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[WeakAuras] Oregorger Interrupt Counter

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I made a simple WeakAura for our Oregorger Mythic progression.


The aura announces the number of the cast in the current series of Blackrock Barrage.

It also displays a visual texture, indicating that an interruptible cast is currently in progress. The texture changes colour from red to green when the specific cast you are assigned to is in progress.


Video of the aura in action (video is from LFR but the aura was tested during our Mythic kill):


In order to hear the voice countdown you will also need my custom media addon.


If you don't use this extra addon you won't hear the countdown (One, Two, Three, Four, Five) as the auras will not have the sound files available to them. But the auras will work without it, only providing visual aid. If you do not wish to use my addon I recommend editing the aura for the dedicated interrupt assigning a sound warning to the specific cast you are supposed to interrupt.


WeakAuras strings


String for the Heroic/Normal/LFR version of the aura:


String for the Mythic version of the aura:


You need 2 versions of the auras if you wish to use them for all difficulties. The aura is based on checking the number of Blackrock Spines stacks on the boss. There are 5 casts instead of 3 on the Mythic difficulty and the number of stacks corresponds to a different cast.


How to edit the aura displaying the cast you are assigned to


1. Highlight the aura "Gorger INT H/M Dedicated" (H/M depending on the difficulty)


2. Go to Trigger and select Trigger 2


3. Edit the "Stack Count" value


Mythic difficulty:

1st cast - 4

2nd cast - 3

3rd cast - 2

4th cast - 1


Normal/Heroic/LFR difficulty:

1st cast - 2

2nd cast - 1


4. If you're assigned to the last cast (Mythic 5th cast, Normal/Heroic/LFR 3rd cast), disable Stack Count and select Inverse

Edited by Derienn

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somehow the mythic version doesn't work for me, instead of the green "interrupt" I'm only getting the red ones

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I'm sorry but I can't find any errors in the aura and I have been using it myself without issues.


Which cast are you assigned to? Can you make sure the Trigger 2 is set properly?

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yep trigger 2 is set properly, last kick / 5th kick > inverse = doesn't work in mythic


first and 2nd neither, 

as I said, the heroic version works properly, no idea what's happening

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I may have found it.


I seem to have made a mistake when creating the strings. I will edit the post in a few minutes, you can then either import the new auras or edit the aura yourself.


The aura Gorger INT M Dedicated has wrong Load options. It doesn't load on Mythic.


This is completely my bad. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for noticing.


The issue was that the strings probably contained an earlier version of the aura while I was using a newer one and I didn't realize the aura I uploaded contained an error.






I edited the pastebin so the link is the same ( but the string is different.


I hope this one works properly.

Edited by Derienn

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Hey derienn,

I am fairly new to weak auras and I think this is a great concept. I have a question regarding the sound. Do I remove the sound clips from the .rar and attach them somewhere? Thanks for any assistance

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The .rar file contains a simple addon I made. The only thing it does is making its media files available to other addons.


It will make the voice countdown available to WeakAuras. Without it you won't see the sounds in the WeakAuras Play Sound options.


So you just have to put the folder named ThatShamanThoMedia into ...\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\


edit: And have the addon activated when playing of course. It only uses <10 kB of memory, don't worry.

Edited by Derienn

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      Hope this helps!
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