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High End Raiding Spec Switching Combat/Sub

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So far this xpac I have been raiding combat, but as I have joined a new hardcore guild it looks like I will need to rotate between Sub and Combat depending on boss to maximize my DPS.


Most of my gear is heroic haste gear from Highmaul. The new gear in BRF is more specialized for Sub. My question is how top rogues change gear per spec. Do you have two sets of gear with multistrike enchants on one and haste enchants on other? If I am going to switch back and forth with one gearset, should I enchant multistrike on everything since it is at least the second best stat for Sub while haste is the worst stat for Sub?

Also, do top raiders change specs even for trash? Ex, trash mobs need AOE so you take the time to switch to combat for trash, then back to Sub if it's a single target boss fight?


Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

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Yes, As you get more gear, you'll set up 2 different sets with one for each set. For progression though, I doubt you'll be seeing enough gear to allow yourself to do that


If you're going to min/max, Multistrike is probably best. Double check your weapon enchants on Shadowcraft though, since you won't have the same ones for Combat and Sub

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      Given the logs i checked recently for all bosses in EN heroic and normal for almost all dps specs (not only rogue), it seems sub rogues lack about 40k+ dps on average compared to lets say unholy DKs for most of the fights so maximising dps is essential if someone of our specc would want to not be stepped on by other "op" speccs in mythic raiding .Since there are no real advanced guides yet for sub rogues I am making this post so people can see some advanced tips for sub rogues and at the same time receiving feedback if anyone thinks i am missing something or saying something wrong.
      -1.1:The first point i would like to make here is that i think it is a dps gain if you refresh nightblade on 6 seconds if you got finality but not when you dont have it. So when i dont have finality i refresh it at ~=1 sec so i dont lose much dps
      -1.2:Regarding how i do my rotation and plan out my combo points(without hero/Shadow blades), when i have lets say just got out of SD and have around 30-40 energy i mostly wait only autoattacking expecting to get 1 cp from autoattacks while pooling energy and then at around 100+energy i SD-SS-SS-Finisher-SS-SS-wait for 1 cp -Finisher, this way i get 2 finishers with a single shadow dance pretty fast and i almost never run out of shadow dance charges in most Single target situations
      -1.3:Shadow blades: I would really like to know how shadow blades are supposed to be used. It doesnt give any extra damage and the +1 cp ,given the above rotation, will make little difference in dps. I mostly use it when i have pooled like 150 energy and have no SD charges just as a SD recharge mechanism using only backstab to build CP. This way i recharge 1.5-2 SD charges.Is it actually worth it popping it on hero? I would appreciate feedback on this from anyone who knows a more wise way to use it.
      -1.4:For aoe situations: With the recent changes for Sub they are pretty decent in aoe. The question i have is on how many targets is it worth it to ShurinkenSTorm instead of SS (in shadow dance state) to build cp. What i do on 3+(long living) targets is using storm to get CP and focus on keeping up nightblade on all targets.
      2)Regarding the talents i am always using 1-2-3-1-1-1-1 on all bosses currently in EN. I have seen that the only discussable talent change would be Deeper stratagem over VIgor. I prefer VIgor not only because it leaves for a bigger error window in the rotation but also because i cant see how Deeper stratagem is preferred by some people over Vigor. I mean according to logs i see many people on high % ranks with Deeper stratagem but me myself cant rly figure out how it plays out so good for them. So i have some questions
      -2.1:Are you aiming always for 6 cp finishers?
      -2.2:What happens if you want to refresh Symbols with only 100 max energy? For me it doesnt work out good because most times i lose like 1 second(or 1 shadowstrike) of SD from the lack of energy.Whereas with vigor it just fits perfect on the rotation as i have said above.If there is anyone using deeper stratagem and is really sure about his rotation give some feedback over it i would appreciate it 
      I would appreciate any feedback on any of the topics. My logs are these
      Make sub rogues great again! :P
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      We raid Wednesday and Thursday progress days, with Monday as a more relaxed farm raid. Times are 8pm server time untill 11pm server time, unless the majority feel like continuing (although this is not mandatory in any way). We expect our raiders to, on average, attend 2 of the 3 raids per week. Allowances such as vacations and a temporarily busy work schedule are completely fine however. 
      We also allow players to attend some of our raids x-realm, to test our atmosphere and to see if their a good fit for us, before thinking about server transfers. If you are interested in further detail about the guild or have any questions to ask, do not hestitate to add Orsoeus420#2616, available on most days. If you are interested in visiting the website and submitting an application, visit
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      * 11/13 Mythic Progression.
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      * Always active guild chat - 10 guilds linked via in-game addon.
      * In-game activities and competitions: Mog contests, races, mythic dungeons, achievement runs, PvP tournaments, and more!
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      * Minecraft Server
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