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Destro - Mastery or Crit first?

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Hi all,


I normally use another site to judge stat priority, and I've been looking to improve my DPS. IcyVeins says that Mastery is my first secondary stat, but the other site says Crit should be first unless I have the T18 trinket from Archimonde. Has anyone tested this out?

We are about to down Archie anyway and hopefully he'll be good to me, but if it takes a while, I want to know if I should start redoing my enchantments now. 



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I would keep prioritizing mastery over everything else.


Having some crit will work well for destruction but won't be useful to you if you play affliction on some fights. Destruction can work well with haste while affliction can't work well with lots of crit....if that makes any sense.


I would just generally follow these rules when looking for stats on gear. Int>Mastery>Haste>Crit=Multi>Vers

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So you mean that if you use both specs, it's best to go for Mastery and Haste instead of lugging two sets of gear around? But won't the lack of crit really hurt Destruction?

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Crit is better then haste for destro but a lack of crit doesn't really damage destro. 


Haste isn't awesome for Destro, but destro can use it. Crit just flat out sucks for Aff and can't really do jack all with it. So you can 1) carry two sets - annoying, expensive, and unless your guild is farming a LOT of content i.e. doing heroic over and over each week or feeding you all the gear you want you are unlikely to effectively maintain two sets.




2) Just take the lesser of two evils and get mastery>haste>crit>else on everything.

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A good point. Since some switching needs to be made I will do better running this and not being granted cast-off pieces from the guild for two specs. Not gonna happen anyway in a progression raid. :) Thanks for clearing that up.


Mind if I ask though, Affli, is that for pure ST fights and Destro for others (Especially add heavy ones)? From the buffs a few weeks ago and the tier 18 it looks as if Affli's ST is its great power and that was focused on, so it makes me think it's like that, but with perhaps a special exception in Council. Not sure about that one yet.


Minor thing, and not the first point in this thread, but I figure it can't hurt to ask at least.


And in any case: Thanks again for clearing up the point with the stat weight. :) Saves me from a major headache down the line.

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Thanks. I will be switching from Destro to Affliction as needed, so not needing to switch between differently-enchanted pieces of armor will be a plus. Much appreciated.

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As I understand it, for Destruction Mastery also pulls out ahead of Crit in multi-target situations where you are using Havoc + Shadowburn to cleave adds.  Mastery boosts the base damage of Shadowburn, Crit does not.  


Last time I ran my character through simcraft, Mastery was coming out slightly ahead of Crit even in single target situations (I've had a few upgrades, so it may have changed).    So Mastery and Crit are really close to each other for Destruction - and as others mentioned Mastery will benefit you more when switching specs.  

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