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[EU-Shattered Hand][H] Progress 2/6 HC 9/12 normal 25 man LF DPS OF ANY KIND!

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Progress - 25 man raiding guild on the Shattered Hand EU realm. We are currently one of the best horde guilds on realm. We are a semi-casual progressive raiding guild, raiding only 8 hours per week but making the most of that time. Our slightly later raid times allow you to be settled down after a day at work/college or whatever it is you spend your days doing before a raid, rather than being rushed to get on. 8pm till midnight. ( 3 raid days during progression)

We require nearly 100% attendance.

What we can offer you:

- A social yet progressive raiding guild.

- A group of easy to get along with, mature and friendly.

- Experienced raiders and raid leader.

- A friendly atmosphere, inside and out of raids.

- Low rotation raiding

What we expect from you:

- A high level of communication.

- A high level of attendance to prevent the need for rotation.

- An experienced raider who can adapt and learn from mistakes

- A player dedicated to achieving progression, both for yourself and the guild.

- A very friendly and social player, no jerks allowed.

Currently we're looking for a exceptional players of any class.

Our raid days are every Wednesday (thursdays during progression) and Monday 20:00-24:00

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Good luck!

Thanks! Anyway, 2 new bosses down today (world 400 and world 300) (Icy-veins boss guides are awesome). This is perfect place to look for experienced raiders! (we are still looking for exceptional dpsers and monk/holypriest/pala healer!

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Update: 3/6 HoF, 2/6Hc MV

Still looking for exceptional players!

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Still looking for some more exceptional dspers of and class/spec for 25m raiding!


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      Guild Information:
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      Realm: Draenor (EU)
      Realm Type: Normal - PVE
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      There are a few things, we highly value above everything else: friendliness and politeness towards guildies and other players and skillfulness when it comes to the more serious parts of the game.

      Currently –

      We raid 2 nights a week, Wednesdays and Sundays and from 20:00 till 23:00 server time.
      Saturday is left for older content runs for fun and drinking!
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      Our current progress is 13/13 in Hellfire Citadel in Heroic mode and 07/13 in Mythic Mode.

      If you're interested in joining Order of the Silverflame, please fill in our application form, located here, whisper Athliara@Draenor or add my battletag Athlios#2283.

      PS. We're always positive to group applications or guild merging discussions.
      Also we're open to social applications and for Legion raiders' applications.
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    • [EU-Sylvanas][A] <Wall Rose> HFC: 10/13 M, dps
      By Ailieo
      Greetings Azerothians,
      Wall Rose is a 18+ talkative and fun-loving raiding guild found on Sylvanas ( Alliance ), We are a 10/13 Mythic guild and we are looking for some additional members to help progres further into HFC.
      Currently recruiting:
      1 Death Knight DPS    
      1 Hunter                            
      1 Mage    
      1 Monk DPS    
      1 Paladin DPS    
      1 Priest DPS    
      1 Rogue    
      1 Shaman DPS    
      1 Warlock    
      1 Warrior DPS
      * Apply's from other classes will be looked out *
      Raid Times:
      Mondays: 20.00~23.00
      Thursdays: 20.00~23.00
      The guild in itself has a relaxed atmosphere and a healthy and diverse population of members, as such it's always easy to find someone to join you for a few Mythic dungeons, Arena matches or simply have a blast in guild chat.
      SInce the beginning of this year we have started progressing trough mythic and we had some bumps in the road to our shiny loots. To progres further, we need the help of new people who are, like us, dedicated and bring their AA-game while still having fun!
      What We Can Offer You
      - Wall Rose is a friendly place , a guild that encourages you to have fun!
      - We have a relaxed and mature enviornment that welcomes and respects diversity.
      - A stable raiding group, people that want to raid and progres, while also improving their own skills while still maintaining fun.
      What We Expect From You
      - We want you to be a team player, that shows up and contributes to the guild.
      - You need to have a positive attitude, which will allow you make and take jokes, and be able to handle criticism
      We look forward to seeing your application on our website: or have a chat with you if you have any questions. or contact me true battlenet on , Kaïro#21325
    • [US-Terenas][A] <Legend> HFC: 10/13 M, ranged dps and heals
      By exile5413
      Legend - Terenas/Hydraxis - alliance 
      Progression 10/13M
      Raid times Fri/sat nights
      **6pm-10pm server OR 8-12 eastern**
      We are recruiting high end dps to push mythic archie BUT dont be an elitist or a jerk...have a sense of humor.

      ALL RANGED DPS with solid numbers.
      1 healer 
      (shaman or monk preferred)

      Odd Recruitment...
      Say you cant make FRI/SAT often but your looking for mythic content while playing casually?
      FILLER SPOTS ARE WANTED geared players that dont have to commit, (tho will only be invited for open spaces) ill just put a post out on Bnet and if u wanna come reply if not no biggy

      Other then that, we have an open recruitment on legion! Prove your worth and make the raid team
      Please whisper me in game, or directly put in one of our short/simple applications! 

      Btag Exile#1574

      thank you so much.