Disc Priest Stat Priority vs Item Level

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Hi and thanks for helping!

My questions is. What are the values of each stat? I understand that the the disc priest priority is INT>Haste>Crit>Mastery>Vers but what I want to know is to what degree is this true. Do you trade INT to Haste at 1:2 or 1:4 or something else entirely? What about Haste to Crit? On top of that, how important is the item level?

Example: If my helm is ILV 845. 1,238 INT, 503 Haste, 777 Mastery

                  Would a helm that is ILV 840. with a change of -200 int, -50 haste, -777 Mastery, +450 Crit be better?

                  What about a helm ILV 850. with a change of +200 int, -503 haste, +600 Crit, +200 Mastery?

FYI those are not real numbers just examples of what my question looks like in terms of items. 

Hope I explained it well enough. If you have questions please let me know and I'll try and be more specific. 



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