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Threads must be in English!

A thread that is named and / or have a content not corresponding to these rules will not pass validation and will not be allowed to proceed.

Aside for the naming rule, we require that the threads would not be bumped more than once a week, otherwise the thread will be closed.

Guild Recruitment Threads

[REGION-REALM][A/H] <GuildName> Info

  • REGION is the region where you play - EU or US.
  • REALM is the realm where you play, for example Silvermoon or Dunemaul.
  • A/H is your guild faction: A for the Alliance, H for the Horde.
  • GuildName is the name of your guild, for example Inner Sanctum.
  • Info describes your progression through the current content:

    0/0 (amount of bosses killed / amount of bosses in raid) N / H / M (Normal / Heroic / Mythic difficulty) and the roles you are recruiting for (tanks / healers / ranged dps / melee dps / any class and role).

Additionally, you can use tags to add more information, for example: 10/20/25-man, morning / evening / late-night raid, hardcore / semi-hardcore / casual

Correct thread name example:

[EU-STONEMAUL][H] <Inner Sanctum> 7/10 M, tank and ranged dps

tags: 20-man, late-night raid, semi-hardcore

Any other information and details about your guild and / or raid group please write inside the thread.

Player Recruitment Thread

If you are a player looking for a guild or raid group, here is the format you should use when naming your thread/topic:


[REGION][PLAYER][A/H] CharacterName Info


  • REGION is the region where you play - EU or US. You can indicate your realm if you are specifically looking for a guild on your current realm (in this case, proceed as guilds do with REGION-REALM).
  • PLAYER is not meant to be replaced by something, it is just here to indicate that you are a player looking for a guild and not a guild looking for a player.
  • A/H is your faction: A for the Alliance, H for the Horde. Write [A/H] if you are willing to change faction.
  • CharacterName is the name of your character, for example Bayzor.
  • Info contains information about your character (raiding class and spec) and your progression through the current content.
Tags can be added to give additional info, for example: morning / evening / late-night raid, hardcore / semi-hardcore / casual

Correct thread name example:

[EU][PLAYER][A] Bayzor, Monk Brewmaster, 5/10 M

tags: Recruitment, evening raid, hardcore

Any other information and details about yourself and what exactly you are looking for please write inside the thread.

You are free to write whatever you want. It is up to you to write a nice piece of text that will make people want to join your guild or recruit your character.

How to Change the Title of your Thread

To change the title of your thread in case your info has changed, simply open your post in 'full editor' mode and edit the title box at the top.

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I updated the post to add a rule saying that threads should be made in English.

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      Current Recruitment:
          Only exceptional raiders will be considered.

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      We are the top 25 man weekend raiding guild in the Oceanic Server of Frostmourne, raiding on a tight 2 days - 8 hours raiding schedule.  
      Our raiders mainly come from Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, Japan), with a handful of people from the state sides (United States, Mexico). We come from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common: we prefer a weekend raid schedule due to our commitments during the week.  
      Our goal as a guild is to strive to maintain a healthy reputation as a successful 25 man raiding guild, and moving forward to a successful 20 man weekend mythic guild for WoD. We want to achieve and sustain end game content progression with a competitive nature, with clearing all normal and heroic content in upcoming content patches and expansions in a timely manner.   
      Our weekend roster has been drafted but we're open to all exceptional and commited players to join us in WoD as we push towards mythical raids. If you have the level of skill and dedication needed to be a part of our team and the desire to learn and expand your abilities even further, we'd love to hear from you!  
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      High Demand -  
      MistWeaver Monk  
      DPS warrior  
      Restoration Shaman with dps offspec  
      Current Progression  
      2/7 Mythic  
      Any questions contact Ônî(Ô=alt 0212, î=alt 0238) in game or head to our website and fill in an application:  
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      <Wipes on Trash> on the Frostmourne server is a casualcore raid group. While we joke around and have a good time together, we take progression seriously.  
      Our raid times are 9:30pm-12:30am ST (AEST) Sat/Sun/Mon.  
      Core raider expectations are:  
      Know your class and pull close to (if not at or above) your expected parsed DPS for your gear. Understand the boss fights and mechanics - we're up for strategy discussion, but we do not expect having to explain basic mechanics before a fight. 90% raid attendance. Mature attitude - jokes and crude humor are fine, but we expect people to be adults. Respect the raid leader and his calls, and respect your fellow raid members.  
      We are currently progressing through as much of Mythic Highmaul as possible before going into Blackrock Foundry next week.  
      (Updated 29/1/2015:) Currently we are looking for 3 ranged DPS.  
      Ranged DPS: Slots available for all ranged classes  
      We are also seeking more members to act as fillers for our core raid! We need subs for all roles.  
      If you’re interested, want more information, and/or have questions add InsertFail#1260, or create an application on our website. (  
      Once you contact us, we will bring you into Teamspeak so that you can chat with our raid lead and leadership, get answers, and hopefully find your new raiding home! (Please note that Teamspeak 3 is a requirement for all our raiders.)  
    • [OC-Frostmourne] [A] <Mythic Busters> (1/7M 7/10H)
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      Mythic Busters is recruiting core raiders for our main 20 man team, we are looking for skilled players to join us preferable a MW Monk, H Pally, Warlock, Fury Warrior, but all are welcome.

      For Highmaul we are 7/7H and 1/7M, with Blackrock Foundry we are currently 9/10 and 7/10H. We plan to clear Heroic and push onto Mythic asap!!!

      Raid nights are Wed/Thur/Sun 7:30pm - 10:30pm Server Time.

      Please feel free to contact us either in game, on our website or email.

      Guild Master(Me): Asavarthr#1792
      Raid Leader: Swegunit
    • [OC-Jubei'thos] [H] <GTFO The Mailbox> (10/10H) dps!
      By Krypttt
      About the Guild
      GTFO The Mailbox is long standing Horde guild on Jubei'thos, we have achieved notable progression especially during the Cataclysm expansion where we were competitive in the realm for Firelands and Dragon Soul. 

      Traditionally GTFO The Mailbox has been a 10 man raiding guild, however because of the new Mythic system, we are looking for players to fill our roster. Our guild is currently filled with 10-13 real life friends and we sport a casual and relaxed raiding environment for new players. However, we expect raiders to come prepared, we are willing to teach people if they have the right attitudes but they need to be open to criticism and do the extra to improve. We are a very close knit of friends, and we promise you an enjoyable and progress orientated guild if you join us!

      Most of the guild is made up of Singaporeans however we have members from other parts of the world as well. We currently have 10/10 H BRF on farm and are looking to push into Mythic progression as soon as we can before 6.2.

      Highmaul Progression
      7/7 N & H

      Blackrock Foundry Progression
      10/10 N & H

      - Ranged DPS (We welcome any applicants, but we are looking for Warlocks, Boomkins and Shamans in particular)
      - Melee DPS (Monks/Paladins)
      - Healers with DPS Offspecs or Alts (Holy Paladins, Resto Shamans, MW Monks - High Priority)

      Raid Times
      At the moment we raid three nights a week, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 9AM EDT, 11PM SGT, 11PM AEDT.

      If you're keen to join us and would like to trial for a spot or just find out more about the guild in general, don't hesitate to add any of our following officers or in-game to talk about it.  Krypt#6127