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[US-Turalyon][H] <Sanctum of Dreams> PvP/Casual PvE guild

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Guild Name: Sanctum of Dreams
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Type: PvE
Realm Timezone: EST
Battlegroup: Stormstrike

Hello fellow WoW Players!

Are you looking for a new home for your beloved character? Are you a new player looking for a friendly place to start? Are you looking for a social and active guild? Are you looking for an actual sense of community, and not just a group of solo players dumped together to reap the benefit of guild perks? Well, look no further!

<Sanctum of Dreams> is a guild located on Turalyon-US-PvE that is looking for active and friendly players! Currently, we are one of the rare PvP-oriented guilds on Turalyon, but we now have a raiding component in our guild!

What are we looking for? We are looking for players who are friendly, helpful, motivated and consistent. We are looking for players of any skill level, as long as you are willing to improve!

These times are in Eastern Standard Time.

Raid Times: "Lucid Assassins" Sunday & Monday, 10 PM - Midnight
"The Dream Team" Wednesday & Saturday 9:15PM - 12:15AM



We are clearing MoP content! Lucid Assassins is 12/12 in ToT! The Dream Team is being restructured for 5.4!


Lucid Assassins

Raids run weekly every Sunday and Monday from 10pm-12am server time. They are 12/12 in ToT right now.

The Dream Team

The Dream Team is currently restructuring for SoO. Currently they need a tank (Any class but monk) and 2 DPS (Warlock, and a DPS who provides the Crit buff). If you want more information about the team, visit

Aside from Raiding and PvPing, we engage in a variety of activities. You can always find a group willing to run dungeons, scenarios, random battlegrounds, arena, engage in world PvP, or even level up a new toon. A lot of us are fans of transmog, so we frequently try to do old raids/dungeons for shiny gear. We hold monthly guild events with prizes including mounts and pets. We have an awesome year-long event we have running right now - called the Quest for Dreamer - that may interest fans of achievements.

Does Sanctum of Dreams sound like a potentially good home for you? Then visit and fill out an application! An officer will be sure to respond to your application within 24 hours! If you have any questions, feel free to whisper any of the guild management (Deathrag, Merthas, Stable, and Yourbhuddy) and they will be more than happy to chat with you!

Edited by Deathrag

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We could still use more people!

We're currently holding discussions about adding a casual raid team to our list of activities.

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Come join our awesome guild! We are starting guild raiding in 2 weeks with our first Mogu'shan Vaults run! We are now looking for people that want to raid, do RBGs, or both!

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Hello guild seekers!

Still looking for more people to join our family. Want a nice social PvP-centric guild (with a side serving of casual PvE thrown in)? Then come check us out today! Posted Image

See you soon!

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Hey everyone!

We have updated the guild recruitment post above! Check it out! As it says, we are still looking for members!

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Healers, where are you? We would love more healers! Mages would be nice too...

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We are still looking for more members! Still have a need for PvE healers!!

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Still looking for more!! Would love to see some more heals and tanks, but we'll accept anything (we are a bit Warlock-heavy though).

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Original post updated!

Our raid team cleared MV for the first time! Grats to them!

Lastly, we are looking for mages that PvP! Where are you guys at?

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    • By Sajakain
      ► Introduction:
      <Hand of Fate> is an Alliance Raiding Guild on US-Stormrage and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join our raid team. Our overall goal is to clear content while it is relevant while only raiding two nights a week.
      What are your goals for Legion? What kind of raid team are you looking for?
      ► The Details:
      Here are some of the direct details you are probably looking for concerning our team:
      Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Time: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) Invites: 8:30 PM - 8:45 PM EST Attendance Requirement: 100% Warlords Progression: 1/13 Mythic Current Progression: 7/7(N), 1/7(H)  
      ► What We're Looking For:
      Above anything else, we're looking for the player with an attitude and character that fits our team. We have turned several "skilled" players away simply because their attitude was not right for our team. Gear can be given and this game can be taught; character and attitude cannot.
      Specific Class Needs:
      We consider all applications that are submitted regardless of class or spec. We are, however, in immediate need of:
      Balance Druid Holy & Discipline Priest (Must be able to play both specs) Shadow Priest Warlock While these specific classes and specs will round out the 20 man roster, we have hopes of starting Emerald Nightmare with 25 - 30 so if you do not meet these specific classes and still wish to raid with us, do not hesitate to submit your application!
      ► Our Expectations:
      All or our expectations can be found on our website (provided below) in greater detail. For a quick list, however, we expect the following:
      You should shoot for 100% attendance. We understand life happens (and do allow for absences as such) but you are committing yourself to a team with other individuals who are adjusting their lives to raid with you. If you should need to miss raid, we have a forum board to post such absences. You should be well versed in your chosen class and spec. As a bonus, being well versed in multiple specs (based on class) is even better. You should be able to handle the game, smoothly with adequate graphics to determine where the fire is. Additionally, your connection should be stable enough to prevent you from disconnecting twice an hour. Lagging out and disconnecting on a regular basis is not acceptable. Additionally, you should have a functioning microphone to communicate in TeamSpeak. Talking will not always be required of you but you should have the ability and willingness to do so if asked. You should be willing to register on our website and, at the very least, read content that is posted to it. Writing on our forums is not required except in rare cases. Our website is a valuable resource to the guild; it hosts information about upcoming raids, strategies, and theorycrafting sections but is also host to some of our recreational games that involves you outside of raiding; fun stuff with prizes and entertaining posts all around.  
      ► Contact Information:
      Below you will find the information you need to get in contact with us should you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, you will find the link to our website so that you can read more about us.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to finding like-minded individuals to take on Legion with us!
      BattleTag Contacts:
      Sajakain (Guild Master / Raid Leader): Sajakain#1683 Sanatlock (Guild Officer): KUEng#1553
    • By Kromi
      As a European guild with the goal of raiding Mythic in Legion whilst keeping a friendly, social and cozy atmosphere on our Discord server. This means we can be considered a semi-hardcore raiding guild! As such, many other things are very important for every member, be so achievements, battle pets or any other kind of content. Hence we will maintain a healthy raiding schedule (see below) to give us the time to explore all the available content at a healthy pace.
      Schedule (Progression)
      Monday 19:30 - 23:00
      Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00
      Thursday 19:30 - 23:00

      Schedule (Casual raids)
      Sunday 19:30 - 23:00
      What we will create is a long-lasting home for those who share our idea of what a great MMO experience should encompass. Namely, we focus on getting to know each other whilst playing with each other which naturally leads to everyone being active as well in-game as on voice comm.
      What you should bring:
      -The will to talk to us on Discord and just socialize with the people you'll be playing with.
      -A healthy mix of maturity, respect and fun personality on a daily basis.
      -A decent microphone and (preferably) headphones or a headset.
      -Time for 3 raiding days a week, starting on the first week the raids will be released
      What we offer:
      -A friendly and cozy place where you can talk to the other guild members and have fun
      -A fair looting system and guild events, such as achievement runs for older content
      -Experienced WoW players and a beta tester to help you get started along the way
      -Support and many hours of fun
      For the time being, we are not looking for any tanks. However we are at the moment in need of specifically active healer(s) as well as a low number of range DPS, if you play either of the aforementioned roles, feel free to click the Discord link below to submit an application.
      Looking forward to hear from you! :)
      If you are looking for a place to permanently stay and consider yourself a more social focused member you're more than welcome to join us! Perhaps you are not looking for raiding but looking for an active place to learn more about the game and enjoy non-raiding content, then we can provide advice and a place filled with familiar faces to do all types of content!
      If you would have more time to invest in the game, or might light the desire to raid, we'd be more than happy to elevate social members to join the ranks of the raiders!
    • By Noxheart
      Our DPS use skills to do massive critical damage, our healers practice real life Hungry Hungry Hippos® at Timezone in a weekly deathmatch, and our tanks taunt UFC fighters. When we enter instances bosses walk up to us, drop their loot and kill themselves. Blizzard pays us to play. We date supermodels. We've all won the lottery. Every sixty seconds in our raids a minute goes by. Our mages have Warglaves of Azzinoth. We all have IQs above 180. Our private parts are so big that they go all the way from A to Z on the keyboard. We melt steel beams, We are all rock stars and may need to stop raiding for our world tour. We party with celebrities and mingle with the political elite. We built this city. We have appeared on the NEWS twelve times this week. We do not talk about Fight Club. We do test on animals. TV-Series: 60 Minutes did a two hour special on our Guild Achievements. We are on a first name basis with Felicia Day, and Hugh Jackman, he plays a Worgen Warrior on Frostmourne.
      We are [SPG] South Pacific Gamers, The Guild Bank is storage for Leadership only. There is no guild tabard, as it doesn’t match my hairstyle or Transmog Sets.
      Now all the bullsh*t is out of the way, Let’s get to the Point.
      About Us
      [SPG]: South Pacific Gamers, Oceanic: Frostmourne - Alliance.
      Built on core values the Community has been together since 2002 and is designed with the Online Gamer in mind. A collective group of veteran oceanic, progression minded players that enjoy World Of Warcraft and other Online Games. 
      Our casual player holiday is over and we are focused on achieving end-game mythic progression in a relaxed environment on a unique raid schedule. 
      We are not hardcore raiders but we will aim for the Cutting Edge Achievements: Defeat Raid on Mythic difficulty, before the release of the next tier of content.
      Pre Mythic Raid System
      Prior to Mythic raiding, we aim to provide a solution to those wanting to raid, but you work shifts, rotating rosters, or study and your commitments change regularly. During Mythic Progression, we will continue to run lower difficulty raids to fill gaps in gear and those unable to attend set raid nights. 
      Raids are scheduled up to two weeks in advance for every night of the week. Utilizing the in Game Calendar you will indicate your upcoming availability. Based on availability raid nights will be chosen for optimal attendance. Personal Loot + Bonus rolls, with incentives for sharing unwanted items. Raid Times: Currently we will have raids commence at 20:00 or 21:00(AEST).   
      We are not going to fill you with expectations by flaunting Mythic experience or Vanilla veterans. You will get out of this Guild what you put into it. Legion is a new expansion with new content. A clean slate and chance for you to achieve what ever your goals are.
      We are after all types of people, we accept new players and returning players. We don't mind if you have none to mythic experience in raiding, all we ask is that you dedicate time to learning your class, and bring your all to our raids.
      Our success is dependent on a cooperative effort and requires active, respectful and honourable participation by all members. Thus, each member is responsible for upholding the guilds positive reputation and name throughout his/her travels online. With this in mind, we are here to have fun, create moderate amounts of mayhem, and build on a rewarding community. 
      18+ Prefered, exceptions based on maturity. Teamspeak3 for progression, Heroic/Mythic/Mythic+. Casuals and PvPers accepted. Research and know the fights and what's expected of you.  
      Mythic Raid System
      Those who perform in the lower raid tiers will be invited to Mythic progression, these Mythic raids will have a set raid night. Which will be decided based on the more popular raid nights attended in Pre-Mythic content, and on the Availability of the core team. 
      Mythic Raids are on set nights and will not be subject to the dynamic raid nights. Raiders will need to qualify for a position, and continue to preform during progression, anyone can step up or down at any time. Once Mythic content is on farming status, those unable to attend it previously will be invited to experience, and obtain any rewards. No one will be carried during Mythic progression, that includes all Guild Members. Mythic Raid Times: Currently to be decided.  
      Guild Incentives
      With the Might of the Legion descending on Azeroth, we have the opportunity to Advance in the game not only as a better guild but as a healthier community. The below perks will unlock once the Emerald Nightmare has been cleared on Normal.
      Rewards Program
      As the title suggests we have a reward program, which works similar to DKP Systems, however instead of boss loot, we have monthly bidding on some in game and real life prizes.
      A simple and common event in many guilds we host a number old content runs, to unlock those "one day" collections.
      High Roller
      Random /roll shouts during raids and events that reward gold or other in game prizes, even lowest roll gets rewarded
      We host a number of competitions throughout the year that can reward some valuable prizes.
      Raid Positions
      All players are welcome to trial for any position that they desire; during new content progression and Mythic the more compatible players for each role and class will be selected to fill core positions. As such we strongly encourage our raiders to maintain an intimate class knowledge of at least two specializations so they can remain flexible to the requirements.

      - Healing:
      - PALADIN: Holy/Protection - PRIEST: Holy/Shadow - SHAMAN: Restoration - MONK: Mistweaver Damage:
      - HUNTER: Beast Mastery - HUNTER: Marksmanship - MAGE: Fire - MAGE: Arcane - MONK: Windwalker/Brewmaster - WARLOCK: Demonology - WARLOCK: Destruction - PRIEST: Shadow - ROGUE: Outlaw - ROGUE: Assassination - DRUID: Balance/Guardian - WARRIOR: Arms
    • By LanceFW[/img]     Valiant Vengeance was created about 7 years ago by the same leadership that is held today. We are a progression minded semi-hardcore guild who has raided since WoTLK. Each raid tier we have gotten progressively better at our pace and we plan to be a competing guild in Legion. VV raids 3 nights a week for a total of 9 hours a week.   Progression: 7/7H 7/7N   Raid Times: 6-9PM Pacific Raid Days Tues, Thurs, and Sun Loot System: EPGP Voice Comm: Discord   Current Recruitment Needs:   Tank Will make considerations 1 RDPS of any class . 1 Strong healer with a good DPS os, prefer R Sham   All applications regardless of role and spec will be considered if you can make our raid times and perform to our standards.   Our guild is comprised of members who have been with us for quite awhile, over several raid tiers and and expansions. We are pretty close knit and are wishing to add to the team. Just because we are progression minded and serious about raiding does not mean we do not have fun and just be friends. VV is a strictly no drama guild and any of those who wish to start it are immediately removed. If you are seeking a friendly, fun guild to raid with and be competitive with in Legion, VV is the place for you!   For any questions please add me on Btag or apply on our Guildsite. Raid Leader and Guild Master: Pyra#1209 Co-GM: Lance#1115 Guild Site:  
    • By DiaperBaby
      <Brooklyn Zoo> Alliance Frostmourne
      About us
      Brooklyn Zoo is an Australian based raiding guild, consisting of both real life and long-term gaming friends from many different backgrounds. We have a very long history of playing and raiding in WoW together.
      We are aiming at recruiting a small and dependable core raid group to clear current heroic raid content. Right now we have no plans of pursuing mythic.
      Guild Progression
      The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N
      Have a microphone and be willing to talk if required (raid callouts etc).
      Be willing to improve (reading guides, hitting the training dummy, etc) and have the ability to take constructive criticism without taking it personal.
      Be able to consistently come on time to raids. Not being able to make a raid is fine as long as it's a rare occurrence (you will be expected to give prior notice).
      Raid Times (GMT+10)
      Friday: 8:30pm - 12:00am
      Sunday: 3:00pm - 6:30pm
      Currently Recruiting
      Ranged DPS
      Note: social/casual players looking for a home are also welcome.
      Guild Master - Säyle - Sayle#6594
      Officer - Nyxmoo - Invalid#1528
      Officer - Diaperbaby - Bing#1977