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  3. Hanz39

    Madame Lazul Reveal: Rise of Shadows

    Glimmeroot -1 hp but you get a slightly better card since you chose from 3 instead of being 100% random you won't take some awful card like Deadly Poison. Will be in every priest deck until it rotates out not much to say about this.
  4. Sleete

    Tournaments - knowing your opponents deck

    I know I am new to this but personally think you should never know your opponents deck, Otherwise what;s the point - If you know your opponents deck, you know how to play against it with your own and vice vers of course) Much better Not to know, then skill and experience starts to make a difference then, including the shock of a card you didn't expect, lol.
  5. Sleete

    Lich King vs Priest -Help!!!

    ah, got one of them , and have fallen foul of that Black Knight a couple of times thanks Keizoku something else to try
  6. Plaguestorm

    Madame Lazul Reveal: Rise of Shadows

    you know we had a medivh card and hero MANY years ago right?
  7. Yesterday
  8. That's a tough one. I tried using the Fazula's/Swami combo for the post-Archon damage stacks, but I kept getting overwhelmed during Archon. Of course I was soloing, that would surely work better with a group.
  9. Guest

    Brawler's Guild - Sanoriak

    the horseshoe hint helped. I kept trying to run from the square as he was casting (dying i and didn't see the opening the multiple times I tried before coming here. Thanks for the hint.
  10. Elixirvitae


    still recruiting for the mythic team
  11. Rainelas

    [A] [SARGERAS-US] <Project X> Heroic SUN 7:30 - 10:30 CST

    Still actively recruiting
  12. Knutsanity

    LoN Star Pact Wizard (Patch 2.6.4)

    Absolutely I just meant they will have to roll perfectly for non intelligence classes so intelligence is all that needs to be changed.
  13. VegaPl

    Weekly Brawl - Lost Cavern: March 22nd

    How are you even able to tell that?
  14. Erialis

    Loot Trading in Classic WoW

    You should check wowhead forums and other where ppl cry that they want damn ninjas stealing gear cuz thats damn vanilla experience
  15. Some people want to show shirts regardless of gender lol
  16. Smorod

    Tavern Brawl: Battle of the Bans

    They should have banned Curious Glimmerroot as well. Having to "guess" which card came from a deck of which you know all cards before the game starts, is pretty silly.
  17. "Except pants." Wouldn't want anyone to cheat for that pantless raid.
  18. It's a very clever way to distinguish between actual female players (uses chest) from men playing female characters for aesthetic reasons (hides chest).
  19. Blainie

    Druid Leveling Guide

    I'll get that fixed, thanks!
  20. Blainie

    Beast Mastery Hunter 8.1

    No problem! It's just a part of the base code and it can sadly only display one part of it without getting super cluttered.
  21. Blainie

    Arms Warrior PvP 8.1

    Mys has just put in an update to fix some inaccuracies, so that should help tidy things up a bit. Sorry for the errors!
  22. Keizoku

    Lich King vs Priest -Help!!!

    Mosh'ogg Enforcer is a good base to build a huge beatstick with, but beware The Black Knight. put a few other taunts in your deck and lure him out first.
  23. Translation : I am angry that others were more clever than me and figured out a higher potentional of the item therefore I am glad they got banned cause nobody can be superior than me
  24. Zazzu

    Tavern Brawl: Battle of the Bans

    My success so far has been Webspinner, Baited Arrow, Scavenging Hyena, and Tar Creeper Most people ban scavenger, because he can be super beefed from webspinner deaths, but the cards webspinner provies gives good variety and extra cards, and baited arrow is almost unfair because most cards have 3 or under hp
  25. Sleete

    Lich King vs Priest -Help!!!

    Nope, only have 70 dust at the moment, that's 100 -so that is out (used what dust I had creating my nid-range hunter deck) Got one (1) of them 40 dust No Coldlight Oracle can't see any crafting for that either I have two (2) Acolyte's Nope, and it's 400 dust Yes, I am definatly losing by the time I get to that point So sort out what I can with what I got and suggestions above basically Put in Low cost high damage/buffable minions asap I can see it's either loads of damage initially (kill him off quick) Or buff up one or two super minions for a OTK. the 2nd option is very difficult, at least for me. Thank You FanOfValeera
  26. FanOfValeera

    Lich King vs Priest -Help!!!

    If you have Wild Pyromancer, it would help to clear the board, and make some draw combos with Northshire Cleric. Basically, this is a combo deck, so you need as much draw as you can get. Loot Hoarders if you have them are good, Coldlight Oraclesi Acolyte of Pains and etc. You don't need Stormwind Champion and Bonemare, because if the game goes that long, you will probably lose anyways. So, you put a minion on board, make it big, and hit the boss for a lot of damage a couple times. Normally, you want to hit them just once, but I am guessing you don't have Shadow Visions. Lightspawn is a good target for sure. But cards like Scarlet Crusader doesn't make much sense. All in all, add card draw, try to put minions with a lot of health. Play them as early as possible, buff them and attack.
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