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Hey fellow druids,

I've got a question to the gearing of my bear. First, my arsenal-link:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/shattrath/Eisenborke/simple

An example: You see the legs I have equipped. Recently, I got those:

318 armor / 1715 agility / 2573 stamina / 574 crit / 886 mastery - ilvl 880

So, if I equip them. I lose 570 vers. That is round about 0,7% less damage reduction. Is it worth to give up that much of the main stat?

And gaining crit, the worst stat I ever could get.


I just don't know how to equip. I would never equip an item with crit / haste I guess, even if it is +20 Ilvl or so. As crit / mastery are great defensive stats. 

Is there any indicator / formula like "take the item lvl in any case if it is +X ilvl, except trinkets / rings / neck"?


Would be happy if someone who knows better then me could answer.




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The simple answer to your question is the most important stats for a Guardian are Armor and Stamina, then Versatility and Mastery.  So if you are replacing legs with something thats 20 ilvls higher, you get so much more stam and armor it is always worth it even if the secondary stats are not great.  Necks, Rings, and Trinkets you might have a little more problem with just using ilvl, but for all gear with armor on it, you should almost always take the higher ilvl gear. 

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