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[Proudmoore][A] <Grievance> (1/13M), healers with a dps off spec

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Tired of Guild Shopping?





Grievance is Recruiting for our Alliance Guild on Proudmoore!











Ever buy a game (or download a free 2 play mmo) and sit there waiting to choose a server, hoping you choose a good one with good people that are helpful and not just jerks that flame you when u ask a question. Ever hate joining a guild that you know no one? Ever hop from guild to guild trying to find one that suits you and your play style? Have you ever quit a game that you liked but could never get help from guildies or even find a guild that you liked? Well I am here to tell you there is an answer. Grievance is an online gaming community that spans many games.











Grievance can be found playing in the following games:






Official Grievance Guilds



Elder Scrolls Online (Aldmeri, Daggerfall, Ebonheart Guilds available at launch)



EverQuest II - Permafrost Server



EverQuest Next (Guild available at launch)



Final Fantasy XIV - Midgardsormr Server



Guild Wars 2 - Denova's Rest Server



Neverwinter - Dragon Server



Rift - Wolvesbane Server



SWTOR (Empire: The Shadowlands) (Republic: Jedi Covenant) - PvE Servers



Star Citizen (Squadron available at launch)



Wildstar (Dominion and Exile Guilds available at launch)



World of Warcraft (Horde) - Thrall Server






Embassies (Smaller Grievance Guilds)



Aion - Siel Server



Dragon's Prophet - Kronos Server



EVE Online



League of Legends



Tera - Tempest Reach Server



World of Warcraft (Alliance) - Proudmoore Server






Team Grievance (Grievance FPS/Shooter/PvP Clans)



Battlefield 4






World of Tanks






(many other smaller and Independent MMOs)






Grievance is a family-oriented online gaming community. We have a very rich and honorable heritage that spans many games over many years, during which Grievance has proven that one can have a very rewarding gaming experience, yet have a life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Grievance and are expected to be upheld and respected by all members.






Grievance is an adult gaming community, 18+ only. We have many long term members. This is no start up guild. We were formed in October 15th, of the year 2000. We were not always known as Grievance, but the membership has been strong and growing! We are one of the few trademarked Guilds in all gaming communities. We are comprised of singles, married couples, retired people, military members, college students and people located through out the US.






When you join Grievance you join a family. This family spans many games and even on opposite sides of the same game. Grievance is always a strong presence in games they are in. Grievance even has a real life get together, like a family reunion. We have this every year. We have a strong management support for each game, not same leaders in every game at one time.






We at Grievance are always looking to expand as anyone would expect. The larger the Grievance community the better it is. Wouldn't it be nice to start a game at launch and have a lot of Grievance members log in with you on the same server and same side? Imagine the friendships you will make with such a strong gaming community.






If Grievance seems like a place for you, please feel free to visit our forums, they are free to register and browse. Come see what games we are in and the servers we reside on. There is always an officer of a certain game or a council member willing to answer any questions. We hope you will come take a look and introduce yourself in the Forum Registration / Applications Forum. Let us know a bit about yourself and what games you are interested or currently playing in. Hope to see you there.






Thank you for your time,
















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Greetings everyone!

Grievance is a huge multi-gaming community and were always looking for more individuals to join any of our many active Grievance guilds spread out thru several MMO's and PC games. If you're looking for a place to call home, a place that is active in many of the games you play, that offers a great active community, that raids or does fun stuff, that has a a active Teamspeak, then we are the guild for you. I've been in the Grievance community  for 2.5 years coming in playing Final Fantasy, then played SWTOR and currently guild officer for the WoW Alliance guild. I searched extensively for a guild that fit my needs and this one topped by all and happy to call my family and home.

We are currently looking for ranged/melee dps for our WoW Alliance raiding guild here on the Proudmoore server to help fill our ranks and help with progression and fun. Off specs at this point are a must have. They are not required to be top game but they need to be able to hold their weight in a raid and have no problems to change back and forth depending on what the raid requires.The minimum age requirement is 18 for the guild so please goto our forums and sign up!

Progression raid times:
Tuesday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal ilvl 675)
Friday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Normal/Heoric depending ilvl 675/690)
Saturday - 6PM Server - 9PM Server (Hellfire Citadel - Heroic ilvl 690)

Alt/Other Raids times: Sunday Funday
Sunday - 6PM Server - 8PM Server (Old School Raids)

Current raid progression:
We are currently still working on Hellfire Citadel. We are currently 13/13 Normal difficulty and 6/13 Heroic progressing further each week.

Come check us out and look around our website. If you like what you see sign up.


WoW - Alliance Guild Officer

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Greetings all wow players.

If you are looking for a great casual guild that is also multi-gaming playing all the hot titles and new ones coming out this year. Come join us. We are your one stop shop for all your gaming needs. Never have to look for another guild again. Come check out.

Guild Titles include:

Elder Scrolls Online, EverQuest II, EverQuest Next, Final Fantasy XIV, Neverwinter, Rift, Star Wars The Old Republic, World of Warcraft

Clan Titles include:

Battlefield, Defiance, FireFall, PlanetSide 2, Titanfall, Warframe, World of Tanks

Grievance Embassies include:

Dragon's Prophet, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, Lord of The Rings Online, Marvel Heroes, Star Citizen, Tera, The Secret World, WildStar

We ask that all members be 18+ years in age. Teamspeak is a must.

To apply all you need to do is go to website. Register with the forums. Apply down in the WoW section on forums.

Thanks every one and have a great day.

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If your looking for a great guild that is going on 2 years active on the proudmoore server for alliance we are the guild your looking for. We have been doing what your looking for such as PvE connect that includes Raiding were we are and have been completing current content up to Normal since MoP and going into the heroic aspect of all max level raiding. Our current goal for raiding is getting ppl a heroic kill for Archie to get every one in our guild the moose mount.

We are a casual guild, we only raid 2 days a week that are Tuesday and Friday at 6 - 8 Server time. We also do a Saturday BRF LFR so that we can go as a guild and get some valor. We are also currently every 3rd week of the month doing Alt/Main normal run to assist our newer members as well as give our raiders a break.

Our current raid progression is 13/13 normal HFC and 6/13 Heroic HFC. We always go in and kill Archie every week. We ask that when we do Heroic HFC that you are 690+ ilvl. For our Normal Main/Alt night that your 675 ilvl.

We are taking 2 weeks off over Xmas to give everyone the ability to spend time with there love ones over the holidays. We do wish everyone the best as well and please dont drink and drive.

Now we are not a raiding guild.. We are a casual guild that raids.. We are currently always doing Dungeons... LFRs to assist every one.. we have lots of great guides on our website but you need to be part of our guild to view them. We also take the time to assist people to get up to being raid ready and we coach ppl to achieve greatness in what ever there doing. We do not like drama and we remove problem ppl quickly.

We also have a great forums as well as teamspeak.. Teamspeak  has roughly 200+ ppl on per night over the 15+ games that we play. WoW Alliance has roughly 10-20 ppl on nightly and 20 - 30 ppl in game nightly.

People are always doing random things and we always ask that you post in game so that others may join you cause its always more fun to do things as a grp then to go solo.

Grievance has been around for 15 years and we span over 15+ games... We are a very friendly guild and we want you to join us.

Please Register and App at

for more info please do a /who grievance in game and any member will point you to an officer or answer any questions you may have.

Have a great day.. and great rest of 2015.

WoW - Alliance Guild leader

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Happy new year too all of you.

Just wanted to say that from our guild to all of you out there... I hope everyone has a great night.. Please be safe... Call a cab and have a DD for if your out drinking. Wish you all the best in the new year.

We are always recruiting for some new members within our guild.. If your looking for a great guild that has been around for 15 years as a whole.. As well as WoW Alliance is hitting 2 years old.. Come check us out at

If your looking to level... Dungeons... Quests... and getting some help on getting up there for some raiding.. come check us out. We maybe what you are looking for.

Our raid nights are Tues and Fri for our new progression raiding that we are going to push the upper tier of Heroic HFC....

We are doing Saturday for our Alt/Main night on normals to get ppl into normals.. get them caught up to come raid with us in heroics.

Our raid times all start at 6pm Server (PST) so if your interested or have more questions... do a /who Grievance
Register and Apply at

Have a safe and happy new years.

WoW Alliance Guild Leader

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Hello all my fellow gamer in World of Warcraft.

We are looking for all casual gamers to come in an join our guild. We can offer you a great place to hang your armor. A great place for social chatter via teamspeak with lots of members on daily. We are a multi gaming guild that plays over 20+ top titled games. Across all of our games there is 200+ ppl on nightly on our 450 person teamspeak.

Come check out all the games we play at

If your interested register with the forums. Then once activated you can post on the game of choice you wish to join.

WoW - Alliance is an accomplished casual guild. Why do we say we are accomplished well its simple. We are currently 13/13 Normal HFC.... 13/13/ Heroic HFC... as well we are now 1/13 Mythic HFC. This is a great feat of strength that our raiding team has done.

We would love to add you to our roster. come take a look at what we have to offer. If you have any more questions please /who grievance in game and ask our members or ask for an officer.

Thanks and have a great day.

WoW - A Guild leader

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Hows it going. Just letting everyone know how great it was to lead these great people through another Xpack. There is still a few months left so get out there and get you some gold. With next xpack not having the easy money making like garrison craft we are going back to the old grind way of doing it.. So there is still enough xpack left get you some 100k gold.

Raiding has gone great.. cant be happier with us going 13/13 normal and heroic HFC.. as well as going 1/13 in mythic.. We had some great times.. but with the burn out of our 14 month HFC raids.. we are now switching over to doing ALT runs in heroic hfc.. Just to play some different toons.. Get ppl in different roles and just to have fun.

We still have our great ever loving Troicen dealing with our fun events and he has taken over our Saturday raid just to run some Achives as well as some other fun filled games.

We are always looking for some casual players to come to our Accomplished Casual guild. So if your interested please go to

Register with the forums.. Then once your able to post please Apply in the game of choice, then we can get you invited into the guild and come play with our crazy community we call home.

if you have any questions please do a /who grievance in game or post back.

Thanks all and have a great day.

WoW - Alliance Guild leader

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Hey everyone!

Looking for a home filled with friendly people who are passionate about the game of WoW? Then look no further than Grievance. We are a guild that not only plays WoW but spans across several MMOs and PC games. We have a Teamspeak that can hold over 500 people. Most importantly, it has the people that make up the guild.

I've been with Grievance for over a year now and it's been refreshing to play with people who have made the game fun again. Let's face it, WoW is great, but it's only as great as the people you play with. Because of Grievance, I've been able to meet many new people who come from so many different walks of life but share the same passion, WoW.

Grievance has a minimum age of 18 and if you would like to find out more about us go to

On the WoW Alliance side of Grievance we are currently 13/13 on Normal HFC and 13/13 Heroic HFC and 1/13 Mythic HFC. We raid 2 nights a week on Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Friday 6pm-9pm

If you aren't looking to raid, that's fine too! We want anyone and everyone who is looking to add to the FUN in WoW. We are currently have some new contest coming up. That are held on Saturdays.

If you'd like more information visit or /who grievance in game and ask any of our members.

Alliance Guild Leader / 2015 Guild Leader Rep

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Well we have 2 months left until WoD is over and we get to play Legion. I want to welcome all the returning members that are coming back to wow and also welcome anyone looking for a guild to join to come check us out.

We are a multigaming guild that play many of the top title games as well as some other games as well. is the website. Come check it out, if your interested in joining register with the site. Then some one will activate your account. Then Apply down in the game your looking at.

We are currently looking for more members overall just to come back and have some fun with us for the last 2 months of WoD. We have taken a step back from raiding and sorta doing Alt raiding in heroic HFC. Our track record for HFC is 13/13 Normal, 13/13 Heroic and 1/13 Mythic.

Make some gold while it last. With Garrison craft going away we have to go back to good old farming out in the world. So best of luck to you.

Everyone have a great day

WoW - Alliance Guild Leader.

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Well we are getting closer to the Legion Xpack launch coming up on Aug 30th. We are looking at starting and having another great xpack. Wod has brought us some good fun.

Legion is going to be all about grouping up and having fun so come and check us out. We are always looking for new members to fill our ranks. We are a 18+ multigaming guild that plays alot of big game titles and smaller ones as well. check out and take a look around.

For the remainder of the month we are looking at attempting some Mythic raids (Thanks for the Nerfs) our raid days are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. This will also be the days going into Legion as well.

With 5 weeks before we start raiding in legion we will be doing lots of World bosses, Heroic dungeons, and lots of Crafting to get our raiders up there so we are on par with crushing some raids.

Come join our Accomplished Casual gaming.

yours Truly
WoW - Alliance Guild Leader

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Another heroic boss down this week!

Grievance is an adult guild and we have a lot of fun together. Most of our members are in their late 20's to early 50's, so there is little drama to be had here. We are a casual guild that raids three times a week.

We are actively recruiting, and no, you don't have to be a raider. And no, we don't require that you raid every night with us to be able to join raids. We understand that you have a real life too! All we ask is that you abide by our charter, be at least 18 and have fun!

As a member of our guild, you gain the benefits of being a member of a multi-gaming guild that has been in existence for almost 15 years! Check us out at Simply register, explore our site, and if you are ready, post an application on our Warcraft forums.

Raids: Tues, Fri, and Sat 6-9 PST

Raiding Roles Needed:
Priests (All specs)
Monks (Mistweaver ONLY)
Shaman (Elemental and Resto)
Warlocks (All Specs)
Mage (All specs)
Druid (Boomie ONLY)

Progression: 7/7 normal, 4/7 heroic

do a /who for Grievance to find us and ask a member online for another officer.

Hope to hear from ya!

Grievance Wow Alliance Guild Leader

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      Cleared Heroic and Normal Emerald Nightmare in the first week of it's release.
      Classes Needed:
      Resto Shaman
      Resto Druid
      Balance Druid
      Shadow Priest
      Always looking for exceptional DPS of any class.

      About Us: 
      We are a guild, made up of former members of <Red Shift> and <Casually Addicted>, on Bleeding Hollow (PvP Server on a Chicago Datacenter) that have a common goal and will do what is necessary to achieve it. We are Shifty Casuals.
      We are a group of professional adults, who believe success in raiding doesn't correlate to number in days/hours you spend raiding. We are starting a fresh page within our guild history and sticking to a 3 day a week raid schedule.
      We don't tolerate elitism, bigotry, misogyny or any of the like. We enjoy our calm, adult environment and have no qualms with protecting it.
      We do loot council which is fair and distributes loot for the progression of the raid as a whole and not an individual player. No favoritism, no loot drama.
      We have our sights set on top 100 US for Legion and are looking for like-minded individuals to join our ranks.

      Raid Days and Times (All times in EST as that is our server time):
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      · Wednesday 8:45pm-11:45pm
      · Thursday 8:45pm-11:45pm

      Who We Want:
      Since we are reforming and building for the expansion now is a great time to get in on the ground floor and clear content with us, while prepping for the new expansion. These are some key traits that we are looking for:
      · Someone who understands that 3 nights a week raiding means that you need to bring your A-game each and every night. Attendance is expected to be near 100%. By committing to raid, you are committing yourself to our raiding schedule.
      · The ability to perform under pressure. We only recruit impressive players, and spots are always competitive.
      · Extensive class knowledge of your class. (IE: Alpha/beta testing, keeping up with theorycrafting, properly gemmed/enchanted, always be up to date on the intricacies of your class (not solely your spec(s)) and on the utility of the entire raid group.)
      · A computer that can handle 20-30 man raiding and the ability to communicate via VOIP when needed. You must have a working headset and mic, and you must be prepared to use them. We will not read chat during boss fights. Inability to give a vocal response will not be tolerated as it directly hinders progression.
      · Tough skin. We're always looking to improve ourselves as should you. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but flaming and insulting is not tolerated whatsoever.

      If you have what it takes to be a part of this great team and community, feel free to apply at our website  If you have questions about the application process, contact any of the officers for additional information.

      Mischievous - Officer - giggles#1351
      Esurient - Co-GM - starvingsun#1436
      Amisti - Officer - amisti#1417
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      Hello fellow raiders of Silvermoon! <Adapt> are a new guild formed from a group of guys with mythic experience looking to have some fun but do some progress while were at it. If you are like us and want to be in a successful mythic level raiding guild and beat raids prior to new tiers then we are the guild for you!
      We raid Tuesdays & Thursdays 19:30-11:00 ST. We will also be raiding Sundays at the same time some weeks when we are doing mythic progress!
      High priority- All Paladins, Warlocks, Mages, Guardian Druid.
      Medium- All DPS
      Low- tanks&healers
      If your class isn't listed and you feel you are an "Exceptional Player" make sure to apply regardless!
      If you feel like you want to come and join us and you meet some of the stuff we listed above, make sure to come and apply now @
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      Almost Heroes - Area 52
      2 Night Raiding Guild / 8 Hours 
      7/7H -> 2/7M
      About Almost Heroes:
      <Almost Heroes> is a guild with a core group of members who have been raiding together on all levels of content since MOP, and veterans who having been doing it since vanilla.
      We believe in pushing content at a pace that is comfortable but still competitive. By the end of Nighthold, we intend to be sub US 200, and unlike most guilds that you will see in the recruitment forums, we are going to do what it takes to get there. When you join Almost Heroes, you can expect to fully clear each tier. 
      Each week we only have 8 hours to complete what most guilds will have 12-16 hours to complete, because of this our raiders are required to have an extensive knowledge of the class that they're playing, excellent raid awareness, and an excellent attitude! In order to accomplish the goals that we've set, all members MUST come to raid prepared, on time, and ready to kick some !@#!
      Current Roster Needs for Emerald Nightmare:
      Ranged DPS:
      Warlock Boomkin MM Hunter Mage ** All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of our current recruitment needs. **
      Raid Dates / Times:
      Sunday 9PM-1AM CST
      Monday 9PM-1AM CST
      If interested, please fill out an application here:
      If you have any questions, send me a bnet request: ULTRA#11418 or GreekGod#1778
      We thank you for your interest in <Almost Heroes>, and look forward to hearing from new applicants soon!
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      <Toontown Refugees> (A, 7/7H) is a tight-knit guild looking to fill our Mythic roster. We're looking for a few motivated and skilled healers (preferably resto druids, mistweaver monks and both priest healers but considering others) and some DPS (particularly a warlock and a shadow priest, but all others welcome) to fill out our roster, ilevel 850 and above. Our core players are longtime raiders, with a few of us having full Mythic clears of earlier expansion tiers. Most of us have been playing since BC, and we're looking to grow!
      We raid Sunday from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM (EST) and Monday from 8:15 to 12:00. All of us are adults and most of us have full-time jobs or classes, so we don't expect people to commit too much out-of-raid time for excessive preparation, but we do expect all raiders to bring their own flasks, food and augment runes each night. We take the time we are raiding seriously, and want recruits who can stay focused on the task at hand and know how to perform well at their spec and role, so as to respect their fellow raiders' time. However, it is a video game in the end, and we try to keep fun in sight as we progress.
      In addition, we have plenty of members who do keystones, PVP and achievement runs on a regular basis. We've got a dedicated Discord server and enough people (both progression raiders and more casual players) to always find a group for any activity you could think of.
      If you're interested or want more information, post here, or contact me via at KingCohort#1123 for a chat. Thanks for reading!
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      Greetings fellow Travelers!   The Dungeon Crawler Network (DCN) has spread its footprint back into the World of Warcraft with this fantastic expansion, Legion.  We appreciate the DNA of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King present, and are overcome with passion to play the game at the level which we used to.   We are involved in a multitude of MMOs, JRPGs, ARPGs, and the like. If it involves grinding through dungeons to get gear, reputation, and slay internet dragons, we are involved. Our roots are in the Elder Scrolls, and then the Elder Scrolls Online. You may have heard some of our podcasts, "Tales of Tamriel", "Chocobo Raiders", "Tavern Talk", or the "Midnight Hour" on iTunes in which we the guild, discuss multiple topics to include game development, theory crafting, lore, end-game raiding or PvP content, and even interviews with game developers or other prominent community members. Our leadership facilitates positive in and out-of-game experiences, and everything they and we do is part and parcel to that. We appreciate the games the developers give us, and the guild is the symbol of our many appreciations of that. Our leadership is versed in end-game PvE and PvP content ranging from EQ, Planetside, Eve, ESO, FFXIV, and of course, World of Warcraft.   Our primary objectives at this time for the Wings of Fate are as follows:   -Community development. The <Wings of Fate> are not just a WoW guild, but a community of mature gamers that play games across the full spectrum of genres from MMOs to ARPGs. This is accomplished through the use of Discord, getting to know your team mates, and being an adult in every aspect of gameplay and personal conduct.   -Enjoyment of World of Warcraft and enhancing the player experience, without sacrificing performance. What this means is that while our top priority is to have a good time and cut up, we don't waste time on bosses or bang our heads against a wall if composition/performance isn't up to snuff - we decisively address these issues.   -Establishing additional Mythic+ groups capable of M 7+ (M+5 is about the starting point, but we can help get you there if you aren't already!)   -Finishing current heroic raid content and moving to Mythic raiding if natural guild population growth and performance are conducive, continued farming of M 5+, Karazhan, Trial of Valor, and then the Nighthold!   -Establishing the <Wings of Fate> PvP footprint and what it looks like. We have a guild PvP officer who is in the process of developing PvP events structured around what the guild members want, and other guild activities. At this time we participate primarily in casual PvP events but the intent is to do rated content once the PvP footprint is established.   Guild events are as follows:   -Mythic+ Dungeons daily during the evenings (Currently 7+)   -Raids are Friday and Saturday nights from 8:30pm-11:30pm EST - we often go a bit later in order to finish a raid clear or if we are close to completion on a progression fight   -PvP Nights are currently Thursdays, from 9pm EST - 11pm EST - additional nights will be implemented by our PvP officer once he ascertains from guild members what nights are best and what doesn't interfere with other guild events.   Now let's talk about what we're looking for and what we offer YOU. We are looking for community members who are here for more than just enjoying the World of Warcraft, but appreciate theory crafting, game discussion, upcoming developments, lore, and game mechanics. We are a community of gamers interested in a variety of games - Joining <Wings of Fate> is more than just joining a WoW guild, you're joining a family and established community.   What we offer you:   -A dedicated discord server that is constantly populated with members of the community, guild leadership, and everything in between. We talk upcoming games we're hyped about, raid mechanics, and everything already previously discussed. It's a fun place.   -Guild leadership that understands the importance of progression, and understands constraints/limitations. A prime reason for us establishing Mythic dungeon-only groups. We've identified while a lot of people will want to raid, just not everyone has the time to dedicate to it.   -An established and positive community. Many of us came to DCN for other games as WoW-WoD wasn't something many of us were interested in. Legion is changing that. We have many folks already participating in guild strategy development for upcoming content releases- and there's always people around on Discord getting involved with other games and discussions.   -Podcasts! As mentioned before we are involved in a multitude of other MMORPGs, and we participate in community building in a big way. It's only a matter of time before we dig deeper into what Legion will be offering us!   What we're looking for:   -Active players interested in end-game progression - but not bleeding edge. We are always pushing the football down the field, but if you're looking for a guild that is raiding three to five nights a week to defeat cutting-edge content, we aren't it. At least for now anyway.   -Players interested in the understanding and discussion of player/game mechanics. This one is huge. Know your class, and if you aren't quite there yet, don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance! DCN is populated with some incredibly knowledgeable MMORPG players and we can't facilitate progression without developing our knowledge of in-game mechanics.   -Positive, mature, and goal-oriented players. Progression can get annoying, and wiping forty or fifty times for one reason or another can really get to someone. It's a part of progression. Maturity is a must-have, we are an 18+ guild. No, that doesn't mean we can't sniff out a 30 year-old child either. Criticism can feel harsh, but we only do it to improve our guild performance as a whole. This is a two-way street.   Thanks for taking the time to read this post!   Feel free to contact me in-game @ Fastidious#1897 , and stop by the DCN Website @ to check out some of our Podcasts or get a better idea of what this organization is all about! -Steven "Fastidious"