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Need help with balance logs

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Hey, first time posting here I could really use some help analazing my logs. Since I started raiding my ranks have consistently been dropping lower and lower. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I feel like my rotation is alright but it doesn't seem to reflect back on the logs. Last raid was pretty bad in particulair so I'm linking the logs for those.

At the moment I got the following stats on my druid:

  • ilvl: 869
  • Intellect: 33075
  • haste: 9574 (29%)
  • Crit: 8278  (30%)
  • vers: 1146 (3%)
  • Mastery 3319 (34%)

I got 28 points in my artifact weapon, and my relic traits are 2 x twilight glow and sunfire burns.

Here's a link to the log which includes il'gynoth, cenarius and xavius Any help would be really appreciated. If you need any additional log or information I'm happy to share it.

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You def. have a decent dps so we'll be only nitpicking.

In the log below you'll find out you spent some time doing nothing (sometimes during 6 secs). I used the cenarius fight where you always have something to dps. I understand sometime you need to move and the boomkin has some serious difficulties maintaining a dps while moving.

You need to anticipate those moves (not always possible) and you need to keep a certain amount of astral power in order to starsurge while moving. Worst case scenario, refresh to dots if you don't have astral power.

note : make sure to enable all entries to see all spells

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