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Guardian Druid profession

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I'm very curious about why the guide section dealing with professions only lists herbalism as an acceptable gathering profession when both mining (stam) and skinning (crit) both provide stats higher on the priority list, and in most cases at a value equal to, if not better than some of the other professions listed. The 480 stam provided by mining is better than the inscription perk, and the 480 crit provided by skinning is better than the JC perk. So why are these dismissed outright in favor of Herbalism, which provides a stat with the lowest priority? Granted it also offers a minor heal which also boosts survivability but I would think that would at most even out with the stat perks the other gathering professions provide. This makes zero sense to me and I would appreciate knowing the reasoning behind dismissing these two profession as viable. Otherwise it just feels like leftover propaganda from previous expansions.

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I prefer Skinning and Leatherworking. Skinning gives you crit and leatherworking gives +750 stam. And they match to one another.

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I use Skinning and leatherworking as well. It's pretty good and the synergy is even better :)

But what's wrong with inscription and jewelcrafting? I'd say it's pretty dependent on how you choose to reforge.

Either way, I think the difference is minimal. Skill and experience is worth a hundred times more than reforges.

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My question wasn't really "what should I use?" or "why use these other sucky professions?" but "why does the guardian druid guide on this site dismiss the other two gathering professions when they provide stat bonuses equal to or greater than some of the other 'recommended' professions?" I'm genuinely curious what makes JC or Herbalism so much better than Skinning and/or Mining that that the guide says they shouldn't even be considered.

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Oh, sorry, I didn't catch that... Next time, maybe posting in the guide feedback section of the forums will make it easier for people to see what you're after :)

I know our lovely admins love to get this sort of feedback on their guides :)

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I agree completely with you and have brought this up before to no avail. I'll briefly sum up the professions in order from best to worst.

1. Blacksmithing -- +640 Crit or +480 Stam gain through two extra gem sockets

2. Engineering -- Synapse Springs trinket for gloves / +1920 Agi once a minute, plus Frag Belt for a little extra snap AE threat/damage

3. Leatherworking -- +600 Stam or +320 Agi on bracers compared with standard enchants

4. Skinning -- +480 static Crit

5. Tailoring -- Swordguard Embroidery - +4000 Attack Power proc (could be more desirable if you subscribe to the HotW cat tanking school)

6. Enchanting/Inscription -- +480 Stam or +320 Agi

7. Mining - +480 static Stam

8. Jewelcrafting - +320 Crit or Stam through Serpent's Eye (bears don't gem Agility)

9. Herbalism - Haste proc/small heal/turn into a flower

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