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[US-Kel'Thuzad][A] Superficially Deep - A different type of guild - 4/6 MV

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Are you a serious WoW player who is sick of zerg / anonymous / elitist guilds ?

Do you want to see all the content MoP has to offer with a small group of solid players ?


The core of our guild is three people who have been playing together, running various types of guilds on many different servers and both factions since before AQ was end game. Over that many years we have seen our friends drift to other hobbies / careers / relationships. When MoP came out we decided that it was time to make new connections and new friends to share Pandaria with. We have been extremely lucky and have grown to 14 players and are enjoying great times. No stress, no fights, no drama.


We are in need of a healer with a DPS off spec; Shaman or Priest


Saturday - Noon PST / 1pm EST - 3 to 4 hours

Tuesday - 7:30 PST / 10:30 EST - ~2 hours

Raiding only 4 hours a week we have cleared 6/6 MV. We dont raid many hours but we are serious about progression and expect the same.

HoF progression begins this weekend and Heroic Mode MV the week after.

The ideal person to join us is;

Mid 20s or older

has a day job

has a partner who plays as well

logs 20+ hours of play time a week

enjoys battlegrounds, heroics, challenge mode dungeons

not afraid to joke around in guild chat

not intimidated by Canadians

People who would have more fun in a different guild;

anyone who enjoys having 200 people online in the guild at once

anyone who needs to measure their epeen every few minutes

anyone that needs to clear all hardmodes to feel like they have progressed

people who are too special to help a guildy with a quest, achievement, craft combine, ect

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    • [Stormrage][A] <Over Raided> HFC: 13/13M, DPS
      By adorele
      About Us: <Over Raided> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on US-Stormrage that was officially created in Mists of Pandaria. Our goal has always been to find the fine line between hardcore raiding and still having fun and enjoying each other’s company. We take our raids seriously and do not waste time, but that doesn’t stop us from joking around with one another during raid. We have a very friendly (note: we are not exactly family-friendly) atmosphere that has kept people around. One thing we are proud of as a guild is that we have a very low turnover rate and many loyal members who have stuck with us from the beginning. We are currently looking for people with similar goals who can attend raids consistently and who can meet the expectations required of mythic raiders.
      Meet the attendance requirement Know your class - this means being able to play more than one spec at a mythic level Be able to communicate reliably and consistently when needed Have a stable internet connection Be willing to check forums once every few days Be prepared with raiding supplies - the guild bank supplies these but isn't meant to be relied upon Actually WANT to raid. If you're not having fun, don't bring other people down and just take a break  
      Progression: 13/13M HFC
      Raid Schedule – Eastern Time (EST)
      Tuesday 7:30-10:30PM
      Wednesday 7:30-10:30PM
      Thursday 7:30-10:30PM
      Attendance Policy: Raiders must maintain 90% attendance at all times. Consistency in the raid roster is one of most important things in a mythic raiding guild. If you cannot commit to this attendance requirement, we are not the guild for you.
      How to apply: Go to our website at and review our guild policies on the top menu. After that, simply submit a private application form, which can also be found at the top menu. 
      Loot System: We use the EPGP Lootmaster addon to distribute loot. 
      Voice: Mumble
        Currently recruiting: Warlock  Warrior  DK  Hunter  Rogue Mage   If your class isn't listed here but you're still interested, feel free to apply, or contact one of us.   Contact Information: GM: Adorele (Squee#1987) Raid Leader: Rukoshi (Rukoshi#1218) Officer:  Unsafe (Jish#1863)        
    • [Kel'Thuzad][A] <Know Your Enemy> Top100 US Players
      By Tollo
      <Know Your Enemy> is a new progression raiding guild coming to Kel'Thuzad in Legion. We are compromised almost entirely of retired Hardcore & Semi-Hardcore raiders who don't want to put in the hours of Hardcore raiding.
      Raid History:
      <The Church> - Darkspear, US [US66 T16, US118 T17]
      Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday, 5:30-9:30PM (PST). Make sure you adjust this to your timezone accordingly.
      While our hours are casual, our playstyle is not. Almost every raider will have Hardcore raiding experience, with over 75% of the players having played in a top100 (or higher) US environment.
      Recruitment Needs:
      1x sPriest
      1-2x Demon Hunter
      2x Warlock
      1x Mage
      - Other exceptional applications considered -
      A potential applicant will have the following attributes:
      - Self-Motivated
      - Near-100% Attendance
      - Superb situational awareness
      - Mastery of main specialization
      - Ability to execute Off Spec at a high level
      - Ability to self-fund
      - Full understanding of SimCraft and how to utilize this program.
      - Ability to analyze logs and improve based on said analysis
      - Top100 US Experience is a huge plus
      What we offer:
      - A Confident, Mature Environment Filled with Experienced Raiders
      - A Light Raiding Schedule
      - Flasks/Pots
      - Some Guild Repairs
      Loot: In order to optimize our chance of success, we will run a small loot council for progression. During farm, we will run a relaxed EPGP system.
      Note: We we will be requiring one (1) alt for split raid purposes. We do not expect main-level quality play, but certainly above-average knowledge and execution. The alt does not have to be on-server but it is encouraged.
      If you feel you would be a good fit for us, please apply at
      If have you have any further questions, feel free to contact our Recruitment Officer via BattleTag at Firestrife#1139 or the Guild Master at Tollo#1278
    • [EU-Alonsus][A] <Frequency> HFC: 8/13 M, LF Tank & Dps
      By Cheeks
      Frequency is a raiding guild on the Eu server Alonsus, we have been together now since 2008 and continue to progress over the years. Our main focus is Raiding high end mythic content. We are a mature group of adults, priding ourselves on mutual respect with players from all over the Eu and different backgrounds and can offer a relaxed and friendly environment for Both our raiders and Social players, with always someone to chat with online and help offered when needed.  We are keen to recruit for end game WOD however are keeping an eye out for people keen to join for Legion, where we not only plan to push mythic raiding with a strong Team but have fun pushing Mythic+ dungeons that are new to Legion with all ranks and members of our guild, as well as other activity's offered. Current mythic dungeons and timeless runs are always being run within the guild and everyone gets involved.
      We are looking for keen & experienced raiders with the ability to fit well into a team and come prepared for each raid, as in class knowledge & boss mechanics as well as being a reliable team player. These are important qualities we look for in our raiders. 
      Tank - Any class. We are looking for someone that is experienced, reliable and keen to join a well settled guild here on Alonsus, You must be able to communicate well with others as well being well prepared for all content. Ranged - Hunter, Balance druid & Warlocks  Melee Dps - Death knights, Monk & Feral druids Ilvl Min 720+ For Mythic
      Raiding: 19.00 - 23.00 ST Wed-Thur-Mondays 
      Current progress: 13/13 HFC Heroic / 8/13 HFC Mythic
      All Good application's are considered at all times however, with all classes being considered.
      We review new recruits via application process at, But we also offer an ingame application/chat process
      Gm/officers - Toobashed, Popejon, Cheeki, Ultimesia.
      Michelle#2280 is my Battlenet if you fancy a chat  
    • [Thrall][H] <Represent> (13/13N) Open recruitment
      By Cuterpillar
      Represent is a new guild on Thrall that is currently having open recruitment for Legion! We are filled with active members and enthusiastic officers that want to see our members succeed in whatever they would like to achieve. We are currently running normal and heroic HFC to reintroduce members back into their class of choice or to continue collecting gear before the expansion ends. Progression in Legion will be our main priority but, we will also have events for PvPers and casual players to participate in.
      Raid times and attendance - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays: 8 pm to 11 pm EST. You must make 3 out of the 4 days.
      Raiders are provided with repairs, flasks, potions, runes and food.
      Open recruitment – We are accepting raiders, PvPers, and casual players. We are working towards finishing heroic HFC and making sure our main raid roster is ready for possible mythic HFC and/or Legion. We will be striving to be progression raiding in Legion.
      For raiding:
      DPS – High need for hunters, rogues, warlocks, and shadow priests.
      Healers – High need for resto druids, holy paladins, and mistweaver monks.
      Tanks – We are extremely lacking in tanks. We need any and all tanks, preferably a druid, monk, or DK.
      For PvPers, all that is required is full PvP gear or in the process of obtaining a full set. We are currently helping people work towards sets and would love for more people to join us!
      For casual players, we ask for you to be social and attend some of the other events we do: class specific tournaments, mount runs, dungeon runs, achievement runs. If you have any ideas that you think would be fun for the guild to do, speak to one of the officers!
      Guild atmosphere – Our members are extremely active and are always looking to do guild runs. Our GM and officers are on a daily basis to run and gear members or just to chill out and talk to guildies. We do have a Teamspeak server that anyone in the guild can hang out in and use.
      Required add-ons - Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM, Iskar Assist, RCLootCouncil. MUST USE TEAMSPEAK SERVER DURING RAIDS.
      Gm contact
      Bosaa-Thrall (vandope#1515)
      Officer contacts
      Tertral-Thrall (asiko123#1362)
      Cuterpillar-Thrall (Tooterpillar#1938)
    • [Twisting Nether][H] <Twenty Böxes> HFC: 12/13 M, dps & Healers.
      By molodirazz
      All applications will be reviewed and considered however if you are playing a class/spec combination we need then your chances of joining will be higher. 
      A little bit of info about us:
      We are a group of friends and serious raiders on EU Twisting Nether looking to recruit skilled like-minded players into our roster to progress through mythic. We will offer a sociable and fun raiding environment while maintaining a strong desire for progression. Our Discord is very active and we encourage all members to chat and play together not only for raids.
      We currently raid Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday 19:00-22:00 server time. We run social/alt raids during off days in which all ranks of the guild are welcome to come to. Our members also play other games outside raid times together where anyone is also welcome to join(LoL, Dota, HotS, Overwatch etc.).
      Our loot system for Mythic is RC Loot Council.
      What we expect from you:
      - We are a raiding guild with a 3 days a week schedule that you are expected to attend. However we understand things can come up but please let us know.
      - Be able to speak and understand the English language and not be afraid to communicate with other members during raids.
      - Have the legendary ring quest complete or be very close to completing it.
      - Have an item level of at least 720(We may make exceptions).
      - Have a strong understanding of the current raid tier and be able to play your class to it's potential.
      - Always come to raids prepared (i.e. bringing food and potions, etc).
      - Come fully gemmed and enchanted with the correct stats for your class and spec.
      - Access to Discord and a working microphone.
      - Have a computer that can handle 20 man raiding.
      - Exorsus Raid Tools and RC Loot Council addons installed. We may ask you to install others.
      You will receive a response within 3 days. The trial process will last 2 weeks, sometimes longer. During the trial period you will not have loot priority over raiders however you may of course still roll.
      If you have any further questions please contact us at battletags: vims#21684, Mizrie#2871, Cyd#2348 or go to our website:
      As stated before every application is considered however the ones listed below have a higher chance to get accepted.
      We've currently got the tank trials we want but if failed we'll need applicants from the 15th of june.
      Druid: Balance.
      Hunter: Marksman.
      Priest: Shadow. We're also looking for a disc but ONLY if you're 10/13.
      Warlock: One.