Season 8 easiest class for conquest?

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Howdy, I have been running a crusader in season 7 and had my LoN Bombardment gear mostly ancient level.   I was around paragon 650ish and only barely squeaked out the solo requirements for the Conquest achievement and the stash tab.   I had a decent firebirds Wizard but had a rough time trying the solo stuff there as well, in fact that is what made me switch back to gearing out my crusader.   

I see season 8 coming up and while I am not super interested in doing  seasonal content this time...I do want the stash slot.  My goal is to level up one character for the season and try to gear it out quickly so I can complete the achievements required to get the stash.  I want to set myself up for success but am not super up on the meta of the other characters.   I am not trying to choose one that I enjoy playing, I am looking to figure out which one will be the easiest to complete the season achievements with.   I don't have to worry about the guardian tier as I mostly just want the stash tab.  I figure the answer might be a monk, witch doctor, or barb...but I am totally open to anything.   The group parts of the achievement are always tough, so I am mostly concerned about the solo parts like getting the highish level GR run done solo.   Any tips or pointers on where to research would be greatly appreciated!

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I had a UE DH help with the speed rifts up to Guardian, he needed one run.  I did all the rest as a Leapquake, but knew many basin members running same UE DH all the way thru.  S8, I see nothing to stop a UE DH, simple to gear, simple to play - just need to get good at avoiding sudden death, same for WD with set gift. For me, I expect to take the gift IK set, add Raekor pieces and have multiple routes to a stash tab - plus a new clan to play with.  I started with S6, was still learning the game in S7, yet I didn't have much problem with a solo GR60 (augment ancient slots with lvl 50 gems and push lgems to near GR level- even 8% chance works).

It's really a matter of 'flow of stuff', if you are working a stream, it takes awhile for a yacht to float by - on the Amazon river, it's minutes til that yacht appears - so get in 4man pushing up (your 3 choices will work, just adjust gear for it) your needed gear will drop and you can go.  For meta build, just check last seasons 4man ladder.

Oh, and don't do Journey chapters in sequence, look at Bagstones Journey tracker - there are lots of chapter tasks that can be done as part of a later effort (all boss kills past Chapter4 are also T13 bounty fodder).  In the two seasons, I have worked (too hard) on the Journey the first month, goofed off during the second, and finished in the third.  That's with about 10 hours a week playtime....

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Thanks for the info I appreciate it!  I normally play with a buddy and he ran a DH season 7.  It is a GREAT farming class, he would burn through T10 stuff super fast.   He was a real glass cannon for the higher difficulties though.  I think he used his monk to actually finish the solo season requirements.   The biggest challenges were getting two conquests done along with the GR 60 solo, paired up we did fine but that was tough solo.   It was easy after we were geared out in ancients though.   The T13 under 5 mins run was also really challenging.   We struggled with that till we got a great bit of help from a guy who killed it during a run where we got lucky level layouts.  

We play 2-4 hours a night so we have some time to play, but the real goal is to be as efficient as possible so we can get out of season 8 with our stashes and play with non season characters.  That is especially true this season since it is pretty much the same as last season.  I suppose that makes my desire not to find the best high end progression meta build, but rather to find the quickest and most painless path to the stash tab.   I am not really sure what build would accomplish that the easiest.

I am also looking pretty hard at the barb gift IK set.   I am thinking a barb would have an easier time with the solo GR requirements and would probably be more group friendly than a crusader.   The monk and WD both seem a bit on the easy to die scale for my fairly crappy playstyle. :)   I think my buddy is going to run a WD this season and I suspect the WD barb combo wouldn't be that bad.   Then again a DPS heavy monk might be a better fit.   

Thanks for the tip on the  bagstones tracker, I will definitely use that.


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