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d3 Spirit Generator Comparisons for Monks in 2.4.2!

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Davlok has put together some incredibly in-depth charts assessing the different spirit generators, based on their DPS, spirit generated and performance in both AoE and single target situations. Check them out!

He originally posted them over on the official D3 forums, but it made it's way onto /r/Diablo too. The full post is as follows:


Finally getting around to updating this spirit generator quick reference guide now that the reigning champ (Fists of Fury) is looking to lose its crown soon. Assuming the massive buff to Raiment 6pc generator damage goes live next week in 2.4.2, there could be quite a few runes making appearances on the leaderboards. These charts should be fairly self explanatory, but I'll add some notes/comments below.

Single Target DPS Chart

AoE Scaled DPS Chart

Spirit Generation Chart

Proc Coefficent Chart

Chart Notes:
- The charts are assuming you are using Raiment 2pc, Alacrity, Shenlong, and FD³.
- The Y-axis values are pretty arbitrary and really just meant to show a ranking
- The X-axis value is your Sheet APS. Just take your weapon APS (base 1.4 for fists) multiplied by the sum of all your additive non-weapon IAS affixes/buffs, and then just multiply that result by 2 for Flying Dragon.
- The "jumps" in the chart represent a reduction in frames of one of the 3 strikes of each generator.
- Typically, depending on solo or group, you want to be able to reach the "last plateu" with all your IAS buffs + FD. Additional IAS that would push you past 5APS will help increase FD uptime. 
- 5 APS is the highest attack speed you can achieve in D3. Skill specific IAS modifiers like Raiment 2pc and Alacrity will bump your actual APS above that. 
- The AoE scale factor is just an estimate using some values extracted from the power files and a little bit of testing in the brawling arena (but are likely not that accurate.)
- The Proc Chart can be summed up by "FoF still best". The runes in red on the chart have slightly lower proc rate, but larger AoE, and are not shown due to laziness.
- The Spirit Per Second chart boils down to Quickening for a mini-Teleport or Rising Tide for density.
- I kept FoF 2.4.1 as a reference, since it is probably the output most folks are familiar with.

- Mangle and Hands of Lightning look to have pulled to the head of the pack.
- Fists of Fury still reigns for any builds that benefit from on high proc coefficents.(Keep in mind I don't subscribe to the theory that Flying Dragon is related to proc coefficients.) ^_^
- DPS Buffs from: Assimilation / Foresight / Breaking Wave / Blazing Fists are NOT factored into the charts.
- Extra AoE of: Tsunami / Scattered Blows / Piercing Trident / Bounding Light / Static Charge are not shown.
- WotHF runes have a break point near 5 APS that makes it harder to gear for than CW or DR which have a wide plateau starting at ~4.5 APS.
- FoF's DoT can stack stricken by itself. (but still limited by the ICD)
- WotHF's 2nd strikes sometimes applies two stacks of stricken due to the nature of the min-punching - putting the gem on ICD when the 3rd strike lands. (should be a non-issue)
- WotHF's 2nd strike's interrupt provides a pretty decent toughness boost in melee.
- DR's 3rd strike's knockup effect got the shaft this patch with increased resistance.
- CW's AoE is ~20% more than WotHF. (this seems a bit low, but is what my napkin math came up with)
- DR's AoE is ~15% less than WotHF (I didn't put much effort into verifying the width used)
- FoT is so terrible in density, I replaced it with Thunderclap for the AoE chart just so it would show up.
- Half of Hands of Lightning's damage is concentrated on the 2rd strike which reduced it's DPS x AoE result
- Windforce Flurry's 3rd strike is narrower than DR's strikes., but travels 40 yards.
- I tried to find my Warhammer 40k flame thrower template for the Deadly Reach shape :-D
- I did verify a few breakpoints and hitboxes on PTR, but am sure I made some bad assumptions or copy-pasted an error into it, so if you see anything wrong let me know!
- I will update the OP once 2.4.2 goes live and the changes are confirmed. 

- Assimilation with a consistent uptime on ~15+ stacks in super dense maps would be a "win-more" option. (assuming 30% dibs baseline)
- Static Charge at 40% weapon damage would have to be maintained on ~20+ targets along with FoF's DoT to topple Mangle. (Win-most!) ^_^v

Overall, I am curious to see what will happen this season with Raiment 6pc, and which generator ends up on top.... especially if someone can figure out how to#MakeStaticChargeGreatAgain! (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ


If you're a monk player, these are definitely worth checking out! If you're not a monk player, thank the lord that you don't need these spreadsheets to tell you which generator to take!

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