neltharion – 15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 00:00 CEST)
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