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Help with Arcane & Fire.

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Below I have my armory and several logs. I feel like my fire is defanitly lacking and I'm not entriely sure what I am doing wrong. I also have attached a log of my arcane becasue I feel like it is underperforming compared to other mages close to my gear and I must be doing something wrong.




Iron Maidens Heroic (fire) sloppy, long kill


Thogar (fire)



Gruul (arcane)



I really appreichate the help in advance everyone!


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One thing I should have added. I'm really having a hard time deciding when I should use combustion. Is it better to sit on the ability while its off CD even though my ignite tick is only 6k or should I use it because its beter than losing the DPS all together?


In arcane I just realized I wasnt implemnting a burn phase consistently and this was gimping my dps as tad. When going into the burn phase with arcane power and crystal should I just spam blast until 50% or should I mix in missles as well? Do I use missles as they come up during the burn phase or wait until I get back into concerve?

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I'm running fire and arcane as well, didn't look at your logs or armory yet, however I felt the need to throw this out there. During your burn phase your single-target priority rotation shouldn't change much aside from using AB without restriction, you should still be casting Arcane missiles and supernova if it's up. This is doubly true if you have the "Overpowered" Talent as Arcane missiles then extends the duration of your arcane power buff by 2 seconds. Hope this helps! Happy Casting.

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I'm on my phone so logs are rough to view, but you didn't use your first evocation until 1:20 on gruul, which means you didn't burn on the pull or you spent a minute oom. Also roll prismatic crystal on no movement fights; PM is the scales the hardest with gear, so it's good to get accustomed to using it before you get too far into mythic. I'll look more at your fire logs throughout the day.

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I just realized the date posted on this thread, but if the OP is still having issues I'd love to help.

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