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Nightingales, is a recently formed guild on Kazzak, with semi-hardcore prospects in regards to raiding! We were founded on the 10th of September, 2016, by a group of ex-retired officers who simply wanted to begin the new expansion united, in the same guild. Currently, we are rather few, but we have been experienced raiders, in ranking-competitive raiding environments, as well as few of us also have excellent raid-leading experience.

We aim to establish a guild which invests in its players, whether they are new or returning ones, in a way which will benefit not only our progress, but also the guild's social and progressive atmosphere! If you are seeking 'safety' and a place to call 'home', we can be the place for you:)

As soon as our core raiding group has been developed, we plan to continue our progress in mythic difficulty content!

Socials are most welcome, as well as casual players, who will be active and interested enough to run mythics+ with us, old raids, bgs, arenas, and current content alt runs!


We are currently recruiting all roles and classes to expand our team, in order to fill in the numbers needed for a mythic group. If possible, we are ideally looking for:

Tank: Any!

Ranged Dps: Balance Druid/Shadow Priest (High)

Mellee Dps: Warrior/Rogue/Dk/Monk (High)

Healers: Monk/Paladin/Priest (High)

Please, keep in mind that all exceptional players, with relevant background experience, will be taken under consideration!

Our raiding days and times: Wed/days and Sundays: 8-11 pm server time!

Please make sure to read our guild rules before applying! You will also be asked to confirm this in your application! You can find our guild rules on our homepage: nightingales.guildlaunch.com

For any enquiries, feel free to contact us either here or in game!

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Edited title format slightly.

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Updated our recruiting details, as well as our progress;) 

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Updated our recruitment message! Still have spots for competitive players!

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