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mop Jade Forest Storyline, Screenshots, Quests, and More

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Spoiler disclaimer: this article contains many spoilers.

Jade Forest is the entry zone of the Pandaria continent. Whether you play Alliance or Horde, you will begin questing there before moving on to the Valley of the Four Winds.


Jade Forest is the zone where both the Alliance and the Horde will establish their first stronghold in Pandaria. It is still unclear how the discovery of Pandaria is linked to the Discovery of the Wandering Isle.

After a naval battle opposing forces from the Alliance and the Horde, Alliance ships wash up in Wayward Landing, in the southern part of the zone, where there are under attacks from both the Horde vessels and the Hozen, an indigenous ape species. The Alliance eventually manages to overcome their enemies.

Similarly, the Sky Shark, a Horde aircraft crashes on the northern part of the area. After fending off attacks from upset Hozens, the Horde survivors manage to build a settlement, Hellscream's Fist.

From there on, both the Alliance and the Horde start moving inland, in order to look for support and explore Jade Forest. The Alliance eventually befriends the Jinyu, an indigenous species of fish-like humanoids. At the same time, the Horde befriends the Hozen, who turn out to be the sworn enemies of the Jinyu.

Meanwhile, Lorewalker Cho, a curious Pandaren, makes contact with Alliance and Horde players alike to educate them about his race and Pandaria. He introduces the players to Yu'lon, the Jade Serpent, who protects the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Cho also asks the players to help him build a new Jade statue from which Yu'lon's successor will be born. Unfortunately, the conflict between the Alliance (and their Jinyu allies) against the Horde (and their Hozen allies) awakens the Sha, an ancient evil, which destroys the statue and takes over Yu'lon's temple.


As we were progressing through the zone, we took a number of screenshots. You will find the best ones below.


Depending whether you play Alliance or Horde, part of the quest lines in Jade Forest will be different.

Alliance: Wayward Landing

Alliance: the Jinyu, Anduin, and Lorewalker Cho

Horde: Sky Shark Crash Site and Hellscream's Fist

Horde: the Hozen, Anduin, and Lorewalker Cho

Dawn's Blossom and Temple of the Jade Serpent

[*]The Silkwood Road and The Threads that Stick [*]The Double Hozu Dare and Down Kitty! (given a bit later by An Windfur when she is following you)[*]All We Can Spare[*]I Have No Jade And I Must Scream[*]The Serpent's Heart[*]Love's Labor[*]The Temple of the Jade Serpent[*]The Jade Serpent[*]Get Back Here! (Alliance / Horde)[*]Alliance: Helping the Cause and An Unexpected Advantage[*]Horde: Gauging Our Progress and Sufficient Motivation[*]Last Piece of the Puzzle[*]The Seal is Broken[*]Residual Fallout, Emergency Response (Alliance / Horde), and Jaded Heart[*]Moving On

Tian Monastery Optional Questline

Ruins of Gan-Shi Optional Quest Line

This quest line starts east of the Jade mines. It should show up on your map when you are at the mines.

Lo and Syra Optional Quest Line

This quest line starts in Dawn's Blossom, after All We Can Spare becomes available.

At the same time, you can do the 2 quests proposed at the Arboretum: Quill of Stingers and The Perfect Color.

Nectarbreeze Orchard Optional Quest Line


Jade Forest will have some importance to level 90 players. This is due to the presence of two factions: Order of the Cloud Serpent and The Anglers. It has been speculated that, through this faction, you will be able to raise your own Serpent mount(s). The Anglers will probably give fishing daily quests.

On the beta servers, experience with the Hozen and the Jinyu is gained very rapidly... so rapidly that by the time you move on to the Valley of the Four Winds, you are already exalted with your new allies. We believe that things will be different on live servers and that there will probably be daily quest hubs in Pearlfin Village for the Jinyu and in Grookin Hill for the Hozen.

The Windspire is currently serving no purpose other than the nice view on the Temple of the Jade Serpent. We need to wait and see if Blizzard has any plan for this subzone.

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