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[Stormrage][A] <Cartel> 1/7H Looking for DPS

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About Us:
Cartel is a very fun progression raiding guild. After a hiatus towards the end of WoD we moved into Legion with an expected full group. Unfortunately a number of raiders that were expected to come back have not been as committed as the rest of us. We are very laid back in terms of conversation, tightening things up during boss kills and strategy. We expect all raiders to plan accordingly with flasks, food, and if possible augment runes. There is a lot of communal help when it comes to gems, enchants, flasks, allowing everyone to work together to become prepared. We are not afraid to help lower guildies get up to par, and are always helping each other with one thing or another. We expect everyone to have an understanding of each of the boss fights, and be prepared to discuss strategy and expect personal awareness of proper mechanic following.

We have a very dedicated core of 2 tanks, 3-4 healers, and about 6 DPS right now. We want to aggressively add DPS to allow for a 15-20 man content clear to maximize our current healer structure and allow for smooth progression. We do plan to recruit based on a competition level. As we add raiders and work on first time clear bosses we will be making the necessary substitutions if healing, mitigation, or DPS are not meeting the level required. As we move through heroic we have an expectation of around an 850 Ilvl with the ability to consistently produce 200K DPS or more.

Classes Needed:
Full (Exploring need for multi spec tank/DPS)
Full (will consider MW Monks and Resto Shamans) 
Arms Warrior *Very High*
WW Monk 
Rogue *Very High* Flexible on spec
Priest (shadow. Wiling to explore disc)
Mage Fire only
Demon Hunter *Very High*
Druid Feral Only *high*
Warlock Demonology Only *Very High*

Raid Times are every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern time. We expect you to be on time, if not a little early and ready to go. Of course there are going to be circumstances where you cannot make every raid, we do expect a relatively high attendance of 90-95% ability to attend.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment post please contact myself in game at Ootor#1149 or Our guild leader Aziluth#1662. In game mail or PMs on this site will also suffice. We are looking to continue content, and want some fun raiders to tag along with us. We are not going to be the type of progression guild that adds days unexpectedly to the schedule, or goes heavily over time (we do occasionally do 1-2 extra pulls if we are close  )

If you are looking for a fun guild that has a set schedule with some dedicated folks we are the guild for you. 

Again my info: Ootor#1149 or Aziluth#1662

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    • By Alastor
      About us:
      We are a social horde guild on Kazzak that is going to be active in Legion. We are planning to clear all raid content, and do mythic+ dungeons. We also have some plans for PvP activities (will be announced later). But we do have people in the guild who do organize weekly rated battlegrounds for guild members. We want to create friendly atmosphere for everyone to progress, gear up, explore and have a fun. There will be some weekend guild events too, for example: world bosses, mythic dungeons, old raids for transmog/achievements.
      Currently we are actively recruiting for two activities: Raids and Mythic+ Dungeons. All classes and specializations are welcome for Dungeon groups. 
      For Raids we mainly need healers (high demand on priest / shaman / monk) and ranged dps (high demand on mage / SP / warlock / boomkin), though we will preview all applications. 
      Of course our doors are always open for all social players that will be actively exploring Broken Isles and will have a voice in our guild chat. We are going to use Discord as main voice chat (it works from both app or web browser).
      Our Guild goals:
      * Create an enjoyable atmosphere for progression throughout Legion content
      * Finish Legion raiding content on Heroic difficulty (we are planning to raid Mythic as well, but finishing it depends on too many factors)
      * Have few teams for weekly Mythic+ dungeons with steady results
      Our Raid Schedule:
      Wednesday/Thursday from 7 to 10 pm (server time)
      Recruitment priority for Raiding:
      * Tanks - medium
      * Healers - high
      * Melee damage dealers - low
      * Range damage dealers - high
      We are looking for following type of persons for Raiding:
      * motivated. No one is going to motivate you to visit our raids. If you want to progress with us, we are happy to bring you along. If you need someone to lead you by the hand, you probably won't find it here.
      * efficient. The raid time is very limited and you have to make most of it. In fact we will strive not to waste it at all and fill these 3 hours with solid progress. If you are going to raid, it means you are ready to be summoned/at the instance 6:45 with food/flask/pots and in voice comms.
      * mature. If you are going to kid all around during boss fights (although we do enjoy good humor anywhere else), you probably do not fit well in group. Though we enjoy good humor, there is a time and a place for that and since raid time is quite limited you better put that aside for the duration.
      Additional points will go to candidates who will have next qualities: 
      * Close 100% raid attendance. Self-explanatory, static group should be static.
      * Striving for excellence. A person who is not afraid to take upon himself/herself to complete that special assignment within specific encounters (like siegecrafter blackfuse belt) flawlessly. 
      * "WoW expert". A person who is always on top of what is best for not only their own class, but other classes as well and is willing/knowing enough to answer questions that new people in the guild might have.
      To contact us, add one of our recruitment officers in Nayati (Alastor#2907), Sin (Sin#2880)