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    Colossus Smash!?

    [deleted because I'm an idiot]
  4. Hello, The corruption sims are taken from Bloodmallet which had Obsidian Skin included for all tanks (regardless if they can use 2h or not), it was reported and should already be fixed.
  5. It really irks me that individuals pull this kind of crap. Let Blizzard take their time, even if it's an update on the games state.
  6. I'm pretty sure Blizzard games had it's fair share of bugs back then as well lol
  7. Remember when Blizzard games didn't have bugs? Anub'arak remembers.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi! I copied the deck from this list - https://www.icy-veins.com/hearthstone/charons-top-200-legend-token-druid-deck-galakronds-awakening-january-2020 and at first it was going amazing but now I am on a losing streak, how do I counter AoE spells? like the mage one , concecration and holy nova? Most of the time they are getting used before I can buff the cards on my field to be able to withstand them
  10. Lady Jaina Proudmoore was not dropping any Glacial Tidestorms on Mythic difficulty after they buffed the drop rate to two mounts per run. As a result, she has been reverted to only drop 1 mount until the underlying issue gets fixed. Blizzard is currently investigating a bug that affects Mythic Jaina in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid and she now only drops one Glacial Tidestorm until further notice. Customer Support won't be granting additional mounts while the drop rate is reverted, according to the official support page. Blizzard (Source) We should have received two mounts after today's hotfix, however after we kill Jaina we receive no mount at all. We identified an issue were Lady Jaina Proudmoore was not dropping any Glacial Tidestorm mounts on Mythic difficulty. She has been reverted to now drop only 1 mount again while the underlying issue is investigated. Customer Support will not be granting additional mounts while the drop rate is reverted. In the latest round of hotfixes, Blizzard buffed the drop rate of Glacial Tidestorm and Ny'alotha Allseer to two per run, because it took up to 20 weeks for a full Mythic group to get the mounts for each member. You can find more details here. Source: Reddit
  11. Wait, can someone explain this to me?? Is this like a Darkening of Tristram only event? These guys got a unique RG to spawn in a GR 150? Is he friend or foe? Is it only because they got the 1000 kill massacre bonus? Or will a GR150 always spawn this guy? So many questions! This is Awesome tho.
  12. Update. LF Ranged/Melee DPS.
  13. Redditor Arang_Choi is back with two more recreations of Warcraft lore icons in Minecraft, after his Lich King one we've already covered. We get to see how Illidan, Ragnaros and Deathwing were made in their truly massive scope (or megabuilds, as they're called), and they're really impressive. While I'd say Ragnaros came out the best of the three, Illidan is really great as well, even coming off a little Protoss/Zeratul-y with the low details in his face - or maybe he's just wearing a Defias mask: Ragnaros is his old fiery self, but it seems this version is post-Molten Core, as some raiders have taken Sulfuras from him and/or doused it in a whole lot of Eternal Quintessence! Deatwing is appropriately gigantic, and maybe we can get him and the Stormwind recreation together to re-enact the ending of the Cataclysm intro cutscene. Which one is your favorite?
  14. Guest

    Protection Warrior 8.2

    Your corruption list is wrong only 1 weapon gives Obsidian Skin and it is a 2h that would be in a fury, arms or blood DK not a prot warrior
  15. Guest

    Heroes of the Storm Diablo

    I play regularly with this build https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/talent-calculator/diablo#49.3!2332313 It provides after lvl 13 big amount of single target dmg and selfsustain. I can cast CC abilities much more often, which result in pin enemy to myself. Very often with this build I dive and exclude certain assasins from battle. Others builds are not so appeling for me. I played with them, but I was out of combat for much longer time because of biger CD. With this build I feel that I can do more and faster.
  16. Hi Eyeroll has some good ideas. I would try them if I get another chance on another character. This is how I did all four fights: Artorius: This was by far the most challenging for me. Consumables: Elixir of demonslaying, Spirit Buff food, Restorative Potion, Tuber and demonic runes, and health and mana pots. Add ons: Rangedisplay - this doesn't work exactly as configured but clearly shows for a hunter 0-5,5-20,20-30,30-35,35-41, and 41+ distances. I also arranged my target frame and my unit frame close to center view. Lastly I removed all but arcane rank 1, serpent sting, aimed and multishot, and concuss from my bar, just to not accidentally use the wrong buttons. I stopped him near the round rock at the most southern point of his route, and after clearing the path, I put down a freezing trap, then aimed, multi, ran to distance from the trap and repeated, then strafe kited (I practiced this and it is easier for me than jump flipping and camera turning). Total times it took my maybe a dozen, learning until I had everything as above. I ended up using the tuber for health and the resto pot when I was debuffed AS I MADE THE TURN TO THE LEFT ONTO THE ROAD as he cut that corner and got close (also where I used concuss once). Lastly practicing made it muscle memory to hit arcane on cooldown as well as serpent sting. I'd say arcane on cooldown is actually more important than being perfect with serpent sting, because you risk losing aggro and him evading. - Good Luck. All the others I used pathing mechanics just like Klinfran and the tree. Simone I used the hive wall and a hive protruding spire to hop back and forth and used concuss on Precious to get him synched again with her (since he runs faster than her). With Solenor I did the same with the Hive Zora wall at the far north, pulling him at about 27,73. Solenor needs to be pulled with cheetah then switched to hawk just to ensure a random hit from him or a bug doesn't prevent your jumping. There are videos of all three pathing mechanics. Considering that everyone I know who has done this did have to learn or hone a skill or two, regardless of whether they used the warlock duel, or magic dust and bombs on precious, or as Eyeroll said, party support without aggro, or pathing as I did, the quest is still challenging for most and fulfilling. For me I was pleased that I did it through my own investigation and practice, even if I did resort to pathing. Lastly other hunters appreciated keeping things clear and any left over consumables I had, which made it feel like we all support each other. I hope some of this was of value to you, Steppenwolf. Good luck with your quest.
  17. uhm eight-player raid?? that being said BWL is fun but idd we had tons of time farming MC that the adds are melting away 😞
  18. Does the heirloom experience bonus stack with the War Mode experience bonus?
  19. I might be missing something, but it seems as if the 1-120 leveling guide is inconsistent with the main spec, builds, and talents suggestions. Specifically, for an Arcane Mage of any level in the leveling guide, the Level 15 talent is Amplification, but on the Spec, Builds, and Talents page Amplification is X'd out and the Rule of Threes talent is stated as the "best single-target choice," which is a lot of leveling, honestly.
  20. Guest

    Chenvaala Priest Deck

    This cheap priest deck sucks.
  21. Last week
  22. Recruiting Healers, a hunter, and a DPS. Apply today! discord.gg/jZCFDjW
  23. Horrific Visions Reduced the health of enemies for groups of 2 or more that include at least 1 healer. Developers’ note: We expected that groups with a healer would gain efficiency by taking more risks, but we've found that this gain is offset by healers shifting focus from damage to healing as group size increases, so we're adjusting creature health accordingly. Well I welcome the change. I enjoyed doing this solo as a dps and received my first mask on Tuesday, tanks can solo a majority of the vision if spec'ed accordingly, but as a healer..........lol I'm still in debate on small group to even solo'ing a vision via on Monk or Druid and unfortunately neither of my healer alts have an offspec to level out the ease of the vision grind either.
  24. It actually started for me after the quest "The Right Path" from Dalaran, and then "Laying To Rest" from Lessah Moonwater.
  25. Good change - killing a mythic end boss 20 times to get a mount for everyone seems a bit unfair, especially if the mount is viewed as a unique reward for killing the boss in current content.
  26. I suppose it's too late now, but a couple of items in this set (shoulders, torso) have Sentry damage as priority stats, when there are no Sentries in the build (at least that I see). Should that be RoV?
  27. Im not sure with the pendant as bis necklace normally you guys went full on addheal, shouldn’t be the choker bis necklace?
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