Hellfire Citadel Monk Style - Normal and Heroic

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A collaboration of monk tips, tricks and strategies you may have going into the 6.2 raid tier, Hellfire Citadel.


All information here is assumed Normal or Heroic only

Hellfire Assault

Iron Reaver



Hellfire High Council

Kilrogg Deadeye



Shadow-Lord Iskar

Fel Lord Zakuun

Socrethar the Eternal


Tyrant Velhari



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Hellfire Assult

  • Chi Explosion has a range, so a 4-chi ChiEx can be used to pick up new waves of adds.


  • You can solo one bomb per air phase with ToD unglyphed.


  • (Not Tested) Diffuse Magic *should* mitigate Dia's Nightmare Visage (since it is shadow damage).



  • Shuffle does not count as active mitigation when it comes to not getting the Shred Armor debuff, so use whatever Elusive Brew stacks you have for it.




  • Revival is the perfect healing cd for the transition from p2-p3, just remember to be centrally located since it's range is 40y.

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Hellfire Assault

  • I found out it's better to go serenity/chi brew and abuse of SEF then chi explosion (assuming you have t18 4pc). Xuen. (have not try chi torpedo)


  • Again serenity/chi brew, abusing of SEF on bombs


  • One of the best fights for WW. Use SEF at all times on all targets (If your raid is having problems with damage, use SEF only at one target, following the target focus priority). Again Serenity/chi brew set. Touch of Karma can be used on Dia's Wailing Horror spell/phase or on bladestorm from the bladedude,


  • Again the single target set Serenity/Chi brew. Use SEF on adds (God I love that spell) and careful when using ToD because can blow the fel debuff on all melee.ToK on Kilrogg Spinning skill.


  • Serenity/chi brew. Use SEF and Spinning Crane kick on hands phase.SEF and touch of death on the hand with greater life.ToK on pound for more damage. Zen Med/diffuse magic if you fail dodgin waves or will step on a rune.


  • Serenity/chi brew. ToK on Feast of Souls and all big cd's of damage.

Shadow Lord Iskar

  • If your raid's cleave are good enough go for chi explosion and cleave the entire fighting using SEF when adds come. If your raid's struggling on killing important adds fast, go for single target set. Don't forget to have a Transcendence for emergencial situations on phantasmal winds.


  • Single set. Use SEF if raid needs more damage on adds.Touch Of Karma can be used on Reverberating Blow

Fel Lord

  • Single target set. Tank and spank. Use Diffuse magic and Zen to soak pools.


  • Chi explosion/Ascension.I prefer Xuen here than the other talents. Use SEF on Omnus and Ankellion (Those big purple and green dudes). Careful for the purple adds that might spawn on melees at second phase, that can wipe entire raid.


  • Serenity/chi brew and Xuen.


  • I like going for single target damage, since the important phase on this boss is the single target phase which is the 3rd or 4th (can't remember). SEF on Doom Lord while you kill the second mage. ToK can be used on shadow force or fel hellstorm. Also notice you can use your nimble brew to set yourself free form that fear spell. 


  • Serenity/Chi brew. Use SEF on adds and ToD on doomfire and that big adds who explodes when comes near Arch. ToK and Diffuse magic when stepped on fel fire.


Sorry about bad english, not my first language. Hope it helps

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