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Help me decide

6 replies to this topic Started by Enzyte, Dec 25 2012 10:05 PM
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Posted 25 December 2012 - 10:05 PM

  • Enzyte
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Allright guys, so I've got a new job and I have more free time now. So I can play more D:

I have a resto druid, on 90, but I got bored of it, so I'd like to reroll.
The problem is that I can't decide. I know I can't ask to decide instead of me, but maybe you can help...

Here is what I do like to do ingame;
  • Leveling professions
  • Doing achievements
  • Soloing old raids/instances
  • PvP (nothing serious though)
  • Doing actual instances/raids
  • Farming reputation
So I wouldn't play something that can perform only one role. But I don't like to DPS 24/7.
I was thinking on some classes already, but I deleted them on level 10 and came here to ask you guys.

Honestly I always wanted to create a paladin, but I don't know how they going on max level. (holy & ret seems interesting)

Hmm I don't know what else to add, I hope you guys can help me to decide.
Thank you and merry christmas!


Posted 25 December 2012 - 10:24 PM

  • Daowen
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how 'bout a priest? shadow & holy or disc also a possibilty i love it dearly, even have 2 priests lol and playing it for 7 years now ....and meery christmas to you too :)

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 11:35 PM

  • ragebarr
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Just my opinion, but a Death Knight could be good, if you enjoy melee classes. I find Blood tanking fun, and with 2 dps specs to choose from, you won't be stuck always doing the same role. (plus I just find DK's overall to be funnier to play than pallies). Also, on the soloing side, DK tanks can solo pretty much everything you can imagine, so it could work for that. The best thing to do still, is to try out as much as you can and see what *you* like to play :)
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Posted 26 December 2012 - 01:15 AM

  • NightShade
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Very dependent on what YOU like to play. I have been leveling a warlock and it has really gotten fun at 70 as a demonology spec. Throw Hand of Guldan, steal life on all the mobs, they die. This in a dungeon with some other people and is about the only way I can put any amount able DPS as the dots and long casts don't have much time to proc. My warrior is fun as well and with impending victory I can take out groups and survive very well, in fact often ending with near full health. My DK is nice and an advantage is you don't have to start at level 1 My mage is ok though I am used to standing in the fray of things so sometimes I have "issues" as just can't take the hit I am used to. My Paladin DPS is not bad but my talents are nearly the same as my heal spec. What i have figured about a healadin is you actually spend a lot more time healing everyone other than the tank and preferably holy light as your heal as your beacon will get the same heal so it's almost a two in one. The more mastery you have the more of a shield you can build on the heal targets as well. Right now I can get a shield built up before combat of about 140K and I still can start a fight with full mana and an extra percentage of a heal creating a shield on any heal you cast can be a big advantage sometimes. The downfall. . . most everything is a timed cast and the spells that are more mana friendly also have a long cast time. If you fall behind you hope you have some holy power built up for a nice aoe heal or two if the group/raid is getting low. But no matter what you want to get going leveling is pretty easy now especially if you have invested in heirloom gear. I bought a set for my mage and am now using the same set on my warlock and will send it over to a priest at some point. I personally like having some different stuff to do and a different way of doing it. If you have ALWAYS healed run something pure DPS or try your hand at tanking. Soloing old content is pretty easy with most any class but a plate wearer will take a lot more damage and a paladin can be a beastly toon for solo with some built in heals if the gear is right.

Posted 26 December 2012 - 03:34 AM

  • Fel
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Merry Christmas! Here's a quick breakdown of my impressions of the various options available to you. Warrior: Complex and rewarding tank spec, simplistic me hulk me smash style DPS specs. Best overall movement of any class in the game, quite a fun aspect if you like zipping all over the place. DK: Simplistic DPS and Tank specs, have moderate and rewarding levels of finesse if played very well, both very powerful in ther respective roles. As befits soloing old raids, you'll be hard pressed to find a better class. (Blood damage taken and damage done is unparalleled.) Monk: No personal experience here but it's looking very strong in all specs. Paladin: Simplistic and powerful heals with a very nice toolbox, the use of which is your finesse. DPS spec is boring IMO, and dependent on execution of burst phases with periods of low damage in between. Tank spec is more complex, very rewarding to play well. Warlock: Doesn't meet your criteria since it can only DPS, but as I am a warlock fanatic I'm going to say a few words anyway. You will be hard pressed to find another class that offers the depth of complexity and flexibility of playstyle. This class can be applied to content in creative and rewarding ways that just aren't available to the simpler classes, even those with multiple specs. Stygian warriors with one foot on the other side. Shadow, fire and pestilence are your tools, death is your trade. You are the harbinger of the apocalypse, bane of the living. Plus you have a purple raid frame and look badass in black. :D I think you'll have fun no matter what you choose though, 4 expansions and 8 years, blizz has gotten pretty good at refining the various classes. -Auracle

Posted 26 December 2012 - 09:18 AM

  • Damien
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You can also play a Shaman. You can switch between ranged DPS, melee DPS (with hybrid playstyle: spells + melee attacks), and healing ;)

Posted 26 December 2012 - 09:56 AM

  • Enzyte
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Woah, thanks for the detailed answers. I think I will choose priest or DK. I always found the rune system pretty interesting. Maybe I will give it a shot. Thank you again :)

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