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Is meta the new meta?

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I'm looking over some of the changes to Demon Hunters in 7.1.5. I understand why everyone is concerned but I don't see people talking about the potential in these changes. Given some of the Nighthold drops (Metamorphosis cooldown reduced with auto attacks) and the new legendary shoulders (Metamorphosis cooldown reduced with fury spent) as well as the changes to our skillset, it feels like we're being set up for max uptime Metamorphosis builds. The irony, is that it would make the changes to Demon Blades make a lot of sense. Effectively, it may give Demon Hunters an even more reactive way to play the class. A couple of things I'm looking at here...

Blind Fury: Eye Beam Generates 35 fury every second and it's duration is increased by 50%.

paired with...

Demonic: Eye Beam causes you to enter Demon form for 8 seconds after it finishes. 

While the soul of these abilities hasn't changed, their effectiveness can now be considered. This would give us an on demand Demon form with enough fury to last the entire 8 seconds. After which, we could manually enter Demon form and begin a rotation. If you open with Meta, go into rotation and exit meta with an eye beam, you could feasibly reset the cooldown on Meta within a few rotations. I don't know if Demon Reborn (Invoking Metamorphosis resets eye beam etc...) plays into this style at all but I will be doing some major testing when the patch drops. 


I'm sure I haven't been the first to consider this, but I'm not seeing a lot of discussion on the topic right now. As of this moment, the playstyle does not exist. Whether or not it will in the upcoming patch remains to be seen. But I believe this is the first time it can be truly considered. Demon Hunters were made to release the beast within. It would make sense if Blizzard wanted to tailor gameplay towards that philosophy.


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