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Updated!!! Emerald Dream and The Nighthold - DK DPS Style

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Place holder for eventual post. Tips and tricks for the first two legion raids from DK DPS perspective. Could post things from beta here, might actually, however, until we see raid tuning and ability changes many things could be altered. So, I don't want to waste a lot of time.

Emerald Dream:

*General Note Here: Emerald Dream is a movement heavy raid. There is tons of positioning requirements and a lot of exploding debuffs. Heavy use of Wraith Walk will be necessary for all three specs. * 


Rot must be moved to corner, Wraith Walk mandatory use to get it there fast enough.

Pop AMS to move through infested ground faster.

Hang on corner of your stack group so you have more time to move out of infested breath. Wraith Walk if you derp but you want to save it mostly for Rot. 

Elerethe Renferal-

When you get venom, wraith walk to quickly move out of group to designated stack point. At that point pop AMS to reduce damage while you wait for debuff to pop off. For frost volatile shielding talent is recommended, for unholy spell eater is recommended. 

Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption-

Corruptor tentacles spawn on opposite side of room as dominator (typically) use wraith walk to quickly move to them. 


When targeted by ursocs charge wraith walk is mandatory to position yourself properly and run away.

Dragons of Nightmare-


Wraith walk is exceedingly useful for breaking the roots you may get. As unholy lingering apparitions is highly recommended talent.


If corrupted enough the giant monstrosity will appear and do a huge aoe attack. Save Wraith Walk to immediately get out of it. 

When targeted by meteor use wraith walk to move faster to appropriate drop spot, AMS may help reduce damage. 

This is a fun one: When entering the dream aka falling asleep all your cooldowns are reset upon exiting. So, as unholy you can pop army twice in the fight no problem because the CD gets reset. Same for frost you can summon sindragosa an additional time by using her in the dream. 

The Nighthold:


Chronomatic Anomaly-


Spellblade Aluriel-



High Botanist Tel'arn-

Star Augur Etraeus-

Grand Magistrix Elisandre-


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Posted (edited)

(All mechanics and talents may be subject to change but work and are currently the best for the fights as of 10/17/2016)

I will be listing talent set ups too use via 1,2, or 3 for each row going left to right, i.e All will Serve is 1 Bursting sores is 2 and Ebon fever is 3.

IF you have The instructors Fourth Lesson always take bursting sores.

If I do not have experience in Mythic for this fight, Mythic tips will not be added until I have experience with that boss.

  • Nythendra: Applies to both Mythic and Heroic. Talents: 1,2,2,1,3,1,3. Do not use Wraith Walk to get out of the raid faster, you have 10 seconds to get to the wall. If you move as soon as you get the debuff you will not apply more than the original 1 stack too the other melee that is unavoidable because of the mechanic instantly ticking upon application. So then you can use wraith walk to get back too the boss, while you are standing out there waiting for rot to fall off re-apply dots, use D&D use up what runic possible so you can maximize dps while out there you will generally be rune capped by the time you get back to the boss. AMS can block the application of the debuff (applied when ever you touch the poop on the ground) so if you ever need to walk over it, for what ever reason ams so applications of it are not gained, extremely important in mythic.


  • Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption: Heroic Talents: 2,2,2,1,1,1,3 Use ams when ever spew corruption is on you and or any other mechanics that'll cause you to take damage. Bursting sores is used here for it's a good cleave damage and good heart damage, ebon fever can prove to have more raw output but is nothing but useless padding, same with epidemic. Save Army for once inside heart for combined lust and extra single target burst. There is some note for this that your pet as unholy does have another deathgrip, if you keybind this you can grip more ichors onto the eye in case your guild is slow with it or one is outside of the range. To do the pet grip just set your pets target to the eye outside so it always pulls it on top of the eye, this is overall a dps less but dps on the outside is very low requirement and shouldn't really be a problem, compared to if your guild is struggling to get ichors onto the boss.


  • Elerethe Renferal: Mythic and Heroic. Talents: 1,2,2,1,3,1,3. Save Army for when ever lust is being popped, if you want some extra numbers with the slight added benefit of "helping" killing the little spiderlings with your D&D and Outbreak can prove to be a slight dps increase. In Mythic and generally speaking heroic you really should be saving wraith walk for feeding time, in Mythic you have to move extra far as dks are slow as a potato you really need to move it with wraith walk. When ever you get neurotic venom on you stand where ever your raid leader has you standing and AMS once it starts falling off stand still you can generally withstand 3-4 ticks of the pools with AMS which allows your raid group to have more room since it's not as spread out.


  • Ursoc: Heroic and Mythic. Talents: 1,2,2,1,2,1,3 Pretty straight forward fight. Do max DPS, Army when ever your group is popping lust, do not use it on the pull unless your group intends to lust on pull. Late into the fight having Corpse sheild can very very easily save your life, and you should use it if a couple people are dead and you are going to be having to soak an extra large charge. There is some thought to bursting sores in mythic, I would most likely suggest it if you're group is struggling with clearing the add, if not and your some what lacking on boss dps I suggest All will Serve being it'll offer you slightly higher boss damage but less add dmg.


  • Dragons of Nightmare: Heroic and mythic. Talents: 2,2,2,1,1,1,3. Over all this fight is rather straight forward do mechanics, and try and save a couple bursting sores as well as D&D for when ever the dragons spawn their shadow versions and it'll prove to be good amounts of cleave as well as good extra dps! Generally speaking there isn't a whole lot to say for Mythic other than if you are staying outside the portals I suggest making a hook macro for your pet so you can grip the adds that you need to when they are attacking people, or the spirits when they are getting further away from you, Talent suggestions stay the same.


  • Cenarius: Heroic. Talents: (this fight can vary raid group to raid group but generally) 2,2,2,1,3,1,3 Again fairly straight forward use army when ever lust is popped, make sure you use D&D to cleave down the forces of nature he summon periodically. You can soak brambles with AMS (AMS then walk into it) you can soak between 1 or 2 depending just watch for when it falls off. I generally say hold onto Wraith walk incase you accidentally step on one or someone brings it on top of you, or for when ever you drag the boss off. If you raid leader wants you helping to clear brambles though more often run into them wraith walk (don't soak extra it doesn't work only when you first press it does it actually remove the root effect)


  • Xavius: Heroic. Talents: 2,2,2,1,3,1,3 Basically pop all cds (except army) on pull ASAP. When ever you enter the dream use army, for it will come off CD as soon as you leave, generally try and use your CDs right before your leave it's normally like fractions of a second that you can use them so if you can squeeze them in it helps a ton trust me. Then leave army up until you enter last phase use army burn boss extra. Do mechanics as raid leader/fight calls. and D&D add in phase 1 for cleave damage.


10/17/2016 updated for Mythic Dragons.

Edited by Drtain

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