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[Tarren Mill][H] <Enraged Synergy> 2/7M Recruiting

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Who are we?: <Enraged Synergy> Is a newly formed guild on Tarren Mill with a core roster/leadership with alot of end content experience all the way back to TBC. Even tho the guild is new, most of us have played togheter before on a high lvl. As we have finished up HC we are currently looking to expand our roster for mythic progression.

Our goals:
Our main goal will always be to clear the mythic content before the next content gets released, as soon as we have a competitive stable roster we will be looking at pushing ranks progressively.

When do we raid?:
We will raid 3 days a week.
Wednesday 19:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Sunday 19:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Monday 19:00 ST - 23:00 ST

What do we need?: We are currently recruiting all form of dps with a good understanding of their class and always looking to improve to be better, who can raid 3 times a week, who are dedicated and somewhat experienced in PvE. We are also recruiting 1 Holy Priest/ Resto Druid.
ALL Exceptional players are always considered.

How you can contact us: You feel like this guild could be something for you?
Throw us an application at:
If you have any further questions or simply want to speak with one of the officers, add: Peyan#2823 or Colthan#21453

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As Ursoc will be going down on sunday we're taking our fight to the Dragons of Nightmare! 
Still looking for exceptional players to fit in the roster.

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