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  2. Update. Need Ranged DPS. Need Melee DPS. Need Heals.
  3. New Audio Drama: A Thousand Years of War

    Legion has certainly been a step up in lore. I completely agree with you too. Where WoD lacked lore and gameplay, Legion lacks neither. It's really awesome because the Legion has been such a big part of Warcraft lore for a long time now and to see them finally getting a proper story is awesome. I also can't wait to see how Blizz does with elaborating on the light (Naaru) and their goals and methods, as after the Illidan cinematic it's obvious that they aren't one sided beings and might have a secret side to them we don't yet know. Same goes for the Void, who seem to be becoming increasingly present in the lore. I would love to see how they tell the story of the Void Lords and even more so, how they go forward with Old Gods like N'Zoth. Not to mention, more of a story to one of Blizzard's most iconic characters ever, Jaina. Speaking of Jaina, to me, it would make sense if the Old Gods harnessed her rage after what Garrosh did to Theramore and took influence of her. The last thing I'd want however would be for her to fall to the Void. If she even is under the Old God's influence I hope we can wrestle her out of it's control and save her. Then her story can continue in a peaceful type of way.
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  5. Inarius Bone Storm Necromancer

    It would be a very bad idea once you get up to a moderate level of GRs since you lose up to 50% damage reduction from Dayntee's Binding that requires Decrepify . However in the next patch it will be changed so that it also works with Frailty and thus giving us a lot more options!
  6. Hearthstone Gets Its First Animated Short

    Some of the Hearthstone cards, like Kazakus or Patches the Pirate for example, depict characters that are supposed to have their origin in the Warcraft universe, yet they don't appear in any game other than Hearthstone. Morgl, as mentioned by positiv2, is clearly a Murloc from the Warcraft universe, yet he was created especially for Hearthstone. So yes, HS has a few original characters by now, that could be added to HotS. So yes, if you want to see it like that, all characters from HS are somehow WC characters. ^-^ It just would feel weird, if they added Kazakus as a WC hero to HotS, when he does not appear in WC 1-3, or WoW (yet).
  7. Pull of the Day

    Although what you say is true, in 2 years' time and 4 expansions a lot of new additions will be implemented in the meta so the game inevitably will shift more and more. Ofc this doesn't mean that quests will vanish but IMO players will try to adapt to the meta's changes by following the strongest trends (look what happened with Jade and Token Druid after KFT). If this means that quests will seriously get back in the game,well...So be it! As for dusting the quests,i guess it depends on the players' preferences and gameplay. 3 quests from Priest,Hunter and Paladin gave me the necessary gold for a core Legendary in another deck i use more.This mechanic didn't seem interesting and fair to me either so i hope the meta brings better surprises from now on!
  8. Balance Update Patch Notes: Sep 20

    I think that a bit of both (nerf his damage and make it harder to pull off), much like Kael'thas and Jaina are right, where they truly shine when having the aid of their team to set up and/or follow up the Skill Combos, but not being very effective when doing it alone. I think that would solve this issue of Kael'thas carrying the entire team.
  9. Bash 'Em Smash 'Em Robots Heroes Brawl Preview

    More precisely Megaman X.
  10. App Update: Sep 22

    I thought that post looked familiar. Maybe they will patch it in with the dance studio in WoW and PvP matches in Diablo 3!
  11. Well, Morales already has a Megaman themed re-coloring of her love doctor skin.
  12. App Update: Sep 22

    One day, we're going to see them announced on the same day. It'll bring Reddit to its knees.
  13. Developers React to Netherlight Crucible Concerns

    It's like Vegas all over again!
  14. The Mythic Dungeon Invitational continues with weekend 2 and it's time for European and American teams to take their shot. It all started last week with APAC & China. Two teams per region are advancing to the next stage of the competition. Blizzard is putting the following affixes into play during the competition: Affix 1 Affix 2 Affix 3 Sanguine Quaking Tyrannical Teeming Volcanic Tyrannical Bolstering Explosive Fortified Raging Grievous Fortified Explosive Volcanic Teeming Weekend 2: Europe and the Americas Europe: Saturday, September 23 at 5:00 a.m. PDT The Americas: Sunday, September 24 at 9:00 a.m PDT Watch Live Stay tuned for more coverage.
  15. Patch 7.3 Hotfixes: Sep 13

    And with account-wide artifact knowledge, you never need to worry about picking up all your AK notes :p
  16. Samwise Didier Reddit AMA Summary: Sep 21

    I'd drop all my shards for it immediately.
  17. Upcoming Sand Blast Quest Tweaks

    It's why I feel Nova doesn't get touched anywhere near as much she should be - in QM, she dominates because you can't pick to counter her and most people playing don't communicate enough to stop her. In competitive, she is the epitome of feast/famine gameplay. It's silly, but I feel like they must be using QM too.
  18. Balance Update Patch Notes: Sep 20

    I wonder if bigger indicators for the spells might work - something that perhaps acts as a warning before things hit, either with a longer delay or a "ghost trail" that shows where it will hit for all abilities. Either the combo needs to do less damage, or should be far harder to pull off. Maybe even some kind of increased GCD so you can't spam spells.
  19. New Audio Drama: A Thousand Years of War

    I feel like it's because we are back on track with our "real" lore - while it was awesome to revisit things in WoD, we are getting new characters, old ones being reintroduced with new life, and new progression for our world rather than another.
  20. Antorus Raid Trinkets with Interesting Procs

    It could proc over itself - it might proc 4 times in 4 seconds, giving a total of 19 seconds uptime.
  21. Upcoming Collection Adjustments: Sep 26

    My game will unpatch itself as I buy the loot chests and give me normal chests.
  22. Patch 7.3.2: The Fate of Azeroth (Major Spoilers)

    I imagine they won't be too happy either.
  23. Patch 7.3.2 Build 25079: Tier 21 Set Tuning

    Ruthless. Just ruthless.
  24. Hearthstone Update: Sep 18

    Looks like Innervate will still be useful :p
  25. Bash 'Em Smash 'Em Robots Heroes Brawl Preview

    This sounds like if you were to combine Tassadar in his Transformers form and Kharazim. New hero confirmed?
  26. Patch 7.3.2: Upgrading Legendary Items to 1,000

    The fact that the item text is orange.. I feel like this joke is missing some love. Well played.
  27. Patch 7.3.2: Primal Sargerite Vendor

    You never know what someone with too much gold might do :p
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