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wow GPL WoW EU Tournament #2 - Day 1 Results

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The second tournament hosted by GCD TV has concluded its first day of play. Make sure you are up-to-date on the rankings before the tournament continues at 6:30PM CET today!

The qualifiers for the tournament were held on Friday in order to whittle down the applicants to 8 final teams. The ones that qualified were as follows:

Team Members
Trolljägarn Wallirikz (Warlock)
Fnoberz (Druid)
Leekzy (Mage)
Zeepeye (Shaman)
N.W.A Fopsy (Monk and Warlock)
Nam (Druid)
Xonika (Shaman and Paladin)
Franky (Death Knight)
Cavy's Dad Joefernandes (Warrior)
Cavyx (Druid and Paladin)
Infernion (Warlock)
Teebow (Shaman)
The Yacht Boys Mileyzor (Priest, Paladin and Druid)
Thesia (Rogue and Mage)
Froffsy (Priest)
Gelubaba (Mage)
Kenitra Tigers Mystic (Shaman, Warrior and Paladin)
Nolifer (Mage)
Shuichi (Rogue)
Chas (Paladin, Priest and Druid)
Reawakened Whaazz (Rogue and Priest)
Raiku (Mage)
Minpojke (Druid and Paladin)
Forever Second Place Friedkitteh (Mage)
Vilaye (Priest)
Linue (Paladin)
Speechless Blizo (Warrior)
Loony (Druid)
Jaime (Shaman)
Fabss (Warlock)

The tournament sees the eight teams all begin in the Upper Bracket, with 4 matches planned. The 4 winners will advance to the next stage, while the 4 losers will drop down into the Lower Bracket. This is known as a double elimination style of tournament, in which teams have to lose two matches to be knocked out of the tournament.


The players in both brackets will battle it out for a place in the final, with the losers from each match of the Upper Bracket being placed into the next round of Lower Bracket matches.


The first Upper Bracket matches played out as follows:

Match-Up Result Time in the Video
Trolljägarn vs. NWA Trolljägarn win 3 - 1 00:01:25
Reawakened vs. Kenitra Tigers Kenitra Tigers win 3 - 2 00:28:50
The Yacht Boys vs. Cavy's Dad The Yacht Boys win 3 - 0 01:00:00
Speechless vs. Forever Second Place Speechless win 3 - 2 01:20:20
The first set of matches had some incredible moments, but arguably the highlight of that set was the unbelievable pressure put out by Kenitra Tigers against Reawakened in their second game. You can check it out below:
Lower Bracket
With the first round finished, the tournament moved over to the Lower Bracket, where we saw two games played between the losers of the first round. The games were as follows:
Match-Up Result Time in the Video
NWA vs. Reawakened Reawakened win 3-1
NWA eliminated
Cavy's Dad vs. FSP FSP win 3-0
Cavy's Dad eliminated
The highlight for this set of matches has to be Whaazz's near-death experience against N.W.A, where he manages to stay alive after dropping to 5% HP. Check it out!
Upper Bracket


With the lower bracket matches finished, the tournament moved back into the Upper Bracket, where the winners of the first round were facing off against each other. The matches happened as follows:

Match-Up Result Time in the Video
Trolljägarn vs. Kenitra Tigers Kenitra Tigers win 3 - 2
Trolljägarn moved to LB
The Yacht Boys vs. Speechless The Yacht Boys win 3 - 0
Speechless moved to LB
The highlight for the Upper Bracket matches has to be the kill on Leekzy by Kenitra Tigers, in which he didn't even have time to use his Ice Block. Check it out:
Final Standings for Day 1
With the final matches for the first day complete, we can take a look at the final standings going into today's matches.
If you want to check out the matches live, you can join the stream ( at 6:30PM CET, or watch the results of each match being live-tweeted at

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