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Needing some serious Afflic guidance please!!

4 replies to this topic Started by Cynex, Jan 26 2013 05:50 PM
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Posted 26 January 2013 - 05:50 PM

  • Cynex
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Hey guys let me first just say that these forums and this site in general are a huge source of helpful information and guidance. That being said however I still seem to be coming up substantially short on my dps for most of my 10man Norm raids...around 70k dps consistently and it's really vexing me. I'm ilvl 484 and most my my guild is upper 80's to mid 90's and they pull 85-100k so i figured maybe it was just gear but now I'm not so sure after only pulling 80k on windlord last night. Maybe I'm just not managing my soulshards right? I'll try to be as in-depth with my issues as I can and i apologize for the long read. First off here's my armory As far as world of logs.I've been with this guild 2 weeks now but when I pulled up their boss fights I was unable to find my character at all so I cant help with that :( Everything I've read on here says you lose a slight dps increase for hit.which im ok with since i don't wanna account for human error and want the hit percentage. Secondly, I've read that at my ilvl, haste stacks better that mastery and you wanna get to the 4717 haste cap,but still keep your mastery somewhat balanced. So I've tried to get as close to hit cap (im .3% away i believe) and get my haste close to the cap without just dumping out my mastery. My rotation is this Dark Soul(on cooldown) > Shadowburn-Soulswap > Haunt > CoE > Malefic Even in fight where I dont have to do a lot of movement and can keep up haunt I'm still just not doing more than 75k on a good day so Im worried maybe i have my reforges all wrong. In a fight like Wind Lord,which my raid leader said is an affliction fight, I'm designated CC but I notice even if I pop my Doomguard and a potion of Jade Serpent I'm getting blow away in dps if i try to sustain all my dots (excluding haunt) on more than 2-3 adds. I usually run out of shards assuming I haunt the focus target, and end up having to single apply dots to mob after mob and cant really use MG without dropping numerous dots on my others targets.I tired forte and its just a massive crap storm of bars all over and I simply cant monitor 12-20 bars and keep an eye out for amber prisons, spinning blade, resin, AND my CC,should I be able to? I've run simcraft and it says i should be able to maintain 89-90k dps without the hit % but Im not a computer so I set a little lower expectation. One last question, when I pop dark soul with dots ALREADY on the target..if i SB/SS to reapply will they get the added haste or just renew my old ones? Sorry for the massive read guys and thanks for any sound advice you can give me!!! I'm just really tired of doing sub par raid dps when I know I'm a better player than this.

Posted 26 January 2013 - 07:04 PM

  • Gravyspasm
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logs for those that can help decipher.

blade lord kill - http://www.worldoflo.../?s=2600&e=3001
heroic stone guard kill - http://www.worldoflo.../?s=2087&e=2427
multi normal (spirit kings, elegon....) - http://www.worldoflo...Done/?enc=kills

another multi - http://www.worldoflo...Done/?enc=kills

windlord wipe fest set - http://www.worldoflo...sum/damageDone/

you can replace those two green sensei with lightning and get to the haste threshold. make one of the full mastery ones into a hybrid hit/mastery and you'll make hitcap.

One last question, when I pop dark soul with dots ALREADY on the target..if i SB/SS to reapply will they get the added haste or just renew my old ones?

they will get the haste, but they likely wont get the benefit of pandemic. this has help me:

I've only found forte useful for its giant icon splash when something comes off cooldown.

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 07:06 PM

  • Sam
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Hi Cynex First of all i'm gonna say im not as experienced at affliciton as some other ppl here but i think i can give you some comments.. For some reazon I was not able to look into your armory so this may not be the case but it is worth saying that 4717 is not a haste cap but a threshold or breakpoint, what i mean is that exactly at 4717 is when you will get additional ticks on your dots so instead of beeing a little below that (as you may with hit) you should aim to have at least that number. Now, about the windlord fight.. I have two things that you may wanna try.. First one is that i think it's right to apply your dots with Soulburn - Soulswap, then use Haunt and Maleffic Grasp as possible but you also want to throw some Drain Souls there (even if no target is below 20% health) because it will grant you a Soulshard every 2 ticks so do this as much as needed to be able to keep up enought shards for Soulburn - Soulswap Second one is that you may want to use Infernal instead of Doomguard, here im not sure at how many targets you need for that. As i said before I'm not very experienced with affliction and some ppl here may be able to give you more advise but i hope this was helpful

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 09:12 PM

  • Cynex
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Thanks for the gem suggestion,i doubt I would have noticed that on my own! now I have the extra tick and my hit! I'm really liking Affdot's as well by the way. That little bit of info in itself was really helpful,Im having a much easier time keeping up with dots. Takes the guess work out of reapplying. Do my reforge's seem ok? I read Zagam's guide to the normal boss's and that really shed some light on everything. I'll try that strategy tonight and see if it works better. Ive been trying to convince my raid that we should CC 2 Mender's but they would rather do Amber Shaper's. Is there a large reason why you would rather do mender's? I figure less mend's to interrupt is there any other reason?

Posted 27 January 2013 - 01:54 AM

  • Cruzan
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If you've read Zagam's strategy for the fight as well as using Affdots you should definitely be headed in the right direction.

As far as the CC strategy for the fight there is no generic order other than 1 of each. Which one to double-dip on is dependent on your raid composition. Seeing as you had multiple classes in your group that could interrupt the menders they shouldn't have been a problem and CCing two of them wouldn't be necessary if they were on point with their interrupts. CCing two Ambers makes sense if you want to keep the fight less complex (residue debuff, puddles all over the room, etc.) but if you have good communication or non-essential people get encased in amber they also shouldn't be a concern. I've only pugged this as heals and we CCed two ambers because people were getting blown up by blademasters if we weren't keeping everyone topped off. That was due to being a mostly undergeared pug with people having low health pools and taking tons of avoidable damage. We also had boss-mode DPS who were on top of interrupts. Removing 2 ambers from the equation reduced the raid damage going out and the add phase became fairly trivial.

The strat is purely dependent on what you guys feel you can pull off Posted Image but after seeing you guys had wiped 20 times with only one attempt of significance after the 10th wipe I'd say your RL needs to stop beating a dead horse and call it a night. Average fight length for the first 10 attempts around 4m 15s and the last 10 around 2m 10s. I'd recommend doing whatever strat you were using on those 6+ minutes attempts. If your RL is basing your performace off of your DPS during add phase then he isn't very informed on Affliction's strengths, but you should still be pulling off respectable numbers.

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