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Easiest healing class in ur opinion

10 replies to this topic Started by WouterProski, Feb 13 2013 04:49 PM
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Posted 13 February 2013 - 04:49 PM

  • WouterProski
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Im bored of dpsing and i know all healing classes are difficult but i wud like 2 know which healing class is in raids in ur opinion the easiest 2 play and tell me why also iknow they all gor many spells but who has the least healing spells for healing?

Posted 13 February 2013 - 07:45 PM

  • Soultrain
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Depends on how you want to heal really Shaman use big heals and put out bigger heals when the target has lower health (yay mastery), totems are cool too. One of my favorites Disc priest use absorbs and mitigations, use bubbles to help prevent damage. My favorite for pvp. I want to try my monk for healing but my raid healer loves it. Kind of a combat healer can pull 20k dps and 60k hps easy. It's all a matter of preference really. I don't like my priest in raids but love my shammy raiding. Also certain beakers will shine on different fights, monks are great for galaron and our disc priest is great for empress. I wouldn't say any healing class can be played easily, if you want to heal well , just like dps, it takes skill and knowing when to use what heals and how not to waste mana overhealing. I personally have never liked Druid heals. Not a fan of heal over time effects. Play around with a few and see what you like. Sorry if that's nota definite answer that you were looking for. Hard to say which is easiest

Posted 13 February 2013 - 07:46 PM

  • Horcored
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Hey, i would start by saying that you're very wrong. All healing classes are not hard to play as a player who through MoP have lvled up 4 of the 5 healing classes to lvl 90 and played them in atlast normal raiding. The first thing i would say if you're deciding to reroll healer is that as a difference from DPS, theres no actuall list of rotation as being a healer requires you to judge from the situation you're in what you should do next. Ofc in normal settings you want to heal ppl in this order Tank > Healer > Dps, but ofc in a burn fase at the end of a fight could require you to priorise dps over tanks cuz of the difference in dmg done. All that being said i'll explain a little of the 4 healing classes i've experienced so far... Paladins are a little OP in PvE healing atm in my opionion and the core spell you'll use through a raid fight would be Holy Shock as offen as possible as this will be you main holy power builder and Word of Glory as your single target Holy power dumper. Allways have beacon of light on the tank taking most dmg or if wanted by the raidleader someone else. Use holy light as a single target spell between holy shock CD's and primarly only use Diving Light on the tank with beacon of light as it grants you a change of Holy Power. Never use holy light on the beacon when theres other ppl needing heal as the beacon will receve 100% of the healing done by holy light. For AoE you would still want to use Holy Shock as you main Holy power builder and use Holy Radiance in between ( BUT watch out for you mana as its farly expensive) and Light of Dawn as a holy power dumper. Druid is a healing class with mostly HoT ( Healing over time) and its primary spells are Lifebloom on one of the tanks, for periods of raid dmg you want to keep Wild Growth on CD as well as using rejuvinasion on the targets you see need the extra healing. You will also want to use Swiftmend on CD as it will grant your mastery to proc, increasing you healing based on your mastery ( Any healing thats not a HoT will proc this btw, but Swiftmend is the most efficent) and using swiftmend will also create a circle around the target healing up to 3 targets within over time. I also know some healing tend to use Wild Mushrooms in their healing rotation, i dont have any insight on this and have been doing good without. You also want to Nurish the tank with lifebloom to keep it refreshed or Healing Touch if the tank is taking high dmg. Monks are the new class introduced in MoP and can also heal in form of Mistweaver. A monk healer in many ways like a druid with HoTs and a few direct heals. As a MW monk you will want to have your healing statue up 100% of the time, using renewing mist on CD as it will jump to 2 additional target healing them all over time. Use Enveloping mist along with Smoothering mist on targets taking high dmg, use life cacoon as a single target save as it will grant a good shield along with increased healing to that target. Revival is a monks version of Tranquility or Divine Hymn and should be used as a strong healing Cd as it heals the entire raid for a good chunk of healing. Use mana tea ( U get mana tea charges from using you chi spells) frequently for mana regen as it gives u 4% mana per charge. As of Priest i am only familiar with holy. Holy priests are centered mostly around aoe healing but can do desent singletarget as well. Depends on whats needed you might switch chakra several times over an encounter. Sanctuary for Aoe and Serenity for single target. Sanctuary makes Holy Word: Chastise to a Aoe spell that u can place on the ground, use it wisely, Serenity makes your Holy Word; Chastise into a single target heal which also renews the time on your renew if theres any present on the target. You want to switch between heal and greater heal depending the the dmg income for single target and use circle healing on CD and Prayer of healing in between for AoE healing. Allways use Prayer of mending if all charges is used and keep a lightwell / lightspring on the ground as much as possible and if its a lightwell make sure ppl actually use it. As a holy priest your blessed with a strong Aoe smartheal CD called Divine hymn, with heals the 3 targets in the raid with lowest health for a pretty good ammount, this is channeled over time. As of Shamans i havent lvled one up yet so i cant really give you anything on this class yet. This might have been a long answer to a relativly short and easy question but i hope this will help you decide that to reroll as. =) - Horcored

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

  • Sam
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I personally love healing and really recommend you try it! I myself have a Holy Paladin (My main healer), Druid, Shaman and Disc Priest, all lvl 90 and taken the first 3 into raids (the priest just got to 90)

My advice will be to try a Holy Paladin, the reason is because it's a very reactive healer, you see damage and you heal it while with other classes such as Disc Priests and Druids you need to be more preventive and sometimes shield/Hot targets before some damage spike. This makes the play type more forgiving so even if you are still getting the hang of it and maybe not using all your cooldowns and/or utility can still perform well. Resto Shaman could be a good option too but i still favor the Paladin because you have more insta heals and imo it's a bit easier to react if the tank or some player gets very low and also the Holy Paladin's Mastery will help you minimize the losses if you overheal a bit while learning...

That being said Holy Paladin is still a very fun class to play and takes as much skill as any other healer to play it to the max potential.

Can't tell you much about Monk and Holy Priest since I have never played them but you can't go wrong with the Holy Paladin, they are also always among the top healers if you care for that and they can perform well in all scenarios, pve, pvp, 5m, 10m, 25m, they are great!

One more piece of advice for you if you want to try a healer, do some PvP with him (well I think it's good for every class actually) but this will teach you to use all of your spellbook and force you to react fast when you need to use some of the spells you won’t normally use in PvE. Oh and it will make your leveling a bit more fun and interesting because healing is extremely easy at lower lvl's (basically one word of glory or even holy shock takes a player from near death to full at lower levels, believe me it's not that easy at lvl 90 and Raids).

Posted 14 February 2013 - 09:10 PM

  • garrodith
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i have tried other healing classes but i always find myself being drawn back to my druid, just love the healing style an its not too hard to get used too! the pros are that it is very mobile due to instant hots, its also very hard to go oom with good gear due to innervate and trinkets! finally a target with all your hots on will be very IMMUNE to death... now for the cons, they are very hard to get them to react quickly to fatal hits and to healing fast.... you can only spam regrowth and reguv+swiftmend! also some say they are a hard class to learn and their healing style is like Marmite... you either love it or you hate it! but i love it!

Posted 15 February 2013 - 04:44 PM

  • WouterProski
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Thx for all replies! I wud like 2 hear more opinions!

Posted 15 February 2013 - 05:41 PM

  • Storm
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I've played every healer except for a monk. and I have experience with many of them across multiple expansions. My favorite healer has always been a priest. My priest was my main in Wrath, and in both Cata and MoP it has been the Alt I raid with most on off nights.

In my opinion Priests are the only healer that can fill absolutely any healing role, and be the best at it.
  • Need a tank healer? Both Disc and Holy have large single target heals, and disc takes it one step further with bubbles for extra mitigation.
  • Need to raid heal? Holy's aoe healing output is only matched by Shamans, and blows all other classes out of the water. Disc isn't a bad choice either since prayer of healing will also leave behind a divine aegis bubble.
  • Running with some badass healers that make you look like a noob? don't worry Disc bubbles take priority over whatever they're doing, so make yourself look like the badass, and leave them bored waiting for something to heal.
Unlike other classes where you may have a limited number of heals, and have to figure out how to best utilize them in the situation, Priest healing always has a heal to cover whatever it is you're trying to do. fast heals, big heals, aoe heals, hots, bubbles. they have everything.

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 05:59 PM

  • Pandariah
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Well, you're in for some experimentation, my friend. They are all very different. I think you should stray from Discipline Priests until 5.2, seeing how you'll just start learning, then BAM! Changes. As for simplest healing class? I'd say they're all too different, and when played properly, can all be absolutely viable. However, for your personal growth and learning? Try Druid first. I'll happily provide reasoning. The Druid healing toolkit is by far the smallest, which can provide some challenge in raiding, but by the time you've leveled to 90 and healed dungeons the entire way, you'll have adjusted to the changes in mechanics. I personally have one of each healer (main is a Holy Paladin), and will say - do not try a Monk. They are very tricky, and seeing how you'll be practicing the basics of healing while also learning your class, trying a Monk may leave you overwhelmed after a time. I really hope that was of help. After all, it is just my opinion. Good luck either way, and please come back to let us all know which class you choose to try! Edit: Typos! Love my tablet, but sometimes I go too fast. :P

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 06:59 PM

  • Krazyito
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I suppose it is about time I gave my opinion eh?

Here is the TL;DR version: Do not play Monk as a beginner healer.

Long version:
I have leveled every single healer to 90 (bar a shaman because I'm lazy, but not because its the worst) and I played all of them during Cata in a raid setting. Each healer has its own unique playstyle which you would need to learn. There is no "easiest" healer (though some would argue Holy Paladins are easy) and they all require you to practice and read up on gear information to be any kind of decent.

Some healers require you to be less reactive then others, but healers should always strive to predict damage.

The First Three: These first set of healers are best known for their single target capabilities. Though raid and AoE heaing is still a very viable playstyle for them. Though these three healers excel at single target more then the first three.

A Holy priests IMO are the most diverse healers. Hey have cast spells, AoE spells, HoTs, Raid-wide AoE, Tank CD's, mobility, and burst healing. They they have by far the largest toolkit, but don't need to use everything to do well. With their large toolkit, they can fulfill make roles as either a tank or raid healer and do it quite well. A Holy priests in this current patch (5.1) are not doing as well, because a good play will play Disc much better. With the 5.2 changes Disc will be nerfed and holy should be higher then before.

A Discipline Priests have a similar toolkit to Holy Priests, but do it differently. Disc uses absorbs to prevent damage from happening while also doing some healing. During this patch they shine above most healers because of their mana return mechanic called "Rapture" which, when played correctly, you will never run out of mana and can spam your absorbs all day long. 5.2 will introduce a nerf to the mana returns of Rapture and a nerf to some of their absorbs, though Rapture will still be an essential mechanic of the spec to deal with. The main difference between Disc and Holy is the absorbs. Holy has Raid wide healing cool down while Disc has a barrier that reduces damage taken. They both can excel at single target and raid wide healing.

A Holy Paladin is the most balanced healer IMO. Holy Paladins are known most for their single target healing which they have always excelled at, but since the change to Holy radiance in Patch 4.3 (Dragon Soul) they have become amazing raid healers. Paladins have a smaller selection of heals then Priests, but what they lack in healing spells they make up for in utility. They have MANY cooldowns to control things that happen in a raid such as a Threat reducer, a damage mitigation, movement impairing remover, and offensive CD's to increase healing throughput. They are the most balanced healers because they can take any of the three secondary stats and do very well with them because of different peoples playstyle. Mastery is still the "best all around" stat, but haste and crit are viable options for differing palystyles.

The Last Three: These three healers excel at AoE/raid healing more then the first three. They are more known for their AoE healing capabilities and can sometimes perform them better then the first three. These three healer can single target heal, but they are not as efficient as the first three. (with the exception of shamans)

A Restoration Shaman heals with single target spells and HoTs. They have the iconic "triage" of heals (fast-expensive-medium, slow-expensive-big, slow-cheap-small) as well as a HoT that does a burst of initial healing to a single target. They have a shield they keep up on a single target to allow them to do increased healing on that target, and heal them when they take damage. They also have many utility spells such as a totem that can so massive AoE healing to the raid while they are still healing and a separate totem that can provide increase burst of spirit to the raid for increase mana regeneration. . Shamans have a huge AoE ground heal that players can stand in to receive healing and give the shaman a chance to proc their other HoT. Lastly every heal a shaman does provides increases maximum HP to players to allow them to live longer.

A Restoration Druid is thee most mobile of healers, but have the slowest ramp-up time in healing. This is the very first class/spec I played when first starting this game and is the one I initially learned to heal with. Druid healing is different because of the vast amount of HoTs they have which can easily become over heal due to other healers taking it. They onlt have 3 cast time spells which is again the Triage healing, but the extra HoTs they have can mean they can heal multiple people at the same time and buffer pulsing AoE daamge. They also have some utility spells such as a 20% damage reduction buff for a tank, a raid wide AoE spell that puts a HoT on those players and some throughput spells for extra burst healing.

Lastly a Mistweaver Monk. This is my current main healer. This class is completely different from the other healers. They have a secondary resource (like holy paladins) which is used to output more healing. They have a HoT that jumps to nearby players and you can use an AoE burst heal to heal players with your HoT, which adds another element of RNG A mistweaver has a large learning curve and does not handle low levels of spirit too well without multiple shaman mana tide support. There are players who try to ply this spec with Soothing Msts and absolutely no melee healing what so ever. In my opinion this is completely wrong. Soothing mists is too RNG based to be a reliable enough to allow you to use your other core spells and to manage you unique mana resource. For a Mistweaver, you have to use melee damage abilities to have a constant flow of Chi incoming and using your other Chi consuming spells so that you can gain even more Chi. A mistweaver has another resource called "Mana Tea" which is crucial to keep generating and using to keep up with the massive amount of mana you are spending while melee healing. A mistake in your mana tea usage or generation can be very costly to your mana and allow you to go OOM quite easily. If you have preist in your group that can make effective use of Hymn of Hope, it also benefits a MW monk really well since Mana Tea is based off your Maximum mana.. To play a mistweaver monk effectively you will need prior healing experience with choosing what to heal and when.

I'm sorry for the VERY long post, but I thought I would write a small summary of each healer and what I think of them. I hope you enjoy.


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Posted 15 February 2013 - 07:15 PM

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I would recommend rolling a resto shaman. The number of spells to learn is quite low and there are lots of smart and AOE heals. I think this gives you a fairly shallow learning curve.....although I used to go OOM a lot at first by casting healing rain on cool down! Also, they seem to be quite powerful at the moment. Ascendance and Healing Tide Totem for the win!

Posted 15 February 2013 - 08:32 PM

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I totally love my Disc Priest. (actual lvl 77) Shield and PoM on the tank and then Damage. Sometimes PoH or refresh the Shield and thats it as far as i've seen it.
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