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[Archived] Demon Hunter Level 70 Build (Cluster Arrow / Fire)

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A lot of cool stuff on the Demon Hunter section all throughout. smile.png

Unlike the MS/fire lvl 70 gearing build, I noticed this build has Ambush as a passive skill instead of Blood Vengeance. When going for more survivability with awareness, I wonder which skill is the most efficient to drop?

"Should you struggle with survivability, you can replace Vault with demonhunter_smokescreen.png Smoke Screen c.png Healing Vapors, while demonhunter_passive_vengeance.png Blood Vengeance can be replaced with x1_demonhunter_passive_awareness.png Awareness."

Obviously the above quote doesn't apply for this build as Blood Vengeance isn't in it.  Do you suggest replacing archery or ambush?

Also, how come tactical advantage for the increased movement speed/decreased travel time is not suggested? Are the other passives just simply better while gearing up, or is this personal preference?



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