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1-525 Cooking Guide: The Pandaren Cuisine

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This short guide is for you to quickly level your Cooking profession from 1-525 by learning the recipes and buying the ingredients from Sungshin Ironpaw




Buy the following materials from Sungshin Ironpaw:

18x inv_misc_food_vendor_instantnoodles.jpgInstant Noodles

18x inv_misc_driedneedlemushrooms.jpgNeedle Mushrooms

27x inv_misc_food_42.jpgPandaren Peach

06x inv_misc_food_137_meat.jpgSilkworm Pupa

23x inv_drink_milk_04.jpgYak Milk

17x inv_misc_food_vendor_rice.jpgRice

06x inv_misc_gem_bloodstone_03.jpgRed Beans

06x inv_misc_food_51.jpgFarm Chicken

06x inv_misc_bag_10.jpgBarley

02x inv_misc_food_vendor_ginseng.jpgGinseng


Fish the following item, you can fish this from any river in Pandaria even when your fishing level is only 1:

42x inv_misc_fish_103.jpgGolden Carp


Go north from Halfhill and kill Cranes (eg Glade Sprinter) to loot:

02x inv_misc_food_meat_pheasantbreast.jpgWildfowl Breast


Start Cooking:


Talk to Sungshin and select the Training option to learn the recipes, then open your cooking profession. Now you should have both windows open, one for you to learn the recipes, and the other to cook them. Learn the newest recipe, and cook it until you can learn and cook the next recipe. Remember to learn the cooking skill upgrades as it becomes unlocked.

Most of the recipes only require you to cook 6 of each.

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