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Diablo 3 Wizard Guide released

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We have just released a Wizard class guide, focused mainly around the proper talent builds, runes and gearing to be used in Inferno content. The guide also offers information about how to efficiently level up a Wizard, as well as various other useful pieces of information.

This is the first Diablo guide that we release, and we will decide whether or not to release more based on the reception that it receives.

As always, we are very keen to hear your feedback.

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    • By Blainie
      The official Diablo Twitter account has sent out a tweet that could hint at some form of Diablo-related news being released at Blizzcon!
      This latest development comes amidst disappointment over a lack of Diablo news at Gamescom. Many players were expecting either another expansion pack, Diablo 4 or a Diablo 2 re-make to be announced, but there was nothing.
      One user tweeted out to the official Diablo Twitter, saying that they were hoping for a big announcement at Blizzcon for Diablo. They got this response:
      Placeholder for tweet 766684090695356417 Before we get too excited, let's just remember that this could mean a few things. Here are the possibilities, realistically:
      Diablo 4 announcement. A new expansion pack for Diablo 3. Diablo 2 re-mastered. A big update for Season 8 in Diablo 3, including new sets for classes and a complete rebalancing of the game. Some form of Diablo presence in another game, such as another Diablo event for Heroes of the Storm. Any of these would be welcome, since we've been lacking in major Diablo news for a while now, but personally I'm inclined to think that Diablo 4 is the most likely, followed closely by the updates for Season 8. If you're wondering why I'm going with D4, it's worth checking out this theory from Rhykker concerning the Blizzcon dice!
    • By Chapoink
      This has now capped at GR 85 to 87 on patch 2.4.2 with good lvl 90 to 100 augments  at paragom 1100+, and may not be worth the trouble anymore. 
      Overview: This is a channeling Tal Rasha Twister build highly depending on Diamond Skin Prism Rune for Mitigation, AP management, and Twister Devastation. 
      You will see absorb a lot on your screen and almost all dmg would be absorbed. If your max life is around 1m, even the exploding deaths of elites get absorbed. What about mallet lords? Absorbed!
      The items would consist of the Tal Rasha set completed by a Ring of Royal Grandeur, Etched Sigil, Mantle of Channeling, Illusory boots, Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Endless walk set and ashnagar's BB, while cubing your Etched Sigil (interchangeable with Orb of Infinite Depth), Hergbrash Binding and RRG. 
      Legendary Gems: Bane of the Trapped, Esoteric Alteration, *Changed Pain Enhancer to Bane of the Stricken for GR85 to 90. (The only reason I was using PE instead of Taeguk is because there is a bug that causes your taeguk stacks to stop once you cast prism while channeling. FIX THIS BLIZZARD! This is because of your cube hergbrash binding causing 0 AP cost. Taeguk seems to think you stopped channeling). Also, for HC people you might wanna use Gizzard instead (explained down further). 
      Your skills would consist of Arcane torrent (lightning), Twister (cold), Explosive Blast (fire), and Black Hole spell steal (Arcane).
      Force armor Energy Armor would be your shield and the most important part of the build would be Diamond Skin Prism. 
      Why use PRISM as the centerpiece of the build?
      1.Prism would allow you to spam Arcane torrent FREE of AP consumption with the interaction with Hergbrash Binding and Paragon.
      2.It would allow you to spam Energy Twister (self-cast) while also channeling more twisters with minimal AP consumption.
      3. These self-cast twisters + channeling arcane torrent would basically proc PRISM cooldown with the help of your Obsidian Ring.
      4. It gives you 80% life absorption with the help of Ashnaggar's
      5. It would proc your passive Galvanizing Wand which would absorb 120% of your life in dmg with the help of Ashnaggar's because your diamond skin would absorb most damage and as long as you keep it up 2 consecutive times, whicb is easy with your cdr and obsidian ring, you will successfully fulfill the requirement of Galvanizing Wand's no dmg taken within 5 seconds. 
      6. You can successfully keep prism active while channeling and casting your own twisters without it ever going on CD.
      7. With the interaction of your Force Armor, you ensure that no dmg would ever go beyond the 80% life your prism absorbs unless it the dmg is above your maximum life. In that case, you still have your GW passive as backup.
      What you need for the build to be effective?
      1.Cooldown Reduction of at least 40%. (actually, at 24% your prism should proc itself while channeling but that's assuming you don't get more than 80% of your life in dmg from mobs which is impossible especially with RG's and Elites. So, I would recommend to recast Prism before it even comes off CD). This is easily achievable with the Evocation Passive + Paragon points and a Diamond Socket on your Helm, though I would recommend to get CDR on your gear to get DS to cd faster than you it can be taken off by dmg from mobs esp elites. 
      2. 1m life to push to go beyond GR 84.  This would mean your diamond skin would absorb 800K HP and your Galvanizing Ward absorbs 1.2m HP. That's 2m HP absorb + 1m of your own HP while working with Force Armor's 35% HP damage limit.  Talk about survivability. (Also for HC, using gizzard instead of PE would add another 2m HP). 
      This is a close range build since it highly relies on the Twisters you cast to CD Prism , then Explosive Blast for dmg reduction 
      You start the run by casting your four elements to get your 4 piece tal rasha resistance. 
      Approach enemies with explosive blast to get to 3 quickly, and have the 50% dmg reduction from endless walk set cast BH to round up mobs.
      Stop and channel while activating your prism and cast your own twisters repeatedly, consistently. If there's 4 or more mobs, you would never run out of AP with Prism and Critical Hits gives 4 AP on your Orb so Cast twisters as fast as you can. This while your etched sigil cast even more twisters. This lets you reach 8 twisters in 2 seconds and keep casting even more twisters so staying close to your enemy would kill them.
      Your etched sigil would also proc your explosive blast so you don't need to recast though you would want to recast it when facing elites every 24 seconds to proc your 4 piece tal rasha. 
      Your spell steal BH would also be cast by your Eched Sigil hence more Damage. your initial BH wasfor round up but this BH ensures you go double digits on your spell steal and always have 30%++ damage increase plus the damage reduction isn't bad. 
      With the help of Obsidian Ring and CDR, you could also spam BH for hard hitting physical enemies to ensure CC and prevent them from hitting you too much. 
      How far can this build get you?
      To tell you the truth the limitation is unknown to me yet. I'm using this with 2.4.1 and you could definitely go up to GR 90 with this as I achieved 82 before with only 5 ancient items and no augments at only Paragon 1020. 
      Now with 7 ancient items and 4 lvl80 augments, I'm at GR 86. This is with two items without int as I'm having trouble rolling a good Amulet and Illusory boots. 
      Can it GO beyond 100? Maybe. I would think you would need 2k plus Paragon and 1.5m HP but that may be pushing it. 
      If you have better rolled items, do let me know how far this could go.
      If you wanna do this build and do a review cover, a simple mention of Chapoink would be nice.
      Cheers guys and enjoy. 
      For a round up of the build, check out
      Damage test against bloodmaw at gr 90- almost all damage got absorbed. This is on console so I showed all items and paragon at the end of the vid. 
    • By Zadina
      In a surprise hotfix, right before the start of the new Season, the damage bonus from Ring of Emptiness will no longer affect pets.
      This is a bad day for anyone planning to roll a Witch Doctor for the newly started Season 7. The hotfix to Ring of Emptiness has rendered the Helltooth Gargantuan build (and its Zunimassa variation) useless. This was the best DPS build for Witch Doctors and, as it was apparent in the PTR, it dominated in the end-game meta both solo and in groups. People reported that the Jade Harvester build is also affected, but this is most probably a false alarm. As a result, more and more disappointed potential WD players are saying that they will be picking up another class for Season 7.
      Nevalistis explained that the aim of this nerf was to promote Witch Doctor build diversity:
      Now, I think blizz intended to make jade and maybe arachyr more competitive with gargs by boosting roe.
      This was certainly the intention.
      I forgot to add a suggestion to this ring. The ring should apply the 300% dmg only to you and not your pets.
      And this is a great suggestion - one we've seen from a lot of great Witch Doctors who gave feedback, and it lines up with the change we have in store. The Helltooth/Gargantuan build surfaced during a time on PTR in which we were already submitting our final builds to the production line. This means changes we could make were limited for the actual deployment build, so an adjustment didn't make the patch launch.
      The good news is we've been working on a hotfix instead. Ring of Emptiness now only works on damage dealt directly by your Witch Doctor and not your pets. This hotfix should hit servers momentarily, well before the launch of Season 7.
      I do want to thank the community for your discussions and testing. Your passion, dedication, and pursuit of fair play are a valuable contributor in making Diablo III the best it can be!
      The main aim of Patch 2.4.2 was to promote build diversity and to "kill" the end-game group meta. However, as many people pointed out after this hotfix, the facts show the opposite. The PTR and the Non-Seasonal leaderboards after the end of Season 6 are proof that the 3-support, 1-DPS setup in 4-player is far from dead. The only change was that now some 4-man groups take 2 DPS, but 3 supports are still an option.
      This hotfix will just result in another season of 2 or 3 supports helping 1 or 2 Wizards do all the damage. It is true that without the hotfix the only difference would be that Witch Doctors would have replaced Wizards. However, Ring of Emptiness promoted a more active playstyle for Helltooth (as opposed to just letting the Gargantuans do all the work). Moreover, Wizards have gotten away with Energy Twisters for two Seasons and the notorious Firebug in Season 6, while the Witch Doctor problem was dealt with just before the beginning of Season 7. At this point, players are exasperated of Wizards dominating the DPS field since the start of 2016.
      It looks like Jade Harvester is going to be the best build for Witch Doctors after the nerf.
      Here are some interesting Reddit discussions you might want to follow:
      In r/diablo:
      Ring of Emptiness no longer buffs pets Patch 2.4.2 Hotfixes - Updated 8/4 - Forums So now with no RoE, who replaces WD for the dps spot in the meta? In r/diablo 3:
      RIP WD meta...
    • By Blainie
      The latest Diablo season has just gone live! We've made sure to update all of our guides for the latest season, check them out!
      For EU players, the new season is now live and ready to be played. For the US players, you'll have to wait until 17:00 PDT. In the meantime, you can always take a look at our newly updated guides. 
      We're trying out a completely new format, which should give you a lot more information before you actually click on a guide. 

      As you can see above, there are now specific pieces of information that let you know how far a build can truly go. There are recommendations for the greater rift levels that these builds can reach, as well as whether or not they need to be played in a group.
      The green timer lets you know that there is a specific variation of the build that allows you to speed farm lower rifts. The golden potion means that there is a Death's Breath farming variation as well.
      It's also worth noting that we also have leveling and fresh 70 guides for every class that can be used at the start of the season.
      All of the builds that you see now available on the site are completely updated for Season 7, so feel free to choose exactly what you want and enjoy it! 
      If you're trying to decide which build to play first, these are the starter sets for Season 7:
      Barbarian: Wrath of the Wastes Crusader: Roland’s Legacy Demon Hunter: Unhallowed Essence Monk: Raiment of a Thousand Storms Witch Doctor: Helltooth Harness Wizard: Tal Rasha’s Elements We've updated all of our guides for Season 7!
    • By Zadina
      Patch notes and a summary of the main changes and new features included!
      The newest patch of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is now available in the Americas and will go live in other regions later today.
      The main focus of Patch 2.4.2 is not adding new content, but improving the already existing one. The team targeted mostly class balance, with various changes that aim to improve the end-game and promote build diversity. For example, Wizard's Firebird's Finery set has been altered and the Spike Trap build for Demon Hunters was buffed. The biggest change was the end of the three-support end-game meta; Wyatt Cheng made an extensive post about this issue.
      Some new additions are the new torment difficulties (XI - XIII), new powers to already existing legendaries, new pylon icons, crowd control changes and gold adjustments. Don't forget that all cosmetic items should now drop normally on live servers (there was an issue with three of them). Here are the full patch notes:
      + Show- Hide GENERAL
      Developer Comments
      Players were finding that pulling monsters from extended ranges to a single point on the map and crowd controlling them onto that spot was the most effective strategy, especially in group play . Not only does this cause server performance issues, but it is a stagnant, non-interactive way to play. These changes are targeted at making crowd control more situational, ensuring individual contributors in a group can add to the damage of the party more frequently. Gold rewards have been adjusted. The primary gold sink at the end-game is Empowered Rifts. We want to maintain a general ratio that when you are running Greater Rifts at a particular tier, you can empower approximately 1/3rd of them. Due to the rate at which gold rewards from Greater Rifts and empower costs were scaling it made the gold reward from Nephalem Rifts, Gilded Barons and The Vault feel insignificant by comparison. Lowering the growth rate of gold costs restores the relative value of these other activities while maintaining the ability to empower approximately 1/3rd of your Greater Rifts. New difficulty levels, Torment XI-XIII have been added to the game
      Gold rewards have been adjusted:
      Greater Rift 26 and up has been rescaled to a flat 3% increase per tier Torment VII-XIII has been changed to match Greater Rift reward scaling The cost to empower a Greater Rift has been reduced to match the new gold reward rate The amount of gold dropped by the Gilded Baron Treasure Goblin has been reduced Knockbacks now apply a flat 40% increase to crowd control resistances
      Monsters cannot be knocked back if they are over 65% crowd control resistant
      Powers that apply knockbacks continuously, such as Black Hole, can bypass this resistance if they already knocked a monster back successfully. These powers increase the crowd control resistance by 20% per knockback instead of 40%
      The following changes have been applied to the Season 7 Journey
      The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 35 to 30 Champion
      The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 50 to 40 The Nephalem Rift timer has been increased from 6 minutes to 7 minutes Destroyer
      The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 60 to 50 Conqueror
      The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 70 to 60 Guardian
      The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 80 to 70 The time limit to defeat Azmodan has been increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds CLASSES
      Developer Comments
      With a plethora of Hatred spending attacks available to the Demon Hunter we want to find a unique role for Spike Trap.  The redesign gives players more control on where and when Spike Trap damage was done using a mechanic unique to it. Using a Hatred spender to detonate opens up the capabilities of Spike Trap by allowing players to time their damage just right. We’ve adjusted several skills which provide buffs to groups. Taken together, these changes should encourage players in groups to contribute damage to their party, while also encouraging a more healthy variety of group compositions. For more information on this change please see this forum thread. Barbarian
      Active Skills
      Threatening Shout
      Skill Rune - Falter
      Can no longer stack with casts from other sources Crusader
      Active Skills
      The healing provided from multiple active Consecrations will no longer stack Judgment
      Skill Rune - Resolved
      The increased Critical Hit Chance has been reduced from 20% to 8% Laws of Valor
      Skill Rune - Critical
      The Critical Hit Damage bonus has been reduced from 100% to 50% Demon Hunter
      Active Skills
      Skill Rune - Wolf Companion
      The Active Skill damage bonus has been reduced from 30% to 15% Marked for Death
      The damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Skill Rune - Grim Reaper
      The damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Multishot
      Skill Rune - Wind Chill
      The increased Critical Hit Chance against the target has been reduced from 15% to 8% Spike Trap
      Has been redesigned
      Traps no longer have an arming time Traps now only detonate once Now has 2 charges each with a 10 second recharge time All active traps are now detonated by the next Hatred spender you cast Damage increased from 340% to 1160% weapon damage
      Hatred cost reduced from 30 to 15
      Skill Rune - Echoing Blast
      Damage increased from 575% to 2020% weapon damage Has been redesigned Enemies are now slowed by 70% when the trap is detonated Skill Rune - Lightning Rod
      Damage increased from 880% weapon damage over 10 hits to 2010% weapon damage over 3 hits Decreased the radius that lightning can arc to other traps from 75 to 25 yards Skill Rune - Long Fuse
      Has been removed Replaced with Impaling Spines While the trap is active, enemies within range are instantly immobilized for 3 seconds Increases damage to 1930% weapon damage Skill Rune - Scatter
      Now places 2 traps side by side and consumes 1 charge of Spike Trap Skill Rune - Sticky Trap
      Has been removed Replaced with Custom Trigger Your Hatred generators now detonate Spike Traps Increases damage to 1900% weapon damage Monk
      Active Skills
      Blinding Flash
      Skill Rune - Crippling Light
      The damage reduction applied to blinded enemies has been reduced from 40% to 25% Epiphany
      Skill Rune - Soothing Mist
      Healing has been reduced by 60% from 40232 Life per ability to 16093 Life. The heal amount of your health globe healing bonus has been reduced from 10% to 4% Exploding Palm
      Skill Rune - Flesh is Weak
      The damage bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Inner Sanctuary
      Skill Rune - Forbidden Palace
      No longer increased the damage taken by enemies inside Inner Sanctuary Mantra of Conviction
      The damage of the passive component of the skill has been reduced from 10% to 8% The damage of the active component of the skill has been reduced from 20% to 16% Skill Rune - Overawe
      The damage bonus has been reduced from 16% to 12% Mantra of Conviction
      Skill Rune - Fists of Fury
      The maximum stack value is no longer determined by your attack speed and is capped at 15 stacks Way of the Hundred Fists
      Skill Rune – Fists of Fury
      The maximum stack value is no longer determined by your attack speed and is capped at 15 stacks Passive Skills
      Mythic Rhythm
      The damage bonus from Mythic Rhythm is now consumed on manually applied Spirit spenders and not automatically from items or set bonuses. Witch Doctor
      Active Skills
      Big Bad Voodoo
      The attack speed bonus has been reduced from 20% to 15% Skill Rune - Slam Dance
      The damage bonus provided to allies has been decreased from 30% to 15% Haunt
      Skill Rune - Poisoned Spirit
      The damage increase provided to your allies has been removed. The skill will now benefit your own damage and your pets' damage Hex
      No longer increases the damage taken by the target Skill Rune - Jinx
      The damage bonus to the target has been reduced from 30% to 15% Skill Rune - Toad of Hugeness
      The damage bonus to the target has been reduced from 25% to 15% Mass Confusion
      Skill Rune - Paranoia
      Can no longer stack with casts from other sources Piranhas
      Can no longer stack with casts from other sources Spirit Barrage
      Skill Rune - Phantasm
      Damage increased from 675% over 5 seconds to 750% over 5 seconds Summon Zombie Dogs
      Skill Rune - Chilled to the Bone
      No longer increases damage done to targets by 15% Wizard
      Active Skills
      Arcane Orb
      Skill Rune - Spark
      The damage increase of your next Lightning spell now has a maximum of 30% Energy Twister
      Twisters (excluding those created with the Wicked Wind rune) will now despawn if they stop moving This applies only to the PC/Mac version Passive Skills
      Elemental Exposure
      The damage bonus no longer applies to your allies Power Hungry
      Has been redesigned
      Deal 30% additional damage to enemies more than 30 yards away Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue that prevented Ray of Frost - Black Ice from creating an ice patch when the player didn't land the killing blow Fixed an issue that prevented the maximum of 8 Energy Twisters from applying Fixed an issue that was causing stacks of Archon from a previous cast due to The Swami to stack multiplicatively instead of additively with a subsequent, overlapping cast of Archon Fixed an issue that prevented Wolf Companion’s active ability from applying the 15% damage buff to pets and followers ITEMS
      Developer Comments
      With Haedrig’s Gift, Blood Shards and Kanai’s Cube, the need for the Magic Find stat has diminished since the game’s original release. Replacing the Magic Find property with Resource Cost Reduction made sense. We expect the Topaz will hone some existing builds and open up possibilities for some new ones. In addition to being one of the least popular gems, Invigorating Gemstone had a mechanic that was simply unappealing to many players. Our goal with Legendary Gems is to supply unique tools that complement a build. A gem that increases your healing is truly invigorating! When reviewing items for this patch, Twisted Sword stood out as needing a revision. While we want items to feel powerful, we also want the gameplay style associated with the items to be fun. We heard loud and clear that using Twisted Sword to stack Energy Twister in places where the tornado did not move was effective but boring. We’ve made adjustments to Twisted Sword to prevent this from occurring. Socketing a Topaz into your helm will now provide Resource Cost Reduction rather than Magic Find. This grants the same percentage bonus as Cooldown Reduction and caps at 12.5%
      Bottomless Potion of Chaos
      New Legendary Potion
      Teleport to another location when used below 40% health Graphical and sound effects have been added to the teleport
      Added a camera smoothing effect to the teleport
      Invigorating Gemstone
      Has been redesigned
      Each hit done increases healing received by 1% for 5 seconds Stacks up to 10 times You are now immune to Crowd Control effects at Rank 25 Class-Specific Items
      Armor of Akkhan
      (6) Set Bonus
      Damage bonus increased from 450% to 600% Now also reduces damage taken by 15% while Akarat's Champion is active Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness
      New Legendary Belt Fist of the Heavens costs 40% less Wrath and deals 150% more damage Darklight
      Has been redesigned Now gives Fist of the Heavens a chance to be cast a second time at the targeted location Thorns of the Invoker
      (6) Set Bonus
      The 800% Thorns damage dealt to the first enemy hit can now benefit from +% Physical Damage Demon Hunter
      Now always uses your Marked for Death Rune type and cannot stack with overlapping casts of your Marked for Death
      Note: This change is retroactive to existing items The Demon's Demise
      Has been redesigned
      The blast from Spike Trap will damage all enemies again after 1 second. Monk
      Gyana Na Kashu
      The damage bonus granted to the fireball from Lashing Tail Kick has been increased from 525-700% to 1050-1400% Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      (6) Set Bonus
      The damage bonus granted to Spirit Generators after casting Dashing Strike increased from 300% to 1250% Witch Doctor
      Helltooth Harness
      (2) Set Bonus
      The Necrosis bonus damage no longer amplifies the damage of your allies. The skill will now benefit your own damage and your pets' damage Homunculus
      Sacrifice damage bonus increased from 25-30% to 50-60% Ring of Emptiness
      Haunt and Locust Swarm damage bonus increased from 75-100% to 250-300% Wizard
      Firebird's Finery
      (4) Set Bonus
      Has been redesigned Dealing Fire damage with one of your skills causes the enemy to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire for 3 seconds. This effect can be repeated a second and third time by different skills. If an enemy is burning due to three different skills simultaneously the enemy will Ignite, dealing 3000% weapon damage per second until they die (6) Set Bonus
      Has been redesigned Your damage is increased by 120% and damage taken reduced by 3% for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can stack up to 20 times. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited. The Twisted Sword
      Can now only benefit from a maximum of 5 Energy Twisters Several existing class-specific Legendary items have been updated to include a unique Legendary power
      Note: Existing items will not be affected by the following changes. Only new versions of the items will roll with the added Legendary power. Barbarian
      Girdle of Giants
      Legendary power added Seismic Slam Increases Earthquake damage by 80-100% for 15 3 seconds. Existing Earthquakes will have their damage increased when Seismic Slam is used with Girdle of Giants Demon Hunter
      Trag'Oul Coils
      Legendary power added Spike Traps gain the effect of the Impaling Spines rune and are deployed twice as fast Monk
      Legendary power added Lashing Tail Kick deals an additional 300% damage to the first 5-7 enemies hit Witch Doctor
      Gazing Demise
      Legendary power added Spirit Barrage gains the Phantasm rune. For each active Phantasm (max 3), the damage of Spirit Barrage is increased by 40-50% Wizard
      Legendary power added Lightning damage done is increased by 15% for every 10 yards you are from the target up to a maximum of 60% Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue that prevented the buff from the Orb of the Infinite from being applied if the damage killed the enemy Fixed an issue that caused the Firebird's Finery (2) Set Bonus to proc early if there was another damage shield on the player Fixed an issue that caused the Treasure Goblin spawned by the legacy Puzzle Ring to pick up Transmog items Fixed an issue that caused Girdle of Giants to increase the damage of all skills by the percentage it applied to Earthquake damage Fixed an issue that caused Scarbringer to grant a damage bonus of 200%. It has been increased to 300% to match the tooltip Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick (Vulture Claw Kick) DoT to not benefit from the bonus damage granted by Scarbringer Fixed an issue that caused the Fireball proc from Gyana Na Kashu to not do damage to a target if the target has previously been hit with the amplified damage of Lashing Tail Kick from Scarbringer Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick – Vulture Claw Kick to give all targets the amplified damage from Scarbringer instead of the first 5-7 hit Fixed an issue that caused Lashing Tail Kick - Vulture Kick to apply 230% weapon damage per second instead of 230% over 3 seconds Fixed an issue that prevented Bracers of Destruction’s Seismic Slam bonus damage from being applied to the Rumble rune Fixed an issue with Blade of the Warlord that prevented the Fury spent with Bash from triggering the 2-piece Might of the Earth set bonus and reducing the cooldown of Earthquake, Ground Stomp, Leap, and Avalanche Fixed an issue that prevented Kyoshiro’s Soul from activating the 4pc Set bonus from the Monkey King’s Garb set Fixed an issue that prevented the Sweeping Wind bonus provided by Kyoshiro’s Soul from expiring after transitioning between level areas Fixed an issue that caused the old and new versions of Darklight to each proc their special ability when one was equipped and the other was used in Kanai’s Cube Fixed an issue that was causing player attack speed to snapshot and dynamically update along with their stacks of Archon Fixed an issue that caused the Archon buff icon to remain even after players had right clicked and removed the buff granted by the Swami  CAMPAIGN MODE
      The Skeleton King will now drop Leoric's Crown beginning at Level 5 ADVENTURE MODE
      Developer Comments
      The experience rewards for the actual completion of a Nephalem Rift felt too low, reducing the feeling of accomplishment for defeating the Rift Guardian and closing the Rift. This change is aimed at ensuring that the bulk of your reward is earned upon completion. Infernal Machine drop rates have been adjusted:
      Torment levels V-XIII have an increasing chance for a second machine to drop There is now a 50% chance for a machine to drop on Torment I increasing to 100% on Torment IV Nephalem Rifts
      Greater Rift Keys are now guaranteed from any Nephalem Rift and increasing the difficulty now increases your chance of getting a second or third key Greater Rifts
      Some of the Experience earned in a Greater Rift has been shifted from killing monsters to the reward for closing the rift. The overall amount of Experience earned should be roughly the same USER INTERFACE
      Pylons in Nephalem Rifts now have unique minimap icons
      A hotkey has been added to the game to hide the UI
      When the Blacksmith is trained to maximum level his recipe list will now start collapsed
      The Menagerist Goblin now has a unique minimap icon
      (source) Lastly, the new Season will go live this Friday, 5th of August. We will have a summary for Season 7 and we will announce our new and/or updated guides within the same date.