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Is Glyph of Barskin useful as a bear tank?

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hey guys,

thanks again for the help with my balance druid question. Ive recently gotten started as a bear tank and I dont see Glyph of Barkskin (wow! cool feature with the links) mentioned in the guide.

this looks like a very important glyph to me, so why is it not mentioned?


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From what I remember, tanks are naturally crit-mitigated on raid bosses as baseline. It's something like a 6% chance to be crit by a lvl ?? boss, and all tanks have the mitigation for that as baseline - your chance to be critted by a boss (as a tank) is zero. This may well be why there is no mention of it in the guide.

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That glyph is more of a PvP glyph because, as Stoove mentioned, you area already crit-evasion capped as a bear for raid bosses.

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You are welcome!

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