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wow WoW Video of the Week! WoD PvP Gear Changes

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We've talked a lot about the upcoming Warlords of Draenor changes, but we've really only done that from a PvE perspective. This week, we wanted to feature Hotted89's recap of Blizzard's WoD PvP gear changes, which are quite significant. Enjoy!

In this week's WoW Video of the Week, we are bringing you a very insightful video from Hotted89, in which he goes over the upcoming WoD PvP gear changes. These changes matter a lot even to those PvE players who never really dabbled in PvP before, because, as you will see if you watch the video, they will make it very easy to get into PvP battles (without being obliterated) even if you have only PvE gear.

Help us feature your video! Part of the reason why we started our Video of the Week feature is to help up-and-coming YouTubers reach a wider audience. So, if you've got an educational or interesting recent video, or you know someone else who does, let us know in this thread, and we may feature it next week!

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