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[US-Cross Realm][A/H] <Ex Inferno> Cross-Faction : Raiding : PvP : Community

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Greetings to all who are reading. Thanks for taking the time to look over this recruitment thread. You can find us at

Q: What is Ex Inferno?
A: <Ex Inferno> is an established cross-faction guild, focused on creating a diverse and engaging environment for players of all styles. We are based on Korgath [uS]. We currently are involved in progression raiding on both the Alliance and Horde side, RBG groups for quality PvP players, sub-communities for other MMOs and games, amongst other things. We accept casual gamers and hardcore gamers alike.

Q: What makes Ex Inferno unique?
A: <Ex Inferno> Leadership and all members abide by our core values. You may find them at They're simple, but efficient for growing and maintaining a healthy and long-lasting community. Amongst that, we have a 250 person mumble server, with many active members on at all times. We are constantly working together to achieve goals, have events, and expand our community. We also have a weekly guild meeting every Saturday.

Q: How do I join?
A: If you'd like to join, you must register at our forums at Once you have done so, at the top of the forum's main page, you will see Applications & Leadership openings. Click on the forum there and navigate to the guild application form to fill it out. It's relatively simple, it just gives us a chance to better know our members when they are entering our guild to build a more interactive environment.

Our Achievements

Both our Alliance side and Horde side raid groups had full cleared Normal ToT pre-5.4. Both guild factions have also downed bosses in heroic mode.
Remaining raid groups have had solid progression of Throne of Thunder pre-5.4, and many of them far-surpassing the halfway mark!
Our current 10-man normal progression is 10/14.
We are currently completing our rosters for our RBG teams on both factions, and we have leaders that have past RBG leading experience. We expect to have this section updated with our rankings this season!

The following are our HORDE faction needs as of 10/3/2013. Note that raid times are different per group, so please refer to our forums for more information.

Current spots we are looking to fill:
[H] RG1 - Frantic
This group is currently full. Please check back later.

[H] RG2 - Manic

MT/OT : Feral Druid - Very High Priority
RDPS : Hunter - Very High Priority

RDPS : Warlock - Very High Priority

[H] RG3 - Rabid
RDPS : Hunter/Boomkin - Very High Priority

HEALER : Resto Druid/MW Monk/Priest - High Priority

OT : Brewmaster Monk/Protection Paladin - Very High Priority

[H] RG4 - Yak Attak
MT/OT : (No Preference) - Very High Priority

RDPS : Mage/Boomkin - Very High Priority

HEALER : (No Preference) - Very High Priority


The following are our ALLIANCE faction needs as of 10/3/2013. Note that raid times are different per group, so please refer to our forums for more information.

Current spots we are looking to fill:

[A] RG1 - Siege of Excidium
HEALER : Holy Paladin - Very High Priority

OT : Blood DK/Brewmaster Monk/Protection Paladin - Very High Priority

[A] RG2 - Blingtron
This group is currently full. Please check back later.

We are also currently looking to fill our roster for our upcoming 5.4 RBG groups for Alliance and Horde side. If this is something you are interested in, please feel free to inquire for more information here. We may also be looking asst-leads or leadership positions for our RBG groups. Please inquire within for more information.

Horde Community Development Leader

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Current raid roster position openings updated as of 10/3/2013 - Please check us out if you'd like to apply! Let's fill these groups and down some more bosses.

As always, all exceptional applicants will be taken into consideration! 

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      Apologies for the text. Pasted from my word document.
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      Our raid times are Tues, Wed, Thur. 7:30PM - 10:30PM PST
      Our current recruitment needs are...
      Healers and DPS
      Willing to look at accepting small groups. Also considering lower ilvl players.(DPS and healers.)
      We will still look at any exceptional players. For all raiders who are potentially interested in our core here is a link to our raid expectations, loot system, etc...
      Contact  Nightwinds#1991(GM), Mack#1928, or Dalya#1201 for more info or feel free to just put in an app