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[US-Zangarmarsh][A]<Wipeaholics> Casual. 10-man. 6/6MV. LF DPS.

No replies to this topic Started by Pocketbook, Jan 25 2013 10:21 PM recruitment DPS Zangarmarsh 10-man raid casual
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Posted 25 January 2013 - 10:21 PM

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Who we are: <Wipeaholics>. Level 25 Alliance Guild. Zangarmarsh. Casual raiding: 6/6 MV. Close group of good people. What we want: Two reliable DPS for our raid team. Must be mature players and have vent. What we offer: Free food, flasks, enchants, gems, and repairs for all raiders. What we do: Progression two nights per week at 7:30 server time (2-3 hours/night). One additional night occasionally used for progression, but more often for challenge modes, achievement runs, etc. Current raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. We’re casual and fun. We wipe a lot and nobody gets mad about it. We troll each other. A lot. We have players from vanilla and we have Cataclysm babies and every level of experience in between. If this sounds like your kind of place, shoot an in-game message to Pegarm, Chickenstyle, Pocketbook, or Unholyhands, or email If you can follow these rules, you'll do well in Wipeaholics: 1) If you sign up, show up. 2) If you have a problem with something and don't bring it to the officers, you will be told to screw off. 3) Don't be a d!ck.

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