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Unholy DK Help

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Hey guys,

I've played frost a majority of the time while playing a DK. This xpac said unholy was superior in the start, and as always blizz likes to throw monkey wrenches. So, for the guys that know what they are doing, for two months I have been playing unholy. I would like some advice/tips/help on what I could do better, how to optimize my gear... Any recommendations. (just don't tell me to go frost )

My armory is:

My Log for mythic Ursoc is:


Thank you ahead of time.




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Alright so after taking a pretty quick look at your logs, you're do pretty much everything correctly u have some errors though/ non optimized things for the fight. 

No D&D casts on mythic ursoc it's worth casting during adds, you had a soul reaper and a apoc come up right at the end you should just auto cast those regardless of wound count they are your hardest hitting ability unless you get rng with wounds and proc like 7 in 1 swing of SS, but then apoc would do more dmg. You weren't dotting the add from what i could tell either. Everything else was okay for the most part, i can't tell you for sure on some things such as you missed 2 casts of DT which is for your shoulders of course, I'm not sure how much time delaying it makes a different just per instance if it's up for 15 seconds idk if it's a dps gain or loss at that point, keep doing what you are doing i would suggest. I'm sure it's hardly a difference.

As far as stat priorities go going over 20% haste is pretty excessive to me, I never have rune problems or gaps in my rotation with my 18%, anything above 25% crit is good more is better, as long as it's not excessive again, with that being said mastery and crit are virtually equal over all once you have bracers so I would suggest trying to stay above 25% crit and above 40% mastery, vers is pretty lack luster would avoid it if possible. With bracers strength is very very strong like top tier strong, generally speaking any trinket that yields increase in strength is an upgrade unless it's secondary use is useless such as ursocs paw, that being said at some point it's strength out values that. If you look at my trinkets my 895 Chains with vers is better than my 885 one with crit just because the strength. I should mention that vers is not entirely useless it's pretty solid just the worst of the 4 you can choose from.

Possible upgrades to look out for, would mainly be trinkets, aiming for a better Angryboda, or a chains of valor off Odyn would be the best 2 options, a Pack of the hunter isn't to bad either though, eye of command off last boss in Kara. Also trying to lower your haste would also be ideal for more crit or mastery, even vers.

Some napkin math would be shadow damage is approx 65-70% of your dmg, so 1% of mastery is lets say a 0.7% increase in dps and mastery is our best scaling stat. Crit is around 1%-1.12%ish because of castigor, not counting RNG. Haste gains value lower you go so if your at 10% haste 1% is probably a 2% increase where as above 24% haste it's probably something more like a 0.5% increase.


All this being said it's basically does this new piece cause you to fall really low in crit/haste if no take upgrade if yes keep other piece on. Also best to sim it regardless but yeah.

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