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Demonology and Life Tap

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Long time follower, first time poster, so apologies if there's anything wrong with this post etc.


I've been getting used to Demonology over the past few weeks ready for Highmaul, but I've noticed that with Demonbolt, my Life Tap usage is through the roof. It feels like it's restoring too little mana and taking too much health, which has led to a few deaths from sudden damage spikes (Void Spawns, I'm looking at you).


My question is this: Is inv_glyph_majorwarlock.jpgGlyph of Life Tap viable for raiding or 5 man content, or is it a trap, leading to bad practice and frustration within the raid team?

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I've been using the glyph pretty much nonstop when playing Demo.  Seems like healers are going through mana fast and healing for small numbers as they go through the gearing up process.  That said if we're chain pulling I usually have to educate my healer that just because I don't look like I'm taking damage, I may need healed to remove the debuff.

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I talked with my healers about it, they're okay with life tap.  If I am dumb enough to life tap myself down during a damage spike, I pretty much deserve to die, and have my spot on my team come in to question.


Talk with you healers if need be, and be smart about when you use it. :)

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