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  2. I am a gamer. I don't think I am stupid. But bringing your ego to a video game and trying to play god? Is stupid. No question.
  3. Imagine bottling something like this up when you're in a well known guild though thats just lame. Methods a big deal to the WoW community so the fact that he made a mockery out of them is unacceptable. If I was a nerd in WoW still I'd get rid of him in a heartbeat too.
  4. Way to refer negatively to all gamers due to the actions of 1 player. Not so nice of you.
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  6. They said they aren't adding them to the rotation until all classes get new sets AFAIK
  7. Wow i need to clear them yet another time now.
  8. Uses air combat as cover, gets you behind Pathfinder at every expansion for more than a year... #JustWoWthings 😛
  9. So this new box is only through Legion as well? Seems weird since that's what was already available, figured we'd see a new box when BFA was included
  10. Post says "up to Battle for Azeroth" That means you get everything until BfA, which you then have to buy. Otherwise it'd be up to and including. When Shadowlands releases you'll also get BfA for free and have to buy Shadowlands. It's always the currently active expansion that's not included.
  11. I'm surprised the Dire Maul solo tributes aren't expanded on here at all. I made 2200g in 9 days selling the items from the chests. It can be far more profitable than Maraudon if you can get the timing of things down - especially once u have a buyer base looking for Rods, Rings, and Maces.
  12. I'm confused, this post says that all expansions through BFA are NOW available for just the subscription fee. But BFA was just "on sale" and it is currently listed for $50 on the Blizzard store.
  13. Buying it just for the box..I was also going to start a completely new wow account anyways. this is PERFECT!
  14. As the battle chests are no longer a thing, with the base game and all expansions up to Battle for Azeroth now available for the subscription fee only, Blizzard have made a "New Player Edition" and it has some cool box art! It contains 30 days of subscription time, but only for a new account, so we can't grab it and then add time to our existing accounts, unfortunately, as it would be cool to have the box in the collection. Considering it's only $15, whoever, it might be worth getting anyway. This one was found at a Wallmart by redditor Bshild94, and the are is pretty iconic, although somewhat ironic since we still can't play the Wildhammer clan of dwarves, at least until Shadowlands releases, when we'll be getting some customization to look like the flying dwarves (now sure, technically the above is just a regular dwarf riding a gryphon, but come on - you see a dwarf flying, you think Wildhammer). A lot of potential new visitors to Azeroth are definitely confused as to how to even start with the game, so it's nice to have something like this at least clarify that this is how you start playing, it's all you need up to BfA, and you get Classic included as well. Shadowlands should also help with this, with the revamped leveling system which will actually allow you to play through an expansion's story from beginning to end while leveling. Source: r/wow.
  15. His talk about "Power" and "I can do whatever I want", I feel this has bottled up inside him since some time. And I am quite sure, there have already been some problems/discussions with him at Method way before this. We just dont know it. I am sure someone got loot he wanted in an earlier raid and was pissed of until he had enough and said *filtered* it. Anyway, his reputation went down the drain and he can leave the server.
  16. If Blizzard is adding new sets for Crusaders & Monks, why not make those sets a part of Haedrig's gift instead of what's being offered?
  17. Hello do you know pls when deadset upgrade these builds ? still cant decide what to play id like to know how ww barb will be on push gr 100+ TY
  18. I have recently written up a compilation of ideas and fixes for a lot of topics we have been discussing recently. As follows is the introduction: What I hope to achieve by this is not a set of my opinions, but an interactive discussion board regarding some of the most important features of this game. Diablo 4 seems to have a great foundation to build a game on and we as a community are all here as we hope to make it amazing and a long running game into the future. We cannot overact about it being amazing or bad as not a lot has been set in stone. There are 2 things to look at, one is their focus and goals and the other is what they actually follow through with. We all know what was showcased for d3 and how it was on release. I am one of those people that will wait because I’d rather a polished game like what d3 was after RoS than what it was on release. This is not only for myself, but also the player base because the more active the game is the better it will be to experience. Many people are talking about PoE and comparing it to d3 and the future d4 but what I hope people write about in every comment is showing the devs we will wait, as I want the devs to feel like they can give us what they envisioned not just what they have finished by such and such date. What I hope is the devs remember the core of diablo as it is a game that is easy to play, but hard to master. It is a game that once had itemization at the core, where items were truly treasures. And it was a game that took weeks of grinding to even think about reaching 99. What we can do is build together a combination of thoughts and recommendations for the devs to look over and respond on. I will be very active in the coming days and will be reading over all comments and be making edits and additions based on comments. I know there is a lot to look over here, but if you like something or not please give suggestions as this is for us and if you’re reading this then most likely you’re a fan of diablo and it concerns you. Also please up vote if there is something you like as this does nothing if not seen. the link to the post and further information can be found at… https://www.reddit.com/r/diablo4/comments/dxx5um/community_compilation_for_key_aspects_of_diablo_4/ …as it did not work posting it on the forums here. Sorry for the inconvenience and as always look forward to comments and discussions.
  19. Do you have a group ready for leveling this Friday? If not, come check us out. We are getting groups together now for our big leveling event. First group to 70 gets bragging rights on discord!
  20. Do not buy an HP! Or a Dell, or any of that "office-PC-builder-gone-gaming" stuff. So, let's start this the right way. What's your budget? What monitor are you using (refresh rate/resolution)? Do you plan on doing other things apart from gaming with it? Do you plan on playing other games, if so, which titles?
  21. Oh no I understand what they do, it's no different really to say watching football on TV or any other high end sport, many of them (Method on the cutting edge side for example) do things that the average person can't do. I get it on that side, it's more how there's so many of them, all very much the same, doing the same thing with the same game. Just look at WoW, there's the Method team, along with all the other top tier raiders, and their cohorts, plus Asmon, T&E(?) that get a lot of stick on WoWhead, and this is just the ones I know of, someone not into this scene. I think my issue is more with the followers of this type of person, or that the person isn't the best role model or person, i.e this guy being a ninja *filtered*, or the kardashians, being, themselves I guess. Yet people follow them religiously, giving them whatever they want or need as yet ignoring the state of the world and the people that really need help and attention.
  22. We have modernized blast from the past, courtesy of the Upscale youtube channel, as they've taken the first Diablo 2 trailer and the intro cinematic from Lord of Destruction and, as their name suggests, recently upscaled them! First off it's a slightly less familiar E3 teaser for Diablo 2 from 1998, enhanced to 4K! And then it's on to one that we've all seen, from the Lord of Destruction expansion, and it seems Bhaal got a better deal, as he got remastered to 8k! While the cinematics still look dated, they look a hell of a lot better than the originals, as you can see in the side-by-side comparisons. You should check out the channel, as they also did some work on the Diablo 4 intro cinematic, as well as a whole lot of other games. And here's the original D2 intro cinematic, upscaled with machine learning earlier this year as a bonus in case you missed it.
  23. Streamers are fine, sometimes it's fun to kick back and watch someone do some crazy *filtered* in a game. It's the "influencer" title that makes me wish for a quick end to this planet.
  24. Blizzards have introduced so many mounts in the last 2 patches ... Sort of a variety is good, but some unpleasant sediment remains, due to the complete depreciation of these, especially for mount collectors
  25. The moment you realize you might actually have to get a real job.
  26. Picture doesn't match the build link.
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