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Our DPS use skills to do massive critical damage, our healers practice real life Hungry Hungry Hippos® at Timezone in a weekly deathmatch, and our tanks taunt UFC fighters. When we enter instances bosses walk up to us, drop their loot and kill themselves. Blizzard pays us to play. We date supermodels. We've all won the lottery. Every sixty seconds in our raids a minute goes by. Our mages have Warglaves of Azzinoth. We all have IQs above 180. Our private parts are so big that they go all the way from A to Z on the keyboard. We melt steel beams, We are all rock stars and may need to stop raiding for our world tour. We party with celebrities and mingle with the political elite. We built this city. We have appeared on the NEWS twelve times this week. We do not talk about Fight Club. We do test on animals. TV-Series: 60 Minutes did a two hour special on our Guild Achievements. We are on a first name basis with Felicia Day, and Hugh Jackman, he plays a Worgen Warrior on Frostmourne.

We are [SPG] South Pacific Gamers, The Guild Bank is storage for Leadership only. There is no guild tabard, as it doesn’t match my hairstyle or Transmog Sets.

Now all the bullsh*t is out of the way, Let’s get to the Point.


About Us
[SPG]: South Pacific Gamers, Oceanic: Frostmourne - Alliance.

Built on core values the Community has been together since 2002 and is designed with the Online Gamer in mind. A collective group of veteran oceanic, progression minded players that enjoy World Of Warcraft and other Online Games. 
Our casual player holiday is over and we are focused on achieving end-game mythic progression in a relaxed environment on a unique raid schedule. 
We are not hardcore raiders but we will aim for the Cutting Edge Achievements: Defeat Raid on Mythic difficulty, before the release of the next tier of content.


Pre Mythic Raid System
Prior to Mythic raiding, we aim to provide a solution to those wanting to raid, but you work shifts, rotating rosters, or study and your commitments change regularly. During Mythic Progression, we will continue to run lower difficulty raids to fill gaps in gear and those unable to attend set raid nights. 

  • Raids are scheduled up to two weeks in advance for every night of the week.
  • Utilizing the in Game Calendar you will indicate your upcoming availability.
  • Based on availability raid nights will be chosen for optimal attendance.
  • Personal Loot + Bonus rolls, with incentives for sharing unwanted items.
  • Raid Times: Currently we will have raids commence at 20:00 or 21:00(AEST)


We are not going to fill you with expectations by flaunting Mythic experience or Vanilla veterans. You will get out of this Guild what you put into it. Legion is a new expansion with new content. A clean slate and chance for you to achieve what ever your goals are.

We are after all types of people, we accept new players and returning players. We don't mind if you have none to mythic experience in raiding, all we ask is that you dedicate time to learning your class, and bring your all to our raids.

Our success is dependent on a cooperative effort and requires active, respectful and honourable participation by all members. Thus, each member is responsible for upholding the guilds positive reputation and name throughout his/her travels online. With this in mind, we are here to have fun, create moderate amounts of mayhem, and build on a rewarding community. 

  • 18+ Prefered, exceptions based on maturity.
  • Teamspeak3 for progression, Heroic/Mythic/Mythic+.
  • Casuals and PvPers accepted.
  • Research and know the fights and what's expected of you.


Mythic Raid System
Those who perform in the lower raid tiers will be invited to Mythic progression, these Mythic raids will have a set raid night. Which will be decided based on the more popular raid nights attended in Pre-Mythic content, and on the Availability of the core team. 

  • Mythic Raids are on set nights and will not be subject to the dynamic raid nights.
  • Raiders will need to qualify for a position, and continue to preform during progression, anyone can step up or down at any time.
  • Once Mythic content is on farming status, those unable to attend it previously will be invited to experience, and obtain any rewards.
  • No one will be carried during Mythic progression, that includes all Guild Members.
  • Mythic Raid Times: Currently to be decided.


Guild Incentives
With the Might of the Legion descending on Azeroth, we have the opportunity to Advance in the game not only as a better guild but as a healthier community. The below perks will unlock once the Emerald Nightmare has been cleared on Normal.

Rewards Program
As the title suggests we have a reward program, which works similar to DKP Systems, however instead of boss loot, we have monthly bidding on some in game and real life prizes.
A simple and common event in many guilds we host a number old content runs, to unlock those "one day" collections.
High Roller
Random /roll shouts during raids and events that reward gold or other in game prizes, even lowest roll gets rewarded
We host a number of competitions throughout the year that can reward some valuable prizes.


Raid Positions
All players are welcome to trial for any position that they desire; during new content progression and Mythic the more compatible players for each role and class will be selected to fill core positions. As such we strongly encourage our raiders to maintain an intimate class knowledge of at least two specializations so they can remain flexible to the requirements.


  • -


  • - PALADIN: Holy/Protection
  • - PRIEST: Holy/Shadow
  • - SHAMAN: Restoration
  • - MONK: Mistweaver


  • - HUNTER: Beast Mastery
  • - HUNTER: Marksmanship
  • - MAGE: Fire
  • - MAGE: Arcane
  • - MONK: Windwalker/Brewmaster
  • - WARLOCK: Demonology
  • - WARLOCK: Destruction
  • - PRIEST: Shadow
  • - ROGUE: Outlaw
  • - ROGUE: Assassination
  • - DRUID: Balance/Guardian
  • - WARRIOR: Arms
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@ MOD - Welcome to move thread - would not give option to create thread in Forums > World of Warcraft > Guild Recruitment

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I have done so, I'll be creating a new section for OC guilds today. Will move you there when done.

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    • By Khayman
      Hey guys! Just want to share my experience as survival hunter so far! I used icy veins giude for long time, assuming that versaility is best stat choice for surv, but after some tests i tried to drop versatility to pump mastery. Well as result i'v raised my dps (874 ilvl) from 235k to 307k on boss dummy and 280k-290k in raid (tested on Odyn, and Emerald nightmare). I'm currently running 29% crit, 25% haste, 14% mastery, 1% versatility. Pumping mastery gave me a huuuuge dmg increase cause basically i always have 2-3 moongose bite on. I tried to switch back to versatility gear since i got a lucky trinket drop (885 agi-haste wq trinket), but i had too many dead times w/o focus and it was a great dps lost!
      Of course in some fights i have to switch in BM or MM just to help our healers cause we have too many melee in guild XD, but i'd like to know if there are some hunters currently using  surv spec in hero/mithycs raid or 8+ mithycs dungeons.
      Here is my armory link just in case you wanna give it a check!âyman/advanced
    • By Moonfly
      Hello everyone,

      SALT, is a guild formed in the start of Legion, and we are recruiting additional members for our main team to build a mythic roster. And also for our more relaxed heroic/social-raid team.

      The guild was formed by bringing together friends from different guilds to make a fresh start, with our goal being to provide a fun but progressive raiding environment, with a focus on clearing heroic and mythic content.

      We are looking to expand our roster, and have open raid spots for:

      Main team:
      Healers Cloth dps (High prio on spriest and warlock) 2 Hunters 1 Holy paladin 1 Resto druid 1 Resto shaman 1 Ret paladin 1 Warrior 1 DK
      Social team:
      All classes
      We have open spots for more classes, check our website for updated info.

      Even if we are not currently recruiting your class/spec we are always open to take a look at exceptional players/applications.

      Your previous raiding experience is not the be all and end all, however we do ask for individuals who can demonstrate maturity (18+), commitment and a strong understanding of their class and spec.

      Website: You can also find us on the EU Twisting Nether forum if you search there.


      Emerald Nightmare:
      7/7 Heroic
      1/7 Mythic
      Trial of Valor:
      3/3 Normal

      Raid Days:
      Wednesday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time
      Thursday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time
      Sunday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time

      If this is something you'd be interested in, please visit our website for more information. Alternatively, please speak to one of our officers in game: Zherin or Moonfly.

      Casual/social players are always welcome

      We look forward to hearing from you.
    • By platinumwolfe
      Guild Info:
      [Emerald Dream][A] <Scrub Squad> is a casual raiding guild, currently at 7/7H 3/3N 1/3H. We need a few more solid people to start Mythic!

      Raid Times:
      Our raid nights are Tuesday/Thursday from 8-12pm eastern.

      We're looking for people wanting to have fun while raiding and downing content. - No stress.
      We are looking for ranged and melee DPS for Mythic Progression.
      Also we run Mythic + all week and have several groups downing 11's and 12's. We hope to get up to 15 soon! 
      Currently looking for:
      Tanks: No demand
      Melee DPS: Low demand (Warrior, Havoc, Windwalker, or anyone exceptional)
      Ranged DPS: High demand (Mage, Hunter, Shadow Priest, Warlock, anyone exceptional)
      Healers: No demand
      We're at 19 members looking to get a few more to sit around 20-23. New members should be ilevel 860+ but that's not firm.

      About Our Current Members:
      Most have extensive raiding backgrounds, and some come from previous hardcore raiding guilds. We're looking for a casual environment for less stressful and more fun raiding.

      What Want In Members:
      Reliable - At least 80% attendance
      Friendly - fun loving!
      Self-motivated - players who can look up boss fights and class information on their own. With limited raiding time we can't afford to spend it all explaining boss mechanics multiple times.
      Chill - we're not looking for people who cause drama or place blame on people for failure.
      Attitude - Don't be a jerk, not just to guildies, but to everyone.
      Mature, Thick skinned - we can say some pretty offensive jokes.
      Ideally skilled - but that's something that can be helped.
      On the Emerald Dream server, or willing to transfer. For running Mythic raids, players have to be on our server.
      Feel free to pop into our recruitment discord to talk to an officer or leave a message!
      Battletag -  Wolfe#1468
    • By Wingria
      Overload is a progressive raiding guild on EU Darksorrow
      Raid Schedule
      Tuesdays/Thursdays: 19.30 - 22.30
      The guild is formed by ex-hardcore raiders who once strived to obtain realm firsts and top ranks. Since Legion we have gone from being a casual to progressive guild, the change was needed as we found it hard to balance being casual but trying to stick to a strict raiding format. We have now revamped and look at ourselves as a progressive guild with a strict system in place for raiders.
      Upon joining Overload players who are interested on staying on a social basis will be given membership rank. Players looking to apply for a raiding spot will undergo a 2 week trial period where their performance, attitude, readiness and playstyle will be evaluated using Warcraft Logs.
      Every player matters!
      It's about us as a community! We want everyone to be and feel a big part of the guild, no matter what level or guild rank. Our current officer team includes, Phailia (Guild Master & Recruitment) Calamity (Raid Leading/Event Organizer & Strategy) Aggravating (Theory-Crafting/Raider Evaluation & Strategy) and Wingria (Guild Management/Website/Loot Master & Logs). Officer meetings take place every Monday on discord at 20:00. Any idea's suggestions, concerns or issues can be brought up and discussed with an officer to be added to the agenda for these meetings.
      A life outside WoW
      We fully understand that players can’t play WoW 24/7
      (as much as some of us try!)
      The gaming experience should be a arranged arround your every day habbits and commitments. World of Warcraft should help provide relief to players from every day stress and worries; not adding to them. This is why our raid times are tailored to Tuesdays and Thursdays only. What we expect from our Raiders is to attend the raids 15 minutes prior to the time stated, informed, organised, and gear optimised for the encounter. If a player cannot make the raid they are expected to give plenty of notice on the AFK thread on the forum. 
      Interaction among members
      Overload is more than a place for raiding. We are a place to meet friendly players for a awesome hours of gaming. Being friendly and polite towards ALL players is very important to us and an essential part of being an Overloader. We want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy their game time; regardless if you are a raider or social member.
      Do you think you have what it takes to be part of Overload?
      Apply now and we look forward to welcoming you in Legion!
      [Current spots: Melee & Ranged DPS/ Priest or Shammy Healer]
    • By Reikettsu
      Like A Boss - 7/7H & 3/3N Recruiting DPS for Mythic progression.
      About us:
      Like A Boss was founded during WotLK by a small group of in real life friends. We are formerly a 10-man Heroic raiding guild that raided throughout WotLK and went on a hiatus during Firelands (Cataclysm). We are a semi-hardcore guild, and are looking for dedicated members who are able to make majority (if not all) of our scheduled raids. We have a casual-ish atmosphere with a serious desire for progression.
      What we are looking for:
      We currently have 15 raiders and we are looking to recruit more members to join our flexible raid roster so that we may progress into Mythic raids. At this moment, we are only seeking out DPS (prefer ranged). We are open to both new and returning players. While we prefer a geared player, we value a positive attitude over experience. Any players who are interested and able to make all (or some; we are open to "fillers") of the raid days/time, please contact us.
      Additional information and scheduled raids:
      Our raids are currently on Tues/Wed/Sun from 6:30pm PST till 8:30pm PST and we use Ventrilo (currently trying out Curse) for our raids. We typically try out new recruits for at least a week or two to ensure that it is a good fit for both the recruit as well as our guild. We encourage trials to join us in raids, dungeons, our VOIP, and/or even in other games. Raid spots are not guaranteed due to the flexible raid roster.
      If you are interested in our guild or want to know more, please message/add Shells-Bloodscalp or Ryozul#1598. For the horde!