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  2. To each his own as always though, to me it was well worth the money and I still play the game for seasons and enjoying that part ^_^
  3. Heroes of the Storm Tyrael

    Indeed, it does depend on how you look at things. Like I see the "...excellent self sustain for dueling or team fighting." part here and think "Yeah but only if you don't get killed/cc'd before the talent can even do anything... And the fight lasts long enough for the talent to bring value." If your build is meant to have long drawn out fights or if the enemy team lacks burst than by all means, Ardent Restoration can indeed be a great value. Frankly I think all three of his level 1 talents have a use, I'll even agree that Salvation is the least generally applicable talent. I simply don't agree that it's a troll/trap talent, it's only a poor pick if you're not taking it for the job it's meant for. Regarding not mentioning the cooldown for Salvation, I had assumed people understood that the 10 second cooldown existed without having to say it? Justice for All has the same cooldown period, Ardent Restoration don't actually do anything until you trigger it (and doesn't do anything significant unless you trigger it a lot), ect... These are standard parts of the skill's mechanics, much like I didn't mention that Salvation is on an ability that costs mana, these things are simply understood to be the case.
  4. Muddied Parchment Hints at Druid Class in Diablo 3

    Diablo 3 is already dead even after this necro dlc (what was totally waste of money from me). Should be nice to leave this game and start to focus something really new and big.
  5. It took 11 years before Diablo 2 got it's sequel and any progression to it's story so at arguing that point just seems spoiled to me. I'd rather it took another 11 years for a proper sequel than rushing one on. D3 is at least getting something, be it new class or new areas and seasons while we wait. It's usually not the same team making updates to a game that would make the sequel so another team could be working on D4 while the current one keeps the existing players entertained. I'll take that over free-to-play pay-2-win or lootboxes any day for that matter.
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  7. The Rate/Improve my deck thread.

    Hey guys - First time here I haven't played much and my collection isn't as exciting as it could be because of this, but I really enjoy the hunter class, but after the Kobolds and Catacombs I seem to having trouble moving up as much on the ranked ladder (I never really got very high, but it is significantly worse now :( ) Anyways, here is the deck: I have a few questions: I enjoy the relatively fast pace of the deck, but seem to struggle with a lack of cards against more late game oriented decks... How can I help this? If I have the quest, would it be worth to go for more 1-drops (webspinner, timber wolf, fire fly)? Stitched tracker - is he worth it with the card draw? Semi-cheap alternative for Oasis Snapjaw? How do I link directly to the cards? Any other comments, improvements and suggenstions are welcome :) My collection: (if any of you guys would rather comment on a warlock deck I got one that needs a hand too :D - Basically I tried to play smaller minions and then use the Skull of Man'ari to get some demons on the board... it is rather inconsistent, so any help with more consistency would help) Thanks in advance :)
  8. WoW Zones in Unreal Engine 4

    This is what WOW will look like when its moved to VR in 5 or so years.
  9. Muddied Parchment Hints at Druid Class in Diablo 3

    I'd much rather have the druid be a class in a soon to be released Diablo 4, but if that's out of the question, I'd take another D3 DLC as well. The druid has been my favourite class back then in D2, especially in his werebear-form, so I would just LOVE to play as one again in the near future. ^-^
  10. WoW Zones in Unreal Engine 4

    Hehe, luckily I am no nostalgia fanatic. I am all for high-res and updated models and more detailed environment and and and :-) And convenience and all the good stuff that comes out of a game's development over the years. That does not mean that I cannot enjoy the non hyper realistic style that we have now.
  11. Why not start making Diablo 4 instead of making a paid DLC for a game that no one plays? Not to mention that announcements like this should be a part of a new expansion, not some pay-to-play bullshit. And are we just going to ignore how the story hasn't advanced in any meaningful way in years (and no, small patches that add a new zones don't count at all). To say that this is insulting to the consumer is an understatement.
  12. Unholy Death Knight 7.3

    Are those the only ones you have? Other than Eonar, you'll use shoulders + chest on every boss. If you're comparing Deathlord to Uvanimor, then Deathlord is far superior.
  13. Do you get the packs immediately? I think I clicked on the loot correctly and it said something that the packs would be sent to [myBattleTagID] once they are available, but I did not get the packs in Hearthstone yet.
  14. WoW Zones in Unreal Engine 4

    This is what Everquest NEXT would have looked like, probably. :(
  15. Muddied Parchment Hints at Druid Class in Diablo 3

    People have been saying that D3 is dying or is dead since before RoS was released. As long as people keep playing Blizzard will keep developing, at some point they will switch from active development to maintenance on a project to prioritize upcoming projects, but the fact is people still play the game, so it's not dead yet. Making a D3 druid may not be a waste of time to them, but it might be to others like you. For me, I'd like to see it, but it wouldn't hurt me if I didn't.
  16. Restoration Druid 7.3

    Drape of Shame is worth about 20-35 item levels on the cloak slot, depending on what it is being compared with and your current stats. If you can get one that is high enough item level, it'll likely be BiS with T21 + Shoulders legendary. This does depend on the fight too. Some fights need helm + shoulders, which means you can't run Drape anymore.
  17. Survival Hunter 7.3

    The only things it can be are a trinket proc, a buff or a bug. I'm really not sure what it is. Maybe Sacred is right with it being a BW bug.
  18. Subtlety Rogue 7.3

    In addition to Carrn's point about TFing, it also depends on your stats. There's no better way to check it than simming it if you have multiple pieces that could work.
  19. Demonology Warlock 7.3

    I'd recommend posting this on the Warlock forums rather than here. This is a thread for feedback for the guide or questions concerning it, not a place to advertise your add-on. I'll remove the post in 7 days (just due to the sheer size of it), but until then you can always copy it onto the Warlock forums.
  20. WoW Zones in Unreal Engine 4

    This is why we can't have nice things </3 haha Some people even get mad when models get high-res updates because it hurts their nostalgia.
  21. Muddied Parchment Hints at Druid Class in Diablo 3

    Does anyone really want this? I LOVED the D2 druid. He was all I played with a perfect enigma and everything... But if they are wasting time making D3 Druid I don't know what to say about it. The game is dying and this will do nothing to save it other than a band-aid and small sale boost like the necro was.
  22. Antoran High Command

    I'm a little disappointed. It's been almost a month, and still no updates. My raid was dying to this mechanic for several attempts last night, at something that was clearly wrong in the guide.
  23. Destruction Warlock 7.3

    Well, i simmed my char in destro Spec, that's even worse for intellect gems^^ : Haste 38.58 Crit 35.21 Vers 34.23 Mastery 32.94 Int 23.77
  24. WoW Zones in Unreal Engine 4

    Pretty amazing. Sad that we’ll never see it in the actual game thanks to the system requirements it would carry.
  25. Archon+Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac?

    There's an other solution to the problem where you dont need the ring at all. All you need is the head piece Swami. When archon ends you'll still have 16-20s remaining on the buff. Get the ring that reduces your cooldowns by 10 seconds after you kill an elite camp and your problem is fixed
  26. Heroes of the Storm Tyrael

    Your comparison of Salvation to Ardent Restoration doesn't take into account that one has a 10 sec cooldown (which can be lowered by Law and Order) and the other does not. Still, everyone looks at these things in different ways. From my perspective Salvation seems under powered compared to the value of the other 2 lvl1 talents. It's 'burst protection' value just doesn't seem worth giving up the value of powerful shields for your team or excellent self sustain for dueling or team fighting.
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