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Diablo 3 Wizard Guide released

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We have just released a Wizard class guide, focused mainly around the proper talent builds, runes and gearing to be used in Inferno content. The guide also offers information about how to efficiently level up a Wizard, as well as various other useful pieces of information.

This is the first Diablo guide that we release, and we will decide whether or not to release more based on the reception that it receives.

As always, we are very keen to hear your feedback.

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    • By Stan
      Patch 2.4.2 is still being tested, but will hit live servers soon. What the dev team prepared for us in the seventh Season no longer remains a mystery.
      We've already written some articles covering Season 7 and here are some links for quick access
      Season 7 Changes Season 7 Start / End Dates PTR Patch Notes 2.4.2 Build 38247 Cosmetic Rewards
      As with every Season, we can expect new Cosmetic rewards in the upcoming Season, meaning a brand new Portrait frame, rotating Conqueror's transmog set items and those to reach Chapter IV in Seasonal Journey can expect a new pet reward as depicted below.

      Seasonal Journey Rewards
      Additional stash space can be acquired upon reaching the Conqueror as introduced in Season 5. To reach Conqueror in Season 7, you will need to complete the following:
      Complete a Torment XIII Nephalem Rift in under 5 minutes Level three Legendary Gems to 55 or higher Complete two Conquests Defeat Ghom at Torment XIII difficulty in under 30 seconds Defeat Rakanoth at Torment XIII difficulty Complete a Greater Rift 60 solo Use Kanai's Cube to augment two Ancients with level 40+ gems Use Kanai's Cube to reforge a Legendary item Haedrig's Gift Changes
      For sets awarded through Haedrig's Gift in Season 7, have a look here.

      What class are you planning to play in next Season?
    • By Stan
      A new PTR Build is up and we've got you covered with the latest changes! Patch 2.4.2 is likely going to be released somewhere around the start of Season 7.
      Season 6 ends on July 22. Seasonal rollover will last two weeks and Season 7 will start on August 5. Around that time, we should also see Patch 2.4.2 hit live servers.
      The latest Build 38247 was deployed recently and the PTR Patch Notes were updated to reflect the changes.
      Blizzard Entertainment
      PATCH NOTES: 2.4.2 v. 38247
      Gold rewards have been adjusted: The amount of gold dropped by the Gilded Baron Treasure Goblin has been reduced The following changes have been applied to the Season 7 Journey
      Slayer The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 35 to 30 Champion The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 50 to 40 The Nephalem Rift timer has been increased from 6 minutes to 7 minutes Destroyer The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 60 to 50 Conqueror The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 70 to 60 Guardian The Greater Rift requirement has been reduced from 80 to 70 The time limit to defeat Azmodan has been increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds Crusader Active Skills Consecration The healing provided from multiple active Consecrations will no longer stack Monk Active Skills Mantra of Conviction Skill Rune - Fists of Fury The maximum stack value is no longer determined by your attack speed and is capped at 15 stacks Wizard Active Skills Energy Twister Twisters (excluding those created with the Wicked Wind rune) will now despawn if they stop moving This applies only to the PC/Mac version Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that prevented Kyoshiro's Soul from activating the 4pc Set bonus from the Monkey King’s Garb set The Sweeping Wind bonus provided by Kyoshiro's Soul will now properly expire after transitioning between level areas (Source) Please note the Patch Notes above contain changes from the latest PTR Build. To read the entire Patch Notes, click on the source link. Also the latest patch is still being playtested on PTR and anything posted in the Patch Notes may change at any given time during the development or once the patch goes live.
    • By Zadina
      Patch 2.4.1 brought numerous farmable transmogrifications, but three of them never made it to live servers.
      These three items are Steffon's Heavy Lance, Mace of the Crows and the notorious Harvest Pennant (also known as the Fallen Pennant). Players have been looking for them ever since Patch 2.4.1 hit the live servers. However, nobody found them and threads started popping up asking whether there was some sort of bug. Unfortunately, the team didn't realise in time that these cosmetics didn't exist in the live version of the game; Community Managers mistakenly urged players to look harder and that the transmogs were out there.
      Today, Wyatt Cheng admitted that players weren't losing their minds, but the team had indeed made a mistake. The Senior Technical Game Designer explained how this omission happened and also made an official apology.
      Wyatt Cheng
      Hi all, In Patch 2.4.1, we introduced a number of new cosmetic items to the game including a few extremely rare items such as the Cosmic Wings and Rainbow Portrait. Among the items intended to be extremely rare are Steffon’s Heavy Lance, Mace of the Crows, and the Harvest Pennant (also known as the Fallen Pennant). As 2.4.1 unfolded, we were surprised to learn that nobody appeared to have found these items. Weeks passed, we checked and double-checked the data, and ran some internal tests—these items were intended to be rare and hidden, but had we perhaps hidden them too well?
      Unfortunately, it turns out we made a mistake. Instead of making the items extremely rare, they did not appear at all. The development team is sorry for this huge misstep on our part—we know that our mistake caused many players to spend hours trying to locate items which we now see in hindsight was a wild goose chase.
      How did this happen? Testing something that is intentionally extremely rare means we need to use some dedicated testing techniques. Our team uses a combination of code reviews, simulation and cheat codes to verify functionality. Sometimes things can appear to work correctly in parts, but malfunction when they are put together. For example, in the case of the Pennant, we were able to verify that individual portions of the criteria to obtain the Pennant functioned correctly, but the end to end process resulted in the Pennant being unattainable once the patch went live.
      The dev team messed up and we’re sorry. We erroneously told our community team (including Nevalistis) that the Harvest Pennant could drop. We can’t make it right overnight but we’d like to start with two changes:
      1. We’ve certainly learned our lesson, and going forward when things are intentionally this rare, we’ll have new testing procedures to make sure a similar mistake doesn’t happen again.
      2. Although we cannot provide direct restitution to the individuals affected, we’re going to have a 48-hour Double Blood Shard Community Buff for this weekend.
      (source) You will be happy to know that all three items have been found on the Patch 2.4.2 PTR. They are not very hard to find and there are quite a few guides and videos for them. We won't spoil anything for you, though, in case you want to enjoy the experience of finding them on your own!
    • By Blainie
      Ever wished you had more blood shards to gamble at Kadala? This weekend could be perfect for you!
      On every platform (PC, PS4 and Xbox One), this weekend will see a rise of 100% in the blood shard drop rate in adventure mode. This buff extends to all events which grant you blood shards, including bounties, rifts and greater rifts. 
      For the running times, read the following information from Blizzard:
      Blood Shard Weekend Times
      The bonus buff begins in the Europe region this Saturday, July 9 at 00:01 CEST and ends on Sunday, July 10 at 23:59 CEST.*
      *For PC, the buff will start and end at the noted times in each gameplay region according to its local time zone (PDT for the Americas, CEST for Europe, and KST for Asia). For console, the buff will start and end in all regions at the same time. In the Europe region, it begins this Saturday, July 9 at 09:01 CEST and ends on Monday, July 11 at 08:59 CEST.
      Good luck with your rolls and have fun with Kadala!
    • By Blainie
      Today we saw the end dates for Season 6 announced, as well as the start dates for Season 7. Check out everything that is going to be rolling over into the new season with you!
      The dates themselves are as follows:
      End and Start Dates
      + Show- Hide Season 6 will be ending on the following dates and times:
      North America: Friday, July 22 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT  Europe: Friday, July 22 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST Asia: Friday, July 22 @ 5:00 p.m. KST Season 7 will begin about two weeks afterwards on these dates:
      North America: Friday, August 5 @ 5:00 p.m. PDT  Europe: Friday, August 5 @ 5:00 p.m. CEST Asia: Friday, August 5 @ 5:00 p.m. KST For time zone assistance, click here. We look forward to seeing you in Season 7!
      If you're looking for a complete list of everything that will carry over with you into the new season, you can find it below from today's post:
      What will rollover?
      + Show- Hide Those who have played through a few Seasons know there has been no shortage of gold, gear, or Paragon levels to earn. So what happens to all that hard earned progress when a Season ends? In short, you get to keep just about all of it.
      Here's a list of all the rewards from this Season you can expect your non-Seasonal heroes to enjoy:
      Heroes Seasonal heroes will be converted to either non-Seasonal Normal or Hardcore mode heroes, as appropriate. There's no need to delete any characters to make room for them; your Seasonal heroes will continue to use the same slot they currently occupy in your roster after the rollover. You’ll also be able to use Season Rebirth to convert any non-seasonal character into a Seasonal, level-one character once the next Season begins. Gold Any gold you earn during the Season will transfer to your non-Seasonal heroes. Paragon Experience The total amount of Paragon experience earned is the amount that rolls over, not your raw total amount of Paragon levels gained. For example, if your Seasonal heroes reached Paragon 300, but your current non-Seasonal heroes are already Paragon 400, your new non-Seasonal Paragon level will still be less than Paragon 700 since higher Paragon levels take more experience to earn. Blood Shards Similar to gold, any Blood Shards you have available at the end of the Season will transfer to your non-Seasonal heroes. If your non-Seasonal heroes are currently at the Blood Shard cap, any Blood Shards you earn once the Season ends will temporarily ignore the cap. You can spend these at your leisure; however, note that you cannot pick up any additional Blood Shards until you are below your current cap. Items Items that are currently equipped on a hero or in that hero's inventory will stay on that hero as it moves to a non-Seasonal game mode. Items that are in your Seasonal stash will be sent through the in-game mail system to your non-Seasonal heroes. These items can be claimed by any non-Seasonal hero up to 30 days from the time you first log in after the Season ends.  To access these items, enter a game and hit the Mail icon located in the lower-left corner of your screen to open up your inbox.  Artisan Progress and Recipes If your Seasonal Artisans are a higher level than your non-Seasonal Artisans at the end of the Season, their level will transfer to your non-Seasonal Artisans. Any recipes you have on your Seasonal Artisans that are not available to your non-Seasonal Artisans will be transferred as well. Shared Stash Any Shared Stash slots or tabs you purchase during a Season that are not currently available to your non-Seasonal heroes will be transferred accordingly. Achievements Any achievements or achievement progress made during the Season is automatically applied to your non-Seasonal achievement profile. This happens in real time and does not require the Season to end first. Your achievement point total is also updated appropriately throughout the Season. Kanai's Cube After the Season rollover, any Legendary Powers unlocked using Kanai’s Cube on a Seasonal Character will become available on non-Seasonal characters as appropriate. At the start of a new Season, Seasonal characters will not have access to any Kanai’s Cube Legendary Powers unlocked during previous Seasonal or non-Seasonal play. Season 6 Rewards All players who reach level 70 on a hero in Season 6 will unlock exclusive chest and gloves transmogrification appearances. These appearances will unlock immediately upon hitting level 70 on a Seasonal hero, and will be available on Seasonal and non-Seasonal heroes alike (even before the Season concludes). To access your new appearances, simply visit Miriam the Mystic and open the Transmogrification tab. In addition, players can earn a portrait and an exclusive pennant for completing various chapters of the Season Journey. Note that all heroes, rewards, and progress will convert to the appropriate non-Seasonal game mode. Any items, gold, Paragon experience, achievements, Artisan levels or recipes, Stash space, and Blood Shards earned on Normal Seasonal heroes with transfer to your Normal non-Seasonal heroes when the season is over. Similarly, anything you’ve earned on Hardcore Seasonal heroes will transfer to your Hardcore non-Season heroes instead. 
      Find out when Season 6 ends and Season 7 starts!