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Holy paladin, under preforming or just stats?

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Our guild's disc priest just left for another guild(Guild drama, slow progression, "boss sampling" among reasons) and he tells me how the guild leader for his new guild is a holy paladin and downright slams him on healing meters, whereas I'm usually keeping up with him. Granted, their holy paladin is like 683 while I'm 674, still. I feel like I should be doing much better than I am. Mr Robot logs usually have me in the 60-70% percentile when I used to be up in the 80s and 90s.

In case any of you ask: no, I don't use any healing/raidframe addons, just Dominos action bars and default blizzard frames and I don't use mouseover macros.(I know, I really should. I'm starting to set them up to try out in tomorrow night)





Is it just because I dont have enough crit to proc my holy lights and whatnot in combination with my lack of using mosueover macros that I'm not doing as well as I should?

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Good luck beating a disc priest who knows what they're doing.


You have pretty optimal gear, won't get much more crit without just sheer ilvl increase. If you haven't already macro a trinket in with your AW for the little extra boost. Also, you don't need to setup 30 mouseover macros, I would suggest just downloading and trying clique. It even works with standard blizz raid frames. That's just playstyle suggestions though, aside from that your actualy logs look decent. I'm assuming any healing tank there (which was minimal) was emergency situations.


Maybe drop LoD off your bar entirely, just not worth it. Other than that I got nothing for you, you're playing well, I think that other pally is just a beast, lol.

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AW more often. If you ok with mana, cast some Flash of Light.

Dont use AoE heal if it wont hit 6 targets and they all will recive healing from it. Even than, you probably want HolyLight.

I tried heal with Radiance on myph-butcher, my hps was same/lower than with HL. And when we heal butcher we got all ppl stacked, and on BRF you got only gruul/ladys fights.

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