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Demo lock refored to Destro Stats

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I was hoping I could get some help. I appologise ahead of time if this is already answered somewhere but I cannot find it. I currently play my lock as Demo and I just started to raid last week in a 25 man team.

I do have lots of questions about my rotation and all that but will ask again at a later date. I am at work so I do not have access to a lot of the resources I need to ask my questions.

My dps was low during the raid so I decided to try out Destro to see the difference in my dps. Destro dps was lower then my Demo dps but then again I am just getting used to it. So I switched back to Demo to see what the difference in dps is.

I was using one of the training dummies so I know in a true 5 man/raid situation it will be different due to buffs/flasks/food but I was just curious as to the difference. I noticed that I was pulling more dps as Demo being refored to what askmrrobot suggested for my Destro spec. Is this normal or am I missing something. I am only at 470 ilvl and I know I can use lots of upgrades.

In 5 mans I am hardly ever on top of the dps meters (doesn't matter to me if I am). I'm lucky if I pull 40k dps. During the raid I was averaging 52k and I think my highest was 65k. I am still figuring out how to correctly play the spec.

Because of my current gear is it okay to stay reforged as Destro when playing Demo or am I missing something?

Any and all help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Emberose -

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Stats are about 10% of your DPS while executing mechanics of your class will be about 90% of your damage. Stat weights are not different enough to make a meaningful push into one particular stat for Destruction and Demonology. The difficult thing about playing two different specs for Warlocks is to find a balance you're happy with. For me, raiding as Affliction and Destruction makes me prioritize certain I push full Mastery and let Destro drop down a notch? Sure. Stack Crit? No way, because it is so awful for Affliction. Find that balance, but remember that most of your damage comes from playing well, not having your stats 'optimized.'

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If i can be of any help here i'll i love to play Demo i am still learning the spec/class.You are going to need to make sure you can get to about 750 Demonic fury you can really help yourself out this this macro,just spam the button until imp swarm pops which will again really help with DF gain,just remember to fill in with shadow bolts and soulfire when you get a molten core proc.Once you get to about 750 DF you can use this second macro,followed up immeditaly with my third macro which you'll just spam until your flashfrozen resin goblet is up.mY Burst dmg is nuts and then after that your just filling in the priorities until your ready to use macro's 2 and 3 as i try not to pop into meta w/o being under my trink/ench and my DSK procs to maximize my dmg output,but like i said still learning the spec.

/castsequence [mod]Corruption;reset=target Demonic Circle: Summon,Hand of Gul'dan,Curse of the Elements,Corruption,Imp Swarm

/cast Dark Soul: Knowledge

/use Flashfrozen Resin Goblet

/cast Grimoire: Felguard

/cast Axe Toss

/cast Felstorm

/castsequence [mod]Soul Fire;reset=target Metamorphosis,Doom,Chaos Wave,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos,Touch of Chaos

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I use macros here and there but if you truly plan on maximizing your DPS, stay away from cast sequence button smashing (no offense to anyone that uses it, i'm not trying to be an azz). You just learn the class mechanics better for situations that demand change.

I do have to say that's a sexy macro though. For an opener.

Still that ties up three keys for a single target. you don't want to pop half that stuff on trash.


I out DPS my Demo spec on fights with 3 or less targets (with Destro), after that I fall behind. I dont change my Stats for that at all. Its just learning the mechanics and fully understanding spell priority. Its always the passive skills that get overlooked (and the mods we use to monitor)

Like when to burn backlash, when to pop havok and nuke another target with proc enhanced chaos bolts... It just takes time.

Reading Zagam's posts helped me pick up 20k DPS because I was thinking "pandemic" took an empowered dot and increased its timer. lol

Heck, reading that Macro helped me. I never casted imps before switching back from Meta because I wanted the imps to build back my fury faster after meta. Now that I think about it, the only way you are going to cast that many "touch of chaos" spells is by having the imps fueling its generation.

Rawk on

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