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Hello, everyone!

Some of you may remember many months ago of the Weak Auras compilation I created for all three Shaman specs. Well, I've spent the last 3 1/2 months converting it into an actual standalone addon! It's taken a lot of time, but the addon is nearing release status (it's currently in the final stages of the beta phase).

By searching "Sweetsour's Shaman Auras", you can find and download it via the curse client, or their site.

I'd also like to quickly thank every single one of you that have been patient in using this addon during beta. There has been a lot of bugs along the way, but I couldn't have fixed them all without you!



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Great addon - I personally use it from the very start :)

The only thing that bugs me (and I was too lazy to report^^) is that vertical CD bars wouldn't go away and stay on the screen until reloading - right like you have the Earth Elemental bar now on the screenshot.

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As in the bar would deplete, but the background wouldn't disappear?

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